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    The fantasy football gods are going to smite you for your cockiness. Sorry man. Better luck next year.
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    I know this isn't fantasy related per se, but they picked LITERALLY the only color they shouldn't have. I think there's a flag on every play now. So stupid.
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    Did gruden consult with LC because lc said brown would never play again so maybe gruden isn't up to speed?
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    Sometimes, humans can go too far in their insults; this definitely one of those times.
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    The entire rules committee that decided it's a good idea to put PI as a challengible offense. Horrible so far. They should only be able to challenge in the last 2 minutes of half or full time and is only available to the refs for reference if they are unsure. No way can you allow coaches to challenge plays because it just becomes a crap shoot as to who his making the judgment. It should only be in case of referees wanting to take a second look on a crucial call late in games IMO
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    It affects the NFL and all us haters dramatically 😣
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    Bill Belichick had this planned along. He messed with the midichlorians in Antonio Brown's head.
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    “Bears are just gonna have to live with this for a few more days.”
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    Bobby, what and who the hell are you talking about?
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    When you can't completely and unequivocally trust a fart.
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    He's 5th or 6th in the pecking order as of now but that could change later in the season but honestly, I don't think it will. They have some serious young talented WRs. David Johnson, Fitz, Kirk, Keeshon Johnson, Byrd are all basically ahead of him. I think he's primarily a depth player for them. Not worth picking up in my opinion. Love Keeshon Johnson as the year progresses. Think he's someone that could have value later this year.
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    Brady will be the first QB to throw for a thousand yards in one game.
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    So far?? It's week one. In asking how everyones week was going you're really just trying to tell us how well your's is going. I'll ask you how your season is going around week 10 and see if you're as enthused by then.
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    But... @Carr4MVP said it was over. I thought he had some sort of inside scoop. After all, he claims that he knows way more about the Raiders than anyone else.
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    Again if you think this is a win for you team then I guess you're the perfect fan for the Raiders organization. The right thing would have been not to let AB think he can do whatever he wants without consequences. The only ones with eggs on their faces are the Raiders.
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    That's like saying no to sex on Thursday's. Yeah, it's during the week and you may be tired and not perform as well, but it's still sex. Play ball, son.
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    Do people seriously sit in front of their screens with their favorite NFL news source pulled up hitting refresh until a report is made? I can’t compete.
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    Not great logic to draft a guy you think will produce at the end of the year
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    I always give them last year's sheets
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    Man, I don't know. That dude looked broken to me at the press conference. Like mentally broken and done. I don't think he comes back. You can't come back from that. Especially leaving the locker room two weeks before the season. He's smart enough to know that an ending like that is a true ending. He's done.
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    Fatass Ryan Grigson ruined this guys career. He never put any emphasis on offensive line and Luck never hit his potential. Instead he just continued to try to refine his dart game on draft day.
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    I can measure the level of your insanity by scoring of the league, PPR or non-PPR. Either way, you're insane, I just want to give a proper diagnosis.
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    Thielen, Evans, Johnson, Fournette, Drake, Reed -- pretty much any one of my 4 useless broke dick tight ends....
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    We wouldn't know anything for 2 years and then still wouldn't know anything
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    Am I the only one who hates Thursday night football for fantasy? I feel like everytime I have someone play Thursday they barely do 💩
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    I would give a slight edge to Hockenson, but Andrews is no slouch. The Ravens passing offense relies a lot on the TE. Don't expect every week that Lamar Jackson will be throwing those long passes to Hollywood Brown. The Ravens game plan is still the same with running the ball and utilizing the TE's quite a bit.
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    I'll say 2 things. Knowing what we know now, the Steelers should win a Nobel Peace Prize for keeping a lid on him for the majority of the 9 years he was there. Secondly. We got Devin Bush out of that trade lol. The 20 mil dead money was WELL WORTH IT!
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    Do you work for them? You know nothing more than any of the rest of us
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    I'm banning myself from getting on the forum 2 hours before game time.
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    Thanks fellas. Just trying to help keep things running smooth.
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    His line will look much like this: 12 carries, 4 receptions, 80 total yards and a TD Where do I sign up.?
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    The biggest question to me is why are people bidding that much for Gronk
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    I hate your team.
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    They don't listen to me Trevor. They'd rather bitch and complain because they are scared to take a risk. Enjoy your Marlon Macks of the world Bobby Brown. Let me know how that works out for you.
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    Haha. He took an hour to write a book on the wrong guy.
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    Absolute fleecing. There have been all sorts of talk on sports radio whether they would be giving up a SECOND and someone like Penny. I couldn't believe it...a 3rd and two bit players? Just wow. Clowney will help hugely in a very needed spot on the Hawks Def, at very little cost.
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    Yeah, but I dont think he's talking mocks. A computer can't predict the unpredictability of real humans. Some weird stuff happens in real drafts.
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    are you unable to just be honest with him?
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    Make a Custom league, assign it some screwy scoring like 10 return yds = 1 point. If your league is a PPR, put non PPR in the scoring, ect ect. Hand him that.
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    in a 12 person fo sho... so you went Hopkins, JJ then gordon/Michel?? just curious how far Gordon dropped or who you kept if it was a keeper? What's you kicker and defense... totally kidding.
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    LOL Barkley did that last year, in-between breaking off big play after big play. You guys are overreacting. I watched every snap of Barkley's at PSU and with NYG his rookie year. You don't want him at #1? I'd be thrilled to have him at #2. Create whatever narrative you want...he had freaking 91 catches last year, so I'm not worried at all about an inept offense playing from behind.