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    Broncos | Big role for DaeSean Hamilton? Sat, 16 Jun 2018 20:43:16 -0700 Denver Broncos WR DaeSean Hamiltonshould "play plenty" this season, according to Jeff Legwold of ESPN.com.
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    Perhaps a subscription to www.thehuddle.com could help him
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    Outside of Evans, no one else there should be considered vested.
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    For the right price, I will unleash my bot army to lend as much credibility as he needs! ...well, my bot army of one, that is.
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    Keep JuJu. I like Cohen in PPR and think Mike Williams ends up as a decent WR3 in PPR formats but would much rather have JuJu. You do need RB help, but in your case I'd try dealing 2.16 and Sanders for a RB. Just a thought. Edit: See if the guy would bite on a deal for Cohen alone. If he's in need of a WR, offer Sanders and the 2.16. Never know.
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    I prefer the JuJu side on this. Mike Williams is talented but as long as Keenan Allen is there he will never be better than the #2 option at best, and who knows what the situation will be at QB once Rivers moves on, so looking at a very murky long term situation for him. Cohen also likely never an everydown back so he just adds in as similar value to the guys you already have with maybe a little more of the high reward/high risk type play. Ross also has some potential if he can stay healthy, but also is not likely to ever be a #1 WR, as he is a true speed WR that, like Cohen, will usually be a boom/bust type play for the foreseeable future. The 2.16 rookie pick is not of much value assuming non-IDP, but I'd still prefer to have JuJu over the other 3 players combined. Yes, he is behind Brown on the depth chart, but the offense virtually assures of him of top 20 production, and Brown is turning 30 this year and likely going to start to see a slide sooner rather than later while JuJu is only going to be 22 midway through the season.
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    And Owens is wondering why he wasn't a first ballot HOF'r. And bitching and whining that it took this long (3yrs lol) to get in. Well....he just answered his own question. Countdown until NFL films does a reboot of "A Football Life - Terrell Owens" crying and expressing regret and remorse for not attending the ceremony.
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    I'm apt to believe that the player we saw in college and in his first two years in the NFL is the real Amari Cooper and that last year is the aberration. Derek Carr said that Amari played on one foot last year. That makes more sense than him suddenly being bad after being so consistently good. He is not overvalued at his adp of 38.55.
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    when word gets out about him and how the rookie isn't a real NFL RB, Barber's ADP will climb fast.
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    i was very disappointed when DEN considered him before he signed with NOS. How the heck can people get upset about players kneeling, but want a child abuser on their team? Friends were surprised when I said I wanted DEN to get Richie Incognito. As far as I know, the guy is just a jerk, but hasn't hit or hurt anyone, that i know of.
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    over/under he get's suspended this year