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    Yeah that Manning signing sure sucked too! Architecting a SB win tends to give a GM a pretty good cushion. I think he's been a mixed bag as GM. Re. Darnold, he does look promising, but it's way (way) early; I wouldn't get too worked up just yet, and esp when they're so lacking in other positions.
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    Do you have to keep a QB? I can't think of many league setups other than perhaps a 2QB league where I would want to commit 10% of my budget to the QB position, yet alone a single QB. If it has to be a QB, then Watson by a fairly decent margin. If it's for the league in your signature, which it appears to be, I'm probably keeping Adams for 10 over any of the QBs.
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    Jets fans getting very excited! Watch Brian Baldinger's assessment of Darnold (along with some rare praise from Josh Norman):
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    Here's a deep sleeper for you all... Mack Hollins. A few reasons... First, Alshon and Agholor are both banged up. If Alshon sits the first couple of games, Hollins could earn his way into a prominent role. Alshon is no stranger to injury, and his timeline coming off of torn rotator cuff surgery was always a little tight anyway. Hollins is a big dude too - bigger than Alshon (6'4"). He does have to contend with current #3 WR Mike Wallace, but Wallace is 32 and a known commodity. Hollins has more upside as an unknown.
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    McCaffrey averaged 2.3 ypc in the first 8 games and he averaged 4.6 ypc in the last 8 games of the season. It is skewed a bit because had a nice stretch from weeks 10-12 where he averaged 4.4ypc, 4.6ypc, and 8.8 ypc. If you include that 3 game stretch with the first 8 games, he averaged 3.5 ypc over the first 11 games and he averaged 4.0 ypc over the last 6 games of the season including the playoff game. In 3 of those last 6 games, he ran for 6-16, 6-16, and 6-19. So he didn't really end the season as good as the 4.6 ypc stat would indicate. McCaffrey weighed 202 at the combine. There are zero workhorse running backs currently in the NFL that weighed that little at the combine. And when I watch him, he looks smaller than 202 pounds. I don't believe the reports of him gaining weight. He is muscular and has a big upper body. He isn't thick in the ass and thighs. The lower body is more important than the upper body for the success and durability of a running back running the ball. McCaffrey played 70% of snaps last year and only got 117 carries. They did not want him running the ball. They did not have him running the ball much at the end of the year in games that mattered even though Jonathan Stewart was horrible. What has changed from last year to this year other than Jonathan Stewart being replaced by a better running back? CJ Anderson is a good running back. He is a bowling ball. He is the opposite of McCaffrey in every aspect. Their skill sets complement each other well. They are thunder and lightning. CJ will play at least 40% of snaps. CJ will get most of the between-the-tackles carries. CJ will get more total carries than McCaffrey. They will probably end up close in total touches.
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    Long term Zeke. Bradford might only make it thru 6 games, then a rookie comes in and the D will change. Cards are still thin at O-Line and seem to have injuries ever year on the line.
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    Not sure you're going to see this happen, even in a 10-man standard I don't think he'll last past the 3rd.
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    I go Brown but i do think Hopkins is going to have a big year
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    You guys have been very kind to Elway. He royally f-d up in trading up into round 1 for Paxton Lynch. Nobody crucifying him for that whereas Jets GM was skewered for drafting hackenberg late in round 2. Elway must have a teflon shield around him. You guys should be furious. He was a way better QB than GM.