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  1. I've heard confirmation from everyone (a few by email) - it looks like we have a full league for the upcoming season. Just a reminder: our rookie draft will begin Monday morning, July 13th.
  2. FA Bid - Herndon

    Sold to Icarus for 2 credits.
  3. FA Bid: TB D/ST

    Sold to the Weak Punch for 4 credits.
  4. FA Bid: Gronk

    sold to the Weak Punch.
  5. FA Bid: Gronk

    JP - you don't need to assign any contract years at this point until the week before the start of first games. At this point, you can accrue as many players as you need to and wait to assign contracts - but you will need to manage your team to a maximum of 20 players and 40 contract years.
  6. Ryan Tannehill, QB, TEN 2 credits
  7. Raheem Mostert, RB, SF 2 credits
  8. May 4th - and no bids yet. Let me kick this off...
  9. Alright - looks like we have an NFL draft started - which means that we need to slowly gear up for the upcoming season. This season probably brings the most uncertainty I've ever seen in fantasy football. We will take everything one step at a time and assume, at this moment, that the season will be not unlike any other season. If we do have any changes to the league, we will try to use the forum and/or group email for conversation. Please let me (and the rest of the league) know if you are in for the season here on this thread so I know that you are not only in, but keeping an eye on free agent bids to start the season. I think most of you conveyed to me that you are in for another season - but that was back in January. Here is a reminder of key offseason dates: Contract years concluded on March 1, 2020 - all players have lost 1 year on their contracts. Please review each of your teams to make sure the spreadsheet is as accurate as possible. Let us know if any of your players have changed teams as well. Now until May 1 - no transaction period. Ongoing - discussion on league rule changes/scoring changes. Now is the time to make adjustments on rules. May 1, 2019 - Free Agent bidding opens for the year. As a reminder, use MFL to see players not currently on a fantasy team at a quick glance. prior to June 24, 2020 - if any owners have not checked in (via email or this forum), a new owner will be sought for that team. July 13th - Rookie draft begins via email (4 rounds). August 3, 2020 (or a touch later depending on how the rookie draft goes) - Restricted Free Agent bidding opens for the year (players on other teams that have zero years remaining on their contracts may be bid on). Sunday before the first thursday night game in september - contracts - back down to 40 years and 20 player cap. Yearly dues are due at this time as well. Let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Congrats to all on a great fantasy season - I hope you all are enjoying the difference between what this league brings compared to the others that you are involved in. Special congrats to JD on winning the Gentlemen's Bowl this year. May the new coaches on each of your stud RB's teams ruin your chances at a repeat. I look forward to next May after a bit of a break. See you all @ free agent bidding time. We will plan on vetting some rule changes at that time. Good luck next year - and enjoy the remainder of the NFL playoffs!
  11. Apologies on the delay. You both should be paid out - same account that you paid dues through.
  12. Oh... Okay... Wow

    The scary thing is that, with the combo you have remaining, you still have a fighting chance. I'll trade you - you can go up against 7 players that put up 130 points.
  13. Looks like we have our playoff teams for 2019 - please double check my "math" on the standings. Once double checked, I will update the playoff roster on MFL. Top 6 teams in the playoffs are: Necessary Roughness - bye Icarus JD Bartell The Come-A-Runnin' Boys - bye Sam Allen Titsburgh Feelers The rest of the 6 teams rank like this (reverse order determines rookie draft pick for this upcoming summer): 7. Gameday Demons 8. Donkey Power 9. Tyreke's Weak Punch 10. Josh Siel's Team 11. Bofa Deeznutz 12. Stanley Morgan Good luck to the 6 teams in the playoffs. May your teams break as many legs as I have had injured players throughout the entire year...
  14. Brews and Games?

    Alright - we didn't get together this last weekend. Lisa broke her pinky toe - so, I had to bow out. Let's shoot for getting together on the 8th for the 3pm afternoon games. Let me know if you are going to come - otherwise, I will just plan on staying on the south end of town.