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    I'm going to give it one more week, then take a few months off.....
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    We're on pace for 6337 threads from lone star about commish issues.
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    What's up with having to click a heart to like someone's post? Kinda ghey.
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    My opponent this week has Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, and Cooper Kupp on his bench. He had to start Kapri Bibbs (who already has scored a touchdown). I heckled him all week. I started LeSean McCoy and Sony Michel. Well played, Karma, well played.
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    Wow, no wonder everyone hates you pats fans, logistically impossible for you to have a discussion without name calling and being aggressive and obviously taking a joke. Let me break it down for you a little bit so maybe you can chill a little champ. The reference to the refs was made because of a lot more than just the Titans game, it's been a running joke and theme in MULTIPLE media outlets ( surely not boston) and been a running joke around here for a while. Secondly, my statement about the NFL praying for the Pats is 100% based on Viewer interest for the game. Relax and stop being a 3rd grade baby with your name calling
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    Directly from NFL Memes
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    They can't find a good landscaper in Mexico? That's strange.
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    Blame those owners, GMs, and presidents for paying that $$$. We can't blame him for accepting the money.
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    Can't you just let the mods run the forums according to the TOS? Edit: rhetorical question.
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    You two are definitley an old married couple. You sure bicker like one. If you two had sex more often (with each other), you wouldn't be at each others' throats as much.
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    It's been 2 months sober and I'm cranky. Don't take it personal lol
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    Todd Haley just wrote an anonymous op-ed for the New York Times titled, "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Hue Jackson Administration".
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    My god, you're in the worst frickin' leagues ever man. Seriously.
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    Can't wait. Should be an intense competetion.
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    Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports? No.
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    You may have won this one, but the fantasy football gods will smite you for the rest of eternity.
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    LMFAO @ this thread...
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    Are you saying Flip flopped? ....sorry, I'll show myself out.
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    That was my doing. I sacrificed a goat to the fantasy gods at halftime.
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    I just saw Antonio Gate move like a giant panda to catch a 2 point conversion, I think Olsen still has a chance.
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    My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.
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    I'm sorry - can we just take a quick side break to ask about your screen name.......
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    In one of my Dynasty leagues the commissioner in my league took all the star players off everyone's individual rostesr and put him on his own team. The league is outraged and I voiced my concerns. He's saying that because he's a commissioner and that he paid his dues early (the fee is large and needs to be split into 4 payments) he's entitled to borrow players from teams that haven't paid their full dues yet. Is this fair? A lot of members in the league are upset.
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    You get flagged for it. Why bother?
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    He can have the wife, keep him away from the girlfriend
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    That's nothing. Our league commish gets to sleep with our wives
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    Is this a serious question? Of course it’s fair. He runs the league and should be able to make sure he wins it. Otherwise what’s the fun in being a comish??? i fine these asinine questions tiresome. I feel like people are just trolling us.
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    Hyde was destined to have a good game. “According to a couple of team sources, #Browns RB Carlos Hyde is expecting the birth of his child any minute now. He’s expected to come straight to the stadium from hospital in time to play. I’m told labor was induced last night, so a potentially long & joyful day for the Hydes.” - Omar Ruiz And it’s his 28th Birthday
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    Vikings kickers are on pace to miss 32 out of 40 FG attempts.
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    I think a change of scenery/cities will do wonders for his sobriety. Nothing against Cleveland but addicts more times than not need a change. Everything about the Browns and Cleveland are constant reminders to him of his struggles and addiction. I wish him the best in his continued recovery.
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    The real reason Bailey was cut.
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    Some real winners there....oia and waterboy were real trolls. Swerski was a passionate loud mouth. You know you guys had a good thing going and it got destroyed...just a wasteland now bro.
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    kdko didn't say anything about a lawsuit. the first person to bring up a lawyer was you.
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    https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/BOI I like "bunch of idiots"
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    Simple explanation.... Taz was blacked out for a few years, during which time he was a die-hard Chargers fan, making no mention of the Rams.
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    You can tell how exciting this game was when half of the posts in the game thread are about bad pizza
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    That about sums up my whole sex life....
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    Lol!! A noob telling others theyre not wanted here. I think we have a winner for the 2017 NTOTY!!
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    Check out the cajones on this guy. Guess what, people can go where they want, do what they want, and say what they want as long as its within the rules of the forums. If you don't like it, maybe you should be the one to go elsewhere. Ever thought that your holier then though attitude may be the issue? YOU ARE NOT GOD HERE. For the rest ya Dak sucks, my heart bleeds, blah blah blah, tldr. Peace out!
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    A lot of coaches have done this....it’s actually a respect thing. If they kick a field goal they are running up the score. So by going for it on 4th down, if you get it you run more time off the clock. If you don’t no harm no foul. I’m sure McVay is real concerned about your fantasy team 🙄 god forbid one of your players miss a projection I also think you’re having a hard time understanding these forums. You said “what kind of moron goes for it on 4th down...” and someone informed you that Belicheck has. Invoice pretty sure he was just pointing out the fact that McVay wasn’t making a rookie mistake. I feel like a lot of your responses have this condicending tone and your trying to talk down to all of us like your better than everyone here.....so why post and when someone factualizes an oversight on your part you respond with essentially “man your stupid....I said this”
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