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    lived in CA most of my life until I moved to CO in 2000. I've been there through the good and bad times with Raiders (Oak, to LA, back to Oak, and now to Las Vegas). Loyal fan. I've seen to many fair weather fans in many cities, which questions how true a fan they are. Hypocrites.
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    Yeah, we'll see about that. SB hangover is real. Can Wentz wear the same magical slippers as Foles' during his magical ride to glory? The East looks like it's back to being a real meat grinder. All Divisional games will be huge.
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    This post made me realize I have zero interest in any of these guys...and that's probably a mistake for FFL. Someone will catch the ball, even if it's not pretty. I have no faith in Allen Hurns so I voted Beasley, more as a total no-confidence vote in Tavon TBH. In a real draft I'd probably pick Gallup for his relatively better ADP value. I'd be interested in what the Dallas homers think.
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    I went to training camp this past Saturday. Looks like Landry's gonna be a ball hog and caught a short touchdown in 11 on 11s. Rashard Higgins is showing separation and getting lotsa looks. Antonio Callaway is quick with decent route skills. Looks like what the previous front office wanted Corey Coleman to be. Hyde got first team reps. I didn't see Chubb play much. Njoku was doing catch repetition drills.
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    JuJu in the 12th is too good of a value to pass. You are not getting any bargain by keeping Diggs - you can re-draft him around the 4th but JuJu is going WAY before the 12th round. I am a little hesitant to totally believe that the Minnesota passing game will not have a transition period with their new QB.
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    By: Henry McKenna | 21 hours ago There were a few things to like about Baker Mayfield during the first episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” But there was so much more to like about Jarvis Landry. The Cleveland Browns receiver was set up by the showrunners to be the most likable character, not only because of his talent but also his persona. It’s so easy to like Landry, whose mentality upended the status quo of the Browns’ losing franchise during one of the receiver meetings. Landry delivered an epic and exasperated speech. The veteran receiver seemed done with his position-mates taking off practices with injuries Landry seemed to think were fake. Landy’s message comes in the same episode where the coaches make it clear: the Browns need to get tougher if they’re going to win a game in 2018, something they couldn’t do in 2017. Landry and the coaches are on the same page. Mayfield, meanwhile, hasn’t gotten there yet. The rookie quarterback got challenged by his coach Hue Jackson, and didn’t seem to rise to the occasion. Jackson approached Mayfield one morning at the start of practice to see when he woke up. Mayfield tried to dodge the question, but eventually explained he tends to get to the facility two hours before practice. “You ever come in with your boy, [Tyrod Taylor],” Jackson asked. Taylor is the veteran who Mayfield intends to beat in the quarterback competition. (During the episode, Landry touts Taylor for working tirelessly at every hour of the day by showing up first and leaving last.) “He does his own little workouts in the morning,” Mayfield responded. “Where’s your core workout in the morning? You start starting your career now. It’s a competition. Everything you do, baby. You know how they do it. Why not?” Jackson asked. Mayfield walked away without a comment. I repeat: The first-overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft was asked to work harder. And he had no answer but to walk away. The show highlighted a nice drive by Mayfield where he demonstrated strong leadership and execution with the second team offense. But he was still running with the second team. Taylor, the man reporting to work earlier than Mayfield, was running with the No. 1 offense. Mayfield is still figuring out how to be a professional — and, frankly, an adult. That’s fair. He’s 23 years old. Landry, meanwhile, has it figured out. He’s the hero the Browns deserve. He’s the one they so desperately need.
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    While I understand DJ's injury was not lower body (which is good); Zeke's youth, line, and consistent offense role/scheme wins out for me.
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    What are the starter reqs and general format (standard or ppr)? Also no Zeke thoughts?
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    Supporting AF as contractor in Communications Squadron. Prior Navy, was in the first Gulf War.
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    I try to keep up with Bronco news, but been working overseas for many years now (Afghanistan). 14-and 16 team leagues, yes, then TB RBs are worth roster spot. I like Barber until he shows that he cannot be cow bell. The rest of preseason for TB will be telling who will secure RB1 on TB. Hopefully Barber can continue to pull away from the pack.
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    The Cowboys' wide receiving crew is the most unpredictable in the NFL. Who do you think will do best fantasywise?
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    Someone has to explain the appeal of McKinnon at his current ADP. He's never handled a full load, he's not the biggest back, and even at the end of last year it was Latavius getting work near the goal line. Why won't that happen this year with SF? Honestly it's the size of his contract I think that has people so interested. I get that people want him to be the next Devontae Freeman but his record suggests nowhere near that level of talent. What am I missing? ETA: sorry to be so negative - I'm very glad he's ok. just feel like his current ADP is a trap.
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    I prefer 14th assuming snake draft.
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    I won the very first Smackbowl in 1999. It was the year of the 15-1 Vikings, but I had a roster filled with Falcons players and the NFC championship cleared the decks for me.
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    I'm surprised at how little love Case is receiving. He was very good last year. He did start slowly but that was to be expected since he hadn't practiced with the 1st stringers in the preseason. Once he got going, he really got going. He had better than a 100 quarterback rating in 6 of the last 8 games of the season. He only had 23 total touchdowns on the season but had 16 touchdowns in the last 8 games and was the 5th highest scoring fantasy quarterback over that span. His second half of the season was so strong that he ended up with second highest qbr on the season trailing only Carson Wentz. It is too bad that Denver's defense is good. A bad defense is a fantasy quarterback's best friend. Denver has the receivers to put up big numbers if they are trailing. But it looks like their defense isn't likely to let that happen. The Vikings defense didn't let Case put up much garbage time stats either. The Vikings trailed by more than 7 points only 2 times last year. So it's not surprising that Case had 10 second quarter touchdowns but only 9 second half touchdowns. The Vikings were almost always ahead in the second half and played conservatively. Every year the quarterback position gets deeper. There are 20 fantasy quarterbacks who are roster worthy this year. I am totally comfortable starting 15 of those quarterbacks. I see no reason to draft a quarterback before the 10th round. In the 10th round, quarterbacks like Ben Roethlisberger, Marcus Mariota, Jimmy Garoppolo, Philip Rivers, Andrew Luck, and Matt Stafford can be available. It isn't possible to know which ones will be available in round 10 but a couple of them will be available. Case Keenum is available even later. If I wait until rounds 10-12 to draft my first quarterback and there is a run on backup quarterbacks before I can grab a quarterback, Case Keenum is a nice fallback option. His adp ranges from round 15 to round 20. He is also a low-cost second quarterback to draft. It is nice having 2 legit quarterbacks to be able to play matchups. And it is easy to justify using the roster space since so little draft capital was used if your first quarterback is drafted in the 10th round.
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    Jonathan Stewart looked bad too. Barkley's a good one. That first run had me shaking my head, thinking here we go again...but after that, not much
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    Hue Jackson is an ass-hat and has no business being responsible for the career of Mayfield. Mayfield is a billion percent better that Taylor and everyone knows it. Hue is trying to power trip everyone when he has absolutely no credibility to stand on. The Browns need to fire him asap. HE is the guy who will hold them back. They have talent.
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    Thanks, can't help but wonder if Mayfield also maybe tuning Jackson out a little cause honestly that man will not see another season there. Probably shouldn't of even seen this one.
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    Oh it’s not just the advise column, or my post, it seems to be like this on the general football forum too. There just doesn’t seem to be nearly the chatter there used to be. I know this particular question is involved but you use to get some talk on a post like this. Not anymore
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    Rick Stroud is usually pretty good with his reporting. Demar Dotson still isn't really all the way back yet and this whole team has the feel of an untethered boat before a storm. I can't for the life of me figure out what this franchise is doing. If Peyton Barber has value, God help us all.....I don't care much for Jones at his current ADP (I like other RBs around there a bit more) and I think a flyer on Barber in the late rounds makes more sense for now.
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    Put him behind the Dallas OL and he would be a less annoying Zeke.
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    Blood And Roses - Smithereens
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    JuJu by a mile here. Not having a 5th round pick would hurt, and you'd only get a round or maybetwo of value out of Diggs anyway. With JuJu you're getting a WR3 with upside at the cost of essentially a kicker...
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    Totally agree. If Michel can't get any pre-season action then this is gonna be the usual RB poop show in NE and I won't touch this backfield with a 40ft pole. The ideal scenario is that Michel gets cheap in drafts, you can take a flyer on him and then it becomes very clear in the first 3-4 weeks how it'll break. He was what, 4th round ADP or something like that? If he falls into the 7th or 8th round then why not take a shot? ETA: looks like he's recently closer to 6th round in non-PPR. Falling a couple more rounds would make him worth the risk.
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    fun fact about barkley espns top 300 class of 2015 number 279 some receiver named chad president that signed with tulsa 291...saquon barkley recruiting rankings even less of an exact science than drafting
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    He's real and he is spectacular.
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    i'm going to process the following two threads, let's see what happens...
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    Just back from the festivities and a great weekend in Canton - first time there. Blown away by Brian Dawkins raw emotion all weekend long, culminated by an incredible speech. Also really loved Urlacher's speech and his love and passion for his family, teammates and friends. All of the inductees that we're present (can't speak for TO) made Sat night a very memorable one. Loved how Randy spoke about all of his teams and his time there. Was interesting to see that Kraft and Belichick showed up (but remained backstage) and how much Randy said that he valued he and Bill's relationship. Of course Ray preached and although many have their thoughts on him as a person, and his character (as posted in this thread), he belongs in the HOF and he is a great ambassador of the game to past, current and future players.
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    His 5th/6th round adp is frustrating since he did so little last year. Davis is a player who would have had an 8th/9th round adp in drafts 10-15 years ago. But both big site cheat sheets and people keep getting better at fantasy football. People who were bad at fantasy football for years have slowly become knowledgeable or at least competent. Unproven players with potential like Corey Davis don't fall in drafts like they previously fell. It has made getting high value draft picks far more difficult. If Davis looks really good in the preseason, I will consider drafting him at his adp. I believe Mariota will bounce back this season and that Davis will be the main beneficiary. And I don't like the options available in the 5th and 6th rounds of drafts at all. I believe there is a big drop-off from the 4th to the 5th round of fantasy drafts. In the 4th round, players like JuJu Smith-Schuster, Zach Ertz, and Brandin Cooks are available. I like them. In the 5th round, I'm choosing between rookie running backs. I don't like the rookie running backs. I've been toying with the idea of trying to trade my 5th and 6th round picks for someone's 3rd round pick. I will make the offer before the draft but most people won't be willing to do the trade because they will want to see who is available with their 3rd round pick. So I'll tell them that if it gets to their 3rd round pick and they don't like anyone that I'll still be willing to do the trade. I think it's important to explain the trade before the draft because it would be a difficult trade for someone to analyze in the stressful minute or two they are on the clock. If I can't pull that trade off, I'll start offering my 5th and 6th round picks for someone's 4th and 8th round picks.
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    That seemingly means you are passing the following: Hunt, Gordon, Barkley, Kamara, OBJ, Julio, AB. If you reeealy want a RB, and you think Cook will be better than Hunt, Barkley, kamara, go for it. I would be looking at one of those listed above.
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    Offer both up for trade, take the biggest haul you can for one of them and keep the other one. Truly a coin flip - I think if I had to choose I'd take Kamara as he is younger and not coming off of an injury, but really very close to call
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    Nearly everyone in our Usual Suspects league. Year 20 of the 14 team league. Riffraff, Skippy, Big Country, Roadrunner, Figme, Penguin, Willy, Pratts, MikeC, Beach Bum, CEO of the BFPK, Dope. No longer in the league, but still around: Merlin, Defector
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    Penny will start the season as the back-up to Carson...bank it. Problem is no matter who starts that o-line is a sieve and no one is going to last too long trying to run thru it. Another year of revolving backs...
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    I love it that AP is universally viewed as a washed up idiot. Child beating piece of manure.
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    lol seriously. EE better have a brilliant season or DAL fans are going to be rooting for CLE.
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    I cant exactly recall but I think I've been around here since 1998. So much has happened since then. On another note the FF league I helped found and have been in since 1995 just disbanded. Its the only league I have ever played in. Its really sad.
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    Man this site really used to be great for chatting fantasy football. It has seriously gone down hill. I’m not sure why exactly, but it’s a bummer. Posted a question 13 hours ago. There’s been only 9 views and 0 replies.