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    I don't feel sorry for them at all. I hope they don't win a single game and Dean Spanos catches crabs.
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    I predict he'll deliver a baby on a bus on the way to stadium, run for 300 yds, catch 15 passes, score 4 tds and give cpr to a heart attack victim in the stands at halftime saving their life.
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    He is uncoverable
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    Law of 370 got both of them.
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    It seems a lot of people have the whole season figured out based on what has happened in these first two weeks.
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    This one's on me, guys. I read that Bradford had been a top 10 quarterback since week 9 of last year due to a coaching change. Also, I reasoned that he hadn't been hurt in a while, so I thought he might be a sneaky pickup. The day after I added him, this mystery knee ailment was reported. I'm going to cut him right now, so your fantasy football universes should come back into alignment.
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    This would be a seriously bad sign. Marvin Lewis should've been fired years ago, IMO.
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    did you get some for this collusion? If not, you need to collude better.
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    Some of the comments on Twitter and other media are down right pathetic, people worried about Fantasy Football when people's lives are in danger. Anyone on the site here from down that way, thoughts and prayers are with you !
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    Afraid to give my opinion... Tell me what you want me to say, i'll rehearse it and get back to you?
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    lol nice try .... go back to your safe space and do a puzzle-- you might get your feelings hurt here
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    This doesn't seem like the type of guy Gordon should be hanging out with
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    People here will rip you for anything and everything, lol (especially for not agreeing that Dak Prescott is already a sure-fire hall of fame lock). Should I have said Eli needs to pull up his big girl panties and stand in the pocket longer instead?
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    This is the toll we must bear at the alter of political correctness. Now stop criticizing her you sexist misogynists.
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    Don't everyone dislocate your shoulders patting yourselves on the back He was typically in the 3rd-4th round of all my drafts right there with fournette and dalvin. I got him in a couple leagues big deal it was where a starting rookie RB on a typically run heavy reid team should go. Everyone around fantasy circles are acting like they are geniuses for taking him and any leagues who had people laughing at you for picking him please extend an invite to me next year.
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    Lamar Miller is a star?
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    Careful you don't pat yourself on the back too hard.
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    I heard they just signed future pro bowler Caveman Nick as his replacement.
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    Quarterback? Don't talk about -- Quarterbacks? You kidding me? Quarterbacks? .
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    Oh boy.. Someone's making a run at the 2017 NTOTY!
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    I think you'd be better off avoiding this backfield altogether. I don't think anyone is going to emerge, and they'll just take up a spot on your bench with you no never being comfortable enough to start them. Better off taking a flier elsewhere, imo.
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    I"m sorry, snowflakes can't have playdough as they can choke on it.
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    Don't forget the play dough and puppy dog videos.
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    Howard Jordan?...was he the baritone in Backstreet Boys?
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    first year playing fantasy football?
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    Numerous teams passed on him as a free agent so not sure why they'd want to give up a draft pick (even a late one) for AP.
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    Ajayi top 5? Three games of 200 then an awful lot of mediocrity. I'll take someone with the same season totals that's more consistent like Gordon any day.
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    One thought ... Mike Evans has already had his bye.
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    Agree. I'm in a similar situation, as you know. this is excellent advice, I think. Howard and Dez are still good players, so don't give them up too cheaply. I don't trust the Packer backfield situation. I also think Coleman will be a star.
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    is offering a spouse special favors for players collusion?
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    A 3/4 way RBBC on a mediocre offense with a dreadful offensive line isn't something I want to be invested in.
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    She sounds like agent Starling in Silence of the Lambs, but with a thicker accent, and I bet she's not nearly as cute which of course is grounds for letting it slide. Gourdeau, can you shorten up your signature. Like this perhaps: QB- Tom Brady RB- DeMarco Murray, Tevin Coleman WR- DeAndre Hopkins, Brandin Cooks, Demaryius Thomas TE- Greg Olsen Flex- Keenan Allen, Brandon Marshall DST - Seattle Bench - Martavis Bryant Bench- Doug Martin, Derrick Henry, Donte Moncrief, Chris Hogan, Darren McFadden, Minnesota and feel free to copy and paste that, I fixed all your spelling errors.
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    Who the hell is offering you Brown for Hunt? Do it before they change their mind.
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    Team looks good and I'd trade Hunt for Antonio Brown in a second
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    You do realize that this will end up in some other Huddler's signature correct?
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    They had an insane amount of cap space to burn and traded a 4th round pick for a 2nd round pick. The money didn't mean anything to them anyway, and if he somehow had a resurgence in camp and won the starting job they'd have a QB. Otherwise, as they did, dump him and be happy with the pick. Win/Win situation imo.
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    DMD will do this on Sunday if we keep making progress - but I think at the rate we are going it should not be a problem. I'm game for doing it regardless if we are done by the first game or if it carries into the Friday/Saturday after the first game, before the first Sunday
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    I'm good with keeping what we have. Most of the picks have been nonconventional anyway.
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    Average quarterbacks get paid in the NFL because the alternative is throwing away your season.
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    I would pay him. He's one of the most entertaining players to watch in the NFL. You still need a QB to be successful in the NFL for the most part and he has the heart, if not all the physical tools, to be a winner. The Lions could not let him even think about walking. They are still reeling a bit as a franchise about CJ and Barry bailing on them and Stafford puts butts in the seats and Jersey's off the racks.
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    If they really wanted to trade him, a second round pick would be normal. He isn't a true superstar and he has only 1 year left on his contract so teams wouldn't likely give up a first round pick for him. The Dolphins wouldn't accept a third round pick for him since they'll likely get a third round compensatory pick after he leaves. Maybe the Dolphins were only testing the waters and were asking for a first round pick and that is why there were no takers.
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    Trading Landry to your division rival that owns you doesn't sound like the smartest plan.
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    Poor passing game?
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    Depends on league size, scoring system, lineup requirements and other owners tendencies.... in a Huddle draft right now so don't want to divulge too much, though as this is about the 8th or 10th year with many of the same drafters they know my tendencies already, but headed in the 8th round and I still don't have a QB and probably won't take one for another round or two at least - two other teams also without a QB - 4 went in the 7th/2nd pick of the 8th. So far it was Rodgers at end of 2nd, then Brady, Brees and Ryan in the 3rd, Wilson in the 5th, then Carr, Newton, Mariotta and ROth in the 7th/early 8th. That means unless a bunch of owners start using early picks on backup QBs, I can likely wait and will still get at least one (probably 2 as when I wait I take my backup earlier in general) of Winston, Luck, Rivers, Prescott, Cousins, Stafford, Manning, Dalton, Palmer, Taylor, Wentz - all of whom have a strong potential of top 10 finish with top 5 upside and likely wont finish significantly behind the QBs taken several rounds earlier. Essentially it is now down to a game of chicken between the 3 of us without a QB - if one of us feels one of these QBs is significantly better than the other, then would likely jump on one this round - if not, then will continue to wait it out until either the other owners start the backup QB run or the value is too great - but in the mean time we are loading up on depth at RB/WR/TE.
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    I would keep Howard because you're basically getting him for free even if he isn't as good as Julio. Julio/Nelson would be awesome, but I'd rather have Howard+1st rounder (Gordon/Thomas/Green) + 2nd rounder (depends on other keepers, but maybe someone like Gronk or Zeke).