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  1. Ever take 4 RB's with first 4 picks?

    Thanks guys...for those of you that did not treat me like a moron. Just curious. I wouldn't do it...never have...just was tempted...wanted to see how you guys would think about that. As for you guys that thought you should point to me as a moron...Sorry that is what it takes for you to get it up. Just asking a question sport
  2. TE in 3rd round?

    Thanks Guys! The way I see it is if I can get one of these guys and the people around me are getting average WR's, I have a step up. I did it last year and it helped. Just wondering what you guys thought.
  3. I was tempted in the last draft I was in. I know it would be a gamble but would make nice trade bait for a guy that went QB, WR within his first few picks. Just wondering if anyone has done it before and how it worked out. I don't think anyone would expect it and it would ruin a couple drafts a little bit for the bad guys.
  4. TE in 3rd round?

    Do any of you guys think that getting one of the two top TE's in the 3rd round gives you a step up on the rest of the league? I hesitate to take one so early but I just think about how it creates a mismatch that could mean a head to head win. It's like having an extra WR.
  5. Looking for competition to play against..

    I tried...It said it's not in "pre-draft" mode or something like that. Gave an error message.
  6. 3-4 Teams

    Does anyone have a list of which teams play a 3-4 Def? Thanks