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    Has anyone every mentioned, that you just crap stuff out?
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    I have to agree with Shaft on this one. Something that happens in the heat of the moment like it did on the football field is not as big a deal as a lot of people are making it out to be. Had he actually injured Rudolph, then I'd probably agree that a suit should be in order, but considering the things Rudolph did leading up to Garrett swinging the helmet at him, I doubt he'd win. What if Rudolph had injured Garrett while trying to rip his helmet off of him? Shouldn't that be considered assault by the same standards?
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    From 30/30 vision to Wild Thing, you make my heart sing. You make everything...
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    Hate it. The con's really outweigh the pro's, particularly with the adding of extra playoff teams. One step closer to becoming the NBA, where the regular season is in large part irrelevant, and the first round of playoffs are mostly a formality. The NFL already has teams with losing records making the playoffs. If not losing records, there are teams that really don't feel like they can do much damage in the post-season. Adding more of those average to slightly-above-average teams to the mix doesn't do anything for me. But, let's be real... If there is more $$ to be made by the owners, it will likely happen. If not for that, I'm not sure why you try to fix something that is far from broken. But, money trumps common sense, what the fans want, and certainly the interests of those who play fantasy football. For the common fan, players resting isn't a problem, and the more teams in the playoffs, the merrier.
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    so glad it's on your search and not mine!
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    This precedent has been set already, big contracts to non elite QBs---> Flacco, Cousins , Garoppolo, Smith, Carr, etc. Dak will get his money because the market says so.
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    You are living inside a hollow ball. Your ancestors created. To take you to a new planet.
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    It's a new feature DMD is trying out. The format reflects the quality of the post.
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    Leaving Cali is certainly the first time he's ever pulled out of anything 😏
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    Yeah, I think Shanahan played this about as good as he could. There were a lot of things at play here, and the Mahomes factor is always in play. At the end of the first half, you either choose the: "I need to try and score as many points as I can to combat Mahomes" or "I need to make sure I don't give him back the ball here, especially since I get the ball the start of the 3rd quarter." Both options are essentially correct. I do agree with you that option one should have been the play, mainly because your D was shutting us down, and even 3 points there PLUS the second half kickoff would have given him so many more options. As far as the 4th quarter goes, Shanahan was in no-man's land there. His team scored enough to get the lead in the 3rd quarter, but didn't score enough to really put it out of reach for the Chiefs. So really, in the 4th quarter he HAD to still mix it up as far as I was concerned. The Chiefs were selling out HARD to stop the run, and Shanahan knew that. Some of the passing situations were on Garoppolo, but how can you blame Shanahan for going to him - he had been incredibly efficient all game. And to be honest, the Chiefs defense DID make some plays down the stretch. And made enough to give Mahomes an opening, which is all he needs. The other factor here is that the design of Reid's offense means pass rushers for the opposing D are rushing A LOT for three quarters, AND the speed of our wide-outs means those corners and safeties are chasing those guys around all day. Those two factors helps to explain why the Chiefs offense has that ability to come back. They are literally built for this and also built for tiring out that defense for later in the game. Shanahan and the niners almost played the perfect game.
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    The Victory Pants may or may not have had a boner in them.
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    Greg's mom's got it going on
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    I’ve probably told this story before, but the earliest I recall playing FF was 8th grade. I’m 44 how, so that was basically 30 years ago. No internet. Not really much for sports radio. My parents didn’t even have cable, so no ESPN. My #1 objective in life on Mondays was to get a copy of the sports page that had all of the box scores. Either the USA Today or Mpls Star Tribune. Sometimes I’d ask my dad to stop, on the way to school, so I could grab one from a gas station. Other times, I would walk to the nearest paper stand/dispenser. Worst case, I’d go to the school library and either take it with me, or browse the scores/stats, all the while taking meticulous notes. Sometimes, both sports pages would already be gone.... in that case, I knew that one of my buddies had already gotten their hands on them, as there were probably only a handful of us, in the entire school of roughly 1000 students, who had any interest in stealing the sports page from the library. 😂 Then, on Tuesdays, I’d grab the paper again, to get the MNF box score. Sometimes, if the game ended too late, there would just be a recap, and the stats would be in Wednesday’s paper. Pickups (waivers) were due by like 10 PM on Wednesdays, I think. By phone. No texting, no cell phones, etc. We had two land line phones in the house.... One in my parents room, and the other in the kitchen. I remember waiting for the opportune moment where nobody was around, then quickly calling my buddy to tell him I was picking up the likes of Sammie Smith for Johnny Hector, and hanging up before anybody in the house had the chance to ask me what I was doing. Needless to say, waivers moves were minimal, given that there really wasn’t much for news. No Rotoworld, no daily updates, etc. Heck, if somebody was a last-minute DNP for some reason, there was a good chance we wouldn’t even know it until Monday or later. Sounds terrible, but those were the days. Simple. No drama about the commish overruling a trade, bad trades, etc. There were trades, certainly. And some were probably terribly lopsided. But we didn’t know any better. It was part of the game. And the lack of news was also just part of it. We didn’t know any different, so it was draft your team, make a move/trade or two during the season, set your lineups (by calling them in to the commish), and hope for the best. I still play with a few of those same guys from 8th grade, and we go on a golf trip every summer. The same golf trip that, for years, used to include our annual draft (we now do it online). Not many can say that they do something like that, after 30 years. Pretty cool.
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    I think it makes a big difference if you play IDP/dynasty or not, obviously. Those of us who have played in those leagues for 10-15 years (or maybe longer ) will recognize the backup middle linebacker from 10 years ago on most teams. If I only played in non-IDP leagues, however, my knowledge of players on the defensive side of the ball (in terms of teams outside of Minnesota) would be much more limited.
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    My comment was more in jest about him being Dilfer, was hoping you'd see that, along with the dopey face. However, he is closer to Dilfer than to the greats. And Manning is not a sure fire first ballot HoFer in my opinion and i hope he doesn't get in as such, if at all. Longevity playing gives him the big numbers, very akin to padding stats in a blowout. Eli was never dominant and that's what should define a HoFer. You can throw all the accumulated stats you want at me and i, along with many others, will still look at who Eli was as a QB, and that's an average player, not a HoFer. Unfortunately, his defense winning him 2 SBs, along with a completely lucky hailmary play, will probably get him in, and make me vomit, at some point.
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    Not worth traveling from SC to see them
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    This really sticks in my craw !
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    I'm 55 and sorry I'm not as clever and witty as you..... If it isn't starch in your shorts its probably a stick up your ass
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    Agenda???!!! Dude, you're on something or need to get on something. Everything I stated was actual fact, not speculation. I never defended Garrett and could care less about the man. You keep throwing stuff out there with little backing or evidence and if someone doesn't agree, there's something wrong with them. You're off base on many aspects of this discussion, but to each their own.
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    If he'd actually injured him... Though, I wouldn't really consider a football helmet a "deadly weapon" either and I'm pretty certain when Garrett swung the helmet at him his intent wasn't to kill him. I agree, Garrett did something really stupid and dangerous and he certainly needed to be punished for it, which he was. But all this outage and talk of assault charges and jail time is just a bit overboard. And fwiw I'm usually on the side of heavy punishment for players acting badly, I just don't see it past the point of what he actually got.
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    Linebackers should be able to carry knives as well. Hey, It's not illegal if it's not in the rule book.
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    Truly elite quarterbacks are vastly underpaid. It makes people believe that tier 2 and tier 3 quarterbacks are overpaid. Dak is easily worth $35 million/year.
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    Football season is never over
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    He's not in the other top QB's league IMO. He should be happy with 30
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    Maybe I’m misreading this, but KC wasn’t trailing at the half in any play-off game. up 28-24 vs Houston up 21-17 vs Tennessee tied 10-10 vs San Francisco They were only down 3 to SF in the first half, so it’s not down by double digits in the first half at some point. Down by 10 at any point, I guess.
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    Mahomes is about to get paid! Let's see how long they can keep this team together. It's easy when your star QB is in a rookie deal. That's about to end.
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    And your first time for "victory jeans"
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    You first had a victory shirt.
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    I have rewatched the game. The only coaching issue I had was at the end of the 2nd Q. He discussed his rationale for not calling the TO with 1:45 on the clock, but I still think he/they should have called it. In the 4th Q, I did not have many problems with his play selections for down and distance. There were a couple of well played batted balls on pass plays, but potential completions make them look like fine calls. Jimmy missed sanders on a 3rd and 10... sanders only had a step or two and it would have needed to be an excellent pass. As for jimmy.. I believe he started the game 18/20 or 21 and made some very accurate passes. KCC did an nice job blitzing in the 4th and got enough pressure to alter the game. Jimmy also made some questionable choices with his reads. Missed several opportunities with higher risk attempts with wrs open in the 4th. I would love for them to hold onto as many players as possible and look forward to next year. Goingt o be a rough schedule.
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    He was the offensive coordinator in Atlanta, he didn't give up 31 unanswered points.
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    PP sent to Mustofbeendrunk, congrats! Everyone has been paid out! See you all next year.
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    Well Patty Mahomes is on his way to Goat status. Long way to go but he's off to a better start than TB12 after 2 seasons.
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    This is how Halftime is done Len Dawson, 1967 Superbowl at Halftime.
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    LMAO!! Now that's funny. Your favorite dinner has been prepared!
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    USA Today did have the best box scores. Boss would send me out every Monday morning to run across the street to the grocery store to grab one so he could calculate our league's scoring.
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    Vernon Davis who was also injured last year,
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    I am wrecked on so many levels. I wasn't a huge Kobe fan at first, but the guy grew on me... more so after his playing career ended. He was a fixture 'round these parts, even going to my wife's Starbucks on many occasions. As a dad with a daughter, Laker fan and someone who appreciates greatness when it's apparent, I am just heartbroken.
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    Here's a full list of prop bets from Westgate William Hill. I don't do prop bets, and there are a ton of them here. The only one I kind of liked was the -300 on "will a team score 4 times straight". I don't see that happening. But it's still 3:1 so you need to wager 300 to win 100. They have the over at 54.5 in which case I think I'd take the under. 27 a side is pretty high scoring. https://lasvegassun.com/blogs/talking-points/2020/jan/23/full-list-super-bowl-54-prop-bets-superbook-willia/
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    La Femme d-Argent - Air
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    Attached is my personal sheet which Mustofbeendrunk, Cincy Slammers, and Millworkguy are on. Good luck guys. I'll be updating my 2 huddle sheets and attaching them over the next few days.
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    everyone likes a good fairy tale (or in eli's case, an average one).
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    But based on him screwing up the dishes, why would you hire him to do the dishes?
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    HOF is for the history and the story of Pro Football. Can you tell that story of without Eli Manning ? I don't think so. 1 superbowl has been done by many. 2 superbowls is another level.
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    This is my favorite prop I do it every year for about the past 10 years and look for a long shot for a 1 yard plunge like a fullback. I did Redmond of the Steelers the first year I ever bet in it in the cardinals vs Steelers years back and got him at 35-1 put a 100 bucks down. And then the first score was a field goal and Redmond scores a td after that. I thought I had lost all the way till halftime and then my cousin who I was in Tahoe With said they circled Redmond on the board for first score. I thought it was just first score not first TD. And I went up and collected my 3500 bucks like a kid in a candy store.
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    I Agree with you don’t see the Reid hate as I think he’s a fantastic coach! I know he’s had some stumbles along the way I’m not blind but really feel he learned from all those missteps and his team will be locked and loaded. And also I would definitely want Jimmy to beat me over the run game as well the only problem is the run game comes from a ton of different looks ex. samuel kittle and various directional runs out of the backfield. I think if they sell out to stop it the play action quick hitters down the middle will be open all day and that’s actually where jimmy excels. Should be a damn good game I’m nervous as KC is a studly team and Mahomes is arguably the best player in the NFL right now .. but hey any given Sunday baby! Cheers man I enjoy your posts you are a knowledge cat and I dig it!! (Wedding Crashers kinda)
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    Santeria - Sublime
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