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    I have the Pats def in one league and there's no way in hell I'm dropping NE for its bye. No. No. No.
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    That’s a terrible offer. An elite RB (like Cook has been) is the best possible thing you can have in fantasy. Don’t ever trade them away unless you get a hell of an offer you can’t refuse. It would have to be multiple very good starters that you will start every week and fills in team deficiencies. That’s the only time it makes sense to trade away an elite back in my opinion.
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    Then trade him. A more astute owner in your league will gladly take him off your hands. Maybe you can improve in other areas of need.
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    Every year a defense comes and surprises us, but the Patriots are at another level this year.
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    I would drop a lot of players besides the Pats D. Even playing a week without a kicker is worth it if you have to drop him for another D during the bye if your backups are all quality
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    Haha. At least it's 0 pts and not negative... So far...
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    Not sure of schedules but cousins
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    I'm losing by 11.3 points. I have the Patriots D/ST left, opponent has no one left. I got a shot I guess.
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    The same people who think Colin k. can still play
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    let me get a couple of drinks in me to catch up
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    I need Sony Michel to not exceed 14.67 pts
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    Ohhh that's difficult. Not impossible but slim. Good luck nonetheless. Maybe he will have a breakout game!
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