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    They can't find a good landscaper in Mexico? That's strange.
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    There's a huge difference in a league specifically allowing something and owners taking advantage of there not being a rule against it or abusing league software setup or loopholes. I'd never want to "win" that way and I wouldn't want to be in a league with any owner who would.
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    I'm not going anywhere I might have been a tad in the bag when I started this thread.
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    It's semi-fair if it's for one of them, not both. It's not fair for both. It's really the leagues fault for putting such a late trade deadline. Julio is probably a 1st rounder tho. Thielen was definitely later than a 2nd rounder this year but will be a 1st or 2nd rounder next year.
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    with how shallow the position is, did TEN simply face crappy TEs except for Ertz? Any of the other TEs as good as IND's?
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    As a Graham owner, I hate him. I'd go Ebron.
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    smith didnt come up with that..its already been mentioned by several writers/reporters....smith sucks....hes just regurgitating trust me
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    his official title will be, "browns informant"
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    I didn't understand why he was cut by Denver either. I really liked him.
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    This is a strange cut. I bet he was being whiny about his lack of involvement. I could see Belichick signing him.
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    Are you a Mod Steve?
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    Jax isn't nearly as strong as last year, and Ben tends to blow up, but Rivers is a really solid play. I'd say Rivers is the safer play, but Been has a higher ceiling.
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    I'd lean towards Woods as well.
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    Woods in a wild west shootout
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    I agree. Try to package for a WR. You may even open a spot where you could grab Brieda in that case from a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2.
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    Mixon is iffy keel Cook pick up Anthony Miller
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    That's a good question and makes projecting him difficult every week because I keep expecting him to turn into the every down guy.
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    I'm leaning Reynolds and Doctson. Doctson is a very talented wr when healthy and Reynolds will be the guy overlooked first game replacing Kupp. Goff will take a shot or two at him deep. High risk high reward. Trequan is somehow invisible? Can't figure that one out. Jacksonville wr's....#$%& it. No way to predict that.
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    yup....i agree.....it doesnt concern most guys....it only concerns guys when they get put in that situation..and like you said ..its a verrrrry small percentage
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    Boyd, Lindsay or Brown is your starting point
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    wow! Looks like the the caravan went through there.
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    It's a gamble but one you can obviously afford to take.
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    One reason for optimism for Ebron is that they are maybe limiting his snaps because they want him to be fully healthy. He probably leads the league in number of different injury designations. He has been listed as having his ankle, knee, shin, quad and shoulder injuries this season. It is possible for both Ebron and Doyle to get 70%+ snaps.
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    Cincinnati deserves so so much better. How is Marvin Lewis employed?
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    I guarantee they are. This is just a distraction from what is unfolding.
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    If you have Ebron you'd be crazy to bench him, who else would you play over him now? He's had 2 weeks without a TD, those are his 2 low scores (about 3 points on yardage, no PPR in my league). He was scoring TDs in the first 2 weeks while Doyle was active. And continues to score them now.
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    No, next game is HUGH for the division.
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    It's too late to look for the Jax defense.
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    No way u can sit Brees for Luck. Even though Luck is having a great year
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    Fitz and Drake...Fits usage last game was really encouraging.
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    Scoring? I'd go Richard. Ekeler's touches have been diminishing.
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    Swing and miss on that, been a paying member for 10+ years, forum member for 7. Dude wants to quite, he can ride iff into the sunset. No need to fish for pity on an fantasy football forum. Bye Felicia.
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    That won't get vetoed
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    I think that's an easy win for you, especially if it's ppr. If it's standard, it's more even.
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    At minimal, you can trade one of your RB1s for another WR1. You're getting the best player in the deal and you can start him. I can see if he went to your bench, but he's not.
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    i think I would enjoy that way way way more than steve would. Every season would end with a clif-hanger of steve having a heart attack or a stroke and would we be renewed?
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    Huh. Wasn't there a Huddler named Big Red?
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    No, not crazy at all. You have 6 good options. Evans did get 10 targets last week just they were not connecting. Do whatever you like on this one, you have a lot of guys that are close and a good case can be made for Boyd as well. If you like Boyd, start him instead of Mack, or start him in front of Evans if you want. It's just that Evans has more track record and is likely to be the usual play. It's not a huge difference though.