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    Why would anyone want Josh McDaniels?
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    That was the most meaningful game Dallas has played in frigging decades . I watched it with friends and drank like a fish. Sorry we didn't stay in here and follow the riveting commentary ! Anyway , Dallas was manhandled upfront. They got beat the way they used to beat people in their heyday . They ran right down our throats . Dak missed way too many passes that an NFL qb just should not miss . As much as we got smacked around , we may have made it interesting if we just connect on some of those very simple NFL caliber passes . Congrats to the Rams fans, the true non front runner ones :chappywink: Id like to see a Saints Chiefs SB. I don't hate the Pats and I think Brady is neck and neck with Montana for the GOAT but I do have to say I am kind of tired of the road the Pats have every year . Smack around the consistently worst division in Football on your way to an easy bye and home playoff game . Hold serve at home ..Superbowl. It will be interesting to see them on the road in KC. If anyone can come up with a scheme its bill so we shall see if they can contain that KC O and if the KC D can play above their heads again As much as I love my Cowboys , I think the 4 best teams remain . Next week should be very exciting football
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    Seriously? What have you been smoking?
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    Well, he just got booted from "The Masked Singer". Song choice, My Prerogative Paging Bobby Brown
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    Congrats to electricrelish on finishing in 2nd place in the NFFC and cashing $30,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He came from way back in 77th place to move all the way to 2nd place scoring an amazing 225 pts in week 16. What a great accomplishment. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pepsi Rookie of the Week Winners S. Barkley (1 win, 9 noms) D. Ward (2 wins, 2 noms) P. Lindsay (1 win, 6 noms) D. Leonard (2 wins, 4 noms) B.Mayfield (6 wins, 8 noms) N. Chubb (2 wins, 4 noms) T.Smith (1 win, 2 noms) J. Samuels (1 win, 1 nom)
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    He was playing with broken ribs.
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    Interesting that the Defending Champions received absolutely no respect. It's like everyone either forgot, or ignored, what they did last year. Yet they gave NO a game and if Jeffery had caught that pass things may have been very different. I dislike the Eagles, and the Giants, and I absolutely detest the cowboys. But all three get my respect when they are competitive, Eagle deserve some respect people.
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    I really don't want to see an Eagles - Pats Superbowl rematch. If the Saints don't win today in going to be pulling for the Chiefs all the way.
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    Congrats to the Rams fans, especially Mike/Taz
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    The dude is running like an All-pro with a dad bod!
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    Refs need to calm down on the early whistles next season
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    Terrible"in the grasp" call.
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    I think Philly gets destroyed. There is almost no way that that ragtag defense in the secondary, especially, can matchup well with the Saints in their house. It should be another blowout. I think that's the worst game this weekend in regard to being competitive.
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    Some of these hires are mind boggling.
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    you're right, when it comes to potential. This defense way under-performed. All things considered, this DEF was horrible compared to what it should've been. Joe Woods needed help and VJ was too over-whelmed to help him succeed. Because Kubiak can focus on OFF and he is good at that. Fangio can focus on DEF. The question is, will Fangio be able to work with and take advice from Kubiak with regards to being a HC? Will Fangio be threatened by his asst. having way more experience and success? Will he feel the pressure knowing if he fails big time, the team has Plan B, literally, standing behind Fangio?
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    I would trade Wentz for two 1s and a starting player.
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    I'm glad we got all those great memes and videos of upset fans before this breaking news...
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    Who wrote that article, steve largent ?
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    Lol that's pretty rich. The Steelers QB - Ben Roethlisberger - is literally a rapist. If you've been complaining about him the whole time, through the SB titles, then fine. Otherwise, this is a curious time to get all high and mighty.
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    Think he was more accurate than Big Ben? Maybe that's why the hate.
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    Wow, nice going. I'm convinced that you and Henry should not be allowed to partner. I'm also convinced that the effing state of Washington needs to change their gambling rules to allow participation in events like NFFC.
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    We have seen him prior to injury, so there is a basis as to why some think he is not a starter. My take away has always been 1 read, check down when I've watched him play. I think he is a below average game manager type that's better coming off the bench than playing an entire season. Is there something else you've seen or something that makes you believe he's improved since the injury?
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    You'd still root for them? How? They totally sold out. But most Raider fans are bandwagoners and have never even been to California anyway. Am I wrong Steven?
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    Honestly, IMO, yes those days are over. He's closer to Antonio Gates than Travis Kelce.
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    I think these are the final scores: Faberge Legg Warmers 461.45 Oddjob’s Hats 430.55 DB5 390.05 Thunderballs 370 Mr Big 346.95 Dr. Julius No 329.1 Even if they're not it's pretty clear Faberge Legg Warmers won in 2018.
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    Ready to take another year off?
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    Hopefully 2nd place pays out
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    FF is a cruel game. There is really no fairness or logic about it. Teams that should have won don't. Teams you never expected to win, sometimes surprise you. Unfortunately, the Thunderballs haven't t played great or poorly in the playoffs. They have been consistently average just like the regular season. Great writeups, Berlin. To recap, I got married in March, moved in May and had my first child arrive 27 days early in June. He's six months old now and we're excited for his first Christmas. Life is grand!
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    Actually, this brings up a fun topic. Let's try guessing Lone Star's next question. I'll go with this one. One owner in my league is sleeping with a 2nd owner's wife. The 2nd owner just found out and is demanded the first owner trade him his best players as punishment. Should I allow this trade to go through, since the 1st owner obviously should be punished, or veto the trade since the affair didn't take place within the confines of the league?
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    I thought it funny not grumpy usually scarcastic maybe menstruating. Will check
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    Yeah well I fell in love with Amanda Bynes but when she turned out to be a basket case I lost interest. Am I missing something here? Why would anyone be willing to sign this bum?
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    Let's not get carried away here lol. His head is like the Hindenburg at times and could easily explode, killing many innocent passengers along the way. but yes...I give him props. I was just laughing at his "... you trying to kill me" comment.
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    These statements sticks out to me “Whether the situation can be reconciled and have him back on the team next year, we’re a long way away from thinking that can happen. We’re not closing the door on anything at this point.” "Rooney said he will talk with some of the team leaders to see how they feel about Brown returning next season. “That’s one of the questions we have to answer — whether we can get to a point where we all feel good about him being on the roster next year,” Rooney said. “We have a way to go before we feel good about that.” I may be over analyzing here but we rarely see teams speak publically bout these types of situations. My gut tells me he's putting the ball into AB's court to reconcile this. If Brown really wants to stay a steeler he will come begging to stay and try to make it right. Brown is a big legacy and stats guy so it's absolutely possible he wants to stay a steeler. Time will tell
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    I own a John Deere is this the same thing? Sorry, no idea what else a "J.D." is.
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    Despite the fact I hate being a “one and done” in these types of leagues, I think I am out for this league. I’m planning to lower the amount of leagues I’m in and it just doesn’t make sense to hold this league just so I am not a one and done. If you guys guys get in a bind and need an owner come crunch time let me know though. Thanks for having me.
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    Notice the Jet fan suggesting it, like we don't see through him and all.
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    I would say Njoku but close.
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    It's a bad situation. Mental health issues, depression & substance abuse is a recipe for disaster. It rarely ends up well. I hope he has good people in his corner that truly care for him and help him through this.
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    Fournette, nope, he's not getting the touches. White? Nope, same. Ware? Very possible, depending on his health and if the team commits to giving him touches and not splitting touches with Williams. Jamaal, very possible. McGuire, I like him and his matchup. McGuire and tentatively Jamaal Williams, with an ear to the ground on KC and Williams/Ware's health.