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    LordOpie, you wonder why you rub people the wrong way and people say that you're one of the reasons why many have left this board. I'll tell you. It's instances like this thread where a guy is just sharing info that he had, which obviously turned out to be true and pretty damn specific btw, and you brow beat the guy for not wanting to give his source until he thinks he's the one being a jerk. Info like that can be like gold in fantasy football, but you're too wrapped up in your own ego of being Lord of the board to see that. If I were him I'd never feel like I should share anything I'd "heard" with this board again. In fact I've felt that way myself for a good number of years here and had I not still had a good amount of folks still here that I've built a relationship with then I'd have left right along with all of the others. Now I find myself regretting it half the time I do post something on the main board. This place used to be able to police itself for the most part, but at some point that became frowned upon and long time Huddlers started getting banned for calling people out. So, yeah, rather than call you out for being a complete ass, I took the "passive aggressive" approach and tried to encourage the guy to share info when/if he's able to get it. But if you think I'm afraid to speak my mind in an open forum then you don't know me very well at all.
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    Was that added before or after the words 'insufferable dullard?'
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    You both drafted a certain position to high...sorry.
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    Watching the agonized face of Garrett is at least a bonus. I'll be sad when JJ finally fires him. #eaglesfan LOL
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    It was supposed to be humorous. You, sir, are a curmudgeon. One with zero sense of humor, no less. Cranky as a hornet in virtually every response to everyone in this forum. Why do you even read here? Lighten up Francis. And, humor aside, the cycle for Mayfield is thus far 100% on the money, particularly the "calling out" immaturity he shows everywhere. Making no claims about Sam Darnold here, but you are incorrect about last year anyway... he was terrible, got injured, then played well in December and was rated among the top QBs in the league that month. Then he got sick before this season. When did he ever get hurt again? Nice try, but a swing and a miss, which seems to be par for the course for you. Check the 3rd base coach as to what you should do next. Meanwhile, feel free to place me on ignore, since you will never enjoy anything I post. Thanks in advance, and have a nice season.
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    It's a purposely misleading topic title. And it's not the first time you've done this. This forum used to be a place some came to and could find useful information. It hasn't been that for a while. You, are a big reason for that.
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    reminds me of some loser who is running our country.
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    Marshon Lattimore, enough said.
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    Besides CMC, the whole first round. Some might say not busts, but they have not produced what was expected of them for whatever reason.
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    The NFL is a joke. It's amazing I can watch a full day of college football on a Saturday starting at 11:00 am and continue until midnight across multiple conferences and can rarely remember a controversy or an abundance of flags. For a whole day! Then I watch the NFL on Sunday and EVERY GAME has a controversy/abundance of flags. It's a joke.
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    A thought or two before pressing accept does not make you a d00shbag. No one is on anyone else's timeline on a trade.
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    Sums it up about as well as the famous Ryan Fitzpatrick circle did.
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    You need to provide a Cliff Notes version.
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    Two words: Shaun Alexander. 2002 i think - 5 TDs in the first half. Greatest undeserved comeback victory for me ever. One player scoring like 50 points. Believe, son. Believe.
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    You should know where advice questions belong.
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    Quick? What's the hurry? I like Samuel.
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    Please people, stop with the Daniel Jones orgy. It's one friggin game. OF COURSE you start Matt Ryan over him. It's not even a thought.
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    Never ever veto trades unless there is clear collusion. You're not in the business of determining what's a fair deal. Those are subjective opinions and vary widely.
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    Reminds me of a highly influential person who displays classic narcissistic behavior pretty much every single day on Twitter. Better?
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    Can anyone here name a QB whose record in college was 15-13-1 in Division II but was a first round pick...a high first rounder?
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    Yup, he'd fit right in with those crazy fruit looped Libs.
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    It's good to hear it's not too serious. The NFL needs Mahomes. People are ripping Andy Reid for calling that play which is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. What is he supposed to do, put him in bubble wrap?
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    With out a doubt Mixon is bust of the year, this guy had an adp of around 11 Has no rushing tds this year and he is running back 41 I think. JuJu is close
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    Is this a 2 person league? stand pat my friend
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    I am guessing that the trade will fix his back.
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    He would be SO MUCH better than the Clapping Carrot. Garrett is garbage.
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    Stevegrab doesn't like something? How odd.
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    Nobody wants that headache. He's a dumpster fire.
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    No veto no cry.
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    Can they fire the Owner? Because until that happens they'll always be bottom feeders.
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    This is the longest kicker thread ever.
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    No, i'd go the Cannabis route. less permanent
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    I wouldn't. Evans, then Kupp and then thielen a big drop from them.
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    And you don't think he knew that when he posted?
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    I think it’s time to cut ties with Mahomes can’t even record a TD!
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    I have been playing Fantasy Football now 30 years and yet still learning lessons. I didn't backup Barkley on a single team with Gallman because I thought Gallman sucked and wasn't even sure he would make the Giants roster when I was doing my early drafts. 30 years into this game and still learning lessons. I am a handcuff guy for your top picks most of the time. I know some people are not "handcuff your own player" guys they steal others and hope for the daily double of their guys staying healthy and the other guy losing a DJ while they hold an Edmonds or whoever. 30 years in and still learning lessons the hard way.
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    Don't chase points, accept the rollercoaster. Pick one and play him every week.
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    Spend some of that money on learning how to write , punctuate English . This guy couldn’t sell cars if he didn’t know how to catch a football.
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    Is there a question? I didn't read any of your copy and paste
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    Yep sold the California overpriced market home for 700,000 and bought on 15 acres. I own a tree business up here now. Best move I ever made don’t miss crowded California one bit and I was born and raised in the same town for 43 years
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    They were commenting that Brady turned it off for too many penalties bring called.
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    I can't stop singing deeeeeee Jaaaayyyyy Chark do do do do do DJ Chark!