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    That's not bold, that's drunk.
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    It’s buy low , sell high. Not the other way around.
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    I was thinking that Mahomes and L Jackson's stat lines today were a testament to not drafting a QB early. As were the stat lines of guys like Josh Allen and Minshew.
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    Nyheim Hines. WTF. 1 reception?
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    114 and basically all of them have waivers 9 Dynasty 2 local redraft 1 FFPC satellite 3 FFPC Main events 31 FFPC FBG Championship 35 RTS The Fantasy Championship 1 NFFC Primetime 17 NFFC online championship 15 NFFC Cutline I took a 2 week vacation right before the start of the season and knocked out 52 drafts in 16 days to get to the 114 total. I spent about 10 hours on waivers this week (4 on Tuesday and 6 on Wednesday). Waiver Wednesday is by far my least favorite day of the week. It was a pretty cruel first week I might add....I went 3-16 in games decided by less than 4 points.
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    I talked a fair amount with Jim / Euchre... He's a good dude. He's going to take the year off and return next year. He'll submit no lineup the entire season. Since he plays everyone once, seems pretty fair and a good solution. Since that would give him the 1.01 pick, he came up with the solution of simply picking last in each round. respect. TRANSPARENCY... I don't if Jim is interested in trading, but I'm going to send him some offers. i suggest y'all do the same. While he'll pick last in the first round, the first round picks I'll offer will be wherever they fall. Seems like a good year for Jim to rebuild. Jim, thanks for finding solutions to all the issues. It'll be an honor to beat play against you next season.
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    Yes, just before Kittle's injury. Because that's how I roll.
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    Kudos to the schedule makers. I've been waiting my whole life for a Bengals/Browns Thursday Night battle. 31-20 Browns
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    That only works in fantasy football. He'd be a liability until he learned the playbook and by that time Thomas would be back. Josh Hill has the experience, knows the plays, knows the blocking schemes and can produce. Trautman has shown a lot of promise as well.
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    Joe Buck is getting bamboozled by piped in crowd noise, dumbass.
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    I like the Snell of napalm in the morning. Snells like .... victory.
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    I picked him up, I’m not going to be a week late getting him like everyone else. I like him.
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    He is a 5 foot 9, 174 pound late round white wide receiver Based on what he did with Welker (5 foot 9, 194 pound, undraftd) and Edelman (5 foot 10, 198 pound, 7th round pick) it seems that Miller is basically a lock to be a top 12 WR. I say that facetiously, but he absolutely fits the mold of the kind of WR that was elevated by playing with Brady.
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    It's 6 feet OR a mask, so you're right there. The reason we're all still socially distant is because so many donkeys do neither. The virus couldn't give a hoot about your or my politics. Sad.
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    you can also let the other person know that you are talking with other people. It may strengthen the offer you receive back.
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    This isn't fantasy, it's real life. He's right where he should be for his caliber of play (i.e. Thielen, Kupp, Landry, etc.)
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    In the early going of the season, the late round QB approach is KILLING ME. Yeah, you can start Tannehill and get similar production but you have to have balls of steel to do it and guess lucky virtually every week. It takes zero brains to pick one of these top-flight QBs and watch them light it up week in and week out. I pay enough attention that I can outdraft my league-mates on value in later rounds. Who cares that I get an extra RB or WR in round 4, 5, or 6 when they just get injured? Just frustrated thinking ahead to the weekly grind at QB.....sigh.
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    D Adams is back to the field
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    Love it! With all the other nonsense this year I forgot about it
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    Agree with Akers. Would love to see Monty, but in a PPR where they just resigned Cohen to keep catching balls, not gonna happen. So yep, go with Slayton. Good luck!!
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    I like the trade once I saw your team roster. You got a modest upgrade from AJones to CEH but now you can flex Carson while taking a small hit at WR going from Woods to Boyd/Fuller. Carson’s production should more than make up for it.
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    I would for sure decline. I would want to see what robinson has in store first before selling. Waller is nice too and in a 10 man league im sure you can find a good stream for wallers bye week.
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    fair criticism. Truthfully I didn't like Thomas this year from the moment I drafted him, and then week one he was bad, and then he got hurt. So I probably should not have taken him to begin with if I was just gonna sell him for a RB2. And trust me I got roasted in the group chat. On paper it was a god awful trade, but if you want my logic I love Taylor's upside, think Thomas will have an off year, and now have a plethora of backs to trade for another WR.
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    If Conner and Snell plays, go Hines as a safer option. If Conner doesn't play, go Snell.
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    I detect a bit of sarcasm in your post....this has to be at least the 3-4 TNF game between these two, if not a few more than that. And honestly this is what the TNF NFL Network exclusive games were meant for, two teams that are not that good and that don't have huge fan bases. Next week its MIA-JAX, if there is no TNF these games are buried in regional coverage, this way we get an extra game (CIN-CLE markets some other CBS game at 1PM, the rest of you this fun on TNF). Honestly it was a pretty good game, not sloppy and full of mistakes like some Thursday games.
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    Taxi squad, I think so. Both Hill and Cook are over 30 and Cook had 11 years in the league. Stands to reason the Saints want to develop a replacement.
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    I like rivers. He might throw anpock or two but the Vikings secondary is suspect.
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    I agree. It would take a lot of injuries to ever see Parker in your lineup and Allen will be big help with the probable Brees downgrade
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    cooks would be the only guy I drop
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    I hear you, and it's probably a lot closer than most would think. But has Ridley ever caught 65+ balls in a season? He's not exactly a prolific pass catcher either. What's wrong with starting a WR & RB from the same team? Unless they are both on a bye week I see no issue.
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    Pretty positive!
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    exactly. That is why i am wondering about his durabilty. My best back up is Jamaal Williams
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    Drop Hardman for Goedert
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    I'd say hold off for now. There may be a couple half decent receivers on the wire tomorrow after "overreaction Monday". Just watch the injury reports. Unless anyone decent pops up just wait.
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    if its someone you really want or need I wouldn't mess around and probably do 70%+ week 1 waivers are usually when the best players are available imo Depending on how big your league is I would guess all the FA's you mentioned will go for over $50
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    I’m going snell here too ... what’s the latest on his injury? Is he missing time?
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    Take the win and be happy with that - don't sweat the other crap. I almost gave up on the NFL but can't help it- love the gameplay too much. I just watch the games and tune out everything else- especially the media.