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  1. our next president

    I wonder who Colin K. will be voting for?
  2. Got A Haircut Today

    Don't know what made me think of this this morning, maybe because it's the 4th. Is that on YouTube yet?
  3. Heart Attack

    Glad to hear you're OK.
  4. Eliminated team managers dropping players. Thoughts?

    You considered doing the same thing in another league? Drop this and just pay FanDuel or DraftKings next year.
  5. What are gas prices where you live?

    Filled up for $2.14 at Sam's Club in St.Louis. Found diesel for $3.29.
  6. Need to pick from these TE

    I'll say Cook because he has little competition in St. Louis. The others...meh.
  7. What are gas prices where you live?

    $2.99 starting last Friday! Diesel $3.44!
  8. What are gas prices where you live?

    $3.19 at Casey's. But now that I drive a diesel...$3.49 at Casey's.
  9. The NFL sucks now

    Penalties are flagged when cheaters are caught doing something against the rules. Don't encourage cheaters.
  10. Robin Williams has Died

  11. One song

    Natural High- Bloodstone
  12. Gardners

    And after tilling plant a green cover crop (like winter wheat) to hold your soil in and also to add some organic matter when you till it next spring. I've planted wheat up till deer season here in Missouri.
  13. song lyrics that mean something to you

    From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli...
  14. My cattle business...

    Congrats on your operation Muck! Losing calves does suck. Along with cleaning fence rows. Do you have a tractor yet? Great investment and a ton of help doing all the odd ball jobs you are sure to encounter. Best of luck!
  15. Message Board League III

    Evey time I've pre-selected you bastages have cherry picked right before me. It's bad mojo now.