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    I don't feel sorry for them at all. I hope they don't win a single game and Dean Spanos catches crabs.
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    I predict he'll deliver a baby on a bus on the way to stadium, run for 300 yds, catch 15 passes, score 4 tds and give cpr to a heart attack victim in the stands at halftime saving their life.
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    It seems a lot of people have the whole season figured out based on what has happened in these first two weeks.
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    This one's on me, guys. I read that Bradford had been a top 10 quarterback since week 9 of last year due to a coaching change. Also, I reasoned that he hadn't been hurt in a while, so I thought he might be a sneaky pickup. The day after I added him, this mystery knee ailment was reported. I'm going to cut him right now, so your fantasy football universes should come back into alignment.
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    This would be a seriously bad sign. Marvin Lewis should've been fired years ago, IMO.
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    lol nice try .... go back to your safe space and do a puzzle-- you might get your feelings hurt here
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    Quarterback? Don't talk about -- Quarterbacks? You kidding me? Quarterbacks? .
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    Keep in mind there is no Probable injury status anymore, so anyone that would have formerly been listed as Probable is now listed as Questionable.
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    Oh boy.. Someone's making a run at the 2017 NTOTY!
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    I think you'd be better off avoiding this backfield altogether. I don't think anyone is going to emerge, and they'll just take up a spot on your bench with you no never being comfortable enough to start them. Better off taking a flier elsewhere, imo.
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    Give me J.J. Nelson(I'll need to replace Evans at WR), Chris Carson (I'm a Seahawks homer) and a fidget spinner and Evans is yours. But is has to be one of the fidget spinners with Seahawks colors.
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    I"m sorry, snowflakes can't have playdough as they can choke on it.
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    Don't forget the play dough and puppy dog videos.
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    I see that they play in Wembley Stadium early Sunday morning. It's a Sunday game, but it must be excluded from the other Sunday game players. They probably want entries coming in right up until noon.
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    lol, you couldn't be more wrong. Puzzle? Seriously? Too hard. They do coloring books and they don't have to stay inside the lines.
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    Was supposed to be the strong point of the team, has not looked that good so far. They are not getting enough pressure, they cannot stop the run, and their secondary is very young and inexperienced. They've been using Peppers at safety and lining him up 20-25 yards off the line and reacting, but that isn't creating much. I see the appeal playing the crappy Colts this week, then the Bengals. But I'd think there are better options out there. PS Myles Garrett is not expected back this week, but its still early.
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    Best: Breakfast tacos and margaritas Worst: TNF
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    Howard Jordan?...was he the baritone in Backstreet Boys?
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    Wow that was a lot of stuff going on there. I didn't like his effort period. Matter of fact, there was zero sign of an effort. And yeah, I said it. Glad to see you care though...that's inspiring.
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    first year playing fantasy football?
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    Numerous teams passed on him as a free agent so not sure why they'd want to give up a draft pick (even a late one) for AP.
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    VJ might be a rookie coach, but he had the balls and courage to assemble the best offensive staff in the league.
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    they just showed some prices on food items. i believe free refills on beverages also. blank wanted to keep them reasonable for all events. very cool!
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    He should have retired right on the field after that catch
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    Ajayi top 5? Three games of 200 then an awful lot of mediocrity. I'll take someone with the same season totals that's more consistent like Gordon any day.
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    This. Don't cry because you personally wouldn't have accepted the trade or because you don't want the guy with Julio Jones to "get even better". That's dumb.
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    The more I think about it I think its time to sell Howard while he still has value. Im talking about ppr btw. He wont be the work horse anymore with Cohen taking about 8 carries a game. You can also take away all of Howards pass catching work and then some. Cohen is just the guy to have in that team. Howard at least in a ppr league could be a TD dependent RB3 . The offense isn't good enough to bump him up. As far as Mixon that just a risk. He has not looked fantastic with the work he has been given opefully the OC change helps because I have him in 2 leagues. For me its worth the risk.
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    Kyle Shanahan, Rick Santorum.....separated at birth?
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    To me, it all depends on how you are looking at it. For the next 2 weeks, I'd rather have Abdullah For the next 2 months, it's kind of a toss up and I'd lean towards Henry For the next 2 years, I'd rather have Henry. Once he gets out from behind Murray, I expect big things from Henry
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    I'd start Kupp against a banged up SF secondary
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    It will be interesting to see if Carolina can keep it up without Olsen. Detroit has a brutal first half schedule but I give them a lot of credit so far! I might even go as far as predicting them to win this week. I agree Baltimore is the worst.
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    Maclin is the best of that list followed by Hurns
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    I'd take the Broncos' ownership, management and coaching over what Jerry Jones has been pushing for the last 20 years any day.
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    I'd grab Siemian. He has played well and I'm not super high on Cam especially with him not running like old Cam, and his shoulder isn't as "fine" as they're letting on.
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    I would like to know who your other RBs are. Yes Mixon is on a terrible team right now and Martin is suspended but all in all, I think you would come ahead. The Texans are not looking very good and Martin only has 3 games left on his suspension.
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    Whitehead is having a great game so far. I love to see it. I tried to sell him off this off-season and nobody would bite. Sometimes, the best trades are the ones you don't make.
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    I would definitely do it, guys falling into recency bias hard and you'd be getting possibly the best RB in the game. If you do accept, absolutely make the parameters known to at least the commish if not the entire league
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    I would pick up Henry for TE -- I think now that gates got his td we will see a lot more of him. With that kind of depth on waivers I wouldn't be uncomfortable dropping hopper for him. If you don't like him Fleener has done all right even tho he is bad at football. Rivers or Siemen for qb -- or you could add both and drop cam.
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    Denver's Defense has been good for a while now. They have the best CB in football and a solid line. Our Coach of the year has not just lost his mojo in one game. Sure we are getting whipped today but that's how the NFL goes sometimes. You should know that by now.
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    haha, didn't even notice that. Yeah......he's that good
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    If its PPR i may put Kupp in for Carson
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    Agree with this. Cousins low-end QB1 Goff mid-low QB2 this week. Flacco not 100% yet.
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    I heard Cam was gimpy. I'd probably go with him at home against a offensively weak Buffalo team with a decent defense. Tough call. Cousins is going the long trip to LA and that defense is pretty good. The Redskins will be gearing up to win though after last week so Cousins should be slinging it. I'd lean Cam. Help me with mine?
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    I like Jarvis Landry more than Emmanuel Sanders at Flex
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    If you get Rodgers I would be starting him over those other choices yes! 12 Team - I like Cohen this week. --- BTW why do both teams look very similar? Are you targeting the same players in all your drafts?lol
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    Well OL issues aside, yeah it is. 100% warranted.