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    it means I'm not letting you divert the discussion (at least my part of it) to further your agenda. k?
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    so a slightly better deal while losing out $14mil last season? Someone failed math.
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    OBJ/Landry/Chubb/Hunt/Duke/Njoku. That is 100% the best skill position team in the NFL, not even close.
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    Rosen will never be elite but he'll be serviceable - I really do compare him to Eli. He won't single-handedly win a ton of games but he won't lose a lot either. Having Barkley and Engram will be a QBs best friend. If Shepherd pans out and Tate plays above average, they draft a WR early this year, that offense will rival some of the NFLs best for the next few years. They're really not that far off which is what (to me) makes Rosen intriguing in that offense. They need to capitalize now in order to take advantage of low $$ at skill positions, not wait to draft and develop a rookie QB next year.. Only to be stuck with having to pay $$ to keep Barkley, Engram and Shepherd. (if they choose to). Traded away OBJ for say Rosen, Metcalf/Harry, a 3rd rounder and Peppers, yeah - Giants won that trade!!
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    People crack me up when they generalize NFL players like they're all the same. On any given day, there are approximately 1,696 players on rosters and because of a few incidents a year the players are generalized to be "abusers, thugs, pimps, etc." 99.9% of the league appears to stay out of legal trouble, but people like to focus on that .1%.
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    I have faith in Shanahan. It is impossible to predict who will be fantasy relevant but there is potential for fantasy gold with Shanahan at the helm. 9ers players are the perfect lottery tickets in the 13th-18th rounds of the fantasy draft.
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    resistance is fruitile...
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    I think you are overthinking this. Mayfield has a gunslinger mentality. OBJ can beat anyone in a jump ball type scenario, and frequently he can beat any two guys in those scenarios. What's the point of having an all-world WR if your QB is too gun shy to let him make a play (think Brock Osweiler's impact on DeAndre Hopkins). This marriage is closer to perfect than you've led on. The only argument you've really made here is that Mayfield is too short to throw slants and such over the middle, but Drew Brees is shorter than Mayfield and manages just fine with those routes. Again, I just think you've gotten too microscopic in the analysis.
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    How’s the shoulder feeling?
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    I saw that was gonna happen last night and saw that it did this morning. Being in those 32 team leagues has made me aware of Harris. Glad to have him
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    Stupid. He's going to prove, just like Demarco Murray did, that the RB isn't all about talent. It's the system that makes the RB. He went to a horrible spot. I for sure won't touch him in fantasy next year. No way, Jose! Or is it HoZay?
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    "We didn't sign Odell to trade him. That's all I need to say about that." -- Giants GM Dave Gettleman, literally six days ago
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    that only scum would want on their team
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    No to heisman cash since it's relative to one position for the majority and it gives an unnecessary bonus.
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    Break down by position: WR: 151 LB: 134 CB: 123 RB: 102 DT: 85 DE: 74 OT: 52 TE: 43 OG: 26 QB: 22 FB: 15 K: 12 C: 5 DB: 4 P: 3
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    Funny read!! “I think it will be good to keep Eli on the bench for a year or two so he can learn the ropes of being an NFL quarterback."
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    Having Rosen as the starting quarterback would be a good way to tank without appearing to be intentionally tanking.
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    The Dolphins obviously don't believe that they NEED a QB as much as we do. Otherwise they wouldn't of traded away Tannehill. They created this situation. They didn't throw an offer at Foles (the best available free agent QB) which to me signals the tank is on. The next 2 years are very good QB classes, especially when Trevor Lawrence comes out. I think you'll see the Dolphins make some trades prior to and on draft day to stockpile draft picks for the future. Just my opinion from what I see.
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    I assume you're referring to the sports Illustrated article ?? Ben has had roughly 300-350 teammates in his career. Sports Illustrated found 2 people who dont like him. One of which is some bum named Josh Harris who was with the team in 2014 for 4 games, 3 of which were not on active roster and he had exactly 9 carries for 16 yards as a steeler the went to the CFL. Josh Harris is coincifentally ( i think not) a close friend or Mr Big Chest. The other is Isaac Redman who quickly lambasted the writer of the article on twitter and accused him of outright lying about what he said in his article. Then we've got AB which I don't think we need to dissect who was the problem in that scenario. I'll lean towards taking the opinions of steeler legends like Bill Cowher, Jerome Bettis, Troy Polamalu, Terry Bradshaw, Heath Miller, Ryan Clarke and Hines Ward before anyone else. Also compare the local media takes vs everything else and it's quite a different narrative Sure Ben is far from perfect, id rather he not do a radio show but the team and the city support it. He had his transgressions when he was young and stupid, I've got my opinion on that but that's irrelevant in this context. He may have slipped up once calling out AB on a route when he made a bad throw but the countless times where Ben owns up to his mistakes in game aren't talked about. This whole " Ben doesn't hang out with me " garbage.. there's videos with Ben , AB, Bell and I think Bryant out on Ben's Boat, ex WR Marcus Wheaton spoke about when Ben flew him Bryant and Brown out to be with him to workout. None of that is well known cause it doesn't fit the hot take. Ben stays on campus at training camp, AB rents a private home in Latrobe. Again not well known In short, up until AB went viral the last few months there hasn't been a peep in 14 years from teammates or coaches, ex or current about Ben being a problem. AB created a narrative and the media ran with it and had to dig pretty friggin deep to find someone to say something bad about him.
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    I agree it's BS. But you know the routine. We don't get a vote on how they handle these situations. Go petition the league. I'll certainly sign it.
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    Or how not to negotiate a deal.
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    why do these clips always cut out the best parts? I want to see her reaction to getting whacked in the face
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    I disagree with Elway's assessment. I think it'll be another 3 or 4 years before Flacco really hits his stride.
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    Here is a nice breakdown by Albert Breer Since the numbers are in, let's compare the Steelers offer vs. the Jets deal ... Through Year 1: Steelers $19.5M, Jets $14.5M Through Year 2: Steelers $33.0M, Jets $26M Through Year 3: Steelers $45.0M, Jets $39.5M ... Not much to argue here. Pittsburgh's offer was better. https://t.co/YbWZqnataG ** this is the guaranteed dollars**
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    he sure showed the owners! I bet they immediately fold on the next CBA regarding franchise tags. #winninglol
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    No worries, figured so. Tanking is the hope for the 2020 class, but it is also the Dolphins who find new and inventive ways to (the really bad word) everything up each year so guess we'll wait and see. Hopefully things improve for the Broncos once the ownership problem is resolved. Might seem callous and possibly even a bit morbid, but by this point I believe Dolphin faithful will have to wait for old man Ross to keel over before they'll see a change in Miami. You know, provided the jackass hasn't moved the team to somewhere else or some other chalupa move to destroy the team before then.
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    i was just trying to tease. I don't follow college, but apparently, the 2020 QB class is supposed to be much higher prospects than this year, so I think MIA should suck on purpose this year. I would say the same for DEN, except that we have Flacco, so championship!
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    Sorry, I don't see this as a problem this year.
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    mostert and wilson looked decent as well. Even Alf had good moments.
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    there was an HBO real sports segment not too long ago where demaurice smith got grilled pretty hard and basically accused of not taking the best deal for the players...I work for a DOD contractor and their is a union presense where I work....I think its foolish to think that all who work on behalf of the union always have "john q union worker's" best interest in mind all of the time....its not crazy to think a briefcase or two fo cash cant be handed over in order for the union to make concessions the company wants and mask it by saying "well we got this though"=something the company doesn't really care about but can be made to look beneficial listen...managing/owning an nfl team and keeping it successful is as difficult as its ever been....players wanting raises...players finding raises somewhere else and having to replace them...having to satisfy star players while managing money and not crippling the overall health of the team...its tough...its not the nba with 12 guys...or mlb with 25.....its hard to keep a team competitive....its more difficult than ever.....I understand the management/ownership side....and I get it I also get the players side of the coin...and I'm not going to go over that again and rehash it...you know their beef....so its only natural that both sides, with solid points, are going to clash....and that's what were seeing but...its probably going to have to be the owners who are going to have to give something up to make things better.....and those guys don't like to do that...they don't like losing if you are going to make a big budget action movie...and you love the director you have....the script/plot...and you have a 125 million dollar budget...you think this film will bring in 325 mil at the box office if its done right.....you gonna go out and pay some up and comer, 25 year old, actor to star in it? pay him 3-4 million? "hey I think this guy is a breakout waiting to happen...this picture can launch him".....maybe.....but most guys are gonna go out and get the rock or Wahlberg and pay them 15-20 mil yeah conner did well....but the steelers didn't make the playoffs......and now brown got out and its probably going to be more difficult for them to make the playoffs....bell might have lost a few bucks but I bet it was just as personal...about respect....for a guy helping the steelers win while putting himself on the line 400x a year.......its probably worth it to him I still stand by what I said about the system being out of whack in the nfl...at the very least the franchise tag is outdated and needs to be done away with
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    wow, CLE is winning. Harris is not going to get publicity, but he is quietly a good TE. Ya know, the type of TE that DEN should have signed since we get to see him more than other teams and also have a need, so :confused: good for CLE Demetrius Harris TE, Cleveland Browns Browns agreed to terms with TE Demetrius Harris, formerly of the Chiefs, on a two-year contract. GM John Dorsey was in Kansas City with Harris. The 6'7/230 tight end has definite skills but had been stuck behind Travis Kelce with the Chiefs. Unfortunately, he now appears to be going to Cleveland to play behind David Njoku. Harris caught a career-best three touchdowns last year while averaging 13.7 yards per catch. He should be a factor in the red zone. Related: Kansas City Chiefs Mar 13, 2019, 7:20 AM
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    a lot of pundits think so...
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    the season's a sellout! no more $5 seats...
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    I was in the dark as usual, if I'm not on here or another sports site I'm on I miss a lot of news. Don't get any feeds or stuff on the phone. Was home and watching stuff on my DVR and Youtube, then watched 11PM news and was like Total shock, was not a fan of trying to acquire him last year when there was talk about him, and the price is pretty steep but it makes them a serious contender now and for years to come. With rest of AFCN in decline the future is bright. Now if we could just get Brady/Bill to retire. PS Good point on Calloway, the RB/WR/TE group is amazing. OL is strong, Baker is going to have a field day with this team.
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    Bell took a year off, lost 14.5 mil, lost the chance at making 18 mil more overall, lost the chance to be the greatest Steeler RB in history and be a sure fire hall of famer with his childhood team, his mom's team, all to gain 2 mil more guaranteed upfront. The steelers offer also an additional 15 mil in rolling guarantees whatever that means...In the case of New York..... more is less.... his tax bracket more than doubled so he’s likely to take home less than he would have with the Steelers offer.... even with more “guaranteed”. Idiot. Oh well at least he had time to produce his new album
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    Right. Alvin Kamara just solidified himself as the consensus #1 pick in fantasy IMO
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    Let's not forget they also added Sheldon Richardson and Olivier Vernon
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    Chris Godwin is dancing in the streets.
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    I've been reading this board for nearly 10 years. Sorry, but I have to ask you: why do you ALWAYS seem distort, exaggerate or inaccuratley restate what someone else says? You freaking do it all the time dude. Why would anyone here would even want to converse with you when it is almost a sure bet you will distort what the other person says in your zest to argue? Never fails. Just so you know... when you do that, it is extremely obvious and you lose any shred of credibility you might have once had.