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  1. crazy trade, allow it or not?

    I'm a little late to the party, sounds like you already have this all worked out. But I was going to say that it doesn't sound like anything malicious was going on here. I think it was just a case of Team B didn't think Martin and Gordon were enough to give up AP and Team A came up with a creative solution to get the deal done without gutting his team for the playoff run this year. This deal had the potential to be a pain to manage from a commish perspective. But I like that you were getting them to put a specific framework around how this would be handled including a set date when the players would be swapped.
  2. CBS Sportsline Waiver Broke

    I think between $140 and $160, depending when you renew, and not counting any discounts. We renewed at $150.
  3. CBS Sportsline Waiver Broke

    I hear you. I've been pushing for MFL for years but too many owners are resitant to change.
  4. CBS Sportsline Waiver Broke

    Yes, it certainly would have been better if the waiver process worked right in the first place. I only saw transactions from one owner last night, and then this morning those transactions were gone. I had a waiver claim in that never processed so I know there were transactions that never processed at all. Rerunning the waivers, since for some it never ran at all in the first place, isn't a perfect solution but it's all we have at this point. Hopefully there will be no more problems going forward.
  5. CBS Sportsline Waiver Broke

    Got this response from them: Waivers Didn't Run From: CBSSports.com Fantasy Support Team Date: Wed Sep 12 12:39:30 2012 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We apologize for the inconveniences caused by the failure of our waiver process to engage. In order to correct this issue, we have restored the rosters and reset the waiver process to run tonight (roughly 2am ET Thursday) permitting owners in your league to resubmit their waiver claims properly.
  6. CBS Sportsline Waiver Broke

    I just noticed that we had the same problem. I saw some waiver transactions were processed last night. Now it looks like those moves were undone and no waivers have processed. At this time the waivers still haven't run. I sent an email to support.
  7. Green Bay Packers (-3) at Chicago Bears

    Everything else is meaningless. This is Packer/Bear week. Anything can happen.
  8. In the Usual Suspects dynasty league here at the Huddle, non PPR scoring. Even though Riffraff's team is terrible, will be lucky to crawl into the playoffs, and all of his best players are on bye this week, I stil lfeel I need to get this right to have a shot at beating him this week. My last flex option, I am looking at a choice of these three, need to pick one: Beanie Wells Jonathan Stewart Donald Brown Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. WDIS against Riffraff

    My whole roster was built around "least likely to make sense".
  10. GB vs Chi....

    Packers beat themselves. They have a couple players that should be cut after their stupid plays tonight. Bears did what they needed to win.
  11. PFT - "Favre can't stand Green Bay"

    Thompson didn't handle things perfectly. But he handled it well and protected the Packers interests in this whole mess. He got compensation for Favre and did what he could to keep him from a competitor. Favre was trying to force an outright release so he could go where he wanted. But TT managed it as best he could by getting Favre to accept the trade to the Jets. If Favre ends up with the Vikings now, so be it. The Packers are a year removed from Favre now and are better off from having moved on from the Favre mess to Rogers when they did.
  12. R.I.P. Richard "Aqualung" Fremer

    Very sad news. My condolences to all who loved Rich. R.I.P. Aqua.