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    Are we seriously discussing Kessler? This is bad.
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    My opponent this week has Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, and Cooper Kupp on his bench. He had to start Kapri Bibbs (who already has scored a touchdown). I heckled him all week. I started LeSean McCoy and Sony Michel. Well played, Karma, well played.
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    I wish I played in the worse 12 Man League ever like you
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    He has never had more than 4 receptions or 51 yards in a game in 3 seasons. He has 1 career touchdown. PFF had him graded as the 7th worst wide receiver in the NFL last year. PFF has him graded as the 7th worst wide receiver in the NFL this year. He has a long way to go to even be considered average. And even then, he is 4th in line for targets behind Diggs, Thielen, and Rudolph. Flotsam and jetsam.
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    The deadline for picking up a player that would play tomorrow has already passed.
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    Someone walking the streets of Chicago tonight is going to be picked up by NE and become the next star TE
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    Rob Gronkowski downgraded to doubtful. Jacob Hollister downgraded to out. I'm thinking of plugging in Dwayne Allen as my bye week filler. He has 1 catch for -4 yards this year. He hasn't had more than 2 catches in a game since he played for the Colts in 2016. I have a feeling I am either going to feel really smart or really dumb.
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    Your NFL cap knowledge rivals that of a carrot. It's hardly the same as managing any general budget. I won't even bother with the brilliance of "it doesn't matter who they got with that 2d round pick." Seriously, stop grabbing a bigger shovel, that hole is big enough.
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    Last year, PFF graded Hyde as the 5th worst running back in the NFL. This year, PFF has him graded as the 3rd worst running back in the NFL. He has been a productive fantasy football running back so fantasy football owners like him. NFL coaches don't care about fantasy football production. The Browns did well getting a 5th round pick for him. Carlos Hyde PFF grades: Overall Run Receive Pass Block 2017 58.0 66.4 41.3 46.9 2018 55.6 58.3 54.8 29.5
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    Maybe O'Leary's week 6 success was due to chemistry that he and Osweiler developed practicing together in the second unit. His snap count percentage will likely decrease with AJ Derby's return in week 7. But maybe they'll go with the hot hand and stick with O'Leary as long as he and Osweiler are connecting. I'm looking for a week 7 bye replacement but I think I'll be going with a safer option like Seals Jones or Watson.
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    I never heard of a redraft league where you can trade future draft picks. Defeats the purpose of standing on equal ground to start off the season.
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    full disclosure...ive yet to see the movie...i just thought it sounded funny and witty
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    You sure do post a lot about crap like this.
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    Wait, what kind of league scoring do you have that OBJ is rank 52? Other than that, tell them to (the really bad word) off and leave if they want, but you're allowed to veto and they aren't getting their money back as that would take away from the prospective leader. Plus, their brothers and in cahoots over leaving together if the trade goes down? Yeah..nothing shady about that at all. Cause i'm soooo sure that one brother really, really wants Shepard and Davis on his squad.
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    Hue seems to be on double secret probation. Haley probably answers only to John Dorsey. They should have just fired Hue last year. But I have the feeling that the Browns are trying to emulate the Steelers where they have a figurehead head coach who relates well with the players.
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    That wasn't even close to gloating Merely facts in my post.
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    51% of the snaps =/= 50% split on touches, just to be clear. Hyde got 120 touches compared to Johnson's 33... Not even close to 50% of the workload no mater how you try to spin it with snap count. It's going to be 70/30 Chubb. And lemme guess, you whiffed on Chubb and got Duke? :P
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    Alright, it’s settled. I’ll bench him, lol.
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    I picked up Njoku due to this matchup over Olsens and he is also one of Mayfields favorite targets. I don't think TB's defense will be much changed "yet". Now if I had Ebron I would be in your same dilemma. Do you think Ebron is matchup proof yet because on paper Buf is pretty good against TEs and he didn't do real great against his other tough test at Phi. I think I still might go Njoku.
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    Much smarter to trade Conner than to trade for Conner right now. I don't think Bell even knows what he's gonna do
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    Smith it is for me, I picked him up quicker than bee on honey. Basically possible super boom/regular boom/bust. I prefer that option though. If you don’t prefer boom/bust I’d go Davis.
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    DJ Hilton, I think Balt will be the John Brown show
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    All decent options but despite the defensive matchup I still go Ingram.
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    I picked up Indy. Buffalo is terrible
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    @DarkProto05...I guess you could have said that about the Brown as well but Rivers carved them up in the air and on the ground.
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    It's always hard to bet against Brees against any defense. Kind of like that whole Aaron Rogers effect. I'd say start Phillip Rivers though just because of the match-up.
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    Breida also seemed to disappear for a long stretch in that game. At one point I was wondering if he was hurt since it was Mostert play after play, then suddenly Morris was in for a snap, may have been his only one (yes it was). My recollection seems correct Breida had a bunch of carriers in Q1 (6), then just 2-3 each qtr after. Mostert had one in Q1, then about midway thru Q2 he starts getting a lot more work (Q2-3, Q3-5, and the next down to start Q4. That's 75% of his carries in about 1.5 quarters. Breida 27 plays, 47% of snaps, 14 touches, no ST play Mostert 23 plays, 40% snaps, 12 touches, 16 (48%) of ST plays neither one was targeted with a pass, Juszczyk the FB had 3 targets Could just be Shanny, or the "going with the hot hand", Mostert's second carry that came mid Q2 went for 26 yards, then runs of 5-9-4
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    Does not have to be done in secret to count as collusion. Even if it were not collusion most people with a shred of integrity would say it is wrong. Not surprising Dopie would try to justify this. Sharing of teams is wrong, that is what is being done here.
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    Seems fair to me if the guy that traded tyreek just needed some depth. He had a nice night but let’s nit confuse tyreek Hill with Antonio brown or DeAndre Hopkins now
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    Fake News.. This Is the photo he shared. He's a fraud and the original is deleted off his Instagram .. the internet never forgets LOL
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    Thanks I’m in same boat and was thinking the same thing.
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    I understand, I don't do dynasty leagues or know how much it will cost you to pick him up, just giving my opinion from what I've seen. not worthwhile this year probably but you could do worse on a flier going forward. He seems to want to get better and gives 100%, so I like that much
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    I was right there with you. Unless Keenan Allen gets hurt, I don't think Mike Williams will be an every week starter. I dumped him in both of my leagues a couple weeks ago. I think all 3 of those players will be an improvement. I'm not really sure how I'd rank them because I'd put all of those players in the same tier. Coutee seems to have quite a bit of upside though. I don't see Gabriel being consistent. Kirk seems to be moving up in that offense but as Fitz gets healthier, it may be harder for him to find targets.
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    I had to make the choice at the start of the season to cut one between Ross CIN, M. Williams LAC & Treadwell, time will tell if I made the correct choice but I sure wouldn't mind having him sitting in the wings for the start of next season because if he doesn't land in the right spot he would be an easy drop
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    You saved your job, for this week at least. Haha.
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    Fantasy wise, it's a hard pass for me. People are asking way too much in trade based on his draft position. He's under contract with a club option in 20 and is a FA in 21. He got a $9.9M contract with $9.4 guaranteed plus a $1.8M signing bonus. He's not even close to meeting those contract dollars. He's made his money. I feel he is another one of those "I got my money" guys and isn't really interested in becoming the player people thought he would be. Again, hard pass Fantasy wise and I wouldn't be shocked if he is released as he only counts $1.8M against the cap next year.
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    Yeesh, that is a very bad trade. Why don't he just drop Julio and just have him call you the second he does it so you can grab him.