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    Simple explanation.... Taz was blacked out for a few years, during which time he was a die-hard Chargers fan, making no mention of the Rams.
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    The Fan II: a 2018 psychological sports thriller directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Bryan Cranston and Michael B. Jordan. Michael "Taz" Westby, a down-on-his-luck Hollywood cameraman, is an obsessed football fanatic whose favorite player is Jonathan Stewart. When Jonathan signs a contract with the New York Giants, his yards-per-carry average drops. Taz decides to kill Jonathan's rival, Saquon Barkley, and then insinuate himself into Jonathan's life. Now Jonathan's nightmare begins.
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    Taz i think I remember you be being a fan of SDC ..... at least since I'd been aware of you posting here and apart of some of my FF teams. Believe me I'd like to do a too! LOL
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    Perfect landing spot for JPP. Aye Matey!
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    No troll necessary. We all saw you tout the chargers for the past 10 years and now you're johnny rams fan. Bandwagon guys always get called out. You can point out that you had a deacon jones lunchbox all you want.
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    for nyone who thinks the Jets paid too much, consider this: Arizona (pick #15) tried to trade with the Colts to move up to #3. Local sports radio here in Phoenix, John Gambadoro, who is known to have reliable sources w/ the Cardinals, said they inquired about moving up to the Colts pick. The cost "was extremely prohibitive" and would have required the Cardinals 2018 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks and 2019 1st and 2nd round picks, and possibly more. The Cardinals currently sit at #15. Just food for thought.
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    This is a move for franchise qb. Just look at what Philly, Rams, Chiefs, even the Bears gave up for their respective move ups for QBs. Draft value chart goes right out the window when QB starved teams are competing to move up in round 1. Usually the move up cost for rd 1 QB is over 150% of traditional draft value chart. Jets did fine. Expensive? Absolutely. Overpriced? When the Bills, Cardinals and others are looking to move up to top or 4 as well, the Jets did just fine. Sure thing? LOL!! Neither was Wentz, Goff , Trubisky, or Mahomes. And look at the draft capital that was used to move up for them.
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    When the Carson Wentz trade went down, it wasn't known that the 1st round pick would be the 12th pick and that the 2nd round pick would be the 64th pick. Philly had a new coach and looked like they might be rebuilding. The 1st round pick could have easily turned out to be a top-5 pick. And no one would have predicted that this year's 2nd round pick would be at the end of the round. Just like no one would have known that the Redskins would be giving up the 2nd overall pick two years later in the Robert Griffin trade. How did the Redskins trade turn out according to the Trade Value Chart? It was smart for the Colts to trade down since they didn't need a quarterback. They had to take the best deal offered. I'm just surprised that no one offered more. If I were the Jets and thought Josh Rosen was going to be a franchise quarterback, I'd make that trade without a second thought. Both teams could end up benefiting from the trade.
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    Three 2nd round picks was cheap. Moving up into a top pick when a potential franchise quarterback is available never comes without a high cost. I'm surprised the deal didn't include the Jets' 2019 1st round pick. The Robert Griffin deal included that year's 1st round pick (also the 6th pick), that year's 2nd round pick, and the next two year's 1st round picks. The Carson Wentz deal included that year's 1st round pick (8th pick), that year's 3rd and 4th round picks, the next year's 1st round pick, and a second round pick 2 years later. The Eagles also got a conditional 4th-5th round pick back along with the 2nd pick of the draft.
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    The jets gave up a chance at 3 front line contributors to move up 3 spots in a draft where the talent upgrade from 6-3 is minimal. Draft as many good players as you can. Giving up that much for that move is ridiculous!
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    And more importantly stopped another team from doing the same thing (Moving to 3)
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    Remember when the Bears gave up two 3rds and a 4th to move up one spot....and the 49ers weren’t even in any conversations to take a QB. At least the Jets jumped two teams rumored to be in the franchise QB market
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    what's wrong with this deal? everyone says that CLE should take a QB at 1.01 if they have clearly identified one QB that is much better than the rest. Why shouldn't the JETS put themselves in a better position to get their QB of choice? If one of the QBs they want is there at #3, but not at #6, then isn't this a brilliant move?
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    Irsay obviously wasn’t involved in this deal...
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    +1 I give up, I have run out of words to describe the stupidity this offseason.
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    Shocking. It's going to be pretty difficult to put an "I'm the victim" spin on this one.
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    The only Scooby Snack I've had is a shot. Delicious.
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    nevermind it's all good ...you have and will always be good with me...lol
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    He made a handful mentions of the Rams saying that it was his childhood team.
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    then Suh is a dumbass. Hasn't he made enough? Doesn't he want to win?
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    Heavy THC my ass. More like bath salts
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    at the headline. Hooe dude is ok. Sounds like some heavy THC
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    Let's do a bet, I say ASJ doubles his career best in yardage, I think it's clear you disagree. Loser stays off forum for a year..?
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    100% on the money. Big upside + big risk. Jets put themselves into this risk by many years of bad drafting, particularly QBs. If only this team could get lucky in round 6 and find a diamond in the rough like Brady, or round 3 for Joe Montana and Russell WIlson and a the handful of other gems that have been found beyond the 1st 2 rounds. They happen, but not often.
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    ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’ vs ‘The Kardashians’
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    The MFL Public League adp comes from MFL's own pay leagues with MFL's own rules. 80% of the leagues are Draft-Only with 20-man rosters, 10% are 2X leagues with 20-man rosters, and 10% are their Regular Leagues with 16-man rosters. I like the MFL Public League's adp because is comes from pay leagues with competent owners and you know exactly what are the rules. And the rules and roster requirements are pretty generic. A lot of adp's from other sites come from mock drafts or from an unknown and unexplained source. ASJ had an MFL Public League adp of 203 which is the end of the 16th round. MFL's adp results from the last 20 years: http://home.myfantasyleague.com/adp-rankings/
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    This is a stupid statistic because it doesn't factor in league sizes. Sure, he was drafted in 100% of 16+ team drafts. C'mon. Come back with some better statistics on that.
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    that's true, but they're way smarter than we are or we'd be the ones making millions.
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    It is standard practice to discount future year picks to the next lower round. So the Jets 2019 2nd rounder is valued as the equivalent of this year's 3rd Rd pick.
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    Yes. Considering their guy was probably Chubb all along and they are still going to get him but now have 3 extra 2nd Rd picks in the next 2 years.
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    Mostly agree, even though I hate losing the pipe dream of Barkley or even Chubb or Fitz realistically and question giving up the 1.03 without even getting a first rounder, that's almost unheard of, but three 2d rounders is still good value. Nelson would be a great consolation prize. But if they don't nab a RB with one of those 2d rounders I'm gonna be PO'd. Michel or the USC guy maybe. I think Guice will be gone. At least Ballard didn't complicate things by signing any quality FAs. Maybe that's because he mostly sucks at it so far. Shades of Polian.
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    just a great deal for indy....you could take one of those 2nd rounders out of it and its still a great deal.....nice work by ballard
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    Great player, and maybe the fastest whiteboi RB to ever do it. It's too bad he was hampered by injuries.
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    I'm just gonna stop posting until I'm over this Cloritis. These heavy antibiotics are making no sense.
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    this. it's funny how people rip teams for not doing what is necessary and then rip them for "over-paying" when it wasn't anyways.
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    I get your point but we arent talking about any of these QBs as being on that level.. they arent emotely close to being a sure thing... they spent as if they were getting the top pick and there is a once in a lifetime type of talent IE Manning or Luck
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    I want more trades in the top 4 to really make this interesting. Any scenario where one of the top 3 QBs slide? Anyway that Chub slides to 9 🤔
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    Taz, it's not expensive... You and cave are wrong, if... The jets have identified their qb and are confident he'll be there at 3. If you really believe you found your qb, then no cost is too much. Upon reflection, wouldn't you have given up your first round picks for five straight years for Brady or Manning or Montana...?
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    Bottom line: If QBs go 1-2-3 Browns will wind up with an excellent player at 4. Be kind of like a second first overall pick b/c they get their choice of QB and their choice of best player at every other position. #Browns -Pat McManamon
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    He was a free agent due to end of contract, not released.
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    Bengals acquired LT Cordy Glenn from the Bills. The teams are swapping first-round picks (Cincinnati's No. 12, Buffalo's No. 21) as compensation. Cincinnati is also getting a fifth-round pick, Buffalo a sixth.
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    Hurns and Lee aren't exactly Rice and Taylor. How does he not get a lot of looks? Yeah this is predicated on his having beat the alcy thing. If so, I like his upside.
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    Brown will put in another 8 game season averaging 2 receptions a game for 40. I foresee a 16-320 2 TD season.
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