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    Can't wait. Should be an intense competetion.
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    Meanwhile Hue Jackson gets to keep his job
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    I bet their NE game plan is a lot better than this one
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    Wow, no wonder everyone hates you pats fans, logistically impossible for you to have a discussion without name calling and being aggressive and obviously taking a joke. Let me break it down for you a little bit so maybe you can chill a little champ. The reference to the refs was made because of a lot more than just the Titans game, it's been a running joke and theme in MULTIPLE media outlets ( surely not boston) and been a running joke around here for a while. Secondly, my statement about the NFL praying for the Pats is 100% based on Viewer interest for the game. Relax and stop being a 3rd grade baby with your name calling
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    Saints fans have got his back and he knows it. There's a 5 page thread on the Saints board with nothing but support for him. Somebody put up a billboard in NOLA saying "Dat's OK Marcus, we love our Saints!" (actually, searching for the image I see that there are several) The guy is just a rookie and played a very big part in what they accomplished this year, which is much more than what we expected.
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    You guys here that evil giggle, that's Kraft, Belicheck, Brady and Patriot nation chuckling at the prospect of facing either Keenum or Foles instead of Brees. Hats and shirts are being printed and ring design is underway...
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    Assuming salary demands aren't crazy, they sign Keenum. Bradford can't stay healthy and Bridgewater has proven nothing, unlike Keenum.
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    8.5? First team gets a field goal then a defensive touchdown for 9 points.
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    Not to mention the two dillweed Pats homers who keep telling us all to shut up because we're not Pats fans so we aren't allowed to have opinions. Just look at their repsonses, not worth reading past the first sentence where they tell us all how superior they are. You know since they made the brilliant decision to be Pats fans. Who knew, I guess Bulls fans were the smartest in the NBA while Jordon was winning those titles. Why are people even trying to discuss this anymore, Pats fans have spoken, the rest of us should just GUMMI BEAR and go away, we're stupid and know nothing.
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    I still can't believe the Browns took Corey Coleman over Michael Thomas
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    hard to envision a worse gameplan than one that had them running toss sweeps and 20 yard pass plays on 4th and a foot...then again maybe if ben wasn't the size of vince wilfork they would have run a couple of sneaks....
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    if true, who does McDaniels trade Luck to? Is Cassel still available?
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    As a Packers fan, I would love to have a Super Bowl in Green Bay. But I understand it isn't what is best for the NFL. Us Midwesterners might be accustomed to watching games in the cold but most people in the country don't want to sit in freezing weather to watch a game. And a lot of people want to make a mini-vacation out of going to the game. I'm not sure what this year's attendees are going to do in Minneapolis in February. I guess they can go to the Mall of America. Or ice fichin on Lake Winnibigoshish don't cha know.
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    Last year , the Cowboys dominated and everyone said they were going to rule the roost in the east for a while . This year , they played a big boy schedule and ill be generous in saying Dak had some growing pains . Wentz is the real deal for sure and they will be formidable as hell, but lets not anoint them just yet . That being said , that was a gritty ballsy playoff win against a very potent offense. I tip my cap to them for sure
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    I relish all the football and fantasy football talk here.
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    Dont understand the onside before the Jax field goal. Not at all.
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    Apparently you dont remember Keyshawn Johnson. GOAT
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    i know the misconception, that patriots fans are "dripping with arrogance, exists but come this time of year nothing is a given....a lot of people like to talk about the patriots and how they should roll...its all I hear locally from fans of other teams(and believe me there are many here in NE)....like its going to be a walk in the park the pats are playing a team with a big, physical, o line....and a truck of a RB who is rolling right now and very fresh.....and an athletic qb who can beat you with his legs.......that's dangerous.....and im nervous as I always am before every playoff game.......I always have kept in the back of my mind "heck weve lost to mark sanchez at home"....I suspect if the pats don't dominate or cover people will wonder 'omg whats wrong".....but this is playoff football were down to the final 8...all of these matchups are very intriguing and nothing would really shock anyone at this point.....best of luck to your team this weekend if they are still in it
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    They don't get to play the Titans every week. I'd argue that 3 or 4 of the AFC playoff teams wouldn't have played postseason football if they were in the NFC.
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    The shame of it all, is that the Patriots will more than likely waltz their way to another SB title.
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    and I'll bet my nuts Tony Corrente will get the rematch. Tony and Alberto Riveron (Riveron-Kraft legally hyphenated married name)
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    LT was on much less talented teams too I would say
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    Agreed. I hope to see the Eagles and Rams battling it out for NFC dominance for years to come.
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    How did Foles get away with the fumble recovery?
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    Here in Nashville Titan's fans are drinking the kool aid! Gisele said that her husband "can't throw TD's and catch them too".......well, Mariota can! He might need to catch a couple tonight!
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    The largest margin of victory in a NFL OT game is 6 points, since no XP is tried in OT. So you can cover 5 1/2 points and win. edit: WRONG The largest margin of victory in a NFL OT game is 9 points (The team with an opening FG then scores a def TD), since no XP is tried in OT. So you can cover 8 1/2 points and win.
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    Ow. I don’t have a lot of likes. :cry: Likes have been around less time than you have. Moran.
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    Btw, how do you postwhore your way to 22k posts and only have 93 likes unless you're utter shyte
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    What's going on in here, boys? .....OH LAWD!
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    For people familiar with the Browns records since return, 4-5 is about the average number of wins. They've only had 2 winning seasons in 19 years, since the last one (10-6 in 2007 missed the playoffs on a tie breaker with Titans) their most wins was 7-9 in 2014, that was a 7-4 start with 0-5 after. Checked the total is 88 wins in 19 years, 4.63 wins a year. If they went 12-4 next year that would be 100 wins in 20 years, nudging the average up to 5 wins. Honestly if they can win 4-5 games again, that would be a huge improvement, return to their average and hope to keep improving. The constant turnover (GM, HC, players even owners with 3 coungint Al & Randy Lerner, now Jimmy Haslam) over 20 years has not helped. I posted this elsewhere in a discussion of the Browns, they've had 5 coaches over the past 9 seasons, more than one every 2 years. Only 2 coaches in the new era (post 99, Browns 2.0 if you like) had 3 years or more, Butch Davis (fired with 2 games left in 4th season) and Crennel (4 full season)., everybody else 2 or less. So in one way I'm not too unhappy with Hue Jackson staying, I thought he was a good hire at the time, especially with other teams interested and the Browns getting their first (not 9-10th) choice. But I do question some of his in game decisions. And his calm demeanor while the team is a hot mess.
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    Def, you’re fine. Maybe a little off in a few spots, but i wouldn’t say biased.
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    I speak simply and I mean what I say. You have yet again taken your own bias and implied it into my posts. You then turn around and attack with your misconceptions. That is not how you debate a topic, and is quite frankly hypocritical you. You say you love to talk football, but I'm guessing many don't like discussing it with you because you are the type to shout until people simply stop talking. Blowhards I am willing to discuss with, but hypocritical blowhards are not worth the effort. Some friendly advise...start with the man in the mirror.
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    http://www.totalprosports.com/2018/01/10/max-kellerman-says-the-new-england-patriots-have-the-dumbest-fans-in-sports-video/ Accurate
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    nice. No wonder so many people despise Pats fans. You guys bring it on yourselves and it is well deserved. Again, good luck to you. Peace and out.
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    thank you for so aptly demonstrating my point. You fit right in with my description. You couldn't have done a better job of validating what I wrote if you even tried.
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    Well said, I've thought that too. Also the fact that Cassell basically sucked as the Chiefs starter is pretty clear indication a lot of his success was the Pats system and supporting cast (defense is also a huge part of it, while they may not always be ranked high they seem to know how to win the big games).
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    Belichick is a great coach, but if he knew how good Brady was he would have taken the player in round 1, trading uo to get him. Nope, his crystal ball is also broken. But, he knew enough to sit and trade Drew for Tom. In this case he made a different choice. Maybe that is the history you should be looking to...?
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    Unless you're the genius that is Belichick Isn't he responsible for recognizing the talent in the 7th round pick of Brady? Why did he spend a 2nd round pick on Garoppolo?
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    Wasn't there discussion that Green Bay's misuse of the IR rule for Aaron Rodgers might call for them to release Rodgers? I wonder what team would have top priority for a waiver claim for Aaron Rodgers?
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    Nobody compares to Brady, and I'm not saying Jimmy G is the next Brady. But he would have been the next face of the franchise if he stayed. Brady is going to be 41 next year, dude. Do you really buy into this "play until I'm 45" nonsense? He is going to fall off a cliff sooner than later. It's not unreasonable to consider moving on before that happens. And if Belichick really, truly thought Jimmy G had the "it" factor to be a really good, if not great, QB, then it's not out of the question to keep him and move on from Brady. If anything, Belichick might have the ego to want to prove that Brady isn't the primary reason for the long-term success of the franchise, and Jimmy G might have been his best opportunity to prove it. The fact that a mediocre QB like Matt Cassel went 11-5 in Brady's stead is reason to suspect that a truly good QB could duplicate the success that the team has had (note, I am not saying Brady's personal successes like his otherworldly TD:INT ratio, PFF rating, etc.). The fact that Brady has performed at this level for so long is unprecedented for a QB. So yeah, I don't think it is unreasonable to consider Brady the present of the franchise but not the future. I guess this stance is laughable?
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    You know what can fix that? SOCKS!!! .....oh wait