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    Funchess and Lewis definitely. Shepard if he plays. Then Thomas or Doctson.
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    Alright I put trades out of Miller + Murray for Gurley, Ingram, Kamara, and Fournette. We'll see if anyone bites in the next 12 hours.
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    I kind of like it for you. Hunt is an upgrade over Freeman, Jones is a downgrade from Landry Elliott is a huge upgrade over Perine (when he's playing) If you make it to week 16, you'll be in great shape.
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    Zeke is back week 16, so you would have to win your first two playoff matchups to get him. I'd heavily reduce his value as a result. Freeman, Landry and Perine for Hunt and Jones. Honestly I like this deal even without Zeke. You upgrade from Freeman to Hunt at the cost of a weaker WR3 and loose your flex. I might consider removing Perine and Zeke from the trade if you feel uncomfortable with Sanders or Drake as your flex.
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    OJ looks to be getting the hang of how football works. I also have brats and will be starting walking RoS unless the bucs offense decides it wants to win again
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    I'd rather have Rudolph than Brate.
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    It's MariOHta, not MarioTAH.
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    I was hoping is was not this type of thread ...sigh
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    I can't believe that NYG won KC had an extra week to prepare.