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  1. I forgot the rule was there as well. Shane mentioned it to me just the other day. The ruling pertains to all roster acquisitions - not just free agency - which is why it was located there and not duplicated everywhere that it is pertinent along with its current location. I'm not sure how to proceed with what you are recommending with retroactive credits, as we do not know if someone would have responded immediately or not in any past incidences. Imperfect commissioner here. Not trying to be selective purposefully. I do agree that it is problematic - but, I'm not sure how to address it. Any other suggestions?
  2. FA Bid - Malcolm Brown - RB

    sold to Stanley Morgan - please submit a contract length.
  3. FA Bid - Hines, Nyheim- IND, RB

    sold to JD - please submit a contract length.
  4. FA Bid - Dallas Goedert

    sold to Feelers for 4 credits. please give me a contract length.
  5. FA - Jason Myers

    Assumed 1 year contract as it was not specified.
  6. FA Bid: Matt Prater

    Sold to Tyreke for 2 credits
  7. FA - Jason Myers

    Sold to Stanley Morgan for 2 credits.
  8. 2020 dues tracking

    Everyone is squared up - thanks for getting all your dues in!
  9. FA Bid: Matt Prater

    I can't find anywhere that says they cut him due to COVID. He got cut on the last round of 53 man roster player cuts - Arians said they wanted to go with a veteran after Gay wasn't kicking well throughout the entire offseason.
  10. 2020 dues tracking

    Just need dues from JD.
  11. FA Bid: Matt Prater

    JP - minimum credit bid is 2 - unless you are putting a player on COVID IR. I apologize if that was confusing.
  12. FA - Jason Myers

    Ken - this bid is invalid - no credits were indicated for your bid on this player.
  13. Not sure which app you are using - make sure it is pointing at the 2020 season. Your 4th round pick didn't exist in the MFL system yesterday. I will check again to make sure.
  14. Additionally, you can't assign a player (Amari Cooper) a new 2 year contract when he still has 1 year remaining on his current contract.
  15. The Broncos were never yours to cut and you don't have 10 penalty years - you didn't have 10 players that you cut that have multiple contract years on them.