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    Here you go, champ: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=printable+fantasy+football+draft+sheet
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    You know what they say, a hobby stops being fun when it becomes a job...
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    Hmmm...I saw something completely different. Montgomery was fairly effective in a few games as a RB, mostly against inferior defenses (Seattle being about the lone exception) until the novelty wore off and teams had tape on him. The Packers could just about run anyone at RB and have some success every now and then given their prolific passing attack being so superior. After a few games Montgomery pretty much sucked as a RB and most likely why GB drafted 3 rookies and got 2 more from the UDFA. Any NFL team trying to copy anything from the Packers would be wise to figure out where they could get an Aaron Rodgers from, not a Ty Montgomery.
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    JStew 2.0? That's a kiss of death if I've ever seen one.
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    What you don't recognize uadialej? I thought that was a very common name everywhere.
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    Do. not. go. there. This is one of the last places a man can go for some relaxation...
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    Wow the Bucs might possibly consider thinking of doing something or not doing something some undetermined time down the road. Who knew? Florio is a moran.
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    I know Calvin is fairly young, but I believe his body was starting to break down. Pure speculation on my part but I would be shocked if he actually made a come back. I'm sure Lynch and the Raiders are telling him that he needs to join that team and come back but I just don't see this happening. Heck I'm not even sure Lynch is going to be similar to his former self this year either. This seems like not much more than a summer time discussion.
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    The difference is that in NE, that is the culture and the business model that every player knows coming in. And every player there that is presented with a proposed pay cut usually agrees. Cause they win SB's. Carolina does not have that pedigree to forcibly adopt that business model.
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    Bill Belichick, the gold standard of general managers, hardlines popular players time and time again. In fact, all good general managers hardline players on the downside of their careers. The difference in Carolina is Carolina's old players were divas and Jerry Richardson's attachment to his players. All popular players need to be let go at some point.
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    This is just another example of why the Redskins have not reached the NFCC game in 25 years and I doubt they do so as long as Snyder is around.
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    Or this is what happens when you have an idiot owner like Jerry Richardson. Steve Smith was old. He got cut. That isn't treating him like garbage. They tried to trade him and no other team wanted him at his contract price either. That's why he had to take a huge pay cut with the Ravens. But Steve Smith has a chip on his shoulder the size of Montana. Of course he would be offended. Thomas Davis will be 35 when he is a free agent next year. It is normal to let players that old play out their contract before re-signing them. It isn't treating him like garbage. Greg Olsen has 2 years left on a contract that doesn't even underpay him by much. You'd be hard-pressed to find an NFL team that would re-sign Olsen in this situation. Unnecessarily giving out big contracts to aged players because of "loyalty" is not a prescription for success in the NFL.
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    I do. I know it's off topic but NFL contracts suck for players - teams have all the leverage and can cut them any time. Agree there was a ton of guaranteed money here. On topic, I don't think he's coming back this season.
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    I don't sympathize with Calvin at all. He signed a mega-contract with $60 million guaranteed. If he wanted the option to play for another team, he shouldn't have signed a long-term contract. And he just sounds like a whiner when he complains about the Lions being so bad. The 0-16 year came before he signed his contract in 2012. In Calvin's last 3 years, the Lions won 7, 11, and 7 games. Not amazing, but not bad either. The Lions deserve compensation if he plays elsewhere.
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    Yep, no doubt Oak killed Denver's RDE the entire game and won by 10 pts. Not taking anything away from that at all. We won't mention how Denver made Oak look like a soccer team the last game of the season. I don't put any value on that. All I'm saying is that people are so desperate to have Den in massive rebuild mode it's funny. Glad to hear Oak picked up a KR and a retired RB. That should definitely put them over the top.
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    I love this statement! As a Bronco fan, I'm also a realist. The reality is that the oline was bad and the RDE was equally bad. Denver has done a ton of work to rectify these issues while not losing much. Did they fix the oline? I have no idea, but they certainly upgraded the talent. This team could easily win the AFC West next year with the changes they've made. QB was not the reason they fell apart. Although not spectacular, QB was adequate to win enough games to at least make the playoffs. That's why I love comments like these. You're really hoping that Denver has completely fallen apart and is in massive rebuild mode. Sorry to inform you that it's just not the case. We will see.
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    I like Mixon the best. He is the complete package. He is big and explosive. He pass protects well. He is a great receiver (receiving yards are still important in non-PPR) He is a 3rd down back without any weaknesses except for his off the field problems. The Bengals' offensive line is bad but that matters less in a dynasty league since you are drafting for the long-term.
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    I still can't believe that Schefter would tweet Jason Pierre-Paul's private medical records after his hand was blowed up. Bush league move. I think Pierre-Paul would be totally justified in giving Schefter a three finger throat punch the next time he sees him.
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    I think the best Henry can hope for is one-third of the carries unless Murray gets injured. Since Henry will also get a low number of receptions, he isn't a viable fantasy starter while Murray is healthy. But I can see myself trying to trade for Henry mid-season when his owner is frustrated by his lack of production and the asking price is low. Murray is a higher than average injury risk. Having Henry in the fantasy playoff weeks would be sweet if Murray does get hurt. He could get have games with 30 carries. It's just not a gamble that is worth a 6th round draft pick in a fantasy draft.
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    You're my hero!!!
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    How come likes are anonymous now? If I have an incredibly awesome post (like usual), I'd like to see all the tons of people who usually like all my posts that liked it. Feel free to like this post guys, so we can see if it's working again. Thanks in advance
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    I use the MyFantasyLeague public league adps. They are the most accurate I've found. They are money leagues that all have the same rules. PPR, 1qb-2rb-3wr-1te-1flex. And make sure to use their public leagues adp and not their redraft adp. Their redraft leagues all have different rules and right now about a third of the redraft leagues are actually dynasty leagues. http://www03.myfantasyleague.com/2017/adp?COUNT=250&POS=*&ROOKIES=0&INJURED=0&CUTOFF=5&FRANCHISES=-1&IS_PPR=-1&IS_KEEPER=3&IS_MOCK=-1&TIME= And here are the adp results from the last 19 years: http://home.myfantasyleague.com/adp-rankings/
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    The Packers offense did not look good at the start of last year. Rodgers completed only 56% of his passes in the first 4 games of the season. As soon as the Packers started using Montgomery as a running back, their offense did far better. The difference was night and day. Montgomery averaged 5.9 yards per carry including 7.0 yards per carry on first down. But the effect he had was much greater than just his rushing and receiving stats. Defenses had a hard time adjusting when Montgomery went in motion and became a wide receiver. The entire Packers offense played much better when he was on the field. From the 5th game onward, Rodgers didn't have a game where he completed less than 60% of his passes. The NFL is a league of copycats. If something is effective, teams will be sure to copy it. Tyreek Hill started getting snaps in the backfield starting in week 16 of last year and was very effective. Alvin Kamara has been working with the Saints' wide receivers group. Christian McCaffrey was the 8th pick in the draft. Are all of these players plus a bunch of others going to be used like Ty Montgomery? From the 5th game onward, Montgomery scored 140.5 fantasy points in PPR. That point total would put him at 15th overall for running backs during that span. Had he not had problems with sickle cell trait, his point total could have been much higher. The press hasn't been talking about teams using this strategy much. My guess is that a lot of teams are going to try the strategy but are keeping it a secret in order to take teams by surprise. Teams might even wait until the regular season to begin using this strategy. Personally, I think this is going to be more effective and long lasting than the Wildcat. The Wildcat had a quarterback as a bad wide receiver and a running back as a quarterback who couldn't throw well. It didn't really add much complexity. In fact, it took away complexity since it was pretty much known that the running back was going to run. Defenses adjusted quickly and the Wildcat was a short-lived phenomenon. If a player can legitimately play both running back and wide receiver, the Ty Montgomery strategy adds a complexity that isn't gimmicky. Modern NFL offenses are all about complexity. I think this strategy will stay. Fantasywise, the question is if any teams will use this strategy as much as the Packers did last year. If so, the effect on fantasy could be huge.
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    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/19768940/justice-department-gives-washington-redskins-name-fight The DOJ has stopped its case against the 'Skins and their name. About time.
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    And made a license plate honoring your state: http://image.syracuse.com/home/syr-media/width620/img/axeman/photo/22995061-mmmain.jpg
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    All I'm trying to say is that the Packers ran out of viable RBs last season and in desperation had to throw Montgomery into their backfield. It wasn't by design or strategy, simply they had no other choice really...having 'any' football player with football skills in the backfield running the ball occasionally is an asset to the offense as it takes away the defense just keying on the QB and receivers. I can't imagine even GB wants to relive what happened last year, let alone some other team try to copy it. It didn't work very well and was one of the main reasons they didn't make it to the SB. Aaron Rodgers could take a knee every 1st and 2nd down thru an entire game, and only try to move the ball on 3rd down and the Packers would probably still be in the game in the 4th quarter as he and his receivers are that good. But then, a few years ago when they had Lacy (an actual RB) in his prime, they were pretty much unstoppable. So sorry if I disagree with your theory, IMHO I just found it pretty funny that what someone would see as a strategy others would see as 'what the f'k are we gonna do now'...
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    i hear ya, but how does manziel add value to anyone's brand? does he have one? don't most people consider him a near future darwin candidate? wouldn't he be poison to anyone's brand?
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    I say get it while you can. What's the point of exerting yourself to become one of the tops in your field if you don't get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, especially when the window of opportunity is so small. Remember when Tony Romo used to tap Jessica Simpson? I think he banged Carrie Underwood also? And that chick from One Tree Hill? Next thing you know, guy settles down and gets married and his backbone turns to dust. Coincidence? I think not. Live like a gladiator, play like a gladiator. Put that ring on and put a load on your back, you end up broken and Dak'd. Oh yeah and sitting in a booth making millions talking about football, but hey....
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    A good general manager provides what an offensive or defensive coordinator asks. A bad general manager will impose his will and draft players that don't fit the scheme a coordinator is planning to use. Mike Shula probably asked for big receivers a couple of years ago so Gettleman drafted him a couple. If Funchess and Benjamin were better, it wouldn't be an issue. Now Shula is probably asking for the opposite. He probably asked for smaller, quick players for a short passing game most likely with the intention of keeping Newton healthy. Personally, I think they might be planning to use CMC and Samuel like the Packers used Ty Montgomery last year. Samuel might be a better running back than wide receiver. I don't think Newton will prosper with a short passing game. When he throws short, his arm goes in slow motion. A quick arm is necessary to be effective with short passes.
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    DeAngelo Williams says he is now willing to come back to the Panthers now that Gettleman is gone. So they've got that going for them.
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    So far just me and another. But had 12 people in a pool last year that I have yet to invite.
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    And why you fail, that is. Yes, hmmm. http://www.yodaspeak.co.uk/index.php
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    or, this guy is a good GM and the owner, being a former player (respect) is too emotional towards his team... which is his right.
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    Or it could just be a wall of numbers from Keno.
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    The Tennessee Titans incredibly went from having the 25th best offensive line in 2015 to the 1st best offensive line in 2016 according to Profootballfocus. They also were the best red zone team offense in 2016 scoring touchdowns on 72% of their red zone trips. DeMarco Murray has an adp of 17.99. Derrick Henry has an adp of 73.90. Even with such a great offensive line, it's probably not possible for both running backs to produce up to their adp. Which running back produces up to their adp and which running back falls short of expectations?
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    Julio without a doubt. Help with mine please? I'll just post here: 12 team dynasty league - currently just started the dispersal draft among 4 teams. I have the 3rd pick out of the 4 of us. Mike Evans and Amari were taken 1 and 2. I now have to decide between a handful of players including A Rob, A Rodgers, Corey Coleman, Landry, Lamar Miller, Ajayi (just to name a few of the best available) or a rookie draft pick. The highest being 1.04. Not sure how to approach this. You have to draft the picks in the rookie draft to have one since its a dispersal from the teams that left.
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    Exactly. Think about Demarco and Shady last year. I drafted Shady in one league in the 3rd and Demarco in the 4th in another( I made a mistake in the league with Shady and went Reed over Demarco even though I had Demarco pegged). Everyone was down on them from the previous year and they bounced back with improved offensive line situations.
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    First off dont reach, your in the middle of the draft. Id look to start with a rb and wr after 2 rounds but dont get caught up in who, let the draft come to you, if the talent isnt there, relax and grab an rb in 3 or forth, then look to grab and 2 - 3 rb in the 5-8 Dj zeke odb brown evans jones bell, you will have the choice of 2 of them. You havent said who you start or roster size so its hard to give solid advice,
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    Yes I know, and that is why I kept it general with "politicians".
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    Percy Harvin was better than people remember. He had 60 catches his first year, 71 catches his second year, and 87 catches his 3rd year. They also gave him 52 carries in his 3rd year which he turned into 345 yards for an average of 6.6 ypc. When they motioned him from wide receiver into the backfield, it threw defenses for a loop. He had a season ending injury in the 9th game of his 4th year but had 59 catches in the first 8 games of that season. The Seahawks thought highly enough of him to trade 1st, 3rd and 7th round picks for him. Whereas most gadget players are only athletic and don't have either wide receiver or running back skills, Harvin had both skill-sets. If he hadn't had health issues and attitude problems, the sky was the limit. He would have been a perfect fit for what the Packers are doing. My guess is he would have been better than Ty Montgomery playing as a running back. It won't surprise me if the Raiders try to use Corderrelle Patterson as a rb/wr hybrid like Montgomery. He has the size to be a running back. And Derek Carr did his best work in 4 and 5 receiver sets last year including 16 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions for a passer rating of 101.8. It could be a nice change of pace from the Marshawn Lynch power run game.
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    My comment was on all of twitter, since Taz was referencing all of Twitter and not just Schefter himself. Plenty of garbage on Twitter, including from our politicians.
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    You argue like a 12 year old. It's tiring listening to your straw man arguments. It turns what could be a productive dialogue into a bickering match. Grow up. The Packers used a strategy out of desperation that ended up being extremely effective. It was serendipitous. Necessity is the mother of invention. The Packers would have liked to have used Montgomery far more but couldn't because of a genetic condition. It's not a criticism of the strategy. It's a criticism of his health. The games where he did play the majority of the snaps he did excellently and the whole Packers offense excelled. That will not go unnoticed in the NFL. Ty Montgomery is the only Packers running back returning from last year. No veteran free agent running backs have been signed. It is Montgomery and a bunch of rookies who were drafted on the 3rd day of the draft. The Packers are going to use the hybrid rb/wr strategy again. Two of the Packers rookie draft picks could even be used in the Montgomery role. Deangelo Yancey is a powerful receiver that is a Ty Montgomery clone. He is 6'1" and 220 pounds. He has great hands but is a bad route runner. He wasn't invited to the combine and was a surprise pick in the 5th round. Aaron Jones was also a 5th round pick at running back who is described as having wide receiver skills. In fact, he was a star wide receiver in high school before being converted to running back. I'm not saying that teams are going to use this strategy 100% of the time. It can be an effective strategy when it is used 50% of the time or even 10% of the time. Strategies don't need to be 100% or 0%. Teams probably don't even know how much they'll use it. But they are going to try it. And if it proves effective, they'll use it more.
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    5.5 mil....about 3.5 in base salary for lacy. Now on the surface it appears to be "not rbbc money". But as you mentioned its a 1 year deal. When you look at the the rest of the backfield Rawls, Collins and CJ make about a combined 2 mil. I think that number they paid Lacy is what they were willing to pay to bring him in for a year because overall the money they are spending on the rest of the backfield is almost nothing. So its worth it to them to put a decent number on a veteran like Lacy to bring him in. In comparison Mike Gillislee will make about the same amount as Lacy this year in base salary. In fact take a look at the base salary for this upcoming year for the Patriots top 4 backs. Im not saying Lacy wont be the guy they try to let lead the backfield. But I think you have to start looking at the money spent on the position group as a whole. If you are getting off cheap with the other 3 guys I think you might be willing to overspend on a veteran with a decent track record to round out the group. Especially for a year.
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    I'd probably go Julio. When healthy, he's the best WR in the league, and I think he'll be closer to that this year, than last.