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  1. FA - Zay Jones

    JBart - your bid is invalid. 48 hours have passed since Gameday's bid. Acquired by Gameday Demons for 4 credits. As a reminder: Rule 11.3: To sign a free agent, a team must post a FA bid to the league board designating the bidding team, the player, the bid amount and the waived player if the acquisition will cause the team roster to exceed 20 players. Any team may exceed the current bid. A player is signed if any bid is not exceeded by a higher bid within 48 hours of placing the bid. The bid amount will be deducted from the acquiring team's credit total.
  2. FA - Mike Davis

    Awarded to David Reed for 3 credits. David - let me know if/when you decide on a team name.
  3. FA Damien Williams

    Awarded to Gameday Demons for 5 credits.
  4. FA - Gus Edwards

    Awarded to Gameday Demons for 2 credits.
  5. Good suggestion. The current wording from our rules is from another league that has been tweaked over 15+ years. There are bound to be a few verbiage loopholes that aren't quite in a intent of the league even though my other league The intent of limits on contracts/players is to give fairness to the season and leave space to tweak your team in the offseason. The verbiage "after a draft" is misleading in 2 ways - there is only 1 draft a year - so "a" draft is misleading - and "draft" is misleading as the draft moves around in the offseason, the semantics here limit the ruling to when the draft occurs. Changing this to reflect the offseason is better terminology than using "the draft" to define this rule. I would vote to change this verbiage as proposed. Shane - you might want to adjust your "not for changing" stance in the first post - why would you bring this up only to vote against it?
  6. FA - Zay Jones

    3 credits Necessary Roughness
  7. FA Damien Williams

    3 credits Necessary Roughness
  8. I've heard back from Dave Fieselman and Jeff Weyers that they will not be continuing on with us in the League of Savvy Gentlemen. I would like to thank them for contributing to a successful inaugural first year - and wish them the best of luck in the future. I asked Chris Fieselman if he had any ideas on who may replace Dave and he has asked another Dave (we must need a Dave quota) to take over Dave Fieselman's team. Welcome Dave! Additionally, we have asked Sam Allen, a coworker of Shane, Chris, and I, to take over Jeff Weyer's Team. Be wary - Sam has already tried to troll Shane and I with a fake phone number. Sam, welcome to the league. Also, May 1 is the kickoff for free agent bidding - players who are in the free agent pool on My Fantasy League - not to be confused with the upcoming RFA period that allows you to bid on players on other teams. Shane, FYI your current FA bids are not valid until tonight at midnight. Happy bidding!
  9. I would need more reasoning to get behind this. Kickers are football players, too.
  10. IDP might be interesting. We could have a defensive draft only to include IDP players and discard current team defenses. What are you envisioning?
  11. Alex, I'm not sure how to interpret what you are suggesting - can you elaborate? Are you looking to redraft the start of the league again? Or looking to make this a redraft league year in and year out? The way this league sits now, the only ongoing drafts in this league now would be rookie drafts. Otherwise, you trade, pick up free agents, and bid on restricted free agents to pick up the players you want on your team from here on out.
  12. The Offseason

    Alex - thanks for bringing these items back up. Shane thanks for starting discussion threads on each topic. I'd encourage everyone to discuss each idea separately. Please feel free to bring up other ideas as well. As per rules, we need at least 4 owners supporting a rule change to put a league rule change up for vote. 8 owners need to support the vote in the offseason to make a change (all 12 during the season to make a change).
  13. For those that didn't make the playoffs, your season is over. This includes my ragtag bunch of banged up dudes. I thought I'd type something up to put a picture of what to expect in the offseason leading up to next September. Key dates: Now until May 1 - no transaction period. Contract years conclude on March 1, 2019 - all players will lose 1 year on their contracts at this time. Ongoing - discussion on league rule changes/scoring changes. May 1, 2019 - Free Agent Bidding Opens for the year - please check in with the commissioner prior to May 1 or notify the league of your retirement if you do not want to be involved in the league. prior to June 24, 2019 - if any owners have not checked in (via email or this forum), a new owner will be sought for that team. July 15th - Rookie draft begins via email (4 rounds). August 1, 2019 (or a touch later depending on how the rookie draft goes) - Restricted Free Agent Bidding Opens for the year (players on other teams that have zero years remaining on their contracts may be bid on). Sunday before the first thursday night game in september - contracts due - back down to 40 years and 20 player cap. Remember, the 20 player cap is no longer in effect until the sunday before the start of next season. Let me know if you have any questions.
  14. As I'm working on the spreadsheet (it will be up soon), I'm realizing how the colors of my other league help identify the page you are viewing. Let me know if you have any color combos (primary, secondary, tertiary) that you would like me to use for your page. Otherwise, I'm going to pick for you (and you may or may not like it). Also, if you have yet to name your team, you still can do so. Let me know.