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    Dude has 9 children, he's probably just tired
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    They been playing well as of late. Another playoff defense to keep an eye on is the packers as they have a nice playoff schedule
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    the drops/tipped ball has been huge.
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    No you can mute the TV or listen to radio.
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    Garrett is everybody's bitch.
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    And that doesn't count Brissett taking over for Luck when he retired. Had some time and was bored, so here's the complete list of NFL Teams starting 2 or more QBs this season (many others had a backup come in for mop-up duty or in game injury for a few plays). I'd say well over half are for injury, maybe 2/3 to 3/4. Dolphins - Fitzpatrick, Rosen Jets - Darnold, Falk, Siemian Steelers - Ben, Rudolph, Hodges Bengals - Dalton, Finley Colts - Brissett, Hoyer Titans - Mariota, Tannehill Jaguars - Foles, Minshew Chiefs - Mahomes, Moore Broncos - Flacco, Allen - 9 of 16 teams in AFC (at least one in every division), 27 total QB starters Giants - Eli, Jones Redskins - Keenum, Haskins, McCoy Bears - Trubisky, Daniel Lions - Stafford, Driskell Saints - Brees, Bridgewater Panthers - Newtown, Allen Falcons - Ryan, Schaub 7 of 16 teams in NFC (West only div without one), 24 That would be 51 total starting QBs, 19 more than the minimum.
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    The dilemma for me would be If you don't trade, you are weak at WR. If you do trade, you are weak at RB. Zeke will be more consistent than anyone on his team. He would have to blow me away with a offer. I would look to package Drake( coming off a big game) with a WR to upgrade at WR.
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    You ever read that story about the guy who eventually flipped a red paper clip into a house? This reminds me of that. That second trade is robbery. Nice job on those. You clearly traded at the right time for all those guys which is key.
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    He has to inform the Pats (and in turn, they inform the league) before the game on week 13. Their 12th game.
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    Jim Bowden (former MLB GM & Serius Fantasy Alarm host) lives in Miami area (where Gronk is) and he said on the air that sources in the know down there say that Gronk and the Pats are getting ready for his return to NE for the stretch run, probably after Thanksgiving. For what it's worth, he's usually accurate and doesn't spread rumors unless he is somewhat confident. He said nothing is 100%, but if you have any stash room on your roster, you might want him there if your TE situation for December looks bad.
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    Exactly. I don't understand why you would ever want to trade CMC - he is essentially a guaranteed blow up every week. I have him in standard, and he is averaging 26 ppg for the entire season. You play PPR, so his numbers are going to be even more astronomical. ...and you want to give all that up to upgrade from Sanders to Adams/Edelman? If I were the other team I would accept and thank you for your charity. Maybe take you to lunch.
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    It’s not non-contending teams’ job to help playoff teams get better.
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    The WIZ was the least of their problems. O-line is #1 issue. He is the proverbial scapegoat imo.
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    Yea that was all a mirage. Ride it out with the bears. Atleast there is talent
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    I’d go Fuller right now, but if Locketts injury is revealed to be more serious I’d switch to Gordon.
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    I think BAL-HOU will be high scoring so start Ingram -- he's the better FF RB than Mack is currently anyways despite the matchups.
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    I wonder if in the 3 weeks or however long you've been here, and you get in arguments with everyone on the forum, do you ever stop and think, "Huh. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm the problem?" I don't know. Maybe that's asking too much.
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    I predicted in the off-season that he would be mediocre at best with the jets (fantasy not withstanding). His running style(literally stopping and waiting for holes) is predicated on a stout Oline. He benefited greatly in Pittsburgh from elite weapons at the WR and QB spot, and a top 3 Oline every season he was there. I told myself I wanted no part of him on any of my teams, and I didn't follow my own advice as I acquired him via trade in a deal that was at the time, way to good to pass up with his schedule down the stretch.
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    Bourne better learn to catch the damn ball
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    Sometimes it's more about opportunity than talent. Green is out. Ross went to IR. Boyd now gets most of the attention from defenses. That leaves what? Eifert, Audon Tate, and Erickson. And, while those guys might be bigger (and POSSIBLY better red zone threats), Erickson might be the best of the three at simply getting open. Not spectacular skills, overall, but a good route-runner, decent hands, etc. I'm not saying he's a must-start, by any means. But, in some situations, with byes/injuries, you could do worse. I am starting him today as a flex in a league where I have Michel and Conley on a bye, Ross on IR, and Thielen out. My only other options would be Kyle Rudolph or Valdes-Scantling (GB), and I think he's a safer bet than either of those guys to get a decent amount of targets.
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    Cardinals and hope bad jameis shows up
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    I don't see how this changes anything in Chicago. Most people have known Davis wasn't in the plan after the first few weeks.
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    Unless Gurley starts looking a little more like his old self I really do think it is coming, and I'm not alone in thinking that, I have read several fantasy professionals of the same opinion. And as far as Hollywood Brown goes I believe he is a pretty important pickup too, not quite Chark level as he is quite a bit too boom or bust right now but I believe ROS assuming he is healthy he will hit several times for you. Read this section of an article I stole from Yahoo: Marquise Brown is a difference-maker. If that feels weird to hear a week after he recorded just 48 yards on three targets, please, get a grip. He might be the true key to the Ravens passing offense. The horde of delusional haters who want to question Lamar Jackson’s viability as a “real” passer at every turn is always present. Make no mistake, they were ready to pounce on his three-game stretch against the Steelers, Bengals, and Seahawks where he threw for just 530 yards with a 69 passer rating. It’s no coincidence that two and a half of those games came without Marquise Brown in the lineup. He is a straight-up difference-maker. Brown is obviously far and away the best receiver on the Ravens roster. However, he’s the type of field-tilting talent that changes the complexion of how a team must be defended. Double coverage is overstated in terms of how often it’s deployed on just any old wideout. There are a few players who are what I call “true coverage dictators.” That small group of players is made up exclusively of the elite tier of No. 1 wide receivers, like Odell Beckham and DeAndre Hopkins, and the most dangerous vertical threats. Brown fits into the latter category this early into his career. Even when he’s not producing in the stat sheet, Marquise Brown’s mere presence on the field for the Ravens is a game-changer. Judging Jackson’s passing metrics without Brown amid a cast of vagabond receivers is a pointless endeavor. Having his top receiver certainly helped Jackson post his second-best completion rate and passer rating against the Patriots last week. Brown himself didn’t go wild but he did catch all of his targets and help move the offense on his three catches. Week 10 could be the moment when Brown’s difference-making ability shows up for fantasy managers and not just in the defensive gameplan. We know their run defense has been a mess but Cincinnati’s passing defense has its issues too. The Bengals secondary has been stung by injuries throughout the year and allows a 103.5 passer rating on throws that travel 15-plus air yards. Brown could be in for a big week now that he’s a full game back from his injury and in line for a snap share closer to 70 to 80%
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    The lions have a streak of games where they have given 350 yards passing. You know Nagy is trying to devise a plan to get Trubisky 350 yards passing. It's going to take 60 pass attempts for him to come close which means no touches for Monty
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    Which means Nagy will be stupid and pass 48 times.
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    Yes, and it will leave a hole in his line up
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    Antonio Brown. Why the F is he still on your roster?
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    We have no idea how much guice is going to do. Cant start him until I see that
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    Traded your Mixon nightmare for an OBJ nightmare
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    I have made similar trades when, as suggested above, I wanted to drop a player so i would not have to drop a better player to cover a bye week.. Even better if you can get a team who will not make the playoffs to take that player in case he blows up...won't have to worry about that player in the playoffs. Also Maher has had his bye, Bailey has not. Maher has demonstrated distance that Bailey no longer has. Yeah he is a better option. If you have followed the Vikings kicking follies over the last few years, best just to steer clear of MN Kickers. And if you think trading for a kicker is nuts...make an offer to whoever owns Tucker...see what happens!
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    I can't believe the Thomas owner would propose this. But yeah, accept quickly before they realize the horrible mistake they have made.
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    I'd trade either te for either wr I'd want waller ros
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    Yeah that is true but depending on whats available he can stream a QB and a better solid RB can make up that difference. In one of my leauges I been streaming QBs all season and it works out if you pay attention to match ups and future match ups.
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    I’m very interested in seeing what Gordon can do with Wilson who has a terrific deep ball. Maybe I’m being bullish, but I’m actually looking to buy low on him right now.
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    I would disagree there - I would take CMC for him. That is it.
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    Exactly. Dalvin should be basically untouchable - I would need my socks blown off to even consider it.
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    Haha - a more succinct version of my answer.
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    Only thing worse is trading for Joe Mixon. I bow my head in shame.
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    I’ve thought the same thing but yet I’ve stayed in my two main locals. But If I did quit I don’t think I’d be in here bragging about how good it feels being free of it cause if I’m done I’m not on a fantasy football forum talking about it... just saying