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    Both ideas are dumb.
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    Hate it. The con's really outweigh the pro's, particularly with the adding of extra playoff teams. One step closer to becoming the NBA, where the regular season is in large part irrelevant, and the first round of playoffs are mostly a formality. The NFL already has teams with losing records making the playoffs. If not losing records, there are teams that really don't feel like they can do much damage in the post-season. Adding more of those average to slightly-above-average teams to the mix doesn't do anything for me. But, let's be real... If there is more $$ to be made by the owners, it will likely happen. If not for that, I'm not sure why you try to fix something that is far from broken. But, money trumps common sense, what the fans want, and certainly the interests of those who play fantasy football. For the common fan, players resting isn't a problem, and the more teams in the playoffs, the merrier.