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    I tell the story without him in it all the time.
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    The Victory Pants were retired after the Royals won the World Series in 2015. There they are: framed in glass on the wall in my garage, next to my other sports memorabilia. Underneath is a small hammer with a sign: "Break Only In Case of Emergency" This may be that time.
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    This game had nothing to do with offensive weapons, or lack thereof. SF dominated in the trenches, just like they did last week. Only difference is GB has a slightly better line than MIN (and Cousins is no Rodgers, obviously). But, let’s be real.... both games were over by the half. Heck.... this one was over midway through the 2nd quarter. The Niners’ O-Line makes Coleman look like a star one week, and Mostert the next. And their D makes better than average offenses look pretty mediocre. Should be interesting to watch what is very clearly the best offense go against the best defense. Usually, when push comes to shove, the defense prevails in those situations. But, Mahomes is pretty special. Looking forward to it. And, yeah, Rodgers is still pretty good. He makes throws every week that only a handful of guys could make. Again, the SF defense makes studs look pretty blah. Let’s not forget that they weren’t at full strength when they gave up 30+ to NOS. Nor were they in either SEA game. Much difference team with Dee Ford, Kwon, etc. Between their D and O-Line, Jimmy G doesn’t have to do much. Game manager might be an understatement.
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    Should be a great game. I am surprised to see that the over/under for total TD's in this game is 3.5. I'd take the over on that all day. I'm pulling for KC for a few reasons. Can't help but pull for Reid, have family in KC, and part of it might be just a Midwest thing. Not to mention, there are a lot of people here in SoCal who pull for anything "West Coast," and I have a tendency to cheer for the underdog (or against what the majority is pulling for). Don't particularly care for bandwagon fans, and the bottom half of CA is full of them. Probably why they've never been able to sustain a pro team, much less two. When things go sour, people go find something else to do. Speaking of underdogs, I certainly do not see the Niners as the underdog in this game. To me, they are the more impressive team, in terms of what they've done coming into this matchup. Their D is legit. Ohter than the second CB, there are no weaknesses. And, as much as I don't really like Sherman, he's still very good. Good enough, anyway, that opposing QB's (even the best) tend to not throw his way as much as possible. I do agree that he's not fast enough to keep up with Hill, so that may be a concern, but we'll see. Another thing about SF. They are seasoned. Toughest second half of the season in the league, and they got through a big chunk of it with major missing pieces. Still managed to grab the 1-seed (albeit barely). Then, went on to absolutely throttle MIN and GB. Meanwhile, KC trailed big in both of their two playoff games. Ended up winning both convincingly, but it wasn't pure domination from the start like it was for SF. Not sure that means anything, but SF just feels like they're on a mission. There's no letting up with them. KC, meanwhile, had better not get too comfortable coming from behind... If they get down big to SF, I don't see them coming back in the same fashion that they have the past two weeks. I look at it like this. The SF defense and KC offense are arguably both the best in the league. But, SF has a dominant offense as well. The Chiefs' defense is average. Eye test, statistically, or whatever form of measurement you want to use. They're better than past years (when they were ranked 30+), but they're still middle of the pack. Coaching and special teams, you can make an argument for either side. Reid has the experience. Shanahan has the pedigree. Butker is great, but Gould isn't bad himself. And, as much as I love the speed of the Chiefs, that James guy is pretty fast also. So, it comes down to which defense can make the opposing offense the most uncomfortable. And, as much as I would like KC to win this game, I can envision SF's defense dominating this game much easier than I can imagine the KC defense stopping the Niners rushing attack. All of that said, Mahomes is special. And Jimmy G isn't. Big edge for KC there. That's not to say that Jimmy isn't talented, but as much as I wouldn't want to be behind in this game if I"m KC, I could say the same about SF. Man, this is a tough one to call. I think that is what it comes down to. Which team will win... the one with the best player on the planet with the average defense, or the team that is REALLY good on both sides of the ball, but has an average QB.
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    Pump the brakes on the disrespect card a bit. I'm seeing the Vegas line at pickem to -1 with public money nearly 50/50. The main points I hear repeated is that while KC has the decided edge at QB; San Fran is the better all around team. So far this truly seems like a SB where there is no consensus on who is going to win.
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    Not sure where the 9ers homer goggles comment is coming from. I’ve seen nothing on here of actual knowledgeable 9er fans being anything but optimistic about a pretty darn good team. I do think they have a great shot to win but KC has a great shot as well they are a dynamic offensive juggernaut. And as far as the Sherman thing it seems like you may have the anti-Sherman goggles on. As you have stated you can’t stand him and in YOUR OPINION he’s not a very good CB. I’ve watched every second of every niner game this year and as BB stated he’s no spring chicken anymore but more than holds his own as a very solid CB. There’s a reason QBs don’t throw his way often and when they do they have a 48 QBR. I’m excited for the chance to win the big one again and am really glad that most everyone I’ve talked to already has KC raising the Lombardi... love being the underdog it only gives you room to go up! Not many expect them to beat mahomes and co. It has really been a year of proving themselves worthy week in and week out! So why the hell not go be special one more week in the big one! Hi Bier! I’ll be having a beer in spirit with you during the game as we did when we watched the niners playoff game years ago at my house! ( And FYI as CD said Mikes hair is glorious) Good Luck CD! And if it was any other year I’d be rooting for you as I really like KC and Reid! Should be a good one but I hope you piss your victory pants! Let Go Niners!!
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    Meh. Cousins is what he is. A very accurate passer when given the time to throw. He doesn't handle pressure well. There are two ways to fix that... Either protect him more, or replace him with a better QB. I'd argue that the first option is much easier than the second. Neither are "easy," but the Vikings have failed to put adequate resources towards upgrading their O-Line for years. It was a problem 3-4 years ago with Bradford and Hill at QB. It was a problem with Keenum, and it's a problem now. Trying to "find" a better QB than a guy who is, at worst, average in terms of starting NFL QB's, is not easy to do. Half of the league is looking to find a better QB than what they have. And, most of THOSE teams would take Cousins in a heartbeat. Maybe not at the salary that he's being paid, but strictly in terms of talent. Cousins isn't one of the best QB's in the league, but he's certainly not one of the worst, either. And, frankly, he won more games for the Vikings than he lost. When you look at their losses (GBx2, CHIx2, SEA, SF in the playoffs), Cousins wasn't the primary issue in any of them. O-Line was a huge problem in most, if not all, of those games. Defense was a problem as well, at least at times. Play-calling was suspect on a few occasions (although I'd argue that some of that can also be attributed to what they were working with, offensive line wise). But, pass protection (or lack thereof) is the one true trend. And, I'm not talking lack of "great" pass protection. I'm talking give your QB more than 1-2 seconds to make a decision. I was on the fence about the Cousins signing when it happened. But he certainly is an upgrade over Keenum. Both QB's suffered embarassing playoff losses against teams with dominant pass rush defenses. The Vikings' potential is limited to "good but not great" until they improve the O-Line.
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    My assessment as an unbiased onlooker.... There are a lot more things that San Fran needs to do in order to win this game so I think you're right on that. I disagree with you on a few things. First, The WR assessment is a strong advantage in KC's favor, especially when considering D Williams out of the backfield. When Sammy Watkins is the 4th option, and your 5th option runs a 4.3/ 40, that is frightening. I would also argue that while San Fran's defense is better, I don't believe they have a strong edge in this particular matchup. The 9ers secondary is very vulnerable with the Chiefs speed at WR. The KC offensive line is ranked 4th in Pass protection this season so I don't see them being bullied by the 9ers d-line like we've seen. On the flip side, the 9ers o-line is ranked 15th in Pass pro, so the defensive line of KC could certainly swing the defensive battle a bit towards KC. KC's defense is greatly improved over the second half of the season. Honey Badger has been an absolute force, So again, I agree, overall, 9ers Def ha the edge BUT to me, in this particular matchup, its a slight edge. I also don't agree that the coaching edge is with San Fran. Lets not forget who designed the defense that shut down the 18-0 Patriots in 2007. Spags has a lot more weapons on this defense than he did back then. Chris Jones is a run stopping force and he came out of last weeks game without aggravation of his injury. 2 more weeks off will work wonders for him. Andy Reid is an absolute force coming off a bye week (17-3). People will argue he has had some late game management issues, that's somewhat fair but overblown in my opinion. If we are going to knock him for that, lets not forget who the OC was for the Falcons in that utter collapse vs NE a few years ago. Ultimately this should be a classic game. QB: Strong edge KCC RB: Strong edge SF WR: Strong edge KCC TE: Very slight edge to SF for Kittle's blocking (rec is a push) PK: Push ST: Edge KCC Defense: Edge SF Coaching: Edge KC 34-27 Chiefs
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    I think both brees/NOS, and rodgers/GBP are both still in great positions to make runs (and still have the skills to do it)... great #1 wrs, excellent rb options, better defenses than then have had in a while (and good defenses). both could use another wr. NFC is a battleground now with Min, Seattle, now SF is in the game, rams have a load of talent...
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    And somebody in another thread said they didn't think Brees or Rodgers were capable of "getting over the hump" anymore. Just shows how ridiculous a statement like that is.
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    Lets hope Jimmy Dilfer is up to the task
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    I always assumed Brady played for Vegas.
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    I agree I have actually found TMZ to be fairly accurate. Rip Kobe
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    TMZ may not have high ethics, but fhey actually have a good track record on accuracy. Odd side note, Kobe visited my old AAU basketball teammate 2 weeks ago in rural central WA. Guy's daughter is a highly ranked senior recruit and trained under Kobe in the summer. Kobe flew in with his daughter on his private jet to watch a girl's HS basketball game. Same daughter ln the helicopter apparently.
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    I have a thinking problem
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    I like the under on the prop bet of Kittle getting 6.5 receptions. I don't think the 49ers are going to get cute and go away from the run game. They have run the ball dominantly all season. Teams know it's coming and still can't stop it. Why change things up when it has worked brilliantly all year? And I don't think that their defense will allow them to fall far enough behind that they have to abandon the run. Kittle had more than 6.5 receptions 4 times out of 16 weeks this year including the playoffs (he missed 2 games). It should be noted that he had exactly 6 receptions on 6 occasions so he could have easily had 7 receptions a few more times. The Chiefs gave up more than 6.5 receptions to a tight end 1 time this year when they gave up 7 receptions to Darren Waller in week 13. They did give up 6 receptions on 3 occasions. So this year's history would indicate that Kittle isn't likely to get 7 receptions. And with how the 49ers have been gameplanning in the playoffs, it is highly unlikely that they pass enough for Kittle to have a big day unless they fall behind by a large margin which is not likely. I put his odds of getting more than 6.5 receptions at 23.7%.
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    The Huddle sheets have been updated, the numbers will be automatically drawn and revealed this Sunday night at about 6:30. Once the numbers are revealed I'll post both sheets here.
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    I don't think he touches the qbs of his generation.
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    Here's a full list of prop bets from Westgate William Hill. I don't do prop bets, and there are a ton of them here. The only one I kind of liked was the -300 on "will a team score 4 times straight". I don't see that happening. But it's still 3:1 so you need to wager 300 to win 100. They have the over at 54.5 in which case I think I'd take the under. 27 a side is pretty high scoring. https://lasvegassun.com/blogs/talking-points/2020/jan/23/full-list-super-bowl-54-prop-bets-superbook-willia/
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    La Femme d-Argent - Air
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    So true, the pain i felt when the Giants beat the pats. I was in complete disbelief and it was then i knew the game was fixed and super glue had been used.
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    HOF is for the history and the story of Pro Football. Can you tell that story of without Eli Manning ? I don't think so. 1 superbowl has been done by many. 2 superbowls is another level.
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    I think it's an interesting conversation, for sure. There was never a point in time where Eli would have been considered the best QB in the game. Probably not even top 3-4. So, the criteria of "was he one of the best in the game for a sustained period of time" doesn't really apply. That said, I do think multiple championships means something, not to mention multiple SB MVP's. Right or wrong, that carries a LOT of weight in the discussion. And, there is also something to be said for longevity... He's got all of the NYG career passing records, and is top 5-ish in many categories league-wide. Don't really care what his record was. There are plenty of NFL HOF'ers who played on perennial losing teams.
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    This is my favorite prop I do it every year for about the past 10 years and look for a long shot for a 1 yard plunge like a fullback. I did Redmond of the Steelers the first year I ever bet in it in the cardinals vs Steelers years back and got him at 35-1 put a 100 bucks down. And then the first score was a field goal and Redmond scores a td after that. I thought I had lost all the way till halftime and then my cousin who I was in Tahoe With said they circled Redmond on the board for first score. I thought it was just first score not first TD. And I went up and collected my 3500 bucks like a kid in a candy store.
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    No Fun - The Stooges
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    Cheers to that. The downfall of a forum or any other social media platform is you can't read someone's tone. Unless you really know someone, sarcasm is generally lost as well. Goes without saying, but if there were no passionate, die hard sports fans loyal to their team(s), watching sports would be blah. We love certain teams and we love to hate others. It's what makes it so enjoyable.
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    Montana Okoye Hearst Rice Rison Owens Taylor Gonzalez Anderson Chiefs I win! Honestly, my looks similar to yours except I'm left with garappolo as i started mahomes last week.
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    My problem has always been i drink and THINK i know things. Wishing you good luck Bier!
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    Was it this thread or another one, it was mentioned, when you lock onto something, right or wrong, you just don't let it go.
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    I dont have statistical information. He just doesn't pass the eye test for me. I just recall throughout these past few seasons seeing more highlights of him getting burnt than I do see of him making plays. I mean even during the Packers game the other day, I didn't watch the entire game cause I fell asleep - but I woke up and the next play Davante Adams burnt him for a 60 yard reception. And to his credit, yes, I did see Sherman's interception to end the game. I'm not going to take that away from him, but I will say that it was an overthrown ball. He's a smart player, and was in the right place to catch it. I saw he was in a Twitter battle with Revis the other day. I never really liked Revis, but dude had a point. Told Sherman to cover someone all game and then talk about how great he is. Instead of Sherman saying OK, you got me, he told Revis to enjoy watching him (Sherman) from his (Revis's) couch. Pretty stupid response if you ask me. Revis is retired, and it's not like Sherman is the reason the 49ers are in the superbowl. I just flat out don't like the guy. He's talented, but he's not the best in the game, not anywhere close in my opinion.
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    You sound like a scorned woman who just can't let it go.
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    1st off, leave it to an Eagles fan to talk smack about Andy Reid. Dude is a great coach. Coaches don't make plays, they just work to get the best out of their players. Dude is probably one of the best in the game to do that - way better than Chip Kelly was and a far step ahead of Doug Pederson. Don't knock the guy cause your GM didn't put together a solid enough team to take home the hardware when he was there. 2nd off, I see some pretty thick homer goggles from 49ers fans. Everyone still wants to talk up Richard Sherman. He still makes the occasional smart play, but dude gets burnt, a lot. If SF is smart, they will NOT put him on Tyreek Hill. And sure, SF has a solid pass rush. While talented, they're tasked with chasing down one of, if not the most mobile and elusive QBs in the game. They might get to him a time or two, but it won't be enough to disrupt his game. The reason SF will struggle is their lack of a sound passing game. Sure, the SF homers will try to tell me that Garoppolo is for real, and you have (a beat up) George Kittle, (an aging) Emanuel Sanders, and (a decent but raw rookie) in Samuel. You will talk up the run game too, but look what just happened a few days ago, not to mention Colemans separated shoulder. Tennessee has (well, had) the best run game in the NFL, and ask them how well that worked out for them against KC. Their passing game is also similar to that of SF. Just like they did with Tennessee, KC will make SF one dimensional, and that D line will eat up Garoppolo the entire 2nd half. It's going to be ugly. I don't want to take the wind out of the sails of the 49ers fans, and I do like to cheer for the underdog to which that would have me cheering for SF. That said, I really don't care who wins this game, and wouldn't be disappointed to see KC win either - all I want is a close game that comes down to the last drive. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening in this one.
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    Triangle Walks - Fever Ray
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    Yet he's still statistically better than the vast majority of quarterbacks in the league. Top ten in yards per game, #1 in completion percentage and top 3 QBR. The idea that a guy like Brees or Rodgers (notice you didn't say Brady) can't be a Superbowl caliber player is just completely ridiculous. BTW, Brees' QBR remained the same for passes over 20 yds and was actually higher for those over 30 yds and his parents rating was higher for each. Not throwing the ball deep has just as much to do with not having a viable player who can stretch the field as it did having the arm strength to get it there. Brees had never had the arm strength to chunk it 70 yds downfield, but here's still one of the most accurate beyond 20 to ever play the game.
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    Pretty sure we had nine inexplicable years of Garrett as a head coach to know he sucks. If the Giants improve, he will not be the reason.
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    He'll be back with the Pats, but this gives the talking heads something else to discuss for a few months.
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    Another state is another state . It doesn't pertain to you as you were born in Philly , but the Philly fans that live in Jersey aren't true homers
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    Most philly fans I know live in south jersey . With your premise , shouldn't you be rooting for teams that play in NJ if you live in NJ ? I view sports as entertainment . I understand people rooting for their home teams and I think that's great , but it isn't as if those teams are made up of guys from your home state . The NFL is an entertainment business . As I stated , my brother brainwashed me as a boy and I like all of the teams he likes. This includes suffering as an Orioles fan . Stevegrab is right. The Cowboys have tons of haters . I have friends who like insignificant teams that flood my social media page the literal second the Cowboys lose . Its a part of being a fan of Americas team . I have enjoyed their glory years and I have diehard supported them throughout this entire drought
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    Congrats! That defense is amazing. I hope they blast the Chiefs.
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    Are you the Captain of the Adam Humphries fan club or something?
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    I knew nothing of Stefanski or Saleh. And I still really don't. I did want McDaniels only because he's done it before, even though he didn't do well. I still think hiring the Coach before the GM is a dumb way of going about things.
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    I keep thinking this is about Myles...
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    Marvin Lewis > Mike McCarthy and i am not remotely kidding. These idiot owners deserve the mediocrity they get. How in the seven hells does Garrett land an OC job after driving what should have been an amazing Cowboys offense straight into a ditch?
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    The day is almost here. The "fans" will disperse like little rats in a fire very very soon.
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    This pist me off. What’s worse is Cory Littleton visited us at the rehab center last week (San Diego native) and I got to chat with him for a minute. He told me the Rams will probably let him walk via FA in order to keep Fowler. The Rams are making mistakes all over the board. Jalen Ramsey for 2 1st round picks and a massive salary??? Idiots