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    We're on pace for 6337 threads from lone star about commish issues.
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    Todd Haley just wrote an anonymous op-ed for the New York Times titled, "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Hue Jackson Administration".
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    My god, you're in the worst frickin' leagues ever man. Seriously.
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    Hyde was destined to have a good game. “According to a couple of team sources, #Browns RB Carlos Hyde is expecting the birth of his child any minute now. He’s expected to come straight to the stadium from hospital in time to play. I’m told labor was induced last night, so a potentially long & joyful day for the Hydes.” - Omar Ruiz And it’s his 28th Birthday
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    I think a change of scenery/cities will do wonders for his sobriety. Nothing against Cleveland but addicts more times than not need a change. Everything about the Browns and Cleveland are constant reminders to him of his struggles and addiction. I wish him the best in his continued recovery.
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    Why isn’t Trent Richardson on a team using that logic?
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    The real reason Bailey was cut.
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    guy has long been the gold standard for character and leadership in the NFL.
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    Some real winners there....oia and waterboy were real trolls. Swerski was a passionate loud mouth. You know you guys had a good thing going and it got destroyed...just a wasteland now bro.
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    Because deep down inside, everyone likes the Browns
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    Vikings kickers are on pace to miss 32 out of 40 FG attempts.
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    I think we should be unilaterally allowed to remove you from the forums
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    Clevelands kicker will probably be on an actual milk carton come Monday
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    No thanks. I’ve seen this movie before.
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    These announcers SUUUUUUUCKKK
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    Only the Browns could end a losing streak by not winning
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    The David Johnson deal is now the current benchmark for the league's top RBs and absolutely ruins things for Bell. He will NEVER get the deal he seeks. If he lets $8.5 million go down the drain while waiting for a deal he won't ever get next year, he is an idiot.
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    I wish I was in a position to leave a $855k game check on the table.
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    Is it possible for Matt Ryan to not completely air ball it in the red zone? Jesus. That clearly isn’t working. I’m not even a Falcons fan and that was frustrating to watch.
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    i'm glad steve is annoyed with someone besides me, this time.
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    Are we talking for fantasy purposes? Cuz yeah Duke Johnson was RB12 last year in PPR formats. Anyways, getting off track here...
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    While we are at it, you can partner with pizza delivery places and add a button to order from them.
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    "Coach Piranha had a bad draft in the recent 2018 Huddle Message Board League draft." Fake news!
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    Wow, I can't believe it has been that long. I don't remember when I started visiting here but it must of been 99 or so since it was before it was a pay site. Didn't join the forums until much later and still rarely ever post. I remember when I used to print out the rankings and would black out the name at the top of it just in case one of my league mates would see it. I didn't want them having any idea what site I used to keep the advantage to myself.
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    Were the twins hot? My, uh, friend want's to know...
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    Are you also starting Gurley over Royce Freeman?
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    I got them both and I consider myself the loser
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    Don't think I've ever agreed with you more.
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    LMAO, at the above, was thinking the same thing. Are you writing a novel "the idiots guide to being a commish?" So glad I blocked your content months ago, because your FF life is obviously too full of drama...
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    I would put Julio and AB in that category, not sure about Julio so much but Antonio Brown is a hell of guy off the field, does a ton of charity work, hes a bit of a social media whore but never really hear anything bad about either of these guys off the field... other than them you're pretty much right
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    Coleman? Stats? I'd say 100 combined yards, 4 catches and 1 TD. 20 in a PPR.
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    I never understood the problem with people just being "good;" elite means elite. He's in his 2nd year and has already shown a huge improvement in his game. I think the Bengals will be very happy with a 48th pick of a draft being "good" or "very good."
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    That's the type of offer I get a lot where you bite your tongue and thank the other manager for the offer, but you aren't interested & you laugh at it to yourself
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    so let me detail my first week of waivers....this league has about 10k in payouts(I'm sure many here play in similar leagues or ones even larger)....12 team ppr....start 1qb 2rbs 4rec 1 flx 1k 1 def(no mando TE they are receivers) $500 cap for the year enunwa won for 97....failed bids 72,75, 55, 58, 25, 65 Lindsay won for 71...failed bids 53,25,31 bears D won for 107...failed bids 6 kittle won for 116...failed bids 35 Beasley won for 45...failed bids 10 j cook won for 121...failed bids 116 ok...now disclosure time....I won enunwa....my roster is below and I didn't update because 1. I haven't officially dropped anyone yet(prob miller) and 2. I wanted people to see what I was working with I put in a 97 on enunwa with a 97 contingency on Lindsay.....then put a separate primary bid on Lindsay for 53(which was next highest)....honestly had I known 72 would have gotten me Lindsay as well I would have done it...I just threw 53 out there as a longshot figuring he'd prob go for more than what he did I also kind of figured that 15 percent was a good number on enunwa....but that in this league(which always has some wacky bidding) id have to go a little higher......I feel good knowing I outbid a couple of 70 dollar bids and that I only paid about 20 dollars over the next highest.....not a bad deal to get the guy I deemed the #1 priority......and when I look at how much guys overbid on the bears D and kittle? enunway feels like a bargain there were about 4 moves made this morning once it became a free for all..... I did blow about 20 percent of my budget on enunwa...but when I go to replace my K and def for bye weeks(or stream D's) I usually wait till after waiver period and don't spend money.....sometimes I'm near the top of the league in drop/adds....but also may go several weeks without spending my bid money....im usually pretty good with the money...ill just have to tighten up and be very careful....but to me enunwa could be well worth it especially with me not feeling all too well about nelson now
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    he should report today, fake a hammy injury, not play for 10 weeks, finish the season strong.
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    That is definitely the first time and hopefully last time that I ever tell someone to start Flacco.
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    Get Bell out of your head - it's too late. Either he reports on sat (in which case you can't afford him), or he won't show until week 10 (in which case you don't want him). His owner knows this. Either way, your time has passed to place your bet
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    I love the RBs but I too would consider trading someone for a WR. I dont think you have much to lose considering you’ll be gaining a legit WR, especially if it’s a 2 WR set. Wouldnt hurt in my opinion!
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    Just drafted him as my QB1
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    In the event any of you want to do some practice drafting or playing around with your pick when it's your turn, here are a few good/fun sites.. FantasyPros - they also got a pretty good (updated daily) FREE cheat sheet if any of you are like me and refuse to pay any of these sites for the same content you can find for free elsewhere.. Fantasy Football Calculator The Fake Football Yahoo - Not customizable but you can get into one at any time and generally the people have drafted as they would their real team (at least my experience) NFL.com - honestly haven't tried this one yet but some buddies say it's pretty solid and pretty fun as well.. MFL used to have some but (1) I can't stand that site to begin with and (2) after a quick search it looks like they've removed this feature. Still can't understand why anyone pays this site.. Anyway - if anyone has any others I'd be interested in checking them out..
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