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    Umm, it's the Browns. Debacles are what they do.
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    I was totally wrong. I hate running backs that don't get receptions. But I will have to admit that Derrick Henry is special.
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    I cannot wait until Skippy takes over the Pats without Bill and Tom to do the heavy lifting. I don't see him as some genius, I see him as somebody average or better that benefited from a great team. Ever since he backed out on the Colts job I've thought he's unlikely to land a HC job anywhere but NE. And not the good Pats we've all put up with for 20 years, but the Pats of the old days who mostly sucked.
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    Had a guy at work today show up in a Titans Jersey. I've worked there 7 years and talk football all the time with various people. Never once heard or seen any indication at all that this guy is a Titans fan or even much of a football fan at all until today.
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    woohoo! lowest score wins - right?
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    I can't recall a RB as dominant as Henry is right now. It's unbelievable.
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    Update. He came back and I talked to him a little more in depth. Cory mentioned the Rams will not be able to afford him and his most likely landing spots are Arizona and Las Vegas. However, the Giants could swoop him up based on $ to spend. Regardless, his outlook of staying a Ram is dim. 😡🤬
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    Agreed. This does add icing to the fantasy season.
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    I keep thinking this is about Myles...
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    I was the lucky recipient of you taking care of it, thx. Well, that didn't sound quite right either.
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    This thread is comical.
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    Well, if making the NFL all-decade team means anything, Pearson should be in the HOF. He and Lynn Swann were the two WR's selected as first-team for the 1970's. Swann is in, obviously, as are both WR's from the SECOND team (Warfield and Carmichael). Not to mention, every WR (first or second team) from the 80's and 90's are in as well. Even 3 out of 4 from the 2000's are in (Torry Holt, 2nd team, is the one exception). So, yeah, if you're one of the top two payers at your position, for a 10-year period of time, it seems like you should probably be in the HOF. But, maybe I'm missing something.
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    Or all three if you’re really in the groove!
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    Caamp - Peach Fuzz
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    Bears LT Jimbo Covert finally got in, and it's long overdue. Blocking for Dan Marino at Pitt, Covert gave up just three sacks during his college career. From Covert's rookie '83 season through '86, Chicago led the NFL in rushing, and Bears finished third or better in rushing during all but one of Covert's seasons. A chronic back injury cut Covert's career short. He retired in 1990 at age 30. I really think he would have gotten into the Hall on his own if he had played longer. ================ Two way player Ed Sprinkle played for the Bears in the 40s and 50s. Per si.com: Sprinkle was nicknamed "the Claw" and was known as one of the toughest Bears ever, as well as one of their best pass rushers. He played on the 1946 NFL champion team and was in the NFL from 1944-1955. Sprinkle passed away in 2014 at the age of 90. Besides being known for the use of his forearm, Sprinkle was simply known as the meanest man in football. He played at only 200 pounds and was called by George Halas the greatest pass rusher he'd ever seen. The Giants once claimed Spinkle had injured two of their players on the same play in the 1946 title game. Part of the 1946 Championship team, he scored the Bears only touchdown to win the game by helping force a fumble and returning it to the house.
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    Was disappointed that Clay Matthews missed out again (maybe that was the regular voting class and he missed being a finalist). Never saw him play or heard much about him, but Browns end (WR) Mac Speedie who played with Otto Graham got in. Was glad Art Modell was shut out again, hearing that could have been his lost shot. Glad to see Steve Sabol get in, the game does not grow to what it is now without him and his dad Ed and their work on NFL Films and production. With only 15 guys total, and some of them not affiliated with any single team there were bound to be some without a player selected, so how many got in from what teams: PIT(2), PHI(1), DAL(2), CHI(2), NYJ(1), old school teams from 20s(Badgers, Independents, Cardinals for Slater), DET(1), GB(1), NYG(1), I guess you can MIA too for Johnson I have heard some complaints that this centennial class was supposed to right many of the wrongs from the past, and there were quite a few candidates from long ago being considered. Yet most of those who got in were from more recent past, especially the coaches and contributors, but even most of the players were 70s and beyond.
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    It was great to see Harold Carmichael finally get in. He was also a freak for his time at 6'8". He was a dominant force back in the late 70's and 80's.
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    CB Eric Allen Allen recorded 54 interceptions and nine touchdowns in his 14-year career, and during those 14 years, only Hall of Famer Rod Woodson had more interceptions. Allen is one of only six players in NFL history with at least 50 interceptions and at least eight INT returns for touchdowns. Three of the other four who are eligible are already in the Hall of Fame, and the fifth, Darren Sharper, is out because of non-football reasons. Allen is the only cornerback in NFL history with 50 or more interceptions and eight return touchdowns who’s not in the Hall of Fame.
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    Only if it was BYOB and I could bring in gangs of food.
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    If it was me, I'd do the same thing, although I thought Kuechly should have retired a year or two ago after he had concussion after concussion. But he still made a good choice. 64 million is an enormous amount of money if he's invested wisely.
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    Almost a million a week to tell us what's going on, on the field, of a game we are watching. Wow!
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    Team needs to be sold already
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    GB schedule was a gift too. lol
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    Compared to the Giants hire, the Browns hit the jackpot as far as I'm concerned.
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    Bears. I mean OC lmfao
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    They wanted a coach who is on a playoff, so they had to wait until they get eliminayed.
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    The Browns are always late to the party. This can't be the guy they wanted.
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    That is the understatement of the year. Consider all of the following Gase dismal failures in Miami and how they are doing now without Gase: Tannehill Parker Drake Gesicki One or two could be considered coincidence, but all 4 of these blossomed the moment Gase was out the door.
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    The Packers, but don't listen to me. I've been wrong all weekend.
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    It's unreal what he's doing right now. The Ravens knew coming in that it was going to be the Derrick Henry show and they couldn't do anything to stop it. He's carrying them on his back.
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    Was scared of dalvin and that run game... super proud of my niners and how they showed out on def today! Bosa = F@cking stud and so happy they got him and shanahan is a boy genius and I feel can put any running back in there and succeed. It’s impressive to watch... congrats to the Vikings and their fans for their season they have been and will continue to be a great team with zimmer at the helm and a back like cook to run the ball glad we were able to beat a really solid team today and move on
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    If SEA wins tomorrow, they will face SF. SF has a better seeding, so they will host the NFC game
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    I see you're a Jets fan, so I will weigh that into the intelligence curve here 2016 top road draw NFL 2017 see below 2018 3rd ranked road draw in all of sports . # 1 in NFL 2019 could not find the data but I assume you can see a trend here Keep in mind , these numbers are generated by Mediocre Cowboys teams. Agreed that we haven't been a powerhouse since the early 90s yet we are still a top draw . Saying we are the most valuable franchise in sports is irrelevant is complete ignorance . Popularity and your fan base generates revenue . Its certainly not just Texas homers generating these figures , its the nationwide fan base https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/esma/2017/06/17/nfl-fan-base-and-brand-rankings-2017/ https://seatgeek.com/tba/sports/these-are-the-visiting-teams-sports-fans-want-to-see-most/ https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2016/8/5/12382996/nfls-best-and-worst-road-draws-cowboys-remain-a-top-road-draw-in-2016 I understand that it seems odd to call a team with limited success on the field Americas team , but they are . For every hater that roots for the Cowboys to lose more than they root for their own team to win , there is equal or more fans of the Cowboys . When my local teams are on primetime and their regular TV slot is open , id say 70% of the time , they put the Cowboys in that slot. They could put better performing teams in that slot , but they don't. Why is that ? So while you weep into your Namath jersey every night while abusing your privates , do so realizing that the Cowboys are now and always will be Americas team.
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    Back to McCarthy... Sources say one of the most important factors in Mike McCarthy taking the Cowboys coaching job was that he'd have January and Februarys off!
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    Some solid postings there @Gourdeau
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    They'll be searching for a new HC in another 2-3 years.
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    We do? So glad you informed me of that. What other deluded thoughts do you have to share?
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    Hiring a college coach brings so much more that just implementing their fresh ideas. There is so much to learn for a first time NFL coach especially coming from college. It's a different world. How many times have we seen a college guy come up and fail. The cowboys have a win now roster and can't risk that. If they weren't close, I'd say yeah sure, bring in the clever, young gun. The cowboys are a piece or 2 away from really competing for a title. If I was a cowboys fan I'd be thrilled.
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    The Cowboys are a train wreck right now
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    Dear Penthouse Forum....
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    I'll always hate him for that. RIP
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    I only heard the audio, but Drew Pearson was a tough listen once he realized he didn't get in.
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    All right.... In order of confidence (most to least).... #1 - Three of the four road teams will cover. #2 - Half of the teams playing this week will be led in receiving yards by a rookie. #3 - A RB, WR, and TE will all score multiple TD's. #4 - Multiple defensive players will have 3 or more sacks each. #5 - Only one RB will rush for 100 yards or more. #6 - At least FIVE players will surpass 100 yards receiving. #7 - A six-seed will advance. #8 - A road team will score a defensive TD. #9 - Six QB's will either rush for 50+ yards or pass for 300+ yards. :#10 - One of the six QB's will do both (of the above). BONUS........ The Seattle Seahawks will host the NFC Championship game next weekend.
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    Being a fan of a hard luck team doesn't make you a better fan as those who are fans of teams that have had overall success. I have been a Cowboys fan since I was a child . No matter how many years it has been since they have won a SB , I have never waivered in my support . I have had the pleasure of watching 4 super bowl wins( too young to watch 72) It is a loyal fan base . How else would you explain them still being Americas team with such a long SB drought ?
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    In Rileys defense, he lost to the probable NCAA Champs. LSU could beat numerous NFL teams.