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    He got 6 cause there were traces of a masking agent. He claims he took stuff for diabetes. Dude is a liar and a cheat.
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    Jets drama feeds my soul...
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    Not to mention, he doesn't care about your fantasy team
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    With the last auction closed, I have removed all RFA tags. Franchise tags remain.
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    RB 15 if lucky? In PPR leagues? Stay off the Josh Gordon kiddos. If he plays regularly his floor is top 10, maybe top 5; primarily due to lack of heavily used RBs and pass catchers throughout the league. Lol....weed = Josh Gordon.
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    Voted. I’m totally fine moving to 14 since we clearly struggle keeping 16 consistent owners. I don’t think option 1 is really fair though because of the unbalanced allotment of rookie picks. Those rookie picks are traded throughout the season based on the pool of rookie players only and some off those trades wouldn’t have occurred knowing a Joe Mixon (for instance) would be an available asset. Option 2 seems like the only fair option should we all agree to move to 14. I appreciate all the work you’re doing to keep the league going!
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    That owner's name isn't Dave Gettleman by any chance, is it?
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    Is it? I get that there are 2/3/possibly4 stories to follow ...and then what? I will watch rounds 1-2 then watch something on Netflix or my DVR the rest of the time. Anyone paying attention to rounds 3-? *I"m not a dynasty player (yet) so anyone else? ABC? REALLY? What a waste of funds. Those looking forward to tonight have nfl on speed dial no matter what channel.
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    Well...for one..It is EASY to pay for an exceptional Nanny and or Manny. Two...uh number one should be enough!!! WTF???? There are so many AAAAAAAA+ rated nan/man/nies in the world why would you neglect and/or/ ignore this child? It is bordering on beyond stupid to not do this if they were SOMEHOW overwhelmed. It's the uber driver of parenting. At the very least he could do that. Unless....he truly is someone who should be investigated and moved into the horrible spotlight he is in.
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    Shameless solicitation. I only need 2 more likes to hit the '1,000 club'. Wouldn't it be cool to be the one who got me there? Help a brother out!
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    Man I miss those WCOFF days. They ended up sucking wind at the end, but the whole Vegas thing was a blast with you guys. I am now a "once a year" kinda guy for Vegas and I have a standing March Madness deal with some college buddies. As much as I'd love to re-enter the high-stakes football world, I'm not sure my pocketbook or liver could handle it. I live vicariously through you guys for sure. Maybe in 5-6 years when my kids are older and life has changed a bit for me I will consider it.
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    I attended the draft. The stage was directly on the waterfront, between the river and 1st Ave. Mostly production in that area, NFLN on the left corner, ESPN on the right, tech center right in the middle. VIP seating area, maybe 100 people. No idea how to get in there, we never even got close to that. We weren't there for the draft per se so didn't look into that. The block between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave was cordoned off with gating and I believe that was ticketed SRO. Probably a few hundred? Everything behind 2nd Ave was ticket-free, FCFS. We got downtown Thursday around 4:30 for food, got to Broadway at like 6:00 (first pick at 8:00) and it was backed up to 5th Ave pretty heavily. You could have elbowed your forward to probably 4th Ave if you were prickish about it. We didn't try, we checked it out but left and found a bar that had opened that day. We probably ordered their first beer actually, asked the waitress if they were open, she turned to her co-worker and asked her. They both shrugged and poured it up. We stopped there because it had a Prince's Hot Chicken truck parked in their lot and that was on our list of must-try's. Because it was so new and it was 2 blocks off of Broadway no one knew about it and we had the place mostly to ourselves so we just stayed there. Friday we got there around 7:00 and got down to about 3rd Ave. Not nearly as many people despite it being Friday night. We were there about an hour, saw some picks, then headed over to the stadium to check out that part. We ended up hanging there watching live music, a big screen, and consuming way too much food and drink.
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    No snake draft. Repeats on listed order of finish
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    Is that your pick ? Winston? The quote was confusing me .
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    I would definitely keep Thielen. Most bang for your buck there. As for 2nd keeper, I'd lean towards Julio. You get a solid RB with your 1st round pick on a better team than the Cardinals, so I would pass on DJ. I'm not sure that Kittle can reproduce last seasons numbers again either. As for Evans, I've just never been a fan overall - he's too inconsistent in my mind.
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    Cash (15$ each) processed for Kelce and Adams
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    In the past we have listed all the Franchise Tag Blind Bidding players at the same time. In YODT we are doing this one at a time - see the thread. The duration of this will change yearly dependent on the number of FT players. Each player will be put up for bid 1 day at a time. Anyone who wants to place 1 bid on that player will make a blind bid. The following day the owner of the player will have 1 day to accept 1 of the bids. Once they accept a bid or decline it the process will begin again, and a new player will be put up for bid. DLF dynasty ADP will be the player ranking criteria. Rules segment pasted below: Rules on bidding on franchise players. None of the franchise players can be used as part of a blind bid to bid on another franchise player. All assets that are traded for a franchise player cannot be re-used for any of the other franchise players. Example John Doe is traded for $15 (To give him $45 total) and the 1.12 pick to Team A. Team A now wants to bid on the next franchise player up for bid. He can't offer the 1.12 pick and can't use the $15 traded to him. He can only offer up to $30 max.
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    We have a new owner (Piranha) for the team You Can Try. That leave two remaining teams * Bomb Squad Open 2 and * Baron Open 1. I know the league would prefer to remain at 16 but I am done with recruiting attempts for teams that have been poorly run with less than engaged owners. MWG and Mud were placeholder attempts and that did not really work either. I would like to make this league stand out and I will be posting several polls to attempt to get us to that point. They key component of that is to get a core that is active with all scheduled activities and trade active. I have some great leagues these days - trade crazy, devy, group me, etc....... we need to make this league great again or it will not continue due to the work and complicated rules. Contraction: Option 1: Include all assets for Open teams 1 and 2 in the ROOKIE draft. Assets would include draft picks, taxi players, and players with contracts as they exist. It would not include team dollars (they would be deleted) ** This would only benefit players who have 2019 rookie leverage. ** It would also drive some rookie value down the board Option 2: Separate dispersal draft for all owners with above mentioned assets based off 2018 order of finish Option 3: Reset the league by allowing any owners the choice option to throw their team into the dispersal draft of open teams 1 and 2. ** I have seen this done multiple times in leagues that need a reboot - it can work pretty well. ** This sometimes can unsettle some long time owners with strong teams who do not want the reset. Option 4: Remain at 16 teams
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    Toxic team with a toxic player and a toxic rumor, nothing bad can happen there.
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    Piranha - You Can Try - FT Le'Veon Bell NYJ RB
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    Funny thing is Darnold absolutely loves Gase. Gushes over him at every sound bite. If Gase is a a true QB whisperer, then fine. Color me unimpressed with Tanehll. Got a little something from Cutler and even Tebow. So we'll see. Maccagnan was abysmal. 4 years of total neglect for the oline. Was going to get Sam killed. Bye. F-ck you, you sucked. I hated Mac from day 1. Terrible GM. Personally endorsed hackenberg. He's an idiot and terribke talent evaluator.
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    It is difficult for me to wrap my head around how Gase got another head coaching gig, let alone an interim GM title. The big loser here has got to be Sam Darnold.
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    No, Dave's draft was much worse.
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    i had a really sweet experience last friday night at game 3 of the bucks/celtics(it wasnt the game itself trust me)...i sat right near the mccourty twins, james white and pat chung....also met josh mcdaniels at a restaurant before the game best part was me and my buddy were drinking a few beers and whatnot on the drive...we stopped at a foxboro gas station to take a leak at a shell station...it was single stall but you couldnt tell if someone was in there unless door was locked...it wasnt so i walk in to see a man standing at the stall urinating with his back to me...i walk out while apologizing...he comes out with a toddler aged child...whom i guess was in front of him urinating but i couldnt see...i look up and say "sorry man my bad"....he says "aw nah man its cool"...it was pat chung...he dropped the kid off and changed his clothes n we saw him a couple hours later lol... im telling you guys though seriously...this team, on paper, might be much better overall...although if gronk truly is done thats a big blow
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    He is a shoo-in for the all-neck team. Unironically, he suffered neck injuries in both 2015 and 2018.
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    He has said pretty much nothing all off season. His retirement announcement came via a tweet by Adam Schefter. I'm sure Marshawn is willing to play if he is guaranteed a role. He isn't going to come back to sit the bench and be a cheerleader. The signing of Crowell pretty much closed the door on him having much of a role so he retired. Crowell getting hurt reopened that door so he announced via a Steve Wyche tweet that he'd be willing to come back.
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    I'm a sucker for punishment.
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    There being so many startable quarterbacks makes the mid-tier ones have almost no value. There are literally 20-24 solid fantasy quarterbacks this season. I might draft Kyler as my starter knowing that it'll be easy to replace him if he falters. And while passing might take time to perfect in the NFL, rushing quarterbacks are usually good at running the ball right away. So it might not be a matter of waiting for Kyler to start producing in fantasy. Robert Griffin was the highest scoring fantasy player in the first 4 weeks of his rookie season. Cam was studly immediately, too. Russell Wilson, however, didn't start running the ball until later in his rookie season. I'm not sure why that is. Here are quarterbacks with adps 8 through 24. I don't see much difference in value between them and not all of them will be drafted. 8 Matt Ryan ATL QB 101.80 62 123 465 9 Cam Newton CAR QB 112.10 88 143 465 10 Jared Goff LA QB 116.78 93 143 465 11 Ben Roethlisberger PIT QB 121.22 68 145 465 12 Jameis Winston TB QB 121.78 97 154 465 13 Carson Wentz PHI QB 127.40 95 155 465 14 Kirk Cousins MIN QB 132.70 101 160 465 15 Tom Brady NE QB 133.25 97 163 465 16 Lamar Jackson BAL QB 134.40 85 166 465 17 Philip Rivers LAC QB 135.61 111 159 465 18 Mitchell Trubisky CHI QB 139.71 117 167 465 19 Josh Allen BUF QB 140.67 96 176 465 20 Jimmy Garoppolo SF QB 142.05 95 186 465 21 Dak Prescott DAL QB 143.49 116 171 465 22 Matthew Stafford DET QB 161.01 135 210 465 23 Sam Darnold NYJ QB 162.50 135 214 465 24 Kyler Murray ARZ QB 171.39 101 240 459
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    His adp so far in BB10s (MFL10s) is 5.25 after 447 drafts. I have no idea where I rank him. And the decision isn't going to get any easier as the season nears. He is the epitome of high risk/high reward.
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    Lenny Kravitz meets Star Trek?
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    Rae Carruth would like you to hold his beer...
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    I don't get it either. Lock is a typical Elway pick. He'll never learn.
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    62nd pick instead of the 48..well done.
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    This is Tyreek’s Ray Rice moment. It should turn out about the same for Tyreek. I hope he’s good at flipping burgers because that may be his next gig if he’s not in prison. What a total POS.
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    Your guess is as good as mine. But Rosen is a much higher rated prospect. He was a mid first rounder in a QB heavy draft, better pedigree. Lock stinks.
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    It's looking like miami for a 2nd rounder. 11 picks below the Giants 2nd. If it does happen, then not too far off the mark: 2 5 530 Arizona Cardinals darin3 Deebo Samuel South Carolina WR from NY Giants (Josh Rosen)
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    you're the only other person willing to say this. Thank you. AP uses the excuse of discipline, but how is that remotely acceptable (the NFL and WAS accept it)? If you hit your kid hard enough to leave bruises and lacerations and admit that you still do that, then does it matter "why" you claim to do it?
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    https://www.kctv5.com/news/investigations/kctv-obtains-recording-of-tyreek-hill-and-crystal-espinal-discussing/article_16991194-67ad-11e9-98f9-c7214b78938f.html Jesus talk about a bad day for Tyreek Hill. His football career is now most likely done. And the audio that his girlfriend taped may very well get her in trouble as well for conspiracy. That was not very good insurance. This sounds really similar to Adrian Peterson’s case. You have these guys who grew up in crappy circumstances and they feel you got to be a man and deal with stuff so they’re pretty harsh with their kids. And they were probably beaten as children themselves. From the audio it sounds like Tyreek and his girlfriend were fighting. The kid says daddy you are mean. Tyreek tells him to get back down here and the kid doesn’t want to go because he knows he’s going to get beat. And the kid is crying and runs or falls and Tyreek probably jerks his arm hard or something and it breaks. Just really unfortunate stuff.
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    I just meant it is wrong as in pretty sad. I am amazed that even with millions of dollars and so many resources at Hills disposal this has occurred.
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    Rams needed help in their LB corps and these two are potential studs. Love the value here for the Rams.
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    Thanks for all your hard work Tford
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    I think the reason she got that was due to the $3 Whole-Home DVR Service that we're getting billed. She called to complain about getting charged a fee that makes no sense as to why we should have it. "We canceled service to every TV except one. Why am I continuously billed a fee for Whole Home DVR when my whole home to Direct TV is one TV. Seems pointless." I was in the background and I acted like I was pissed. Kept telling my wife to stop talking to this guy and just ask for the cancellation department as I'm done with them and just want to cancel our service. My wife was on the phone apologizing for me being an ass in the background. She was super nice with the guy on the phone, I was purposely being a dick in the background. About 15 minutes later, she asked me if I was fine with a $30 bill for the next year - Free NFL Ticket and Free HBO. Will I please quit yelling then? haha. It worked! I can tell you this. On July 27th, if they cannot keep my bill around the same $30 it is now, we will no longer have DirectTV. EDIT: Not pictured in that screenshot is another $3 monthly credit to cover that stupid fee I was complaining about. So I lied to you all. My bill is $30.99/month, not $29.99/month.
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    See ya in the new Gordon thread next year when we have these repeated conversations all over again.