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    I'm not Montana but I love Waller this week against the Bengals...I am using him in several cash lineups.
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    I just dont trust Rudolph so I'd go Pascal
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    No way with that record do I drop either of them for someone else to get. Go with an empty TE spot and take a possible loss first, you still going to playoffs.
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    I'd go Ingram, I really dislike Mack in full PPR since he has been inconsistent this year and he is not involved in the passing game. I would probably go with Pitt defense against Cleveland.
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    Definitely agree with Montana and yes if Howard sits Sanders is looking at a big workload so plug him in. Edit: and Stills is a drop candidate with Fuller returning this week.
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    Hold tight for sure. He had a bad game last week but he has always risen above his horrible team and produced despite the limitations of his team. He is one of if the few difference makers. I have him and it would take a truly ridiculous offer to pry him from me.
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    Jacobs and howard Bench stills Kelce Hill Bills
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    Looks that way. I had Dissly. Grabbed Hollister two weeks ago and it paid off so far. He won it for me in one of the my leagues.