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    I'm really having a difficult time continuing to be a fan of the NFL. I love the Saints, but when the league starts becoming so ridiculously unfair because of either completely incompetent or completely biased referees it's difficult to ever think that your team has a chance when ultimately the game can be so easily determined by bad calls. What's worse is it seems to be getting worse every season. I'm just so fed up with it.
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    Reminds me of the summer in colleges when I was mowing lawns for extra cash. An especially nice looking woman invited me in for a glass of tea. One thing led to another, and I find myself having sex with her bent over the kitchen table. Suddenly, we heard the front door open, and she said "That's my husband, quick try the back door!". So that's what I did. In retrospect, I should have run out the back, but you don't get an offer like that every day...
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    for the first time in years, i don't care. this post-season has sucked.
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    Please lord, no more Patriots. Please give us something new !!
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    It's unacceptable for the ref to miss BOTH the PI and the helmet to helmet hit on that play. I get that people say "one play does not decide the game" but in this instance, it did. The Saints could have run down the clock and kicked their winning FG as time expired. It changed everything. That simply can't happen in the NFL...
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    Yeah ho hum, Pats again. Then I hope Brady retires or sucks soon. Enough already.
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    It's one thing when refs hold the flags for both sides allowing hands checks and grabs. That happens a lot in the playoffs. This though was the single most egregious no call I've ever witnessed. You've seen my posts over the years. I'll complain about calls, but I have never claimed the outcome of the game was on the refs. All told, yes, Payton had some poor play calling and Brees was off on some of his throws. If they do a better job we probably have nothing to gripe about. The Saints didn't lose the game on that play, but they certainly deserved to win it on that play. As for the Chappy comment, you know me better than that. I'll be here, I just don't know how much my heart will be in the game any more.
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    Do you have a sloped forehead?
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    Good thing Reid was saving his timeouts. Even Romo was like you gotta give these guys a breather.
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    are you seriously giving those fans a hard time when it was one of the most offensive games called by referees ever? you're special.
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    I'm indifferent on the winner of this game, but this is complete BS! This game should be over.
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    How is this proof? The Saints have the 2nd ranked run defense and Kamara is having a solid game.
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    Wow, a rare good thread from Lone Star. I don't think we'll really know until we see him in another system.
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    I was saving Thomas, Kamara and Ingram. I won't be able to field 4 starting WR. Here is to hoping Josh Gordon gets reinstated before game time.
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    A New Orleans lawyer is suing the NFL to have Goddell overturn the call
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    I can't blame him. I'd be psssd to after that non-call.
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    Easy for Cowboy fans to say move on. #drewpearson
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    I know, we are having a conversation. I'm just talking hypothetically. I guess the real question is what can they do to hold them more accountable? Perhaps that does mean hiring them full time, putting their names on the jerseys and making them have press conferences after every game. If the players & coaches can be held accountable why not the refs?
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    I'd like to see them play a full 10-15 minute quarter. If tied at the end of 10 they play another. I know it's old school but it would definitely be fair.
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    It's not about who wins, it's about each side getting a fair shot on offense. The NFL overtime rules are arbitrary, at best.
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    Id ask him to wait 5 seconds
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    No college OT in the NFL, most contrived nonsense ever. For those saying that OT shouldn't be decided on a coin flip, Saints won the toss and lost. Guess they didn't get the memo that coin toss winner has to win OT.
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    Wow, talk about consistency in my mediocrity... Scores through three weeks - Week 18: 123.900 Week 19: 123.500 Week 20: 123.900
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    I feel the same. I wanted Andy to win it so bad. But it's the same old Andy Reid. He's learned nothing over the years and his clock management is atrocious.
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    Give them a Green Flag to challenge a bad or non call. Or something along those sorts.
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    Regardless of how & why, two OT Conf championships suck? You younguns don't know what NFL entertainment is. Try to step back and realize how tense & dramatic the 2 games were. Rams opened -1, now +2. Sounds like y'all can make some easy $. Reverse tease the game and get some good odds.
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    Totally agree with you there.
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    This isn't a shot at the Patriots but in playoff overtime both teams should get at least one possession. Just my humble opinion.
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    Can't do it.. I'll be at the movies
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    well, in 60+ plays, what is the probability that someone may have lined up in the neutral zone on a play that did not result in a brady int?
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    What's the difference if you can't stop the other team? They just needed one stop and couldn't get it. Don't blame it on a 5 yard offsides.
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    Payton did NOT lose that game, the refs lost that game! Bad plays/coaching happens all the time, but that does not excuse the fact that the Refs missed an obvious flag. It wasn't even a controversial call, it was obvious.
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    If you got the same PM's from them as I did last week, you would to. Honestly I don't care. I had the under and cashed, party on.
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    The language filter applies to DMD too.
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    Unreal. It's not even possible to miss that call.
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    Cmon, Gurley clearly isn't healthy and hasn't been close to 100% for weeks. Your Leveon Bell experience/homerism is clouding your judgement.
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    No no I just mean that they've been rolling with CJ Anderson most of this game and last game. If you're not featuring your 50 mil RB in the biggest games of the year over an over weight bowling ball then what's the point. Rbs at any point with a good oline can be successful
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    Lol I was just having fun and thought I'd mess with you. I didn't send anything.. Busy traveling lately and I missed the sign-up.. Next year..
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    AZ. lindsay was successful already with a bad line so I am not concerned there.
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    Phillip Lindsay signed a 3 year, $1,725,000 contract with the Denver Broncos, including a $15,000 signing bonus, $15,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $575,000. In 2018, Lindsay will earn a base salary of $473,112 ... I think he was only really guaranteed $30,000 when he signed which is a good deal for an UFA, but one primary reason he choose Denver was so he could live at home.
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    Yup, it's all jacked up. Not sure why y'all would make site changes during the season. I know it's probably out of your control but this kind of stuff can be crippling. Don't they realize y'all have several months of downtime where things like this can be worked out? Makes no sense, David. Switched browsers, same thing happens.
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    If Cam sits for a year I have concerns about their offense - understood that CMC will still get a ton of work but I'd need to see the backup plan before I take him in the top half of the 1st round.
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    Michel Johnson Guice Penny Honestly I would really shoot for Michel and if he's reluctant, Johnson would be a good consolation prize.
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    When did you become a Rams fan instead of a Chargers fan?