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    Dallas sucks, goodnight.
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    Benched is when you suck at qb. Benched benched is when you suck at qb and you bad mouth your coaches. Benched benched benched is when a fantasy player (1slowdoc) doesn't even know you're a starting qb for an NFL team.
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    Go to fantasypros.com It's free and has the same content. Fantasyindex for your draft needs. Fifteen bucks for six weeks of solid preseason content. Kept that in my back pocket for many years. Since this site has become a subject of USATODAY, I don't feel bad about sharing. I won't even look for my PW reset.
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    Garrett was never on top of Rudolph. When he tackled him he actually pulled Rudolph down in top of himself. They ended up lying side by side on the turf when Rudolph propped himself up on his elbow and started at Garrett's helmet. Garrett then went ballistic.
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    Garrett is on my IDP team. Unfortunately league rules don't give points for hitting the QB on his head with the QB's helmet.
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    I don't see a problem..only sour grapes, worry about your team, veto's suck
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    Tell us what Kareem was like as a kid Mrs. Hunt!
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    "We both know I'm training to be a cage fighter, Napoleon."
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    And probably anyone who was in the Military or Law Enforcement. Did you forget about us?
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    Comment from another board: Only the Browns can find a way to lose even when they win.
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    Lol. Clearly someone is clueless
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    Dude has 9 children, he's probably just tired
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    The search for "cowboys" on Google can involve many things. I would say that most of those searches were to find out if the cowboys were still in the NFL.
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    Yep. There's only so many times you can hang out at a barbershop before you get a haircut
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    I’ve thought the same thing but yet I’ve stayed in my two main locals. But If I did quit I don’t think I’d be in here bragging about how good it feels being free of it cause if I’m done I’m not on a fantasy football forum talking about it... just saying
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    photoshopped. a NFL football doesn't have stripes.
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    FWIW, only 10 players have more targets than Ertz (64) does and of those 10 only one is a TE (Kelce 65). He may not be living up to expectations but he's not droppable.
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    Every week with ThisDude he's #6 in my leagues, so enjoy losing when you drop him
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    And if commish doesn't take action, go all out doing the same. hit up a partner and offer to split the money with him. If that's how they are gonna run the league then go all in.
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    This team does whatever it takes to win, 7-0, destroying teams, still making moves. Hate them if you must, but you gotta respect them.
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    let me get a couple of drinks in me to catch up
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    Graham or Garrappolo?
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    I’ll preface this by saying that I’m watching on my phone, which is less than ideal. But, from what I can tell, no.... that “kick” happens as Garrett is ripping his helmet off. And it was a weak kick at that. That doesn’t justify getting drilled in the head with a helmet whatsoever. Big difference between kicking someone while standing over them (Pouncey) and making contact with someone’s inner thigh while on your back (when they’re attempting to rip your head off, basically). Rudolph should be fined. There is no doubt he helped instigate the fracas. But there’s no precedent in the NFL that constitutes somebody getting suspended for pissing off a hothead. It’s never happened, nor should it. I agree that Garrett didn’t tackle Rudolph aggressively or whatever. He basically pulled him to the ground, then rolled over into him (but like I said earlier, that appeared to be after Rudolph had grabbed his helmet). Garrett did something incredibly stupid. This is 95% on him. The fact that people keep wanting to find straws to grasp at, hoping to shift the blame, is unbelievable.
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    Rudolph will be fined. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001077016/article/mason-rudolph-will-be-fined-for-role-in-tnf-brawl Some people feel he should be punished more harshly, including me: https://www.businessinsider.com/no-suspension-for-mason-rudolph-in-myles-garrett-tnf-melee-2019-11 I'll get the popcorn if you're going to meet this dude in the alley. https://images.app.goo.gl/pZjmAuhjPWBx5Tg2A
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    These are new times man. I mean that was no different than swinging at his head with a baseball bat. Dude let his emotions get in the way. (the really bad word)in thug. I hope he never plays again. But we all know he will.
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    Garrett is everybody's bitch.
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    The dilemma for me would be If you don't trade, you are weak at WR. If you do trade, you are weak at RB. Zeke will be more consistent than anyone on his team. He would have to blow me away with a offer. I would look to package Drake( coming off a big game) with a WR to upgrade at WR.
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    Exactly. I don't understand why you would ever want to trade CMC - he is essentially a guaranteed blow up every week. I have him in standard, and he is averaging 26 ppg for the entire season. You play PPR, so his numbers are going to be even more astronomical. ...and you want to give all that up to upgrade from Sanders to Adams/Edelman? If I were the other team I would accept and thank you for your charity. Maybe take you to lunch.
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    It’s not non-contending teams’ job to help playoff teams get better.
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    Stick to ESPN, Draft Kings or one of the other big time leagues. NEVER PayPal someone you don't know money.
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    Completely and thoroughly off topic, but this kills me. Grammatically, is it: "a RB1" - 'a running back 1' "an RB1" - like if you are saying 'an arr-bee 1' Please discuss.
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    You haven't won the trade YET, but you will.
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    I don't like giving up Saquon at all. You probably got shorted a bit in this deal, but its not terrible.
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    This is some bullmanure! Chubb loses all value? Did you see what he did to the Patriots? Already considered one of the greatest defenses ever! Same level? What are you smoking? Chubb is doing this behind a horrendous o-line. We dont know what Hunt can do outside of Andy Reid's system. Lay off the hard stuff.
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    Whisenhunt was always one of the best at adjusting his headset microphone. Always professional - perfect sized head so the headset looked like it belonged there. Always composed when moving the mic up and down while looking at his play sheet. I'll miss that.
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    I think you should quit the league, start fooling around with the 0-5 owners wife to teach him a lesson, and start a go fund me campaign to get your league dues back. Sorry, not sure what you are looking for here or if you are just venting. Nothing you stated seems to be against to rules or proves collusion. The trades did not seem to be the best for the 0-5 team, but maybe he was just looking to shake up his lineup to change his luck. It is his team to manage as he sees fit.
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    Who had money on the Dolphins scoring at all?
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    No way Murray isn't being more invovled from here on out.
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    Lol...well, that shut me up. Corrected
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    Yes, you are getting a boatload for Hopkins. Hilton will probably be just as good as Hopkins ROS and then you add Ekeler and Henry on top of that, yes. After getting those three look to make another good trade and get a stud.
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    Eh, they're all Johnsons. Size doesn't matter (as least that's what I'm told).
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    I would let that guy know you called his boss at work and he needs to be prepared for a drug test tomorrow.
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    It took a couple of years before I was a stud. I think it was pre-school.
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    The same people who think Colin k. can still play