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    From 30/30 vision to Wild Thing, you make my heart sing. You make everything...
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    I have to agree with Shaft on this one. Something that happens in the heat of the moment like it did on the football field is not as big a deal as a lot of people are making it out to be. Had he actually injured Rudolph, then I'd probably agree that a suit should be in order, but considering the things Rudolph did leading up to Garrett swinging the helmet at him, I doubt he'd win. What if Rudolph had injured Garrett while trying to rip his helmet off of him? Shouldn't that be considered assault by the same standards?
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    You are living inside a hollow ball. Your ancestors created. To take you to a new planet.
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    It's a new feature DMD is trying out. The format reflects the quality of the post.
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    Leaving Cali is certainly the first time he's ever pulled out of anything 😏
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    Rudolph could endorse mayonnaise during the Tomi Lahren hour.
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    Agenda???!!! Dude, you're on something or need to get on something. Everything I stated was actual fact, not speculation. I never defended Garrett and could care less about the man. You keep throwing stuff out there with little backing or evidence and if someone doesn't agree, there's something wrong with them. You're off base on many aspects of this discussion, but to each their own.
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    If he'd actually injured him... Though, I wouldn't really consider a football helmet a "deadly weapon" either and I'm pretty certain when Garrett swung the helmet at him his intent wasn't to kill him. I agree, Garrett did something really stupid and dangerous and he certainly needed to be punished for it, which he was. But all this outage and talk of assault charges and jail time is just a bit overboard. And fwiw I'm usually on the side of heavy punishment for players acting badly, I just don't see it past the point of what he actually got.
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    Then call the cops and press charges, you have plenty of evidence.
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    Linebackers should be able to carry knives as well. Hey, It's not illegal if it's not in the rule book.
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    How Bobby? Assault is assault. Why would it be ok to assault someone on a football field as opposed to in the stands? It's not hard to understand, it's cut & dry.
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    No, no , no. Assault is assault and.last time I checked it is not stated in the rulebook that you can remove someone's helmet and try to kill them with it. It's not the UFC
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    All of these people talking "crime" are a little off basis. Things are different in the private sector, which the NFL is. If that's the case, Bill Romanowski should be serving serious time for the stuff he did. Everything that happens on the NFL field could be considered assault and/or battery. "Assumption of risk" is an unknown defense that protects most of these players in contact sports. In addition, NO NFL player has ever been charged for a crime with something that happens on the field. This would establish a dangerous precedent. Civil course is another matter.
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    Maybe one day my team will deserve a true romantic valentines poem. But for now, all they deserve are some bad limericks: There was a GM named Mac who never had much of a sack His drafts were so bad It drove sane Jets fans mad, Still can't believe he picked Hack! There was a head coach named Gase whose eyes did not fit his face He put Jets fans through Hell when he mis-used Lev Bell What other players will he now waste?
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    Seriously. No joke. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2020/02/12/yes-jameis-winston-really-did-have-his-eyesight-corrected/
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    I just put two different versions of this in a playlist - The Turtles and Johnny Cash and June Carter
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    It Ain't Me Babe - Bob Dylan
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    No clue why the font went full retard, or how to fix it. On my phone at the doctor's office.
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    For assault with a weapon? Of course Goodell would let him off, he played the race card and Goody got scared.
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    I can't wait to see the look on Jameis' face when he realizes that there are four WRs and not eight. "How many fingers am I holding up Jameis? " "um.... seven?"
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    ya saw that on FB. Funny
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    Tampa could happen as well. I'm just not sure he's an upgrade over Jameis at this point of his career.
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    As a Chiefs fan, I'm going to miss his turnovers.
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    Perhaps indy. Chargers didn't have a great line last year. With a better coach in Frank Reich, maybe they can mitigate some of those turnovers
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    Parquet Courts - Almost Had To Start A Fight
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    Truly elite quarterbacks are vastly underpaid. It makes people believe that tier 2 and tier 3 quarterbacks are overpaid. Dak is easily worth $35 million/year.
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    Football season is never over
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    Simple Twist Of Fate - Bob Dylan
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    Men With Broken Hearts - Luke The Drifter
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    Throwing a helmet? No he hit Mason Rudolph with the helmet, after Rudolph kicked him in the nuts while Garrett was lying on the ground, then charged at Garrett after he stood up, while having his linemen there to protect him.
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    Ok, ok calm down we get it. What you do with your used boner pants is on you.