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    Sometimes, humans can go too far in their insults; this definitely one of those times.
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    Fatass Ryan Grigson ruined this guys career. He never put any emphasis on offensive line and Luck never hit his potential. Instead he just continued to try to refine his dart game on draft day.
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    I would like to give my condolences to everyone that has already drafted Mr. Luck.
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    I’d let him choose someone else.
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    Because that wouldn't make it a best ball league any longer
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    Woods in the 9th is a steal
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    Woods is going in the 3rd/4th while Michel is going ini the 5th. It is way better value to keep Woods. Can always pick Michel in the 5th if you want him so you wont be getting much of the desired value or reward for keeping him at that price.
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    Very good point.
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    partly to be able to hold his contract rights. If he came back next year healthy and motivated, he could have 10 years, assuming they fix the OL. That's worth the $25mil
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    Andy Reid doesn't like RB by committee. He never has. He finds a guy and rides him.
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    Andrew, ty vm for the entertainment you provided me. Very best of luck to you.
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    Yes, he did carry a full load in college. He's Miami's all time leading rusher. Hs last year in college, he had almost 300 touches between rushing and receiving, and that was only 13 games. Does that translate to the NFL? Not sure, but he definitely played at a competitive program carrying a full load.
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    5'8 200 lbs. 1 inch and 5 lbs off is not too bad. Darrell Williams is 5'11 224 lbs. Some site show him as the #3 behind Hyde other show him as #2. I think it is not totally settle yet, but leaning to D.Thompson. Pass protection is the golden ticket to more playing time.
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    I unmuted you, and this is the first post of yours I see. I need to stop going against my better judgment.
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    You said leading a franchise. You never said leading your team in the postseason. Seattle has also had a defense capable of controlling a game. Withvthe exception of last year, Seattle has also had a better O-line as well.
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    Wonder who's having 2nd thoughts on releasing Foreman now?
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    Jacoby Brissett is no slosh..
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    They make nice furniture though. He'll make a fortune at the flea market.
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    agree. HOU, TBB, NYJ, MIA....just to name a few.
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    Mentally worn down and checking out. If if I didn’t have any Luck I would indeed have luck after all.
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    Yeah, we finished our redraft at around Noon today. I feel bad for the dude who drafted Luck, his backup's Kyler Murray... Best out to Luck
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    I'm happy for him. His passion was questioned in the past, but it seems he either knows it doesnt make him happy or it's not worth the wear and tear of his body.
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    I got luck and just read the news and was able to get Duke on FA.
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    Duke can carry a full load and he would open up that offense in so many ways. Don't rule out Houston making a trade for a RB, there are a lot of crowded backfields and Gordon is still holding out for a contract.
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    I can measure the level of your insanity by scoring of the league, PPR or non-PPR. Either way, you're insane, I just want to give a proper diagnosis.
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    "Lighten up, Francis" was my first thought reading the post that the Ghostbuster reference was replying to.
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    I will leave you alone this year. I’m taking life more serious these days. I’m a serious man. A man a much serious. I have decided to spare you because I am serious, and mature, and seriously mature. Love you
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    Who would you rather have leading a franchise? Luck or Wilson?