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    You know what they say, a hobby stops being fun when it becomes a job...
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    What you don't recognize uadialej? I thought that was a very common name everywhere.
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    I know Calvin is fairly young, but I believe his body was starting to break down. Pure speculation on my part but I would be shocked if he actually made a come back. I'm sure Lynch and the Raiders are telling him that he needs to join that team and come back but I just don't see this happening. Heck I'm not even sure Lynch is going to be similar to his former self this year either. This seems like not much more than a summer time discussion.
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    The difference is that in NE, that is the culture and the business model that every player knows coming in. And every player there that is presented with a proposed pay cut usually agrees. Cause they win SB's. Carolina does not have that pedigree to forcibly adopt that business model.
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    Bill Belichick, the gold standard of general managers, hardlines popular players time and time again. In fact, all good general managers hardline players on the downside of their careers. The difference in Carolina is Carolina's old players were divas and Jerry Richardson's attachment to his players. All popular players need to be let go at some point.
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    This is just another example of why the Redskins have not reached the NFCC game in 25 years and I doubt they do so as long as Snyder is around.
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    Or this is what happens when you have an idiot owner like Jerry Richardson. Steve Smith was old. He got cut. That isn't treating him like garbage. They tried to trade him and no other team wanted him at his contract price either. That's why he had to take a huge pay cut with the Ravens. But Steve Smith has a chip on his shoulder the size of Montana. Of course he would be offended. Thomas Davis will be 35 when he is a free agent next year. It is normal to let players that old play out their contract before re-signing them. It isn't treating him like garbage. Greg Olsen has 2 years left on a contract that doesn't even underpay him by much. You'd be hard-pressed to find an NFL team that would re-sign Olsen in this situation. Unnecessarily giving out big contracts to aged players because of "loyalty" is not a prescription for success in the NFL.
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    I do. I know it's off topic but NFL contracts suck for players - teams have all the leverage and can cut them any time. Agree there was a ton of guaranteed money here. On topic, I don't think he's coming back this season.
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    I don't sympathize with Calvin at all. He signed a mega-contract with $60 million guaranteed. If he wanted the option to play for another team, he shouldn't have signed a long-term contract. And he just sounds like a whiner when he complains about the Lions being so bad. The 0-16 year came before he signed his contract in 2012. In Calvin's last 3 years, the Lions won 7, 11, and 7 games. Not amazing, but not bad either. The Lions deserve compensation if he plays elsewhere.
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    Yep, no doubt Oak killed Denver's RDE the entire game and won by 10 pts. Not taking anything away from that at all. We won't mention how Denver made Oak look like a soccer team the last game of the season. I don't put any value on that. All I'm saying is that people are so desperate to have Den in massive rebuild mode it's funny. Glad to hear Oak picked up a KR and a retired RB. That should definitely put them over the top.
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    I love this statement! As a Bronco fan, I'm also a realist. The reality is that the oline was bad and the RDE was equally bad. Denver has done a ton of work to rectify these issues while not losing much. Did they fix the oline? I have no idea, but they certainly upgraded the talent. This team could easily win the AFC West next year with the changes they've made. QB was not the reason they fell apart. Although not spectacular, QB was adequate to win enough games to at least make the playoffs. That's why I love comments like these. You're really hoping that Denver has completely fallen apart and is in massive rebuild mode. Sorry to inform you that it's just not the case. We will see.
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    Lead/GL back vs CoP back, regardless of where in the round its still Crowell very easily. Unless something happens to Crowell or Freeman (aka injury), there is no reason to keep a 5-10 touch player over a 15-20 touch player.
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    A good general manager provides what an offensive or defensive coordinator asks. A bad general manager will impose his will and draft players that don't fit the scheme a coordinator is planning to use. Mike Shula probably asked for big receivers a couple of years ago so Gettleman drafted him a couple. If Funchess and Benjamin were better, it wouldn't be an issue. Now Shula is probably asking for the opposite. He probably asked for smaller, quick players for a short passing game most likely with the intention of keeping Newton healthy. Personally, I think they might be planning to use CMC and Samuel like the Packers used Ty Montgomery last year. Samuel might be a better running back than wide receiver. I don't think Newton will prosper with a short passing game. When he throws short, his arm goes in slow motion. A quick arm is necessary to be effective with short passes.
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    If you can get either of those RBs for Hopkins, run, don't walk to accept it. Most likely though you'll be asked to add more to your side to do it.
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    If anyone is email me bballa11395@aol.com too
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    This is a free unique 96 team 8 player pool redraft competition between 8 fantasy football boards. A member of each board will have a draft spot from 1 to 12 (pick your own spot) and can trade between any of the 8 drafts. The drafts are staggered over a couple of weeks, giving you the ability (if you have traded in) to pick players in the mid rounds before making your first round pick (or other fun possibilities) For more info, send me a message. Thanks
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    DeAngelo Williams says he is now willing to come back to the Panthers now that Gettleman is gone. So they've got that going for them.
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    So far just me and another. But had 12 people in a pool last year that I have yet to invite.
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    And why you fail, that is. Yes, hmmm. http://www.yodaspeak.co.uk/index.php
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    I'm not defending either side here. Hell I wish they would have cut or traded Stew years ago. But you can't hardline popular players time and time again and expect to keep your job. And why NE was brought into the conversation by another poster is laughable and bears zero relevance to this situation.
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    Why would they cut Olson and Davis? They neither need to cut them nor do they need to give them a new contract. Dave Gettleman inherited a team with huge salary cap problems. The previous regime unwisely paid over-the-hill players big money. Steve Smith was old and overpaid. They asked him to take a pay cut. He refused. He asked to be released. He ultimately received his pay cut in his new contract with the Ravens. NFL teams don't give 35-year-olds big money out of loyalty if they have any interest in winning. Steve Smith was paid very well by Carolina in his time there. In 2007, they gave him a huge new contract when he had 3 years left on his contract. He was always a player who they needed to keep happy because he would be a huge cancer if he was unhappy. DeAngelo Williams and Josh Norman are similar to Smith. They all play hard on the field but they are all prima donnas. The exit of these 3 players definitely made things easier in the locker room. Their influence on Cam Newton could not have been positive. And it's no surprise that all 3 players are all still whining.
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    Time for Jerry to find a guy to watch Zeke when he's away from the team and TRY to keep him out of trouble.
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    Johnson at $10 and Ajayi at $5 are too insanely cheap to not keep - Based on those prices alone, Zeke is extremely overpriced and you should likely let him go in this scenario. Jordy at $12 seems like a good deal, but Thomas at $5 is an even better deal for a WR with as much if not more upside and that is 8 years younger. If it were me, I'm going with your option 2 - Keeping Johnson, Ajayi and Thomas which locks me in with 3 young potential studs for a mere 13.5% of my cap, which then gives me a ton of cap room to add a couple other studs to the fold.
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    This - you have essentially voted to reset the league by going with no keepers, which means the league should be reset. Draft fresh this year with a clean slate for everybody, with more robust rules in place to hopefully prevent this kind of situation from reoccurring. One general rule that I think is good is that most rules adopted in keeper leagues that have a major affect on player values (scoring and keeper rules in particular come to mind) are not enacted until the season following the year they are adopted. For example, if you were not a PPR league but voted to become one, that would not go into effect until after this current season as teams were built under the current rules, and usually votes for things like scoring and keeper rules and made along the lines that are most beneficial to an individual and not to the league as a whole.
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    I guess giving 13yrs to a franchise while making 5 pro bowls and posting potential HOF numbers doesn't garner any kind of loyalty. Then he goes out and churns out a 1k yd season before injuries retired him 2yrs later. Being realistic is good business. Being a hardliner to dedicated, productive and extremely popular franchise players is not. So you are saying the potential of cutting Olson and Davis would have been ok cause its the better business decision. Ok
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    I'll be glad when the season starts.
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    or, this guy is a good GM and the owner, being a former player (respect) is too emotional towards his team... which is his right.
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    I don't do the deal for several reasons: 1. The difference between Gordon as a keeper (currently #9 overall ADP for PPR re-draft leagues according to MFL) and Mike Evans (currently #7 overall ADP for PPR re-draft leagues) is not that great, so you really are not improving your keeper situation, especially considering you are already very strong at WR, so you also aren't addressing an area of weakness. 2. You essentially are trading a 2nd and 4th round pick for a 5th and 10th round pick for the privilege of not really improving, and quite possible hurting, your keepers. Remember, you have to view the trade as you not only giving up those picks, but also Gordon. By not doing the trade, with the 2 WRs and Gordon as your keepers, you maintain a lot of flexibility to be able to draft best player available with your first picks. If you trade for another WR keeper, you essentially are forced to go RB with your first pick and no longer have a second rounder to address any other needs. I think it is way too steep of a price to not really improve your team.
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    I wouldn't have given Greg Olsen an extension either. He has 2 years left on his contract at $6.75 million per year. I wouldn't even consider giving an extension until next year and maybe not even then. I'm also not going to fault Gettleman for cutting a 35-year-old Steve Smith. The Josh Norman fiasco was a bit of a head-scratcher, though.
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    Hopefully this is a contract thing and not a why-the-hell-did-we-draft-McCaffrey issue.
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    lol... I'm going to guess there are rumors that Calvin wants to return and DET is doing this only to leverage more than a 6th round pick.
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    Crowell pretty easily at this point.
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    I have 2 spots in a 3 keeper idp auction league in it's second year
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    Or it could just be a wall of numbers from Keno.
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    Is pot legal in your state by chance?
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    Is it possible to win a league when your first drafted RB is in the 10th round ? Apparently ER and I wanted to test the theory last night in our draft. If that team wins the 250K grand prize we sure will have one hell of a story to tell.
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    There's a reason why the tried-and-true scoring styles have worked for so many for so long, with maybe a few tweaks here and there, as they are fairly simple and fun to play. When you make something so outlandish and complex that you need a couple of degrees in law and/or accounting to play it, it quickly becomes un-fun and most of the league will scatter to the wind.
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    ( with all due respect ) What does this have to do with the OP subject?
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    Lynch and Henry both have good offensive lines and god QB's, but Henry will be playing 2nd fiddle to Murray. Look what Latavius Murray did with the Raiders last year. Lynch all day. If Henry was the starter it might be a harder decision. Kielce can perform just like a WR2. Look how well Crowder did with Cousins last year, and Pryor is a better WR. They will throw a lot. Martavis is big and fast, with a god offense. I would probably give Pryor the slight edge over Martavis because Pryor will get more balls thrown to him (less mouths to feed and may be playing from behind more). In the end, it is your decision. There is never a sure thing. I have made some great picks, and some bad ones.
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    Denver's issue was Oline and Dline last year. QB was ok. Oline should be better this year and there is still a ton of talent in Denver this year. I'd be shocked if they weren't at the top or fighting for the top of the division this year.