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  1. Week 2 comments: Obviously, that was a ridiculous win. The defense held and gave up only one big play. What I paid attention to for IDP purposes is that they: failed to really pressure the QB at all (0 sacks was reflective of that) and they didn't generate any turnovers. I saw a lot of holding that wasn't called yesterday - it was particularly egregious on RDE Daniels and DT Griffin IMHO, but the fact was that neither one really made a play although Griffin did end up with 5 solos on an otherwise quiet night. I continue to stand by my observation that CB's in the 46-defense, and certainly in Gregg Williams' incarnation of it, are among the most valuable CB IDP's in the game because they are expected to - and do - tackle. Walt Harris (7 tackles) and Shawn Springs (4 tackles) also can be counted on during the course of the season to blitz and get some sacks. SLB Marcus Washington (8 tackles, 3 assts, 1 sp. teams tackle), at least for now, is the LB to have on this defense. Warrick Holdman (2 tackles, 1 sp. teams tackle) is simply keeping the seat warm at WLB for Lavar (1 tackles) when he returns from injury; Lemar Marshall (3 tackles, 1 asst) isn't quite the tackling dynamo at MLB that Pierce was last year. SS is up in the air. Prioleau started yesterday again, but it's unclear to me whether that's occurring because the coaching staff has determined he's the best SS, or because both Bowen and Clark are coming off of an injury. Now Prioleau's injured too (hammy?), but Bowen looked good yesterday so I'll assume he's the starter given that Clark was inactive. Their only other option right now at SS is Omar Stoutmire, who's really a special teamer. At FS, Sean Taylor (4 tackles) is probably more exciting to watch play than he is to have on your fantasy squad. His athletic ability in coverage is so valuable that that's where they keep him, opting instead to blitz the SS and even the CB's before they blitz him. This also means that he won't get as many run tackles as some FS's do. If your league rewards passes defensed, he'll be more valuable there. He will also end up with some INT's given his size and athleticism, and don't forget that the team is using him on offense as a WR in some red zone packages.
  2. what do you need on MNF?

    I need 23 from Portis, which effectively means 2 TD's, IMHO. Could happen . . .
  3. Colts IDP

    This unit is having probably the biggest one-year turnaround in the league. They've gone from one of the league's weakest units to one of the strongest. Impressive. And just wait until Simon is in game shape and Marlin Jackson knows enough to start.
  4. Here's a good article on Gregg Williams and the Redskins defense. It reads like a fluff piece, but it's from Pro Football Weekly which is usually hard on the team
  5. 1st Madden quote of the night

    Al Michaels always seems like he's trying to compete with the schtick from whoever he's paired up with. It was at its worst with Dennis Miller when he was always trying to one-up Miller's jokes.
  6. Byron Leftwich Listed as "One Week Wonder"?

    Good point because that's unlikely to happen again versus the Colts offense . . .
  7. SS Robert Griffith, Arizona

    And he's starting for me this week as my flex IDP player in my "nickel" package.
  8. redman Week 1 analysis/predictions: Rookie 4th rounder Kyle Orton is making his first start on the road against Gregg Williams blitzing defense. This would seem to be an IDP opportunity tailor made for sacks and turnovers. I like DT Cornelius Griffin and DE Phillip Daniels (in his first game versus his former team) to get sacks from the D-line, along with LB's Arrington, M. Washington, S M. Bowen and CB Springs. (I exclude Sean Taylor from the sack list because his coverage skills are so good that it's better to send one of the other guys and leave him in single coverage in response. And yes, I'm expecting about six sacks. In addition, I think the pressure will result in some turnovers by a rookie unaccustomed to NFL game speed and pressure. I'd estimate perhaps 3 INT's spread among the four DB's starting the game. In other words, if you have Shawn Springs, I'd definitely start him because he looks good for both a sack and an INT. Note that Springs was the 'Skins sack leader with 6 last year from the CB position. Injury Notes: LB Chris Clemons and S Ryan Clark are both Out of this Sunday's game; Brandon Noble appears to have perhaps torn some cartilage after landing awkwardly in practice on the knee that was surgically reconstructed last year, so he's listed as Questionable.
  9. Colts IDP

    That was my understanding too, Hook. I think he's going to be a true UT, and on Indy's turf with Freeny on the outside that could make him very valuable. Also, I think the LB's will be freed up a bit to make plays. This may make everyone better among the front 7.
  10. Skins LB Robert McCune released

    He's on the practice squad. His problems are this: 1) he's not athletic enough to have the versatility that Williams likes at the LB position; he's essentially going to be a MLB and nothing else because he can't play on the outside. 2) he was struggling with the mental aspects of the pro game, which is not good considering the MLB is the defensive QB for Williams.
  11. Skins LB Robert McCune released

    I'm amazed, but OTOH he didn't make any plays this preseason. They may put him onto the practice squad...
  12. Orton 46 Yard Bomb To Mushin...

    You're going to get an early read on this in week 1, when he faces Gregg Williams and the Redskins defense. He's going to see every player on the defense blitzing at him during the course of the game I'm sure.
  13. Colts IDP

    What do you think Corey Simon is going to do for that defense? Personally, I think this gives the LB's a huge IDP boost and this makes Simon one of the better IDP UT's. What has Dungy said so far about how he'll use him?
  14. Stephen Jackson...

    70% of that offense's RB1 stats is fine by me for my RB2. I think he's a terrific RB2. I'm hoping the doubters keep talking so I can nab him at 18th overall in my redraft league.