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    I think if Jason Garrett walked in on his wife with another man that he would stand there and clap enthusiastically....think about it.
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    I believe you're referring to the "All 22" footage, which is completely different than what we saw on TNF.
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    Ohhh, that's a tough one. I'd lean towards starting Darkwa. Yeldon will be in a timeshare and if the Jags are winning, I can see Ivory on the field allot. The only way Yeldon succeeds is if they are behind................and that's not likely against Cleveland. Perine is not even a thought when you have Yeldon and Darkwa
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    Report to who? The collusion police?
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    To me, Philly made the adjustments at halftime and Dallas didn't. The coaching staff is piss-poor.....
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    What if she wanted a McFlurry and you just wanted a little apple pie?
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    your last name wouldn't be, Peterman, would it?
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    Maybe Reid should let Smith throw the ball instead of his TE and WR
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    It's evident how talented he is. The issue/concern owners are having is his baffling usage. The ways and times Andy Reid used him became more and more bizarre as the season progressed. You can't really tell by simply looking at the box scores (except their last game where he only had 9 carries). I can tell you this, even though I think Kareem Hunt is just as talented as David Johnson, I will keep Johnson over Hunt in a keeper league and it isn't even a close decision despite the fact that Hunt is in a much better offense. The Cardinals use Johnson much more. Maybe this conversation happened during the bye week- Assistant Coach- "Hey Andy, have you noticed that we tend to win when we lean heavily on Kareem Hunt and we tend to lose when we don't?" Andy Reid- "Hmm. Is this true? Hey, pass me a donut, yeah the big one there with sprinkles". Assistant Coach- "Yes it's indeed true. The only reason Alex is having such a good year is because of this sensational rookie". Andy Reid- "Hmm. I was thinking Alex was just a late bloomer." "Dammit now I have sprinkles on my shirt". Assistant Coach- "Here let me get that for you". "Yeah, we should probably find more ways to get Kareem the ball in open space and actually use him on the goal line". Andy Reid- "Hmm. You mean we should use this kid like other coaches use talented RBs"? Assistant Coach- "Yes". Andy Reid- "Pass me another donut". Assistant Coach- Stares Andy Reid- "FINE then, we will use him more, just give me another damned donut"!
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    Wait what? There are leagues you don't pay for until the end? And people still think they can pull crap like these trades? I would be bailing on that league right now. The commish has already demonstrated you're not going to get a fair shake, what makes you think you'll get any money even if you do win it? Hell guys making those trades probably have no intention of paying. Do you know these people at all?
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    The Chiefs have Smith under contract for one more year at $17 million. It would be hard to replace a proven commodity like Smith for an unproven commodity like Mahomes. Smith is still leading the league in passer rating, interception percentage, and average yards per attempt. Any quarterback can have a down game or two. And Smith has had a couple of mediocre games but not a truly bad game. There would be nothing wrong with having Mahomes sit on the bench for another year. The Chiefs are a Super Bowl contender. No matter how much potential Mahomes is showing in practice, pinning your Super Bowl hopes on a first year starter is a hugh gamble.
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    What is up with Mariota? He looked primed to enter elite status this year. Instead, he is worse than his rookie year.
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    Soo many people refer to their keeper leagues as dynasty leagues. Even most beefed up keeper leagues are no where near the same ball park IMO...but its the only thing I can come up with for some of the dynasty posts you see out there.
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    Jones, Johnson, Smith and Williams would all be good adds... LMAO
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    Tyrod has been more than solid but he'll never be elite. With this being the first year of a new regime, they probably don't care if they make the playoffs or not. They will be a one-and-done team if they do squeak in. Starting Peterman is win-win. If Peterman does well, they'll know they have their quarterback of the future. If he sucks, they'll have a higher first round pick from losing more games and they'll know to try to get one of the blue chip quarterbacks in the draft. They even stockpiled first and second round picks with the Mahomes and Watkins trades that they can use to move up in the first round. Fantasywise, I think this could help Kelvin. Tyrod hasn't ever put up big passing stats. And Tyrod is not a quarterback who throws into coverage. He has the lowest interception rate in NFL history (though he doesn't have enough attempts to officially qualify). When his receivers are covered, Tyrod runs. Kelvin needs a quarterback that will throw into coverage. Kelvin is a big target that doesn't get huge separation. In fact, he ranked as the worst receiver in the NFL last year at getting separation averaging only 1.8 yards of separation on his targets. Peterman is an accurate thrower who can better throw into coverage.
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    That's BS. The whole team underperformed. Bench that whole defense for giving up 300 rushing yards and 6TDs.
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    It's MariOHta, not MarioTAH.
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    I don't think it matters who they have at RB...it's the Wilson show
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    I was hoping is was not this type of thread ...sigh
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    I think we're also forgetting the damage this could do to Peterman.
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    I can't believe that NYG won KC had an extra week to prepare.
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    I’m glad I traded Fournette. If I remember correctly his heart and desire to play was in question at LSU as well and people kind of wrote that off saying when he’s paid it will be different. Now he’s missing curfew, missing team photos, benched at the end of last game, a report came out about him not wanting to play in the Cleveland cold, and then he’s injured...the guy seems to have lost some will to play
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    Not sure how you can sell high on Freeman. He's underperformed in almost every single game and now is under concussion protocol and will miss at least a week. Trust me. I Own him on my roster lol. My only option is to stick with him and hope he turns it around come playoff time. Decent list though
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    Denver has been giving it up to TE and they're sort of the Giants of the West in that regard. IDK but I think I'd go Kroft. If the Bungals were against anyone else, I'd go Rudolph probably. The Rams are no slouch defensively. They're the 9th best defense presently. I think Thielen has a good matchup from the slot but I think Diggs and Rudolph will have it tougher. As Cablejacks said, Rudolph has 39 targets over the last 4 games so it's basically # of targets vs. very good matchup. I like the matchup because A.J. Green will be covered big time so Dalton will need to go elsewhere and will probably need to check it down often.
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    You've got a dream of Bryant breaking out and cannot accept it won't be happening. You can say the coaches are idiots and not using him right but that isn't going to change reality. As far as the guys arguing with you, funny you leave out the knowledgeable Steelers fan.
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    Not much you can do, that is just unlucky Bub
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    I'd try Darkwa instead of drake. Still good value for the other guy if he needs a rb
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    Sorry, that's not the world we live in at this point. "Smarter" has nothing to do with anything in the public sphere at this stage.
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    I think I'm going to move Fournette to the bench. Can't take the risk of him not playing at all. Did he practice today?
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    In 5 NFL seasons Jordan Reed: -52 games (80 possible) 65% -275 catches (5 per game) -2813 yards (54 per game) -4 100 yard games (8%) -11 games over 75 yards (21%) -29 games under 50 yards (56%) -22 TDs, only scored in 15 games so 7 games he had multiple TDs -6 games with at least 75 yards and a TD So a per game average across his career is 5-54-.4 for an average of roughly 11 ppg in a full PPR I have never understood the Jordan Reed hype. hes a TE thats maybe going to average you 110 points per season, and those are pretty much boom or bust points. He has more 2 TD games than games over 75 with a TD, and those still come at a 13% pace so twice a season. I would rather Benjamin Watson, hes on pace for more than 110 points this year and hes getting them at a 7-12 point per week pace
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    Glover Quinn said last week the Browns field a better collective group of athletes than 24 of 32 NFL teams, and that was after the game. Now we just need them to get all their s*it together collectively and maybe think about a .500 team soon...like in 2 years
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    Ajayi and AP. I'm not a fan of Crowell.
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    I wouldn't play Bryant. Who to plug in, that's a tossup in my mind.
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    I got Hunt in the 11th of my local league this year and then traded him straight up for Antonio Brown after week 4
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    sometimes that works out well too.
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    I can't comment on Peteman as I've not seen him since his college days at Pitt but just felt Tyrod hasn't played badly enough to warrant being benched. If Peterman turns out to be a lot better then I guess it'll be more understandable.
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    Parker has the highest upside to me, since TB has 0 pass rush.
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    When Skip Hicks was supposed to be all the rage in D.C., I spent a last round pick in two leagues on some dude named Stephen Davis. He happened to score 17 TDs that year. I cashed two championship checks.
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    Trent Green went out; some bagger named Kurt Warner came in. Last round guy. Championship.
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    Turn it off after 1 possession lol?