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  1. Congrats to all on a great fantasy season - I hope you all are enjoying the difference between what this league brings compared to the others that you are involved in. Special congrats to JD on winning the Gentlemen's Bowl this year. May the new coaches on each of your stud RB's teams ruin your chances at a repeat. I look forward to next May after a bit of a break. See you all @ free agent bidding time. We will plan on vetting some rule changes at that time. Good luck next year - and enjoy the remainder of the NFL playoffs!
  2. Apologies on the delay. You both should be paid out - same account that you paid dues through.
  3. Oh... Okay... Wow

    The scary thing is that, with the combo you have remaining, you still have a fighting chance. I'll trade you - you can go up against 7 players that put up 130 points.
  4. Looks like we have our playoff teams for 2019 - please double check my "math" on the standings. Once double checked, I will update the playoff roster on MFL. Top 6 teams in the playoffs are: Necessary Roughness - bye Icarus JD Bartell The Come-A-Runnin' Boys - bye Sam Allen Titsburgh Feelers The rest of the 6 teams rank like this (reverse order determines rookie draft pick for this upcoming summer): 7. Gameday Demons 8. Donkey Power 9. Tyreke's Weak Punch 10. Josh Siel's Team 11. Bofa Deeznutz 12. Stanley Morgan Good luck to the 6 teams in the playoffs. May your teams break as many legs as I have had injured players throughout the entire year...
  5. Brews and Games?

    Alright - we didn't get together this last weekend. Lisa broke her pinky toe - so, I had to bow out. Let's shoot for getting together on the 8th for the 3pm afternoon games. Let me know if you are going to come - otherwise, I will just plan on staying on the south end of town.
  6. Brews and Games?

    Is anyone else interested?
  7. FA Bid: Kyle Allen

    sold to myself for 2 credits.
  8. FA Bid: Josh Allen

    sold to Tyreke for 3 credits. please let me know length of contract prior to game time or 1 year will be assumed.
  9. Shane, Sam, and I were just chatting about getting together for a few brews and NFL games. We kicked off the season @ Tanners, and we're overdue for getting together. It's a great chance to connect with the league and layer on the smack talk. It could be a good time to discuss any rules that we could/should put up for changes next year, too. I'll throw out getting together for drinks/games next Sunday the 24th. We could do any other weekends as well, but we are getting into holiday weekends beyond that. Any other thoughts? Any location preference?
  10. Kyle Allen, QB, CAR 2 credits Necessary Roughness
  11. Josh Allen, QB, BUF 2 credits Necessary Roughness
  12. FA: Curtis Samuel

    Sold to Tyreke for 2 credits. Cannot add to starting lineup - you did not designate who to remove from your current lineup.
  13. FA: Matt Gay

    Sold to Tyreke for 2 credits. Added to starting lineup. Dropped Matt Bryant.