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    I don't keep up with Tampa media anymore but it also seems weird that you get popped for PEDs and you go to rehab. I can't think of a PED, other than an amphetamine, that rehab would help for?
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    Am I the only one that would LOVE to see the Browns in the playoffs !
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    Hopeless no, but not somebody I would count on to be the future either. They need that bridge QB, and another draftee, be that in the top 5 picks or somewhere else, depends on who they like and where they think they can land him. Without doing both those things they're relying on Kizer for the future (no rookie taken) or Kizer+rookie to start this year (no vet bridge signed). If you watched the team play you could see it was more than just lack of talent around Kizer, he just seemed lost, unprepared, not careful with the ball, etc. I think Hue's offense contributed as well as he regularly gave up on the run when the score was still close. Then he'd want Kizer to get those big chunk plays he liked, resulting in many negative plays (sacks, picks, fumbles).
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    people are focused on "right now"? I think it's the "ship has sailed" part that should be of concern. I'm going to guess that means the doctors are NOT saying his shoulder is fine. I think it means the doctors are saying that it's not fine, but another surgery isn't going to help or change anything. I'm guessing that Luck is never going to return to his former ability. I bet that IND trades with DEN or something near pick 5-8 so that team can get saquon and IND drafts a qb
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    Or better yet, "you've been traded to the Browns"
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    it's probably not a real test. The doctor looks at the player and says, "test results back. you're pregnant." If they don't respond, then concussion.
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    big money free agent QBs are not going to happen here. They plan on addressing our QOTF in this draft and don't want to shell out money to both a rookie and a vet. not that any vet would want to come here but that's another story
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    I don't mind getting McCarron. Solder is getting up there in age, we definitely need to draft Offensive Linemen though I don't see any mocks addressing it. Would love Barkley and Minkah, as I've said before but don't mind a Guard there at 4.
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    What I feel like when I see McDaniel weasel face
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    Hopefully it will at least keep people from coming back too soon.
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    GB that trade. Not sure how Reich will work out but well worth trying over ahole McDbag.
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    Sexy. Jeans should be tucked into those socks, flaunt it if you got it!
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    I am about ready to cut ties with Devante Parker. He seems to me to be a guy who will never reach his potential.
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    I want to see Brady without Bill
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    that's probably their version of smelling salts?