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  1. FA, Younghoe Koo

    Sold to Icarus for 2 credits. Goodwin opted out at the beginning of the year - I will move him to Covid IR.
  2. FA - Mike Davis, RB, CAR

    I'm not sure what happened. I don't recall typing over the top of Cook - and, I don't remember making a duplicate of Drake either. I do see what you are seeing now. I knew something wasn't quite right. Thanks for your review. I will add him to your starting lineup now.
  3. FA - Mike Davis, RB, CAR

    By my math, this puts you at 41 contract years. See the contract spreadsheet. Please double-check my math or resolve the issue. This puts you in violation of rule 5.1.3 - we are 24 hours over the sign date/time of friday at 1:50pm.
  4. PLEASE VOTE "YES" OR "NO". A "yes" is in favor of this rule change. As this is in season, we need 12 yeses to make any immediate change. Otherwise, I will re-propose this rule change in the upcoming offseason. Here is my new rule proposal related to this thread: 11.4: Once a free agent is signed the Commissioner or any Co-Commissioner will post to the free agent thread that the player is acquired. All bidding will stop at that time. If the Commissioner or any Co-Commissioner is late in his post of acquisition, the time limit will still be enforced. After the thread has been stopped, the acquiring team needs to immediately has 24 hours to assign a contract to the acquired player and post it to the thread. If no post is made within 24 hours, the player will be assigned a 1 year contract. If either the roster maximum (20) or the contract year maximum (40) is exceeded, rule 5.1.3 will be enforced at that time. The Commissioner will post that the transaction has been applied to the fantasy management site and the webmaster will post that the roster page and transaction page have been updated with the acquisition. Then the thread will be locked. Please vote now.
  5. Donte Moncrief

  6. I'll give this a week more before I remove the proposal. Need 4 more votes. Please don't feel pressured to say yes.
  7. Um. Ok. You made this post after the late afternoon games on Sunday, the Lions are on a bye, and we knew COVID would make this year interesting. Maybe I'm just dense, and I'm not sure what the context is, so I'll bite. WTF mate?
  8. Worst Manager of All-Time

    You can bench Tom Brady with 44 points any time you want. Don't listen to anyone else. I think you're wonderful.
  9. FA Bid: Myles Gaskin

    sold to demons for 2 credits.
  10. Trey Burton

    Allan - that is why this is difficult - he is not on a 53 man roster. You can't just look at one web page. That may work 95% of the time, but this is not that time. They have also not disclosed the nature of the injury - which makes it even more difficult.
  11. Trey Burton

    I'm finding a few other articles that state that he is injured as well as being on the practice squad. The dates I'm finding are showing that he was injured back at the beginning of September which would have been 3 weeks ago - the minimum for being on IR. I'd say you are safe to put him on IR - just keep in mind that IR is pretty fluid nowadays...
  12. Trey Burton

    I can't find much info online on Moncrief's status. The only info I can find states that he was signed to the Jets' practice squad after he did not make the roster at the start of the season. If that is the case, then he is not eligible according to our current rules. I cannot find any info in a quick search of the web that he is currently injured and has been out or will be out for 3 weeks. If you can cite a source that he is currently injured and out for a minimum of 3 weeks, then he is definitely eligible for IR. Let me know if you have any other info or find anything else.
  13. FA - James Robinson

    sold to Icarus for 3 credits - apologies for not getting him on to your team sooner.
  14. I will put together the verbiage for the rule change and put it up for a vote.
  15. FA: Jonnu Smith

    Sold to DP for 2 credits.
  16. Alright - here's the approach that Shane and I would like to suggest. First - Allan, thank you for the accountability. We want this league to be fun and enjoyable for all. We welcome critique of this league and how it operates. I apologize for the inconsistency. We were trying to get things on the right track with how the rules have been written. Secondly - we want this to be as transparent and agreeable to all - so please let us know what you think of this course of action: Since we have been inconsistent, I think the most obvious course of action is that all penalties for these recent FA bids should be waived as they have been incurred in the past. However, from this point on, we need to enforce the rules as they are written. I don't think we can waive the rule for the year. The problem now is that Stanley can just sit on Malcolm Brown, not assign any years to him, and wait to give him the right length of contract when it best suits him without any recourse. However, I do have a proposal for a solution that will be less work being consistent for the commissioners, may be easier for everyone, and will allow me to close out player acquisition. I would like to propose a rule change relating to FA bids: that the owner has 24 hours after the bid is closed on the player to get their team rosters and contract years in order. At the 24 hour mark, I would like to propose that the assumption is that the contract length is 1 year. At that point in time, when the player is assigned to your roster, if you have transgressed the already in place rules on roster player numbers (20) and contract years (40), those penalties would be enforced. I would scratch the current credit penalty in lieu of this change. If I have enough people that like this approach, I will make a formal rule proposal. We need all 12 owners to vote yes to pass a rule change during the season. Otherwise, it will not have a chance to be implemented until we get to the offseason where only 8 of the owners must agree on the change. I am also open to any other suggestions on modifying the rules to best fit the intent of committing to your free agent bids and resolving your roster as expeditiously as possible. Let me know what you think.
  17. I forgot the rule was there as well. Shane mentioned it to me just the other day. The ruling pertains to all roster acquisitions - not just free agency - which is why it was located there and not duplicated everywhere that it is pertinent along with its current location. I'm not sure how to proceed with what you are recommending with retroactive credits, as we do not know if someone would have responded immediately or not in any past incidences. Imperfect commissioner here. Not trying to be selective purposefully. I do agree that it is problematic - but, I'm not sure how to address it. Any other suggestions?
  18. FA Bid - Malcolm Brown - RB

    sold to Stanley Morgan - please submit a contract length.
  19. FA Bid - Hines, Nyheim- IND, RB

    sold to JD - please submit a contract length.
  20. FA Bid - Dallas Goedert

    sold to Feelers for 4 credits. please give me a contract length.
  21. FA - Jason Myers

    Assumed 1 year contract as it was not specified.
  22. FA Bid: Matt Prater

    Sold to Tyreke for 2 credits
  23. FA - Jason Myers

    Sold to Stanley Morgan for 2 credits.
  24. 2020 dues tracking

    Everyone is squared up - thanks for getting all your dues in!