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    I know Calvin is fairly young, but I believe his body was starting to break down. Pure speculation on my part but I would be shocked if he actually made a come back. I'm sure Lynch and the Raiders are telling him that he needs to join that team and come back but I just don't see this happening. Heck I'm not even sure Lynch is going to be similar to his former self this year either. This seems like not much more than a summer time discussion.
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    Lead/GL back vs CoP back, regardless of where in the round its still Crowell very easily. Unless something happens to Crowell or Freeman (aka injury), there is no reason to keep a 5-10 touch player over a 15-20 touch player.
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    If you can get either of those RBs for Hopkins, run, don't walk to accept it. Most likely though you'll be asked to add more to your side to do it.