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    The fantasy football gods are going to smite you for your cockiness. Sorry man. Better luck next year.
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    Was that added before or after the words 'insufferable dullard?'
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    Watching the agonized face of Garrett is at least a bonus. I'll be sad when JJ finally fires him. #eaglesfan LOL
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    It was supposed to be humorous. You, sir, are a curmudgeon. One with zero sense of humor, no less. Cranky as a hornet in virtually every response to everyone in this forum. Why do you even read here? Lighten up Francis. And, humor aside, the cycle for Mayfield is thus far 100% on the money, particularly the "calling out" immaturity he shows everywhere. Making no claims about Sam Darnold here, but you are incorrect about last year anyway... he was terrible, got injured, then played well in December and was rated among the top QBs in the league that month. Then he got sick before this season. When did he ever get hurt again? Nice try, but a swing and a miss, which seems to be par for the course for you. Check the 3rd base coach as to what you should do next. Meanwhile, feel free to place me on ignore, since you will never enjoy anything I post. Thanks in advance, and have a nice season.
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    It's a purposely misleading topic title. And it's not the first time you've done this. This forum used to be a place some came to and could find useful information. It hasn't been that for a while. You, are a big reason for that.
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    reminds me of some loser who is running our country.
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    I know this isn't fantasy related per se, but they picked LITERALLY the only color they shouldn't have. I think there's a flag on every play now. So stupid.
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    Did gruden consult with LC because lc said brown would never play again so maybe gruden isn't up to speed?
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    Sometimes, humans can go too far in their insults; this definitely one of those times.
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    Clearly his old helmet did a poor job of protecting his brain.
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    I've been reading this board for nearly 10 years. Sorry, but I have to ask you: why do you ALWAYS seem distort, exaggerate or inaccuratley restate what someone else says? You freaking do it all the time dude. Why would anyone here would even want to converse with you when it is almost a sure bet you will distort what the other person says in your zest to argue? Never fails. Just so you know... when you do that, it is extremely obvious and you lose any shred of credibility you might have once had.
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    Marshon Lattimore, enough said.
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    The entire rules committee that decided it's a good idea to put PI as a challengible offense. Horrible so far. They should only be able to challenge in the last 2 minutes of half or full time and is only available to the refs for reference if they are unsure. No way can you allow coaches to challenge plays because it just becomes a crap shoot as to who his making the judgment. It should only be in case of referees wanting to take a second look on a crucial call late in games IMO
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    It affects the NFL and all us haters dramatically 😣
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    Bill Belichick had this planned along. He messed with the midichlorians in Antonio Brown's head.
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    “Bears are just gonna have to live with this for a few more days.”
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    Bobby, what and who the hell are you talking about?
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    When you can't completely and unequivocally trust a fart.
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    +1. How do you apply leverage when you're a perennial knucklehead and have 2 years left? Only Jerrah could fall for this. The analytics are behind Zeke not being worth it.
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    Uhg. Don't be a twatty little stalker because I twisted your titties in the fan thread
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    Quick? What's the hurry? I like Samuel.
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    Can anyone here name a QB whose record in college was 15-13-1 in Division II but was a first round pick...a high first rounder?
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    Yup, he'd fit right in with those crazy fruit looped Libs.
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    Yes sir. Mahomes be with you is what we say in church. Has anyone seen Pat Mahomes and Jesus in the same room? I havnt
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    So far?? It's week one. In asking how everyones week was going you're really just trying to tell us how well your's is going. I'll ask you how your season is going around week 10 and see if you're as enthused by then.
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    Again if you think this is a win for you team then I guess you're the perfect fan for the Raiders organization. The right thing would have been not to let AB think he can do whatever he wants without consequences. The only ones with eggs on their faces are the Raiders.
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    That's like saying no to sex on Thursday's. Yeah, it's during the week and you may be tired and not perform as well, but it's still sex. Play ball, son.
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    Man, I don't know. That dude looked broken to me at the press conference. Like mentally broken and done. I don't think he comes back. You can't come back from that. Especially leaving the locker room two weeks before the season. He's smart enough to know that an ending like that is a true ending. He's done.
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    I like it. Maybe they can go to a 32 game sked where at the halfway point they have playoffs and a SB1stH. Then the second half with playoffs and a SB2ndH. Then finish up with both SB(part 1 and 2) in one gigantic SB. If they were to put their minds to it we could have the NFL year 'round. They could have a 30 round draft to help flesh out the rosters too.
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    "Walks" being the key word here.
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    Jets drama feeds my soul...
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    That owner's name isn't Dave Gettleman by any chance, is it?
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    If he said and she said, they have no other option but to remove the child. It happens all the time, even without significant evidence. Especially in a domestic dispute. I've seen numerous DYFS cases where this happens. You may ultimately be right but it's not fair to label him without knowing the back story.
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    It's okay to tank if one has no honor, no personal integrity, no self-worth.
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    Hate to constantly be that guy, but is Marty McFly 2-day shipping his ceiling from 2013 back to him? Cause if not, that time has come and gone. And not only from Gordon, but from Brady as well. If he's even on the field, counting on him for anything more then 2-4 catches and 60ish Y/G is folly.
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    Hmmm....sure, why not? Let the stress begin early.
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    it means I'm not letting you divert the discussion (at least my part of it) to further your agenda. k?
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    This is what it's all about for AB
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