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    It's always a good year to wait on QB.
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    I joined in July 2001--for 3-4 years prior my keeper league teams were terrible-since then I've only missed the playoffs twice and have placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd many times. The huddle helped me turnaround my teams and I will continue to use this website.
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    the accuser sounds like a crack whore vying for another fix. I'm wondering how she figured out Twitter.
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    There are a lot of factors that would go into this: Lineup Requirements - How many required RB and WR? Is it a 2QB league? Scoring - PPR or not? Anything else that adversely affects positional value? League Size - In combination with lineup requirements, the number of required starters across the league is a bid determinant of positional value. League Tendencies - Are the other owners likely to stock up on a single position early? It is impossible to say he is the #1 overall player as a blanket statement for all leagues. He should definitely be in the conversation for the majority of leagues, but in no way would I be comfortable saying he should be the #1 overall player drafted for most leagues.
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    First, I don't subscribe to any "lowest chance of injury" arguments. This is a violent game, and any player could find himself on the shelf at any time. And though I don't think there is a safer WR either, it's not like Brown's situation remains completely unchanged. It'll be interesting to see how the departure of Todd Haley affects the play calling. There's a very small change that a new play caller will affect Brown much, but to ignore it completely is a mistake. Regarding taking Brown over the stud RBs, I don't think there is a right answer to this question. Instead, ask yourself how your decision shapes the rest of your draft. If you take Antonio Brown #1 overall, then, using these ADP stats, your RB1 would then be among the likes of: Joe Mixon Christian McCaffrey Derrick Henry Or maybe one of these guys is there (because ADP data at this point isn't going to be indicative of how things look in mid-to-late August): LeSean McCoy Jordan Howard Jerick McKinnon Flip that against drafting Le'Veon or Gurley with that first pick. You then end up with a WR1 among the likes of: Mike Evans Doug Baldwin Josh Gordon Tyreek Hill I don't see A.J. Green or Keenan Allen falling the the 2-3 turn, but maybe that could happen in some leagues. You can't count on it though. Let's talk best case for your Antonio Brown scenario... Would you rather have Antonio Brown and LeSean McCoy or Bell or Gurley and one of Mike Evans or Doug Baldwin? I am more in the Bell/Gurley and Evans/Baldwin camp, as RB feels like it falls off a cliff after the first 10 or 11 guys (around the Dalvin Cook / Devonta Freeman line somewhere). In general, I usually subscribe to the idea that, if I am taking RB with my first pick, I tend to go WR-WR with my next two unless some excellent RB value is there. So it becomes more like this: Would you rather Antonio Brown, Jordan Howard, Doug Baldwin -or- Le'Veon Bell, Mike Evans, Doug Baldwin. I am way more comfortable calling Evans/Baldwin my co-WR1s with a stud RB than having Jordan Howard as a RB1 (or any of the other RBs with possible exception of McCoy even though I'm not loving it). But if you like Antonio Brown enough and can accept how that impacts your RB situation, then go for it.
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    Nearly everyone in our Usual Suspects league. Year 20 of the 14 team league. Riffraff, Skippy, Big Country, Roadrunner, Figme, Penguin, Willy, Pratts, MikeC, Beach Bum, CEO of the BFPK, Dope. No longer in the league, but still around: Merlin, Defector
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    Already paid for my subscription so can't really go there...how about a 6-pack of beer from a local brewery or a bottle from a distillery or winery? Bet would have to be that either Penny or Carson take the 1st snap on offense in the 1st game of the regular season...if either one gets hurt before that game or neither of them are in there then no bet.
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    I am getting old. Not for the faint of heart.
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    You heard, so that makes it fact? And the Steelers traded Holmes, they didn't release him. Holmes traded That's a lot of hate there, based on rumor and incorrect facts. As for Ben, he may be a rapist, we'll never know. Maybe Bell should have not been getting suspended and injured so often if he wanted that blockbuster contract.
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    I have an idea that most of that contract isn't guaranteed, is back heavy and laden with incentives. A better contract for the organization than the player.
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    Barkleying up the wrong tree
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    That commish exempt list supersedes any of this.
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    He is still reeling them in on FB. But he recently missed the cutoff on a purge.
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    Ugh...Would you consider what AP did as vicious? I know there is people that do. Its all eye of beholder when it comes to adjectives.
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    I'm with Big C and MT - you should also be able to figure out how fast RB and WR value declines in your particular league over the first 3, 10, and 20 positions. If RB point value decays faster, then that would be another reason to go RB than WR. If the value is equal then it boils down to a matter of your preferences. Antonio Brown may not get injured much but Ben the Rapist does. When that happens, I can tell you from experience that AB's value goes straight into the tank. The #1RB can be worth, point-wise, almost as much as a running back and a half when compared to the #5 or #10RB in a standard league. PPR will be different - you can do the calculations for your league and make the most informed decision.
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    I may have one (or two) of these laying around that I've never worn. I will check.
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    HOU started in 2002, so that would be the first possible year of that league.
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    2v sighting. This is a favorable omen....
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    I'm another '03 guy to the forums. I think I was using the content here, late 90s, just before the Huddle became a full pay site. Maybe I have it mixed up with another one, not sure. Mr. Dorey, when did the Huddle become a full pay site? Or has it always been one?
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    2003 to the forums but I think I was using the content before that.
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    i believe i started coming here around 99-00
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    Missed it by that much.….. 2003
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    I found this alittle eye opening..
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    With no Jordy Nelson I do think Graham will have some nice numbers in GB. I'm just not sure about that price
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    Wow what a huge, shocking blow. Fortunately the Colts' RB crop is so deep it shouldn't hurt much, thanks to some deft drafting and FA moves by Ballard.
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    How so? Even if he went in the 8th last year that was a complete bust pick. I don't think we see Shanny's Matt Ryan from 2016 again.
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    David Johnson and Kamara before Barkley. I see Johnson and Barkley as a tossup but not with Kamara.
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    I was one of the first people that was vocal about him last year after watching him in preseason. That being said, he doesn't have anywhere near the skillset and ceiling that Penny does. Plus, Carson can't stay healthy. He was injured all through college. I'd bet taking the season off from the forums
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    I really like ASJ as a TE2 this year with top 8 potential. For the current price, I am buying all day.
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    Feeling overall decent vibes from the Broncos right now. Keenum is an upgrade at QB, even if he regresses 20-30% from his Minnesota numbers. It isn't hard to improve upon last year's debacle at QB. If Bradley Chubb steps right in as an impact player opposite Von Miller, I like the defense to bounce back into Top 5 territory again. Also wanted to share some general vibes that I have about other teams based on things I have read or heard: Raiders - Not so good. I think the first year under Gruden is going to be rough. The Martavis Bryant trade has the potential to blow up in their faces already. Something just doesn't feel right with this team. Maybe it's the ridiculous contract Gruden got, which begs the question "would he take this job even if he didn't truly want it just because it's a TON of dough?" Cowboys - Not so good. Outside of Zeke, where are the playmakers on offense? Cardinals - Decent. The Cardinals have a ton of unknowns. New coach, new OC, new QB, new WRs behind Larry... But there are playmakers here, and the QB situation is going to likely be better (when Bradford stays healthy, he is pretty good). Lions - Decent. Still major questions on defensive line though (maybe Hyder and Zettel step up - they need help behind Ansah). But the offense remains consistent. They did lose Ebron (good riddance IMO), and didn't really replace him with an impact player. But Golladay could emerge in year 2 as more than a red-zone and/or situational guy. But the decent vibes come from their work to really reinforce the offensive line (which looks mighty fine on paper) and to get a potential workhorse RB in Kerryon Johnson. If they can establish a legit run game, watch out. Titans - Good. This team really needed a coaching overhaul, and the guys they brought in are young with something to prove. There is risk though in LaFleur as OC, but the previous regime seemed to channel the ghost of Jeff Fisher to do as little as possible with a decent amount of talent. I think Dion Lewis will prove to be a steal this year, and Mariota will bring great ROI to fantasy footballers who invest. Walker is still there as the sure thing, and Corey Davis still has room to make a leap. I expect them to be fun to watch. Giants - Meh. Another coaching overhaul, but this one is more head scratching. Pat Shurmur is an uninspired hire, and David Shula never impressed me with his offenses in Carolina at all. He inherits Eli Manning in his golden years, but there are nice weapons around Manning. I just don't believe in this coaching staff or in Eli at his age, so I'm unlikely to invest much in this offense.
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    Why draft Fitz when quality quarterbacks can be drafted late? Quarterback is deeper than ever. I count 20 quarterbacks that are legit. A few of those will be available in round 15. Winston currently has the 18th highest adp for a quarterback. I would draft Winston as the backup. I might even use a strategy this year where I draft quarterbacks with my last 2 picks.
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    It's the Skins so I feel the juxtaposition between guarded disappointment and deep, deep, deep self loathing
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    I hate this backfield with all my heart. DND territory for me. Rodgers has never passed much to his RB's on top of all the other woes which kills their value in PPR for me.
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    Derrick Henry at #40 is not a good pick. A running back who doesn't get receptions has a ceiling of RB2. Henry has had 11 and 13 receptions the last two seasons. But he probably won't even be a RB2 because he will likely play second fiddle to Dion Lewis. The Titans didn't give Lewis $8.25 million guaranteed to be a complimentary player. Unless Lewis gets hurt, Henry will probably gets stats similar to last year when he played 39.92% of snaps and was the 37th highest scoring fantasy running back.
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    I don't get the hype. OBJ is back, Shepard will improve. And most importantly, Barkley is going to be used heavily. Maybe it's because I don't own him in any of my leagues. I'm staying away in redraft too though. I'd rather wait on TE this year and it looks like Engram is costing way too much.
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    good post. in addition to "Jones has had issues at pass protection and has little experience at receiving" ... he too often ran into the backs of his OL. Meaning this shifty speedster will look to bounce his runs outside only to find the NFL LBs are way faster than what he faced in college. The fact that Jones has been playing WR in OTAs suggests the team will look to get their speedster the ball in open space. If that beat writer is correct that he'll get 15-20 touches per game, i'll predict that Jones goes on IR by week 12.
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    Every running back taken with a high draft pick has had a local beat writer say that they think that player will get a heavy workload. Except for Sony Michel. No beat writer is foolish enough to make a prognostication that involves Belichick. In the case of Ronald Jones, one Tampa Bay Times writer has said he thinks Jones will get 15-20 touches while another Tampa Bay Times writer has said he thinks it'll be a timeshare with Barber and Sims. I'm not sure which of those two writers is more credible but I'm not going to trust any local beat writer in June. They are guessing. Jones has had issues at pass protection and has little experience at receiving. He will have to prove himself at those skills to see a high percentage of the snaps. He couldn't have already proven himself at those skills. He is also smallish which makes a heavy workload less likely. He does look special on his college gametape as a rusher. Right now he is very high risk/high reward.
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    Isn't TB the team that drafted a PK in the 2nd round?
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    I am in 7 leagues and commish 3 of them. Combined with real life responsibilities, I don't have time to babysit grown ass men. That said, if I or another owner does spot an unfilled lineup, I will text or call the owner in question. Frequent violations will get you booted from the leagues that I run.
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    Montgomery seemed like more of a stop-gap solution to me, at a time when they didn’t have much else at RB. I remember last year (about this time) there was conversation/speculation as to whether or not he would remain a RB, or move back to WR. With the way GB has drafted WR’s the past few years, I’m guessing he’s staying at RB. That said, I don’t necessarily know that he’s got the inside track to the “starting” gig. It seems more like a time-share situation between the three, or whichever ones happen to be healthy on any given week. And, realistically, keeping them all active/sharing might contribute to keeping them all fresh/healthy. Unless one of them shows that he’s head and shoulders above the rest, terms of productivity, I think they’ll all have minimal fantasy value. Some value in deeper leagues maybe, but in standard leagues, your best bet might be to hang on to the one you like most, in hopes that he’s startable on weeks when one of the others is out due to injury. Which, in all reality, is more of a matter of when than if. All of THAT said, this is all pure speculation/opinion on my part.
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    I wonder if Williams is atop the depth chart only because he ended last season atop the depth chart. Putting Jones back atop the depth chart would be akin to handing him the job. I doubt they were intending on doing that before he was arrested but his arrest probably eliminated any chance of it. Jones might even start the year with a one-game suspension. I do think that Jones looked great last year. Williams looked serviceable. I'll definitely be targeting Jones if he falls far enough.
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    ASJ is a speculative pick. He has a lot of physical tools, is still only 25 years old, and probably hasn't tapped all of his potential. Hopefully, he is truly dedicated to his craft and wasn't on his best behavior last season because he got in trouble and it was a contract year. Everyone who gets in trouble in the NFL says they have turned over a new leaf. He is the type of player who has a 25% chance of breaking out this season. The naysayers will be correct the 75% of the time he doesn't break out. But I'll gladly take that 25% chance. I like my 13th-20th round picks to be high risk/high reward players with tier 1 potential. ASJ fits the bill.