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    I like it. Maybe they can go to a 32 game sked where at the halfway point they have playoffs and a SB1stH. Then the second half with playoffs and a SB2ndH. Then finish up with both SB(part 1 and 2) in one gigantic SB. If they were to put their minds to it we could have the NFL year 'round. They could have a 30 round draft to help flesh out the rosters too.
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    Uhg. Don't be a twatty little stalker because I twisted your titties in the fan thread
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    WTF is wrong with you? Link to where anyone said beating a child is acceptable? Know what nevermind, you are not worth the effort. I hope you'll be better in the future, but I won't be viewing your posts anymore.
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    Americas team man. I know it makes you sob into your Randall Cunningham feet pajamas while you stare at your Lindross posters , but its true . That's why we are on national TV practically every week. Why would a bandwagon fan pick a team that hasn't won in 20+ years ?
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    Maybe the owners are intentionally proposing the most ridiculous idea they could come up with so that the players are more receptive to the owner's real proposal. Just like with a fantasy trade, you lowball with your first offer.
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    You mean 4 games not 4 months
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    I know I said I was in it till the end but now that Opie' s out what's the point? I'm not going to be greedy. I'm going to let the new guy have the rest of the board. Have it, Piranha!!!
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    dmd should make that entire quote the new filter for F***
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    If Darnold survives Gase it will be a miracle. Poor bastards.
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    I have edited Muto template below. Thanks everyone The 2019 LLD Rookie Draft kicks off today July 14, 2019 @ 9:00 AM ET. Here are few reminders First Pick If you own the 1.01 pick - the predrafting does not work or at least it has not in the past. 24 hours per pick There will be a 24 hour timer in force during the draft. Each owner is encouraged to use pre-selects and make picks as soon as possible. Owners should communicate any potential long absences from the boards to the league via the Huddle forum and have a contingency plan for picks to be made for them in their absence (i.e. pre-selects). If an owner is "on the clock" for more than 24 hours during the draft and the site skips their pick they can still make their pick by posting in the forum who they want as long as the player has not been picked. If the draft ends all picks not yet taken must be made within 24 hours of the draft ending or those teams forfeit their picks. The 24 hour clock is intended for those who can't be around all the time or are trying to make a trade. Do not use time to just use time and don't be the person that takes forever on every pick if possible. Draft Instructions Live Draft Room You can draft from live draft room and the draft email still goes out (MFL changed it last year thanks to my 7 years of complaining about it) If you prefer you can still draft from the "For Owners | Draft" home page. (You also use this for each pick you wish to set the pre-select draft pick for) From the top menu, Select For Owners | Draft. Select player from drop-down list. Click Draft or Save These Picks And Continue if you are pre-drafting. Pre-select draft picks You use the For Owners --> Draft page You can do as many of the picks predraft as you want and you put in a list of players and if all the players are picked then the site will wait for you to make a pick. So if you really want a player but would be unsure who you would pick if that player is gone you can just put in 1 or 2 players in your predraft. The Site will not auto select if your predraft runs out. Trades Commissioners will do their best to process any trades that may occur as they can. I can be reached via email, text, or Huddle PM and we also have Muto and Opie who can process. Thanks
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    Agree, it's a recipe for disaster.
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    4 games out should should generally lower investment needed to grab him late or pick up early in the season.
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    The regular season and playoff formats are fine. The owners want to fix stuff that isn't broken all in the name of greed.
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    I'm not going to read too much into this workout. Tom is working out in Cali and Gronk happened to be there for a charity basketball event. It's not like he flew out there just to work out. It makes sense that 2 friends would hang out and toss the ball around.
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    Sure first tell me about when you weren't a jerk.
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    No chance I would pay Gordon. Guy is already having injury concerns. Just say good day sir, thank you for your service. Gurley shouldn't be the standard because the Rams are going to lose big on it likely. The sad truth is RB's are battering rams for their rookie contracts then become used goods. Some people continue to pay backs premium $ after the rookie contract and they often end up disappointed.
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    Fascinating. Tell me about the rabbits, Steve.
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    Terrible situation but hats off to the NFL. That was a classy move.
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    Drake and Miller offer little to no value at those rounds. Just not far off from where they'd go in a 10 man anyways and they are shaky at best in terms of prognostications for the year. Barber is ugh...even at that round. Is he the back, is he not, does Arians even care? He's not the gamble I'd want. Leaves Cohen, Godwin, and Moore. Cohen is massively intriguing in a PPR based off last years numbers. Of course it's not last year and Montgomery could possibly get in the way, but regardless you kind of have to take that chance with that super low cost. I like both Godwin and Moore to step up this year, but it's a coin flip on deciding between them. Godwin in Arian's system and with that cost is great, but he has a lower floor and higher chance of being a bust than Moore. Moore's 10th round cost is a bit more prohibitive to me and I have concerns about both team and QB stability in Carolina could diminish his return on investment. So where to put the risk? /shrug Personally I'd probably go Cohen and Godwin, but wouldn't fault any combo of Cohen/Godwin/Moore.
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    I admire you guys' dedication.
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    It's a tough call but I'd keep Sony. He looked really good at times last season.
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    Thomas for sure. Than I would say Conner
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    Bump for schedule reminder : June 13 – End of Franchise Tag Bidding Period @ 10 PM EDT · June 13 – Beginning of the Restricted Free Agency (RFA) Period @ 10 PM EDT · July 13 – End of the Restricted Free Agency (RFA) Period @ 10 PM EDT · July 14 – Rookie Draft begins @ 08:00 AM EDT. · Conclusion of Rookie Draft – Free Agency (FA) opens and is open until Tuesday before week 14 games begin. · Monday Evening (11:59 PM EDT) before 1st game – Final roster cut down (Maximum: 20 active, 3 IR, 7 DTS) · November 2019 Trade Deadline: Week 11 Saturday @ 11:59 PM EST) · Week 16, Saturday evening (11:59 PM EDT) – Deadline for submitting new bids for free agents
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    I’ll give Berlin a 4th of July gift...I pass.
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    I completely agree with you that the system is broken when you have to choose sometimes whether you want to be innocent and bankrupt or guilty and still have money. I didn't mean a literal court of law but I was speaking more figuratively. The NFL is in kind of an awkward position where there are no pressed charges, so they are left to decipher on their own how to discipline people which they've clearly had difficulty with in the past. Ray Rice was only suspended 2 games until video came out, then basically his career was over. The Ezekiel Elliott thing was a mess. Adrian Peterson's was more straightforward. Tom Brady's was a mess. I wouldn't necessarily enjoy the position they are in, trying to sort out the truth in he-said/she-said or otherwise murky cases. But at the same time if they don't punish them there's a cloud that hangs over the league and their credibility takes a hit. Tyreek saying on tape that she should be scared of him, after he's been prosecuted in the past for punching her while pregnant will probably earn him a suspension no matter what. That's my sense.
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    I think Lamar is destined to have 3,000 passing yards and 15 passing touchdowns. He could still be a fantasy force with crazy rushing stats but his wide receivers and tight ends will suffer.
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    Wow, brilliant. The more you speak the more ignorant you become.
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    I'm low on Jackson but i think he'll eventually figure it out, but for now he's a run first QB. That's not to say he can't be a productive fantasy QB. I just wouldn't touch any WR on that roster.
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    You Can Try - Piranha wins Processed $89-$59
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    I only have $23 I'm not selling off more of my assets, so pass
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    Agree. There are 2 separate arguments here. Who has the most fans, and who has the best fans? There's no doubt that there are more Cowboy fans. But you only see or hear from these cockroaches when they are winning. Otherwise they are huddled up in Mom's basement cooking meth.
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    Probably why Cowboys and Pats top this list. Single biggest factor for popularity across all sports in my opinion. Its why the GD Cubs fans are everywhere (WGN) and Notre Dame football still doesn't even need to join a conference. Hell, outside of possibly Antarctica there isn't a single continent that hasn't broadcasted a Manchester United game.
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    Not buying this at all. The Rams are not 32nd and The Chiefs at 31 is ridiculous.
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    Mr. Big has until June 23 @ 6:31 AM ET to match $19
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    Don't "this guy" me buddy. Your obviously a mark for Garappolo, I'm not. Why does it bother you that I don't like Garappolo? In a 10 team league he's a QB2. That's all I'm saying. And I'm right.
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    Thanks everyone! The dispersal draft is complete. The remaining players for Open teams 1 & 2 have been added to the free agency pool. Once the rookie draft is complete we will work on the MFL conversion from 16 down to 14 teams.
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    YES!!!! Just kidding. I'll grab Nick Vannett SEA TE – 2 years, and that'll do it for this draft. Thanks guys
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    does "stud" = "f'cking dude with a f'cking arm and as accurate as sh*t"?
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    Don't take my word for it. Eddie George and Derrick Henry said it themselves. He wasn't playing physical. He was running really soft for his size and had been his first 2.5 years in the league. I think he'll play well this year because it's a contract year. I don't know beyond that. Anyone who needs to be reminded to run hard makes me leery. https://www.titansonline.com/news/tough-love-eddie-george-lit-a-fire-under-titans-rb-derrick-henry-and-he-s-been-a
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    Yawn, thanks for the breaking news Steve. I had no idea that they'd listen to all offers. That's a great new concept huh?
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    Soup of the day... "Cream of SumOldGuy".