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    I hear, sorry brother, can't win them all. Try again next week...
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    Rivers. Has played well even against stout defenses. Would have had a bigger game if not pulled during the Cleveland match. NO has looked better but was struggling with good defenses and Baltimore has one of the top tier secondaries atm.
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    I understand, I don't do dynasty leagues or know how much it will cost you to pick him up, just giving my opinion from what I've seen. not worthwhile this year probably but you could do worse on a flier going forward. He seems to want to get better and gives 100%, so I like that much
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    I like Coutee and Kirk more than I like Williams for ROS. Williams has all the skills but he needs an injury to move up in the pecking order
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    You just got 14 right there with Rogers to Adams
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    I am a Vikes fan and the last two games have been the best two games I have seen him play, particularly the last one. He is hanging onto the ball and making tougher catches. He does block hard and tries. Now, will he ever be a big contributor? Don't know. But I think the next few games will tell you something.
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    Don't you have to play a defense or it will give an illegal lineup? Hmmmm, unless you pick up a team on bye week and try to stick it in tonight.
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    I was right there with you. Unless Keenan Allen gets hurt, I don't think Mike Williams will be an every week starter. I dumped him in both of my leagues a couple weeks ago. I think all 3 of those players will be an improvement. I'm not really sure how I'd rank them because I'd put all of those players in the same tier. Coutee seems to have quite a bit of upside though. I don't see Gabriel being consistent. Kirk seems to be moving up in that offense but as Fitz gets healthier, it may be harder for him to find targets.