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    I've been reading this board for nearly 10 years. Sorry, but I have to ask you: why do you ALWAYS seem distort, exaggerate or inaccuratley restate what someone else says? You freaking do it all the time dude. Why would anyone here would even want to converse with you when it is almost a sure bet you will distort what the other person says in your zest to argue? Never fails. Just so you know... when you do that, it is extremely obvious and you lose any shred of credibility you might have once had.
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    With the last auction closed, I have removed all RFA tags. Franchise tags remain.
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    It's okay to tank if one has no honor, no personal integrity, no self-worth.
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    What a giant Ahole . Juju may had screwed up on that play , but at least it happened on the field while competing. Brown is a jealous twat who cant stand the fact that Juju became a team and fan favorite . I hope Browns career goes down in flames
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    Hate to constantly be that guy, but is Marty McFly 2-day shipping his ceiling from 2013 back to him? Cause if not, that time has come and gone. And not only from Gordon, but from Brady as well. If he's even on the field, counting on him for anything more then 2-4 catches and 60ish Y/G is folly.
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    Hmmm....sure, why not? Let the stress begin early.
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    it means I'm not letting you divert the discussion (at least my part of it) to further your agenda. k?
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    so a slightly better deal while losing out $14mil last season? Someone failed math.
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    OBJ/Landry/Chubb/Hunt/Duke/Njoku. That is 100% the best skill position team in the NFL, not even close.
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    This is what it's all about for AB
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    Since the discussion moved here... In addition to the Huddle News and AB tweets, Rotoworld had some info. If he is just going to play petulant child and refuse to play for teams so he can dictate his new team, the Steelers should just tell him "screw you, you're a Steeler and you'll sit on the bench.Go play baby on Twitter" I hope this ends horribly for him, he deserves it.
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    Carl Spackler was a Cinderella story, out of nowhere, former greenskeeper, who become the Masters Champion.
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    Can't play if you're suspended EVEN AFTER YOU WERE SUSPENDED for the same transgression as 2 times before. If not NE then where? Not only that but chasing points from years (not one or two btws) ago is not wise on any level. I learned this last year. I wish I had not chased the dragon again. That's on me. Officially done. Can't believe this is even a convo. Truly. Just wow.
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    How’s the shoulder feeling?
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    I saw that was gonna happen last night and saw that it did this morning. Being in those 32 team leagues has made me aware of Harris. Glad to have him
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    Stupid. He's going to prove, just like Demarco Murray did, that the RB isn't all about talent. It's the system that makes the RB. He went to a horrible spot. I for sure won't touch him in fantasy next year. No way, Jose! Or is it HoZay?
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    "We didn't sign Odell to trade him. That's all I need to say about that." -- Giants GM Dave Gettleman, literally six days ago
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    oooohhhhh wait until LordOpie sees what you did....
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    The problem wasn't CMC obviously it seemed to be the passing game. I don't know if Cam lacks weapons or if Cam is is just not accurate enough. Or both. Gurley makes me a little nervous. I think I'd be taking Zeke #2. Im hoping to grab Chubb or Kerryon sometime in the draft. Mixon too. I think all three of those will have good years.