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    Taz didn't become a bandwagon Rams fan because they got good; it's because the Chargers are releasing a 70 year old tight end!
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    DaeSean Hamilton DEN WR now that my rookie drafts are over, I'm not worried about my league mates reading this. I only got him in one leauge, pick 31. On MFL's rookie ADP, he is at pick 34. On FFC's rookie adp, he is not even listed in their 42 rookie picks. He's going to be the best rookie WR for DEN since Eddie Royal (91/980/5), maybe even exceed that. I'm sure most of you know about his successful college career, but here's two pieces of info most don't know. He and Emanuel Sanders have been friends for a few years. In a radio interview, Hamilton talked about all the conversations he had with "Eman" while in college and the advice he received. Hamilton has been getting mentoring by a successful NFL WR, just like Royal got with Rod Smith the off-season leading up to Royal's rookie year... except that Hamilton and Eman have been friends for a few years instead of few months. Sanders is done. He almost retired in the middle of last season. As a DEN fan, I didn't know that until he said it a month ago. His ankle is still (as of today) not healed. His body and mind are finished with football. Based on recent history, the main driving force for him continue to play might be the mentoring role. I know some outside DEN think of Sanders as only a loud-mouthed, me-first WR, but he's also a good team mate and a great mentor. so, besides Hamilton being a great sleeper, even for redraft, I'm also suggesting selling Sanders in dynasty. There's still a chance that Sanders has clean up surgery on his ankle. Tho I think he'll tough it out (he's one of the toughest players, pound-for-pound) and probably miss a handful of games this year before calling it a career. lastly, DEN doesn't have a slot receiver or TE and Hamilton can excel in the slot. He has the potential to be top 20 in PPR with over 200pts.
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    There's openings in BoTH leagues every year ya know...
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    I don't think he left on good terms. And he didn't fit their system. DeMarco Murray would be a good fit. He can catch the ball and PFF rated him at the best pass protecting running back in the NFL last year.
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    Because Mayfield is too short to reach their floor? That’s what she said!
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    So about the draft...
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    Ward might be 5'-11", but he runs a 4.32 40. He didn't do a 3-cone, but he looked plenty quick in games. At 5'-10", Brown is not big, he's quick. Out of all the corners in this draft, Ward is quite possibly the best suited to try to cover Brown.
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    I can't understand Josh Jackson not being selected in round 1.
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    On the radio this morning someone explained it perfectly No matter who Cleveland picked at 1 there was going to be something and a group of people were going to absolutely hate the pick. It has nothing to do with any of the QBs, it has everything to do with getting it wrong for 20 years. I commend the FO for going after the guy they wanted at 1 and listening to Mayfield's conference call and the press conference yesterday the pick is growing on me. If Mayfield was 1 or 2 inches taller, and didn't try to run from the cops no one is talking today. His QBASE ratings are off the charts https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/qbase-2018 In depth write up of QBASE in 2015 https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2015/introducing-qbase And a little more advanced analytics https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/03/22/baker-mayfield-advance-analytics-nfl-draft-oklahoma-pff
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    The fact alone that Mary Kay, Terry Pluto and company have hated this draft so far make me feel more comfortable with it. How many times over the 20 years has Cleveland "killed the offseason" and "did everything right" just to consistently fail in the regular season.' The Mayfield pick will grow on me but the Manziel comps are a joke. The Ward pick I love becaue Cleveland has a bunch of CB2 and CB3s. The line couldn't get pressure on QBs last year once teams figured out quick passes exposed the secondary. Ward is a lock down corner and hopefully now Peppers can go back to the hybrid safety he was at Michigan. Williams, Hurst, and Hubbert are still out there and the thought of picking Josh Jackson is even growing on me a little as well.
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    I’ve heard from quite a few really strong sources that had Mayfield #1 by quite a distance so I’m not at all bothered by him at 1. I think Browns fans shouldn’t be so distressed by that pick. I am puzzled by Ward at 4 over Chubb though. That said, it’s not like Ward wouldn’t have gone a pick or two later. Not sure why they didn’t trade down that pick if they really wanted Ward.
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    Texted my dad right after the Ward pick. 'I've been dealing with this manure since i was in 10 years old.' Ward pick was good, but would have preferred Chubb. Mayfield could turn out to be the best QB in this draft, still would have preferred the safety of Darnold.
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    On a better note, listening to the Dallas faithful booing Goodell every time he walks up rocks. Wish I bought more beer, gonna be a long and festive night!
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    "Hold my beer. I got this..."
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    I tried this on Madden. It didn't end well!
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    I watched plenty of both over the past couple years and think that's just crazy talk. You're most certainly entitled to your opinion, but I think that opinion is wrong.
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    Allen Hurns at 170 could do well in their depleted WR corps.
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    The 2018 LLD Rookie Draft kicks off today, May 19, 2018 @ 1:00 PM EDT. Here are few reminders First Pick If you own the 1.01 pick - the predrafting does not work or at least it has not in the past. Take note Brentastic 24 hours per pick Each owner has 24 hours to pick. The clock starts after the previous pick is made. Draft Instructions Browse to LLD Home Page From the top menu, Select For Owners | Draft. Select player from drop-down list. Click Draft or Save These Picks And Continue if you are pre-drafting. Live Draft Room Although the draft room is open for ease of use and chatting, owners are encouraged to not draft from the live draft room because a draft email is not sent out if you do. Trades Commissioners will do their best to process any trades that may occur as they can. Commissioner text number can be found under Berlin Lipstick Bomb contact info.
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    Yeah, we totally believe that. You're not at all blowing smoke hoping someone takes him over Jones, nope not at all.
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    In the time honoured tradition, offer sent.
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    I've done it before - takes some work in Excel, but I've used it in the past when I spent way more time than I should have on this to come up with some consistency metrics. Depending on position, I would calculate number of week with a top X finish to indicate elite week, top Y finish based on number of starters at that position and a few other things. Was an interesting metric to play with. I used it mainly to compare players that had similar year end totals in points to indicate which were the consistent players and which were the boom/bust players.
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    Why are you a liar?
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    Cowboys ran about 62.5 offensive plays per game last year, makes the Austin projected numbers 20-40% of the offense. Elliot had about 17.5/game.
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    I'd rather play in a league where there is no need to "nix" a trade because everyone in it knows how to play.
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    Yes, it was a wrong thing to change - your long thread on the other FF site where the vote clearly went with the "it was wrong" side should be enough.
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    I dunno, he said his research was youtube videos. I watched most of SDSU's season last year :p
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    I'll be avoiding Penny. His situation couldn't be worse. Seattle has a horrible offensive line. He faces competition from Seattle's other running backs. And he has a quarterback that doesn't throw to running backs (no Seattle running back has had more than 37 receptions with Wilson at the helm). Planets will have to align for Penny to prosper this year.
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    Dead man walking...as are any others that try to run behind that line.
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    i'm not sure why this is a surprise. Brady will retire someday. Sorry Pats fans. i guess the one thing this news suggests is that Belicheck plans to coach for several more years.
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    And I think the guys "boi" was wrong
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    Indy is trying to rival Cleveland for the most poorly run team in the NFL. Elite QB injuries have sunk recent seasons (PManning and Luck last year) for the Colts - looks like they're going for the trifecta. I don't understand what they're doing at all. Luck is still not throwing? Really?
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    Most of the people complaining about this are Chargers fans angry with all things Spanos, clouded by the many good things Gates did, ignoring the fact that the Chargers drafted his replacement and are prepared to use him now to make their offense better. Gates has never been a good blockers or a well rounded TE, he's a pass catching beast who's time is up.
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    You are misinterpreting what PFF meant. They aren't saying Hunter Henry will be better than Gates. They are saying because Hunter can block he can be an all-around tight end whereas Gates was only good at receiving so he was never an all-around tight end. And Antonio is not still a better blocker than Graham. In 2015 and 2017, PFF rated Jimmy as the better blocker. In 2016, Gates was the better blocker because Graham was graded atrociously that year. Both are notoriously bad blockers. Both have always been bad blockers. I challenge you to find one reputable source that has ever said that Gates was a good blocker at any point in his career. Please don't quote SBNation, Bleacher Report, or someone posting on a message board. You won't be able to find even one reputable source stating Gates is a good blocker. Below are a few more sources saying Gates is a bad blocker: This is from PFF in 2008: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/blog/index4cfb.html?p=546 Antonio Gates. I could make a pretty good argument that he could be higher, but that depends on what he does the rest of his career. Plenty of guys have been the best tight end for a three year stretch. He's not considered the most willing blocker despite his size, but he could move up this list with another elite season, joining Ditka, Gonzalez and Sharpe with four. This is from PFF in 2011: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/the-profootballfocus-com-all-afc-west-team Antonio Gates (San Diego Chargers) He can’t block for toffee and he missed a lot of time injured. But there simply isn’t a receiving end like Antonio Gates out there. This is from the Journal Sentinel in 2012 http://archive.jsonline.com/sports/packers/nfl-draft-pool-changes-as-tight-ends-shift-from-blocking-vn4vq5n-148348625.html/ "Let me tell you what I was taught," one personnel man said. "Pro Bowl tight ends aren't blockers." Among the 2011 Pro Bowl choices, Gronkowski certainly was a heavy-duty blocker. Jimmy Graham, Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates certainly were not. Nonetheless, there is widespread dissatisfaction with this group of largely receiving tight ends. "It's a bad group," said one scout from a team with a more traditional run-pass attack. "(Dwayne) Allen is the only tight end. The rest of those guys are specialists." This is from PFF in 2013: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/performance-based-value-tight-ends Despite a potential Hall of Fame-worthy career, Gates regressed on the field in 2012, a season in which he finished with a -1.8 overall grade (+1.6 receiving) after coming in at +9.0 or better in each of the previous four years. The struggles of Philip Rivers unquestionably played a role, but it was his efforts in run blocking, an area that admittedly hasn’t been a strong suit in his career — and a recurring theme on this list — that doomed his PBV.
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    I like the Jihad Ward trade too. I had high hopes for that guy in dynasty last year and he tanked but the talent is there
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    Maybe that’s the tit for New England’s tat in the JG trade?
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    No I didn't - I muted you for a month when the political posts got to be too much.
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    Browns wanted to trade down and still get Ward but could not find a partner. Seems like some thought they should take Chubb even though they wanted the top CB.
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    If they took Chubb, Ward would be in Denver
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    Whelp, another draft, another Dolphin (the really bad word) up. Glad we could draft the guy that doesn't even have a position and let the (the really bad word)ing crap ass Cards jump in front of us like a bunch of chalupas. We were basically that reactionary dick at fantasy drafts. "What the guy I wanted was just selected, oh and Tampa is next? Well I know they want this safety so let me take him instead!" Well (the really bad word)ing done manureholes.
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    Yeah cuz Wyoming had such a tough schedule. Mayfield was an ill-advised pick, but booing the Ward pick is stupid. It's a good pick.
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    And that's why the Browns will always be the Browns
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    Who was slated to be starting QB in WAS when they made that move? Did they have somebody, or was it almost certain to be the top rookie? Browns have Tyrod Taylor, not great but good enough for now. My concern, no matter which QB they take that guy flops, for a mutlitude of reasons including lack of good talent around them, good coaching, or just shear dumb luck. But we won't know for a year, since whoever they draft is set to sit and learn, and not play. If they end up playing them early they're going to look foolish after saying they won't play in year one. PS :Dorsey also said he was considering offers for the #1 pick, does that mean it will happen?