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    I have done the following: 1. Wore a genie outfit for the first time 2. Played Chris Moneymaker poker online with some buddies 3. Played Mystery Husband with my wife 4. Went and got a SuperCut 5. Ironed my Victory Pants 6. AY2FDCBM 7. Tried to come up with One Song. Failed. 8. Tried to enjoy some new crock pot recipes. Spit them up. Left a bad taste in the mouth. 9. Bought some new furniture. My wife likes Bears. 10. Opened a kegg of beer. 11. Went to Spain. Found some bunny love. 12. Looked at a couple of well rounded beakers. 13. Fell in love with a panda. 14. Became a sarge in the army. 15. Styled my hair with a little San Francisco flair. 16. Wrote a poem. Or 352 of them. 17.Explored a cave in the New England area. 18. Watched a little Scooby-Do 19. Tried a pack of extra large trojans. Too big. 20. Went to the beach and became a bum for awhile. 21. gg whomp 22. 23. Wore a hat one of the Czar's of Russia wore in 1945 24. Make a Film 25. Did some squats to tighten my bunz 26. Cleaned some riffraff outta my garage 27. chargerzed up my phone 28. Ate some grits before I got kicked in the shins 29. nuked a burrito in the microwave 30. Painted my bedroom aqua
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    Might be worth the $10 so I know who to avoid....
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    What a kick in the F'in nuts. Here is a guy who has true skin in the game. He isnt a keyboard warrior wetting himself to show how anti racist he is. Hes a guy that donated millions of dollars to his impoverished community , many of which are black , and hes getting dragged through the mud royally because he felt the kneeling was disrespectful to the flag even though he agreed with the reason. Tons of NFL players on twitter blasting him even though most of them probably haven't done a fraction of the charitable work this guy has done. A shame to watch a good man get swallowed up in an internet shark tank
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    News Bulletin: Kyler Murray just admitted to Banner University Medical Center Emergency Room in Phoenix with an uncontrollable erection.
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    LordOpie, you wonder why you rub people the wrong way and people say that you're one of the reasons why many have left this board. I'll tell you. It's instances like this thread where a guy is just sharing info that he had, which obviously turned out to be true and pretty damn specific btw, and you brow beat the guy for not wanting to give his source until he thinks he's the one being a jerk. Info like that can be like gold in fantasy football, but you're too wrapped up in your own ego of being Lord of the board to see that. If I were him I'd never feel like I should share anything I'd "heard" with this board again. In fact I've felt that way myself for a good number of years here and had I not still had a good amount of folks still here that I've built a relationship with then I'd have left right along with all of the others. Now I find myself regretting it half the time I do post something on the main board. This place used to be able to police itself for the most part, but at some point that became frowned upon and long time Huddlers started getting banned for calling people out. So, yeah, rather than call you out for being a complete ass, I took the "passive aggressive" approach and tried to encourage the guy to share info when/if he's able to get it. But if you think I'm afraid to speak my mind in an open forum then you don't know me very well at all.
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    That's not bold, that's drunk.
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    Will Fuller might score 15 tds in the 6 games he plays this season
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    wow....dude step away from the kb. It's time for a coming to jesus ...if he cared about fake football at all. we all know you are the best at fantasy football no need to rub our noses in your glory. I have read about your domination of leagues thoughout the Great Land of the USA ...I never knew the prowess though. Geez how can anyone post anything now? Wait... getting emails from Russia that you have indeed defeated everyone there as well...They ask that you retire and give everyone else a chance at fake football guessing. I'm thinking you should go out on top. C'mon man what would jesus do?
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    Benched is when you suck at qb. Benched benched is when you suck at qb and you bad mouth your coaches. Benched benched benched is when a fantasy player (1slowdoc) doesn't even know you're a starting qb for an NFL team.
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    You both drafted a certain position to high...sorry.
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    Watching the agonized face of Garrett is at least a bonus. I'll be sad when JJ finally fires him. #eaglesfan LOL
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    It was supposed to be humorous. You, sir, are a curmudgeon. One with zero sense of humor, no less. Cranky as a hornet in virtually every response to everyone in this forum. Why do you even read here? Lighten up Francis. And, humor aside, the cycle for Mayfield is thus far 100% on the money, particularly the "calling out" immaturity he shows everywhere. Making no claims about Sam Darnold here, but you are incorrect about last year anyway... he was terrible, got injured, then played well in December and was rated among the top QBs in the league that month. Then he got sick before this season. When did he ever get hurt again? Nice try, but a swing and a miss, which seems to be par for the course for you. Check the 3rd base coach as to what you should do next. Meanwhile, feel free to place me on ignore, since you will never enjoy anything I post. Thanks in advance, and have a nice season.
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    It's a purposely misleading topic title. And it's not the first time you've done this. This forum used to be a place some came to and could find useful information. It hasn't been that for a while. You, are a big reason for that.
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    I hold no pity for fans of teams that win games.
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    This sort of logic has no place in the House of Branch Covidians.
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    I traded Michael Thomas for Thielen 2 years ago because I'm stupid. I still have and will start Thielen so you can rest assured that he'll have a garbage year.
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    This is pure garbage. Stick to facts or don't post. It's still at least 10x as deadly as the flu. Have you been paying attention to the news - this is nothing like "any other respiratory illness." There is zero data to support that flying is more risky than close personal contact. When someone you care about catches this, come back and tell me how you feel.
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    That's not what killed this forum. It was Steve
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    It should be interesting by week 4 when Watson has nobody to throw to because they are all on IR.
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    Yeah the conspiracy nonsense we can do without. If this Shadow of Death has yet to descend on your community then you are fortunate and I am very pleased you've been spared so far. If you have any doubts at the carnage COVID is wreaking, you're welcome to spend some time with me and I'll take you past the ICU rooms in our hospital that are filled with nearly dead people. One military friend said that he'd rather go back to the Afghan field hospitals he worked at than deal with this manure here.
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    Look what diggs yielded. Holy hell O'Brien is inept
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    Dude, you're like the real media with a misleading subject line.
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    Has anyone every mentioned, that you just crap stuff out?
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    Damn...Wentz was trolling Dak 😂😂😂
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    Just wanted to give a quick thanks for another successful season with your guidance. I made it to the championship Week#16 (lost because the guy had Barkley-53pts and colts defense-41pts) but still walked away with over 900 bucks for 2nd place and most points. See ya's next season. Thanks again
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    If only my wife pulled my groin as much as Fuller pulled his.
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    It means you have fournier's gangrene. You're dick is going to fall off and then you're going to die. It's helpful to ask these questions on unrelated forums, see?
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    We regret to report that Miller tore his ACL and MCL in August. Also sorry you received this notification so late in the process. I blame that Pony Express for such slow mail delivery. Perhaps a telegraph will be more expedient if you can afford such services. I hope you can get a guy off the wire to accommodate. {/sarcasm for a handle with comm in the name}
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    Clenched? you mean clinched. Clenching is something you do with your ass.
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    Won the Super Bowl 2 years ago. Definition of a fair weather fan.
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    Yes, it's my own game thread. You got a problem with that?
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    Sorry but obligatory...
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    I find it adorable that some of you guys really think Kap still wants to play football. He can take his Kunta Kinte shirt and half white afro and shove it up his ass . The NFL doesn't owe him anything. He made his bed and now he is laying in it as far as being a player again
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    And probably anyone who was in the Military or Law Enforcement. Did you forget about us?
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    I don't see a problem..only sour grapes, worry about your team, veto's suck
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    Tell us what Kareem was like as a kid Mrs. Hunt!
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    Marshon Lattimore, enough said.
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    Was that added before or after the words 'insufferable dullard?'
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    I cannot wait until Skippy takes over the Pats without Bill and Tom to do the heavy lifting. I don't see him as some genius, I see him as somebody average or better that benefited from a great team. Ever since he backed out on the Colts job I've thought he's unlikely to land a HC job anywhere but NE. And not the good Pats we've all put up with for 20 years, but the Pats of the old days who mostly sucked.