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    So romo was elite. Finally, this board makes some sense. He dealt with injury as well in those 4 years. Even a decent passing qb will make dez relevant again. I love the heart dak has , but he cant throw deep. I was one of the few people that felt we were better off with romo. I agreed it was going to be hard to sit dak after what he did in romos absence, but i knew romo was head and shoulders above as far as a passer.
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    Out of Rosen, Mayfield, Darnold, Jackson and Allen, 4 of those guys will be franchise quarterbacks and be in the league 15 years. The Browns will choose the 1 who is not.
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    I tried this on Madden. It didn't end well!
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    Really? There is a difference between what should happen and what will. Mayfield is a proven winner and the most pro-ready guy in the draft. There are enough QB needy teams that someone will look beyond his height.
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    If I were playing the Cowboys this year, i wouldn't even field a secondary. I would just put every eligible person on the line to stop zeke.
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    Who was slated to be starting QB in WAS when they made that move? Did they have somebody, or was it almost certain to be the top rookie? Browns have Tyrod Taylor, not great but good enough for now. My concern, no matter which QB they take that guy flops, for a mutlitude of reasons including lack of good talent around them, good coaching, or just shear dumb luck. But we won't know for a year, since whoever they draft is set to sit and learn, and not play. If they end up playing them early they're going to look foolish after saying they won't play in year one. PS :Dorsey also said he was considering offers for the #1 pick, does that mean it will happen?
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    I know who she is and wasn't trying to imply what she said is the gospel. As someone who holds the 1.01 in a dynasty league, I hope the Giants take Barkley at 2. Duke Johnson is an underrated back who is extremely adept at the "pass catching back" role, and think Hyde will be solid as their "starter".
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    From what I have seen the #1 going for in dynasties, I don't think you are even in the ball park with that offer and run the risk of him just ignoring you from here on out. You are offering up a bunch of scraps for what many consider to be the best lock in many years as a dynasty #1 pick.
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    Since no other team has selected, the Browns rush to the podium with the draft card and take Bradley Chubb, DE NC State
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    I'm not talking about last year Duh
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    Well, the Rams don't have a pick until the 3.23 but have 3 4th rounders. This isn't a very deep draft but I like the OL/LB prospects the Rams could get that late. And yeah....not since Warner have the Rams been relevant lol. I'm mostly interested in where the WR's go and the schemes the LB's are drafted into.
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    Free league hosting site, not free league. I think we've using yahoo for about 8 or 9 yrs, never needed customer service that I can remember
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    I think all the outlets are quoting one article from The Ringer. The reporter asked several Browns' front office people if they had considered drafting 2 quarterbacks. Any front office person doing their due diligence would at least consider it. The article doesn't name the front office people who said they considered it. But I think you're right. If they can actually convince other general managers that they might draft a second quarterback, then the value of the pick goes up for trade purposes. Here is the article from The Ringer: http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/nfl-draft-2018-browns-quarterback-sam-darnold-josh-allen-picks-stats/1cuypi97e8wxe13jplgo41klnf Personally, I would use both picks on a quarterback. It would create controversy and competition. If a quarterback can't handle the controversy and competition, then they aren't NFL caliber. A true NFL quarterback will thrive in those conditions.
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    I approve of this thread.
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    Depending on where Dez signs, you will see. I am right here.
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    He also said he would be willing to move up from the 5 spot. And that he would pick the best player available if he chooses at the 5 spot. He basically said nothing.
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    Stud. First Round Stud
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    Vrabel is also the most unqualified head coach in the NFL right now. I think this offense takes a huge step back this year, even though last year wasn't great either.
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    https://www.fantasyguru.com/articles/yards-created-2018-rb-class-rankings Good stuff.
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    he'd have success there, but I'll predict he winds up in Dallas.
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    conditioning, illness and injuries have derailed him. He wasn't worth the money that DEN matched from Miami's offer and Elway screwed up not assigning a 2nd round tender. He was never worth that money, but he is a good overall RB and a good team mate, so if they didn't ask him to take a pay cut, then they screwed up... again.
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    another Elway failure
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    https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/BOI I like "bunch of idiots"
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    David Carr....what could have been if he wasn't sacked into oblivion. Think he was way more gifted and talented than his overpaid brother.
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    Moving from Cooks thread:
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    hardware? they have their own hardware? Isn't it cheaper to use Amazon's cloud? Doesn't Netflix use amazon?
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    Lol defensive much
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    FWIW, no way Barkley is available at 1.4
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    And the real point is... How can anyone say that the data suggests drafting a rb in top 5 is a bad idea? ... When the same can be said for qbs
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    I guarantee that mr9 put wentz in parenthesis exactly floor that reason. Was that not clear?
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    I think it was miscommunication. I think mr9 was saying that flacco was the most recent QB to be a 1st round pick who won the SB. In other words, out of the 27 QBs drafted in the 1st*, only one of them won it all. * EDIT: in the past 10 years.
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    don't draft a QB in the top five ever and he's why: trubisky goff wentz winston bortles luck newton RG3 sam bradford matt ryan matthew stafford mark sanchez JaMarcus Russell vince young alex smith philip rivers carson palmer david carr joey harrington michael vick Tim Couch donovan mcnabb akili smith ryan leaf steve mcnair kerry collins heath shuler drew bledsoe rick mirer jeff george Vinny Testaverde how many superbowls have they won? In the past 30 years, out of 34 QBs drafted in the top five picks, only three (manning, manning, and aikman) have won a superbowl.
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    i'm reading some of that nonsense, just wow... he talks like championships are won or lost by one guy on the team. Even Michael Jordan had a quality group of guys around him. Should Dan Marino be removed from the HoF? Also, as someone who has master's level classes in statistics, econometrics, modeling... I know just enough to say that guy couldn't crunch data to get a straight line between two points.
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    nonsense. I could post all kinds of noise about the loser QBs selected at the top of the draft.
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    I agree. So value there. I think a 3rd for tyrod is value too. Getting something for Kizer was great. I'd like to see CLE trade #4 to BUF for LT Cordy Glenn, picks #21, #22, and BUF's next year's first, so BUF can get their QB of the future. Then CLE drafts Lamar Jackson with #22, who I think would pair well with Tyrod and give Lamar a year. I say pick #22 cuz it's funny when you consider the last three QBs CLE took at #22.
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    i hear ya. I was born in Miami. I remember when garo yepremian walked into a restaurant in the mid-1970s and everyone wanted to shake his hand. I was a child, but it was cool. I stopped being a fan when Joe Robbie died and the team went to poop. Maybe I was too much of a fan of Don Shula, or maybe it was when Jimmy Johnson wanted to win so badly that he brought criminals to S.FL. to play and didn't care that they literally committed crimes in our town. A once proud franchise.
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    yea! I'm legit happy for Browns fans. The turning point was March 9, 2018
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    right, but CLE isn't the problem. I'm suggesting that Landry was the problem with working out a contract with potential teams. Otherwise, why did MIA rush to get rid of him for so cheap? Surely ALL of you agree that he's worth more than a 4th?
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    since the deal was 2018 4th and 2019 7th, I'm guessing that Landry was being difficult in the process and not agreeing to a new deal with teams, eg. Chicago, since CLE hasn't worked out a new deal and Landry might play on the tag this year.