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  1. They're BACK

    I'm in the same boat. I think I knocked a hole clear through this brick wall w/ this one I also had to temporarily drop Cooley. I am just hoping nobody becomes the wiser and picks him up. I am planning on getting him back in a week or two. -The Dark Knight
  2. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    I'm glad da Bears didn't go to the orange spamshirts for their home opener this season. They''ve been having bad luck when changing spamshirts. Ones I remember are the all blue unis (forget game w/out research) and the orange spamshirts for the Green Bay MNF game in Champaign. Got their asses handed to them each time. So, when they switched to the white jersey for the home opener, I was freaking out. Hope this superstition is now put to rest, at least in my mind. -The Dark Knight
  3. Greetings

  4. A n00b question

    I think it's because questions/decisions like these are unpredictable and really can be answered yourself with little research. It's basically just a match-up decision and a gut feeling of who will do better. Good luck, The Dark Knight
  5. Just Won/ Just Lost

    TO was the sole reason for me getting my ass kicked this week.
  6. Michael Vick

    I've not heard nor read anything about Mike Vick's hammy tightening up. He is to get a MRI today. Anyone hear or find any info, post it here. Edit: he did the MRI Monday.
  7. Cowboys Ring of Honor

    Parcells is not calling the plays. His little buddy, who seems like he is attached to Parcells kidney, is calling plays. I forget his name... I think the flea flicker was the most exciting play of the game.
  8. what do you need on MNF?

    JJ and Cooley to combine for 5 TD's and a bunch of yards. I'm doomed.
  9. Weekly Blitz

    I missed the first week.
  10. WDIS WR

    Coin flip. Both have similar pros and cons. Good luck w/this decision. The Dark Knight
  11. Parker or Jackson

    Parker > Jackson
  12. Pick 3 RBs

    JJ C.Williams (should be more involved w/passing game) FWP
  13. LIONS @ Bears

    I'm not starting anyone on either team. It should be low scoring, da Bears D will prevail and will be the victors. The Dark Knight
  14. King Of The Mountain

    Baltimore over Tenn. Thanks
  15. How do you fly your team’s colors at work?

    Couple Bears/Cubs pennants. Few baseballs and a football-gameball from the late 80's. Illini coffe mug. 2-0 so far. Didn't think that was possible. Cali this weekend, should be a tough match-up for the Fighting Illini.