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    Washington Corruption ?
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    Same here. I think people are over the escapade, it's a joke.
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    I just want friggin Football. Who gives a shizz. Shut the F up and play football already. It's Football dammit not a God Dam rally! How about they play nothing? Just come out the locker room, line up and get it on. THANK YOU
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    You misinterpreted my post. This thread is about NFL players getting quarantined, not an encompassing discussion on Covid. I'm part of plenty of other groups for that. At no point did I recommend anything, let alone not testing. I stated that people in certain profession are not testing because the ramification is that a positive test means they can't work. And we presently don't know how contagious an asymptotic individual is. The south has been very cavalier, which is why we have so many patients under 40 in our ICUs. Going back to the above, this is a FF football forum. I'm not here to debate anyone about a virus that we really don't understand well. You can find plenty of people on FB for that lunacy.
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    Yeah as BB is good at that but really to not see #12 under center will be weird!
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    So if I am understanding right, the taxi squad is only a year one thing? You do not have a taxi squad for future years? Basically this first year you get to keep 3 players (1 per position) plus your 4 rookies if you don't activate them, but then there is no taxi squad going forward? As for Burrows or CEH/Taylor/Dobbins, that completely depends on how your main draft goes, as with only 3 keepers (plus the taxi squad), you have to take into consideration the odds of any player you taking being a viable keeper option after year one for you, especially considering your rule of only one per position. So if you have Lamar Jackson for example, there is little chance that Burrows or any other rookie QB will be a keeper option for you. As for the rookie backs, again, it depends on who you end up with out of the draft, though as RBs tend to have much shorter careers in terms of elite fantasy relevance, I'd say there is a higher chance that one of the rookie RBs this year is a viable keeper option for you after year two.
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    Oh, yea. I see what you were trying to say now. No, I wouldn't do that trade either! Sorry for the misunderstanding!
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    To clarify, this is a new startup right? And is the swap in the main draft you moving up to the 5th pick in the 3rd and 5th rounds from your current 8th pick, or are you giving your 5th rounder for his 3rd rounder? I think it is the former, but the wording in the OP has enough ambiguity that I'm not sure. If it's the latter, then it's a no brainer to drop 2 spots in the rookie draft to move up two rounds in the main draft. If it is the former, then I don't really see any advantage to the deal as the difference between the 3.05 and 3.08 and 5.05 and 5.08 is pretty negligible whereas in the rookie draft, most consider CEH, Taylor and Dobbins as the clear cut top 3 in varying order, though with 2 QB it could push Burrow and Tua into the top 2 picks (countered though that as it is a 10 team league, there are enough viable QBs that it's not certain that they should move that high from a value perspective), then lots of debate for the 4-7 picks between Akers, Swift, Jeudy and Lamb. I would think that if you are inclined to move the pick, you could get more value than the small bump ups in the 3rd and 5th. You can especially get more from a QB needy team if one of the first two picks is a non-QB.
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    The NFC East was one of the worst divisions in football last year. The Cowboys had that division by the balls till Dak choked down the stretch. The Eagles were a walking MASH unit with no weapons and somehow still won that crap division. That's why Dak isn't worth top 5 money, he's not a winner.
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    dak isn't worth a first. Two 2nds atbest.