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    That was the most meaningful game Dallas has played in frigging decades . I watched it with friends and drank like a fish. Sorry we didn't stay in here and follow the riveting commentary ! Anyway , Dallas was manhandled upfront. They got beat the way they used to beat people in their heyday . They ran right down our throats . Dak missed way too many passes that an NFL qb just should not miss . As much as we got smacked around , we may have made it interesting if we just connect on some of those very simple NFL caliber passes . Congrats to the Rams fans, the true non front runner ones :chappywink: Id like to see a Saints Chiefs SB. I don't hate the Pats and I think Brady is neck and neck with Montana for the GOAT but I do have to say I am kind of tired of the road the Pats have every year . Smack around the consistently worst division in Football on your way to an easy bye and home playoff game . Hold serve at home ..Superbowl. It will be interesting to see them on the road in KC. If anyone can come up with a scheme its bill so we shall see if they can contain that KC O and if the KC D can play above their heads again As much as I love my Cowboys , I think the 4 best teams remain . Next week should be very exciting football
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    Please lord, no more Patriots. Please give us something new !!
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    I'm really having a difficult time continuing to be a fan of the NFL. I love the Saints, but when the league starts becoming so ridiculously unfair because of either completely incompetent or completely biased referees it's difficult to ever think that your team has a chance when ultimately the game can be so easily determined by bad calls. What's worse is it seems to be getting worse every season. I'm just so fed up with it.
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    I'm indifferent on the winner of this game, but this is complete BS! This game should be over.
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    How is this proof? The Saints have the 2nd ranked run defense and Kamara is having a solid game.
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    He was playing with broken ribs.
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    Interesting that the Defending Champions received absolutely no respect. It's like everyone either forgot, or ignored, what they did last year. Yet they gave NO a game and if Jeffery had caught that pass things may have been very different. I dislike the Eagles, and the Giants, and I absolutely detest the cowboys. But all three get my respect when they are competitive, Eagle deserve some respect people.
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    Another angle of the play. Two officials were within 5-10 yards. https://m.facebook.com/1333312064/posts/10218132782774406/
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    Payton did NOT lose that game, the refs lost that game! Bad plays/coaching happens all the time, but that does not excuse the fact that the Refs missed an obvious flag. It wasn't even a controversial call, it was obvious.
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    If you got the same PM's from them as I did last week, you would to. Honestly I don't care. I had the under and cashed, party on.
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    are you seriously giving those fans a hard time when it was one of the most offensive games called by referees ever? you're special.
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    Unreal. It's not even possible to miss that call.
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    Wow, terrible non call
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    Cmon, Gurley clearly isn't healthy and hasn't been close to 100% for weeks. Your Leveon Bell experience/homerism is clouding your judgement.
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    Damn you! Had me going, i was searching the sheets, looking through the thread, checking our texts/ emails, rubbing my eyes, feeling like i was losing it. LMAO!
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    DJ still finished as a RB1 despite being in the worst situation possible this year. If he slides in drafts he could be a huge steal. Not worried about him, in fact.. i'm up on him.
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    Will it matter with Dink & Dunk Dak?
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    I beat Opie. I'm happy. I beat Darin as well. Makes my heart skip a beat.
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    AZ. lindsay was successful already with a bad line so I am not concerned there.
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    They will try to find a better suited back for the scheme. Trade is possible, but he's on a cheap rookie contract so there is no reason to go out of the way to move him without a decent return (3rd rounder I'd think). Unfortunately he's just a square peg being used in a round hole. Cohen will never be anything more then a split back at best. He's generally operating out of space. IMO, he is just way too small to pound between the tackles for 10-15 carries a game. I wouldn't be surprised to see him relegated to COP/3rd Down if they can get a more versatile primary RB. Luckily (or unluckily depending on which back we're talking about), this draft lacks RB talent and the Bears don't have anything pick wise until the 3rd anyways. So odds are if they get a new back it would probably have to be through free agency which also is pretty blah. I'd expect Cohen will be used similarly to how he was this year, while Howard is a big question mark. If they don't sign someone in the first month of FA, I'll expect he'll get another year here. Hunt has been talked about here cause of Naggy's relationship with him from KC and due to recent presser with the coach and GM (where it wasn't shut down). But since no one knows what his state of mind is or discipline status, that's all just conjecture at this point.
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    Phillip Lindsay signed a 3 year, $1,725,000 contract with the Denver Broncos, including a $15,000 signing bonus, $15,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $575,000. In 2018, Lindsay will earn a base salary of $473,112 ... I think he was only really guaranteed $30,000 when he signed which is a good deal for an UFA, but one primary reason he choose Denver was so he could live at home.
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    Yup, it's all jacked up. Not sure why y'all would make site changes during the season. I know it's probably out of your control but this kind of stuff can be crippling. Don't they realize y'all have several months of downtime where things like this can be worked out? Makes no sense, David. Switched browsers, same thing happens.
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    If Cam sits for a year I have concerns about their offense - understood that CMC will still get a ton of work but I'd need to see the backup plan before I take him in the top half of the 1st round.
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    Lots of injuries on that Titan offense. Not LaFleur's fault. Hackett did some decent things with that JAG* Bortles a couple years ago. Yeah, the offense went in the crapper this season, but there are some things to like about this guy. LaFleur is calling plays, FYI. *and by JAG I don't mean Jaguar, I mean "just a guy"
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    Maybe Denver just didn't want Kubiak's son as QB coach, and Kubiak considered that a deal breaker? It's also possible that the Broncos simply couldn't agree on how involved Kubiak should be, so Kubiak decided to leave and let another team meet his terms. Either that, or Denver is just a $hitshow as you suggest. Or a little of both, lol.
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    Good analysis. It's amazing what missing a pick can mean to a team.
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    Michel Johnson Guice Penny Honestly I would really shoot for Michel and if he's reluctant, Johnson would be a good consolation prize.
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    What's wrong with him being on the list?
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    Very true. Foles was able to spread the ball around more. Because of the back/knee Wentz could only make the throws in front of him. He definitely wasn't fully recovered from the knee injury. You could see it all year.
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    You're already beating me.. Oh, wrong David..
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    Bump for Lorenzo Neal. I don't understand how the best player in the history of the NFL at his position hasn't even gotten a mention.... 10 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons for the HB's he blocked for...CMON!!
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    all true. I'm trying to Tom Brady my head and deflate. my son said I was right today. freaked me out
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    Let's not get carried away here lol. His head is like the Hindenburg at times and could easily explode, killing many innocent passengers along the way. but yes...I give him props. I was just laughing at his "... you trying to kill me" comment.
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    they might have won more earlier in the season if Foles was at QB.
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    He's clearly the best RB evah and will be the highest paid RB in the NFL next year. He's like Eddie Lacy with an offensive line!
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    Not afraid or ashamed to say I hate Brady and Belichick, and that's not saying he doesn't look good. Bored of them
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    Unreal how easy NE is making this look
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    Congrats to the Rams fans, especially Mike/Taz
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    When did you become a Rams fan instead of a Chargers fan?
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    A nice two days for sure, but opening Thursday/Friday of March Madness is the best IMO.
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    game already feels over
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    If this isn't proof that rbs are a waste of money I don't know what is