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    Brown allowed brown to go nuts. The man is 32 years old. I think it's time to stop looking for someone to blame for his poor decisions.
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    Hail to the Redskins will never carry the same steam . this wasn’t as much the power of protest as it was an absolute sabotage by the sponsors.
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    The leagues that moved forward with the bubbles will succeed . The leagues that didn’t will crash and burn - Abraham Lincoln
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    The irony just got real thick.
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    Moved to the tailgate eh. Its been a fun run here but its time to move on. I know.....Well bye. Take care huddlers.
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    At least he doesn't have to worry about the Covid.
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    The skins fell victim to cancel culture. The same people that defaced an actual Frederick Douglass statue were part of the skins getting cancelled . It’s a slippery slope to me but what do I know
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    I'll be disappointed if it's not the Red Tails. I think that would be a great choice.
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    I wish I only had to do something once to get paid.
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    As a new season ticket holder I was sad to receive an official email from LV Raiders. I was really hyped watching all the video clips of the new stadium. Hopefully next year things will be good to go. I did not know other team opted for no fans. ********************************** Dear Anthony, There is nothing more important to the Raider Organization than the health and safety of our players, coaches, staff, stadium workers, and fans. After intensive consultation with healthcare officials and state and community leaders, We Have Made The Difficult Decision To Play The Las Vegas Raiders 2020 Inaugural Season At Allegiant Stadium Without Fans In Attendance. This decision is based on our commitment to protect the health of our fans and the entire community in response to the coronavirus pandemic affecting us all. This decision also ensures fairness to you, our PSL holders, given the challenges and potential inequities associated with determining who can and cannot attend specific games if the stadium were to operate at a reduced capacity. While the current situation is not how any of us envisioned celebrating the opening of Allegiant Stadium, when circumstances permit we look forward to sharing an unparalleled GameDay Experience in the Magnificent Stadium you helped to build. Despite not being able to attend the games in person, you will still receive your collectible 2020 Las Vegas Raiders Inaugural Season Ticket Package as well as other exclusive items throughout the season. If you wish to receive a Full Refund of your 2020 Season Ticket Payments, or if you have any questions, please contact our Premium Service Team by emailing allegiantstadiumservice@raiders.com. Alternatively, if you wish to apply your 2020 Season Ticket Payments to the 2021 season, no further action is required. The Greatness Of The Raiders Is In Our Future. Thank you for your loyal support. Mark Davis
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    I can assure you, it wasn't for winning anything. They didn't like that there were two accounts from my address: mine and my adult son's. We both entered a few "single entry" contests in common and the following Septemebr we discovered that the two accounts were closed. No 2nd chances over there. There already flooded with dishonest sharks and the like and their own staff has been accused of dubious things. In short they suck. But go ahead and ban a kid and his dad for betting $20 bucks each week. Idiots.
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    I've been biding my time on addressing this in my leagues, but it's getting down to approaching crunch time. Personally I don't believe they'll play a down of football this year but we need to prepare for if they do. I commish a bunch of these and I know a ton of us are in multiples too. Not that we can establish each league's rules here, but we can at least get consensus type discussion going without a dozen different threads in each league's forum (some of which may be password protected). So, BOTH league commish/leaders/members, what are your thoughts for 2020? There are a lot of micro-topics to consider: Payouts Full season? Partial season? Late start? Early end? 2021 draft order? Contracts for those with year caps? What about players that opt out? IR/reserve/replacement players? If a player is temporarily placed on COVID Reserve? If a player opts out? What else?
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    I'm actually the opposite. If there is one thing that this pandemic has taught me, regarding sports, it's that I don't really miss them all that much. I did at first (probably because everything shut down at such an exciting time... NCAA tourney in hoops, Players Championship in golf), but as the past 4+ months have progressed, I have missed it less and less. Haven't watched a single minute of NBA or MLB (although I would certainly watch the Twins if it were on local TV), and I'm finding myself more and more indifferent about whether or not the NFL happens. Which is funny, because I'm still (reluctantly) committed to more than a half-dozen leagues. I know that I'll get more into it if and when the season gets underway, but right now, I don't really find myself caring whether they play or not. I have played more golf in the past 4 months than any period of time in the past 20+ years, though. Even more cool than that is that my 8YO son has gotten the bug.... he's gone from having very little interest to asking me almost daily if we can go play. I've also been binge-watching a butt-load of TV, through Hulu, Netflix, and Prime.
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    Much larger rosters, the NBA has 660 players in Florida, nhl has roughly 600 in each site. The nfl would need to isolate 3200 people for training camps, in several bubbles across several cities. schedule, and quality of playing field the nfl typically plays on 1 field once a week, having 4 games a week on the same field may lead to more injury. Although I wouldn't mind seeing matches within the division, there would be many hurdles to get all sides on board (and i dont think they have the time to do so) The other leagues where already part way through a season and are bubbling for less then half the time of the nfl season. Also nfl typically has more injuries, and players moved outside the bubble to attend a hospital would require time before being allowed back into the bubble. I think the cumulative effect of the challenge make bubbling difficult.
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    The O/U on how long the season goes should open at 2 weeks. If the NFL can play 2 weeks without games getting postponed or canceled it'll be a miracle. It is mind boggling how poorly they have planned for this. When the NHL is making you look like a bunch of donkeys, chances are you're screwed.
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    The other side is if you don't look for problems, it will find you
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    Definitely in, as long as the season goes ahead. I've just sent you a PM.
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    if this rule change were to get approved, I believe the "activation period" should be set at one week from the time they are removed from real world IR. I just feel like 3 days is too short a time, I dont think owners would be aware soon enough within 3 days. I feel like players coming on and off real world IR, there needs to be a notification to the owner that a player needs to be removed from IR, otherwise you could just end up not realizing they were removed in real life but still listed as IR in this league.
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    At least they have the Covid now and not later. You'll be the only one standing in a month.
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    Here is an out of the box idea. You can designate a covid replacement player at each position for players who play after the 1 PM ET start times. So if your players are starting at 4 PM, 8 PM or Monday night and they are inactive for any reason (because we can't know for sure if they will always announce it was for covid or not) then the covid replacement player is put in their place in the lineup. So say you own Mahomes and Jared Goff and Mahomes plays on Monday night. If Goff plays at 4 PM Sunday you have to announce by 4 PM Sunday that Goff is your covid replacement QB. If Mahomes is active he plays for you if inactive Goff is your QB that week. Not sure anyone will like that idea but it would be one way to stop teams for being crushed for late Sunday and Monday night surprise inactives. With Contract leagues you will not be able to get off waivers and if you have a guy on Monday or Sunday 8 PM your likely not able to have a replacement. You could tighten this window down to just Sunday and Monday night games so it only be 4 teams you would have to cover.
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    You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - Leo Sayer
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    Yup. A redraft league nightmare but best ball league heaven.
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    I love it. Hawks always pick in the bottom half of the 1st anyway, and rarely do players of Adams caliber come out of it. He is only 24 yrs old and is crazy good all over the field. Super stoked the Hawks D just got exponentially better. Go Hawks!!
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    That's for returning to work though. These guys are playing football with scratching and clawing and loving up on each other. I think you need a little bit more intense viral regulation in that scenario. Also NFL players are more likely to be asymptomatic as they are younger. I don't know that the rules are so easily transferred over
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    Things already have changed at least the reports have changed to being placed on commish list anyone with the virus and would come off when ready to go. Could last any number of weeks as short as 1 or as many as needed. New report is to have a 3 week IR for real injuries instead of the 8 week one they had been using. This way teams can keep restocking their rosters without having to carry injured guys who would be out for say 3-4 weeks because you didn't want to IR them for 8. Possibly unlimited IR return (they were going to increase to 3 IR return this year). I just want football I already lost March Madness which was hard enough to take I can't lose football and needs to start on time my 2 week vacation is looming and I have yet to put in for it already had March Madness vacation cancelled this year.
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    Spooky - Atlanta Rhythm Section
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    21 drafts is a normal friday for me...oh...you're not talking about beer. Yes...wife is out of town and I may have hit the cabinet.
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    The fines would escalate with each additional hit.
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    No sense of consistency with punishments etc. I remember the deflate gate stuff and they made Brady look like a "cheater", which I guess he was, but then Rodgers admitted to over inflating the balls and it was about as ignored as Jeffery Epstein killing himself. (Of course we all know he didn't)
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    Carr looking pretty Goth there...
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    At the very least, the term should be gender neutral.
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    I agree. And I never thought I'd feel that way. The longer this Corona thing goes on the more people realize that they don't need sports in their lives. We've all found other outlets. I was devastated when the NBA shutdown and now I couldn't care less. Baseball can go to hell for all I care. They deserve this.
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    I'm pretty much to the point where I really couldn't care less if they have a season or not. Even if they do I think it's going to be an incredible cluster****. I hate it for all the people who work for the NFL and businesses who rely on them, but from a league standpoint I honestly don't think I'd miss it.
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    I just say stick with animals or inanimate objects.
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    I just looked up some Marquette logos because I couldn't remember. Looks like some of the older stuff was very possible offensive. The newest did not seem to be. Glad my daughter chose Loyola over Marquette.....got to see a Final Four run!!!
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    Mostert's contract was for special teams. He is wanting RB money for that team. I think if he walks it is a huge risk for him and the prospective team. We do not know if it is just a product of the system or not... and for him, breida just left...giving him even more opportunity for touches. The defense was excellent last year, but shanny runs some wonderful offensive schemes. You may not recall that even in recent poor seasons the running backs all thrived when they played (most fought injuries).
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    I get that the NFL isn't fully guaranteed contracts and they will dump you at the drop of a hat, but it seems like if you underperform, well tough give me my guaranteed money. And if you overperform, even if you just signed a contract within the last year, it's I want more $$. Mostert has been cut from 5 teams or something, has one pretty good year individually but I think most of us agree the team success was largely because of their defense. I understand what he's doing, he is 28 and realizes no one will give him much of a contract when this is up so trying to get it now. But is this what should happen? Will contracts change because of this? Will teams start drawing harder lines? Like ok you sit then without pay and get fined?
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    San Fran should have plenty of money for Mostert. Their QB only throws 2 passes per game.
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    Maybe I am misreading, but pretty sure the "fix" is being said sarcastically, which is why it is in quotes. Essentially if the NFL wants to have a season, they will need to put their head in the sand and skip the testing of players, as if there are no tests performed, there are no positive cases, thus no need to quarantine or not play.
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    This is pure garbage. Stick to facts or don't post. It's still at least 10x as deadly as the flu. Have you been paying attention to the news - this is nothing like "any other respiratory illness." There is zero data to support that flying is more risky than close personal contact. When someone you care about catches this, come back and tell me how you feel.