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  1. Defensive scoring

    Thanks for the heads up. I never found the Offensive Points Against category, so I tried to set it up to tally via custom category. The scoring rules should be adjusted now and retroactively applied. Weeks 1-5 should be accurate and week 6 should be ready to go. I will go through the point scoring as a whole later this week to make sure all points are being tallied now that multiple errors have been found. Apologies for the screw up.
  2. Defensive scoring

    ...and I've tried my best to get the scoring set up accurately - but, I don't claim perfection. Remind me to show you the options on the scoring setup. You will be just as confused as I was trying to get it all setup. You can tally high fives by individual players if you want to. I'll see what I can do.
  3. Defensive scoring

    They aren't San Diego any more.
  4. FA- Joey Slye

    1 point loss. Ooof. Apologies for not adding him sooner - I manually adjusted your score for Week 5 due to his week's point total of 3.
  5. Tight end scoring

    Thanks for the FYI. I've adjusted the scoring rules for the 100 yard and 200 yard thresholds to be applicable to all positions. I was missing a few. I've adjusted retroactively, as they should have been in place from the start of the season. Most teams were impacted - point totals have gone up for these teams, but none have changed the outcome of any games. Teams that had an impact from this error: Necessary Roughness went from 408 to 410 total points over weeks 1-4 JD Bartells Team went from 431 to 435 total points over weeks 1-4 Gameday Demons went from 405 to 407 total points over weeks 1-4 DonkeyPower did not change Icarus went from 388 to 390 total points over weeks 1-4 Stanley Morgan did not change Sam Allen did not change Titsburgh Feelers did not change Bofa Deeznutz went from 334 to 336 total points over weeks 1-4 CARBoys went from 448 to 450 total points over weeks 1-4 Tyreke's Weak Punch did not change Josh Siel's Team did not change
  6. Trade

    trade approved
  7. FA: Will Dissly

    assuming 1 year.
  8. FA: Will Dissly

    sold to Tyreke for 3 credits.
  9. FA Bid: Daniel Jones

    sold to Roughness.
  10. FA: Zane Gonzalez

    sold to Josh. I've updated the contract spreadsheet and added him to your MFL starting lineup.
  11. FA: Jacoby Brissett

    sold to Josh. I've updated the contract spreadsheet and added him to your MFL bench.
  12. Daniel Jones, QB, NYG 2 credits Necessary Roughness
  13. FA - DJ Chark

    Sold to Feelers. Will assume 1 contract year since none were specified.
  14. FA - Mason Rudolph

    sold to Wade.
  15. Pat Mahomes

    I'll trade you one (or even both) of my QBs for him, so you don't have to worry about any of that nonsense... He had 313 yards and 4 TDs...BY HALFTIME. Boo-frickin-hoo.