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    Quarterback? Don't talk about -- Quarterbacks? You kidding me? Quarterbacks? .
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    Oh boy.. Someone's making a run at the 2017 NTOTY!
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    It seems a lot of people have the whole season figured out based on what has happened in these first two weeks.
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    Yes, I live in Manchester but I'm not going to any of the London games. Funding a long trip to America instead and catching a few games along the way.
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    kdko...let it go...he doesn't "suck"
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    It has rained quite a bit over the past few days over here but should be dry today and tomorrow.
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    I would go Adams. Bengals offense sucks so the packers might have the ball a lot. More opportunities, great offense, excellent QB.
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    I don't think I would make that trade. I like Gronk . He's always gonna get banged up but his upside is tremendous . AJ I just dont trust. He;s also an injury risk but the offense sucks. Freeman will be a TD machine.
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    The more I think about it I think its time to sell Howard while he still has value. Im talking about ppr btw. He wont be the work horse anymore with Cohen taking about 8 carries a game. You can also take away all of Howards pass catching work and then some. Cohen is just the guy to have in that team. Howard at least in a ppr league could be a TD dependent RB3 . The offense isn't good enough to bump him up. As far as Mixon that just a risk. He has not looked fantastic with the work he has been given opefully the OC change helps because I have him in 2 leagues. For me its worth the risk.
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    It's risky, but if you're in a risk taking mode with your team at this point and NEED a starting RB or flex, I'd do it. Cohen looks great, Howard is hurting and hasn't been crazy productive. New OC for Mixon may mean he could snag that starting job soon since Hill has been dreadful.
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    At first blush not too pumped about the trade for you ...unless you can get some very interesting pieces off the wire to fill the two extra roster spots you'd have after the trade.
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    I don't think I would do it. You have two good QBs in Marriota and Cam so why get rid of a potential stud at RB in Henry for Rodgers? Murray has been limited at practice this week with a hamstring issue. Henry's ceiling is that of a top 5 fantasy RB behind a great Oline. I see Henry passing Demarco on the depth chart at some point. You say he is the desperate team but this trade seems like you are desperate imo. You don't need Rodgers so why give up Henry?
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    Has a shot but I doubt it's accepted
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    I'd bench Crowell
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    And he catches one.
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    We're going into week 3 right? You think missing out on Seiman is rough. I once lost Vinny Testaverde, Herman Moore & Fred Taylor in the same week & couldn't get any of their backups.
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    Kyle Shanahan, Rick Santorum.....separated at birth?
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    Your team is pretty darn solid and I'd agree keeping Elliot is more beneficial than the trade. Here's mine of you have a minute: http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/490877-flex-help/
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    Ironically, the ineptitude I was banking on keeps ratcheting up the score.
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    It would really depend on your depth at WR. Jones is top tier. Anderson has started strong for sure, Jeffrey is decent, but Henry is only worth while if Murray has a long term injury
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    yeah ty is the #2 rb in ppr. You can get a lot more than just keenan.
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    At first I was jumping to say YES, until I saw your roster. You would have no stable RBs. I would accept the trade for the thrill of it. That would be an insane wide receiving core. My fantasy mind says no, but fantasy heart says yes.
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    This isn't a misery dick measuring contest. I'm just venting my own frustration. I get it the Lions and the Browns suck way harder then the Packers and Cowboys ever thought they could. Yes I know.
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    I may go with Landry instead of Jackson coming off a good game and Cutler seems to trust him. Through 1 game at least it seems that can be his new Brandon Marshall. And they're playing the Jets
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    It's been two games. First against oak they strayed from running the ball. Lesson learned. Ran like crazy against jax and once the hobbled Murray was replaced Henry ran very well. I wouldn't be too concerned about starting him "if" Murray is out.
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    Agree, I'd love to say Carson is close but I'm a little apprehensive, I think Carson could have a modest game. risk/reward with Buck/Cohen combo.. especially PPR or .5 pt.
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    I have the same guys. I like Henry this week - I feel like Chris Johnson could be a sneaky play but doesn't have the athleticism and upside of Henry. And West being injured and Allen's performance definitely make me nervous. Help with mine?