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  1. Cooley tried to negotiate a case of beer into his contract... Love this guy.
  2. Captain Chaos will make his comeback. I for one am glad to see the team show some loyalty to someone who put in so much time with them. Cooley deserves to be on a winning Redskins team.
  3. This will be the tipping point. The NFL is about to implode.
  4. He changed the way our country watches football, and sports as a whole. My favorite Steve Sabol quote that rings true with everything NFL Films does - "we are not journalists, we are romanticists." Thank you for helping me fall in love with the game of football, Steve. Your voice and vision will be truly missed.
  5. And Golden Tate destroyed Sean Lee
  6. "Your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what you say." Ralph Waldo Emerson
  7. JPP and Allen is a great combo, and Washington/Wagner could easily be your starting LBs week in and week out. I'd go a different direction than D.J. though.
  8. He'll be a Raider before Week 2. No one is hurting at TE more than OAK.
  9. Very possible that Ruud could be starting MLB for Saints Week 1.
  10. Looked pretty painful, but it looked like the damage fell to the lower leg rather than the knee... so that's good, right?
  11. Leonhard at 30 years old and Brooking at 36. Leonhard will add some much needed veteran experience at the safety position, and Brooking will help try to fill DJ Williams' void. From a fantasy perspective, I wouldn't expect a whole lot from Brooking - but Leonhard could be a great, cheap WW pickup a few weeks into the season.
  12. I look forward to watching T.O. play again, whether in Seattle or somewhere else.
  13. Simply heartbreaking.