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    The fantasy football gods are going to smite you for your cockiness. Sorry man. Better luck next year.
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    The entire rules committee that decided it's a good idea to put PI as a challengible offense. Horrible so far. They should only be able to challenge in the last 2 minutes of half or full time and is only available to the refs for reference if they are unsure. No way can you allow coaches to challenge plays because it just becomes a crap shoot as to who his making the judgment. It should only be in case of referees wanting to take a second look on a crucial call late in games IMO
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    He's 5th or 6th in the pecking order as of now but that could change later in the season but honestly, I don't think it will. They have some serious young talented WRs. David Johnson, Fitz, Kirk, Keeshon Johnson, Byrd are all basically ahead of him. I think he's primarily a depth player for them. Not worth picking up in my opinion. Love Keeshon Johnson as the year progresses. Think he's someone that could have value later this year.
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    @SassyCassie @Big Shot Rob @Montana is da Man Thank you all for your input!
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    Yes sir. Mahomes be with you is what we say in church. Has anyone seen Pat Mahomes and Jesus in the same room? I havnt
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    The Lord gave you Patrick Mahomes. Fair trade.
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    I hope they work it out. I like Denver, football is better when Denver is good.
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    Maybe the NFL will replay ever snap to make it better.
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    Thielen, Evans, Johnson, Fournette, Drake, Reed -- pretty much any one of my 4 useless broke dick tight ends....
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    I have Fuller and would not drop him for McLaurin. Not only because Fuller has shown he can do it in the NFL as opposed to McLaurin's one-game output, but also because Watson is a far superior QB to anything Washington has to offer.
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    We wouldn't know anything for 2 years and then still wouldn't know anything
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    This is about total points! Would Evans in your lineup provide you more points? That means moving Hooper to TE. This is your real question. Which team would offer your more points? Team 1 QB – Philip Rivers RB – Ezekiel Elliott, James Conner, WR – Brandin Cooks, Tyrell Williams, DJ Moore, TE – George Kittle FLEX-Dalvin Cook K – Gostkowski D – Patriots OR Team 2 QB – Big Ben, Philip Rivers RB – Ezekiel Elliott, James Conner, WR – Brandin cooks, Tyrell Williams, Mike Evans TE – Austin Hooper FLEX- Dalvin Cook K – Gostkowski D – Patriots
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    +1. It's been one week. Cool the jets. Additional edit - I've had two years where my team absolutely dominated the regular season. I think I had one loss on both teams and easily had 300+ points on the season over second highest points. Both teams pooped the bed in the semis.
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    Am I the only one who hates Thursday night football for fantasy? I feel like everytime I have someone play Thursday they barely do 💩
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    Hahaha, it's funny cause hes fat. Drop him
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    I would give a slight edge to Hockenson, but Andrews is no slouch. The Ravens passing offense relies a lot on the TE. Don't expect every week that Lamar Jackson will be throwing those long passes to Hollywood Brown. The Ravens game plan is still the same with running the ball and utilizing the TE's quite a bit.
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    Should have gone to bed a couple of hours ago since I have to fly to Chicago in the morning but I couldn't help but read the whole thread.
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    I agree with keeping Cook and streaming TEs. Bell and the Jets aren't doing much offensively for several weeks. Eagles aren't in great shape either as the WRs recover. There are actually a handful of decent TE options this year, and while Ertz has been consistent, he's only put up 20 odd points so far.
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    Firstly go for Agholor especially with Desean Jackson and Jeffrey likely missing some time In terms of a trade: i personally have MT. I'm not too worried about him falling off the earth, but going from Brees to Bridgewater definitely cant help his case. Not sure how much advice i have in terms of specific trades (gotta feel out the manager to see how high he values his guys) but at this point id prob lean towards Keenan Allen if hes definitely avail. Either of those WR's should cost you at least Fournette+WR2, but as you're in a 14 team league, there is just very little depth avail to justify giving that up imo Personally i'd try to get agholor off waivers and hold onto what you have
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    hes banged up right now but i always favor the WR over the QB...especially a pretty unimpressive/replaceable one like jimmy G
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    Yes, the game was Monday night, that means a short week of preparation and time to get out of it. Browns RB Hilliard got a concussion week 1, and missed the game last night. That was a wicked hit that Njoku took. I'm not seeing any updates, not sure if they have practice tomorrow or not.
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    Hock should def bounce back. keep in mind hes played 2 games in the NFL and one was a monster game. He will have ups and down but should overall bounce back from last week For your 10 team: that's fine. As good as henry is on paper, he hasnt put it together and will be out multiple weeks at the least For your 12 team: lil tougher of a decision. Id personally stick with OJ but if youre set on dropping him...witten only..not for eifert or reed. best bet is sticking with Hock/OJ (if you need 2 TEs)
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    Keep Montgomery and pick up Josh Allen off Waivers
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    No way, maybe Jared Cook
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    Adam Gase...offensive genius
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    I see you didn't ask everyone how their week 2 was going. I wonder why. Your roster presents some clues. I guess you can return that championship trophy you thought you had locked up after 1 week.
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    Yep I hear you just nice to be excited again! Hell they might crap the bed the next 4 weeks and be back to mediocrity but for now I will enjoy every second of it. I’ve been to the mountain top with them and to the dingy dark basement. I much more enjoy these moments of excitement
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    I'm done with playing the high score every week.
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    Exactly. You are MORE than set at RB. You've gotta have the strongest RBs in the league I would assume. You've gotta be hurting at other positons like WR and/or TE, so I'd go after those. But we need to see your roster first.
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    yea drop DT.... you should look into possibly trading ertz and QB for a better RB or WR just a suggestion having depth is nice but you have too many valuable pieces sitting in either QB or TE unless you start ertz in the flex
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    In the end, you'll regret it if Carson misses a game
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    Wow, somebody dropped Watkins in my league before week 1. He went for 79% of FAAB (I bid 76%). Glad you got him for 65% that is a steal
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    I would play it safe with Dak Prescott at the wheel. Thursday night games are not high scoring due to player fatigue from Sunday games and practice this week. Good luck
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    That is what I was thinking! Winston scares me ! Just wanted to see what everyone else thought.
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    Rivers. Look what the bitty Kyler Murray did to DET last week.
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    I think Hockenson has bigger upside but I like the Andrews matchup this week (same matchup that Hockenson feasted on last week)
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    End of the year its probably close but both guys aren't like RB2 starters they are flex and spot start RB3's. Both are tied to getting the goal work, down the stretch Freeman didn't do much last year because he was TD dependent.. Lindsey can keep Freeman at bay. There is a clearer path to Freeman getting the job or touches over Howard who's sharing between Sanders, Clement, Sproles.. it's a little cause for concern.
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    I haven’t posted here in a few years now but this thread was great. That is all haha