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    Clearly his old helmet did a poor job of protecting his brain.
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    I've been reading this board for nearly 10 years. Sorry, but I have to ask you: why do you ALWAYS seem distort, exaggerate or inaccuratley restate what someone else says? You freaking do it all the time dude. Why would anyone here would even want to converse with you when it is almost a sure bet you will distort what the other person says in your zest to argue? Never fails. Just so you know... when you do that, it is extremely obvious and you lose any shred of credibility you might have once had.
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    Sometimes, humans can go too far in their insults; this definitely one of those times.
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    +1. How do you apply leverage when you're a perennial knucklehead and have 2 years left? Only Jerrah could fall for this. The analytics are behind Zeke not being worth it.
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    Uhg. Don't be a twatty little stalker because I twisted your titties in the fan thread
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    Fatass Ryan Grigson ruined this guys career. He never put any emphasis on offensive line and Luck never hit his potential. Instead he just continued to try to refine his dart game on draft day.
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    NFL is reinstating Patriots WR Josh Gordon, per Adam Schefter
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    Dallas Cowboys OVER 11-5 wins the Division and gets to the Championship game.
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    They are in Steven A. Smith's section of the website. You have to listen to 15 minutes of his babble to unlock one.
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    I had to visit the emergency room. I had an erection that lasted more than 4 hours.
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    I guess what I would say is that, while I basically agree with you, I have way more faith in DMD's "subjective" than my own. I value his opinion because he's proven its worth to me over the years.
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    I like it. Maybe they can go to a 32 game sked where at the halfway point they have playoffs and a SB1stH. Then the second half with playoffs and a SB2ndH. Then finish up with both SB(part 1 and 2) in one gigantic SB. If they were to put their minds to it we could have the NFL year 'round. They could have a 30 round draft to help flesh out the rosters too.
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    WTF is wrong with you? Link to where anyone said beating a child is acceptable? Know what nevermind, you are not worth the effort. I hope you'll be better in the future, but I won't be viewing your posts anymore.
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    Americas team man. I know it makes you sob into your Randall Cunningham feet pajamas while you stare at your Lindross posters , but its true . That's why we are on national TV practically every week. Why would a bandwagon fan pick a team that hasn't won in 20+ years ?
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    "Walks" being the key word here.
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    well, on the plus side I trust Gary Davenport more than the people at Rotoworld
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    He got 6 cause there were traces of a masking agent. He claims he took stuff for diabetes. Dude is a liar and a cheat.
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    Jets drama feeds my soul...
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    That owner's name isn't Dave Gettleman by any chance, is it?
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    Not to mention, he doesn't care about your fantasy team
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    With the last auction closed, I have removed all RFA tags. Franchise tags remain.
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    If he said and she said, they have no other option but to remove the child. It happens all the time, even without significant evidence. Especially in a domestic dispute. I've seen numerous DYFS cases where this happens. You may ultimately be right but it's not fair to label him without knowing the back story.
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    It's okay to tank if one has no honor, no personal integrity, no self-worth.
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    What a giant Ahole . Juju may had screwed up on that play , but at least it happened on the field while competing. Brown is a jealous twat who cant stand the fact that Juju became a team and fan favorite . I hope Browns career goes down in flames
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    Hate to constantly be that guy, but is Marty McFly 2-day shipping his ceiling from 2013 back to him? Cause if not, that time has come and gone. And not only from Gordon, but from Brady as well. If he's even on the field, counting on him for anything more then 2-4 catches and 60ish Y/G is folly.
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    Hmmm....sure, why not? Let the stress begin early.
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    it means I'm not letting you divert the discussion (at least my part of it) to further your agenda. k?
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    so a slightly better deal while losing out $14mil last season? Someone failed math.
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    OBJ/Landry/Chubb/Hunt/Duke/Njoku. That is 100% the best skill position team in the NFL, not even close.
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    This is what it's all about for AB
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    Since the discussion moved here... In addition to the Huddle News and AB tweets, Rotoworld had some info. If he is just going to play petulant child and refuse to play for teams so he can dictate his new team, the Steelers should just tell him "screw you, you're a Steeler and you'll sit on the bench.Go play baby on Twitter" I hope this ends horribly for him, he deserves it.
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    72-48=24 which is the difference in the two scenarios. You have not added 72 points to the difference in the scoring range within the position, you have added 24 points to it.
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    anything over 15 million a year is overpaying for Dak and even that is generous. A large contract to Dak will further insure we wallow in mediocrity forever . I love his character , but he is an average at best QB that should in no way shape or form be getting paid amongst the elite qbs
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    dmd should make that entire quote the new filter for F***
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    Money is more important than championships. Players will say the opposite but they are just repeating cliches they know the fans like to hear.
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    Hunt CLE RB dont you dare judge me
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    Yawn, thanks for the breaking news Steve. I had no idea that they'd listen to all offers. That's a great new concept huh?
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    Stupid. He's going to prove, just like Demarco Murray did, that the RB isn't all about talent. It's the system that makes the RB. He went to a horrible spot. I for sure won't touch him in fantasy next year. No way, Jose! Or is it HoZay?
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