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  1. Need to start 1

    Like they said. Especially the part about trading Jones while his value is high.
  2. QB's?

    WDIS, Brady or Pennington? Any reason one way or the other would be appreciated.
  3. should you trade for culpepper?

    Till something positive happens in Minny (Tice gets fired?) I'd stay away from CPep for awhile IMHO
  4. trade advice needed

    Ye to the above. Hurry with #2 before she chickens out
  5. Culpepper AND Farve are reaming me!

    I'll give you Kevin Jones AND Joey Harrington
  6. Has Dayne taken over?

    arrington might but will the cardinals????
  7. The unthinkable has happened ...

    Many new members are the result of a careless slip of the lip. Perhaps the latest rumor that many of us are actually 15 year old girls would dampen the search for fantasy knowledge......
  8. Waiver Wire Warriors

    :doah: I just let Engram go to pick up Booker as a #4. (Looks like someone has to go and make another pickup.....) Nice job Yo, as usual. Keep'em coming.
  9. DMD likes Leftwich again this week.

    To the taste of $50
  10. I friggin' HATE

    Next week's lineup will include The King AND The Machine! Dropping Walker and Dom Davis to make room.
  11. David Dorey's "Tunnel Vision"

    It was the Tunnel Vision articles that originally persuaded me to become a paying member three years ago and I have never regretted that decision. This week's article was at once funny and poignant. Thanks for sharing your obvious gift. By the way, I heard that the fans in Carolina gave a standing O to the Saints after the game. Don't know if that's accurate but it sounds classy enough to be true considering the many Panther fans I know.
  12. Laughing at all the huddlers who...

    Well thank God T. Hasselbeck has his job nailed down...Holmgren would never sit him!
  13. Start Bench List

    Dang it! I was just getting my C150 AirPowered Clamorer out but it takes so long to hook up that there was no need for it. Thanks WW
  14. Help With A Week 1 Starter

    Thanks for the input. I think Dunn is the one for this week. Appreciate it.
  15. Predictions & Projections

    I am NOW READY to dominate!! Beware all non-Huddler fellows! THIS... :doah: how you will feel! (Much insane laughter...)