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  1. F'n Idiot Martz!

    Ive always hated Martz!! And now i need 3 pts from Holt. Why DID THEY PUNT ON 2nd down??????????
  2. It's hard to bench a RB on KC(L.Johnson)....but they're going up against the #1 run stop defense(playing in KC though). A.Smith might do well against OAK, but I also am starting D.Bennett and D.Mason....so it's tough to start everyone on one team. M.Pittman should do well in Tampa, but I'm worried New Orleans might rack up the score and cause Tampa to pass more. T.Jones, I feel, is underated and is due for a huge game. Maybe against Houston in a cold, snowy Chicago stadium??? D.Davis is going up against Chicago in cold/nasty Chicago weather. But Chicago tends to either completely shut down opposing RBs, or let them rush for 7-8+ yds per carry and tear them up. Chicago has barely given up any TDs from a RB all season. I'm guessing maybe a total of 4-5 TDs all season. This is my play-offs, and I got tons of injuries. M.Bulger is out, P.Holmes is out, D.Blaylock is out, C.Brown is out and D.Mason is questionable.....so i need as much advise as possible. Please help me with which 2 RBs to start. Thanks!!
  3. Best Teams that did NOT make the playoffs

    12-team keeper league(kept S.Alexander). Was 1st in points, 1st in Breakdown Standings, 1st in Power Standings.......but got 5th place in regular standings and missed the Wildcard!! QB: D.McNabb RB: S.Alexander, C.Brown(killed me), A.Smith, A-train, T.Wheatly WR: J.Horn, J.Smith, R.Smith TE: E.Johnson K: J.Wilkins DEF: Baltimore 4 TDs one week from McNabb, 0 the next. 160 yds rushing and 2 TDs one week from S.Alexander, 39 rushing and 0 TDs the next. My ONLY consistant players were my WRs and TE. I would include Baltimore....but last week they only gave me 3 pts......and I lost by 7 pts to a team tied with me for the Wildcard and took me out of the play-offs. Of COurse.....they have thier worst
  4. I was unfortunate to have my WORST week of the year last week, and dropped from #131 and #1 in my division.....to #240 and 4th in my division. But it still allows me to put in my line-up. Is there any reason for this?
  5. FFTOC..............Sheesh!

    If I do this next year.....SCREW saving my studs. I saved 4 of the top 10 RBs in the league, and saved 7 of the top 20 WRs in the league and was in 1st place in my division(but only by 18 pts). I decided to use some studs(T.Owens, T.Green, T.Jones, etc...) this week and it's going to kill me! If I woulda used J.Jones(like I wanted to) instead of T.Jones, i woulda made the top 200 prolly. But now I wont for sure. I think Im gonna get around 1250 pts. It aint gonna make it!!! Next year I'm going all-out to get in the top 200, and maybe I'll get lucky with using some 2nd-3rd string players in the play-offs to get me some pts.
  6. I hate fantasy Football

    On my 12-team NFL.com league, I've scored 1815 total pts on the season(that's 151 pts per game). The next highest scoring team has 1145 pts (thats 95 pts per game). The average in the league is 74 pts per game. I score TWICE as much as everyone else on average, yet my record is 6-6 and I missed the play-offs!!!!!!!! You'd think I just played people with really good weeks right? Well, I'm ranked 6th in total pts scored against. So it's not like Im getting hammered every week. If you look at the Breakdown Standings(my record as if I played each team every week......for example I am 11-1 against team 1, 12-0 against team 2, 11-1 against team 3 etc.....), my record is 114-18 for win/loss if u add it up. Isn't that insane??? The next best team for Breakdown Standings is 73-59 for win/loss. To make things worse, one team has a 29-103 Breakdown STandings record and he is 9-3 in our league standings!!! Check out my scores this year....(my score is first) 176 vs. 179 (loss) AGH!! (this team averages 95 pts/gm) 144 vs. 43 (win) 97 vs. 102 (loss) (they average 89 pts/gm) 154 vs. 163 (loss) AGH!! (they avg 67 pts/gm!!!!) 184 vs. 54 (win) 148 vs. 65 (win) 148 vs. 152 (loss) AGH!! (they avg 85 pts/gm) 150 vs. 49 (win) 163 vs. 62 (win) 129 vs. 59 (win) 164 vs. 170 (loss) AGH!! (they avg 95 pts/gm) 158 vs. 164 (loss) AGH!! (they avg 67 pts/gm) I've scored 1815 pts(151 pt/gm), and they've scored only 1262 pts(105 pt/gm). What pisses me off most is this weeks game. The guy i played averages 67 pts per game(i played him weeks 4 and 12), and his scores went like this ....45, 39, 40, 163, 50, 34, 90, 43, 52, 34, 50, 164. Aint that unreal????????? And I'm out of the play-offs. I hate fantasy football.
  7. FFTOC..............Sheesh!

    I'm in 1st place in my division, but i'm only 60 pts ahead of the last place team!!! Plus I'm only 10 pts ahead of the 2nd place team. So I had to have a GREAT week to stay in 1st place. Plus I'm ranked 46th over-all. Well, i was smart and saved my big guns for the end of the season. So today I started: T.Green S.Alexander T.Jones T.Owens J.McCareins I.Bruce R.McMichael Jeff Wilkins Bears DEF Where was Owens, Alexander, T.Green and T.Jones???????? They did nothing!!! I prolly went to at least 4th place and out of the play-offs
  8. In one league I'm in 4th place with D.McNabb S.Alexander C.Brown (hurt) A.Zeuroereua(hopeless) A.-train(T.Jones is back) J.Horn(hurt) J.Smith R.Smith E.Johnson M.Vanderjagt (my kicker can only get extra points) Baltimore DEF C.Brown is hurting, A.-train's time is up, J.Horn is hurtin and Vanderjagt can only get Extra Points. I'm scewed with no #2 RB!! My other league I'm in 1st with M.Bulger (hurt shoulder) J.Plummer P.Holmes (maybe out for year??) C.Brown (hurting) T.Jones (hopefully wont be splitting time since he's been HURT!!) D.Davis D.Mason T.Holt (concussion) R.Smith R.Williams J.Wilkins(gets me 4 pts per game) Philly DEF I think with Holmes out and my #1 WR hurting, no way in heck will I will win the play-offs. I was looking VERY forward to the last game of the year with P.Holmes against Oakland. Both leagues I was lucky with hardly any injuries all year. Now my top guns are getting hurt. AGH!! Anyone else having this happening to them??