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  1. Curtis Martin

    no way, thanks for the advice
  2. Curtis Martin

  3. Would you do this trade?

    I would, IMO Portis will have a better year. Plus you are definately not hurting your team by making this trade
  4. Curtis Martin

    I was offered Culpepper for Parker, thinking about countering with Martin for Culp? or accept Culpepper for Parker or do nothing
  5. 2 trade proposals

  6. 2 trade proposals

    latest news is that Martin is injured make both trades?
  7. please help

    no way the TO owner goes for that
  8. SIMTT - Boldin or M. Clayton for Curtis Martin

    I have Martin in my league. He is sitting on my bench until he can show some kind of productivity, now he may be injured.... I would not trade fro him at this point unless you have blaylock and are pretty thin at RB, but that's just my opinion
  9. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    could really use your advice about a pending trade option 1 is culpepper for parker - was considering this until cowher named parker the starter... and burleson out should i still consider this trade? option 2 another owner proposed Branch for Martin - martin has sucked thus far and faces much better defenses in weeks to come as well as pos injury So i guess I am asking what trade do you think benefits my team the most? (team below in signature)
  10. 2 trade proposals

    1st trade - Culpepper for W Parker 2nd trade - D Branch for C Martin Was considering 1st until I got 2nd IMO Parker will lose some carries to bettis and staley Culp will eventually turn it around. I have the depth at RB to do this, as it strengthens my QB on the other hand what if.... parker keeps putting up numbers like in first 2 weeks I could strengthen WR and not give up as much trading Martin... What do you think? If you can, explain why thanks
  11. team is willing to trade Dillon

    that works!
  12. Peyton owner ripe for a deal

    I'd do it , I offered Peyton owner similar trade he shot it down. You upgrade at QB, parker will face much better defense in the upcoming weeks plus Bettis and Staley will be healthy (Goaline carries will probably go to Bettis). the only part I don't like is giving up Smith. I agree with darin, check out WW for potential at WR. Good Luck!
  13. SIMTT