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  1. Chiefs monster rushing game results in...

    I think the passing game in KC will take a hit this year but not because of the running game, but because of the defense. Last year, and many years before that, they had to put up 35+ points to have a chance and were mostly playing from behind. The running game hasn't really changed much, except for the use of LJ more, it will just get more attention because they will be playing with a lead more often. Just my 2 cents
  2. Big Bench Pts

    Started Baltimores D - 1pt Benched Indy's D - 24pt
  3. Who else got bloodied today?

    Why? certainly not because of Oakland's steller run D
  4. Pittman, Staley or M.Moore?

    I would say you have to go with staley. He will be back in a couple of weeks and will be the clear cut starter in pitt, while i personally think moore is awsome tice is crazy and the backfield in Min will never be stable
  5. Possible trade

    I start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF. I know it sounds stupid to trade him away but Manning J. Jones K. Jones sounds better to me than Brooks LT K. Jones Maybe im just crazy
  6. still have to draft!

    If a 10 team league defenetly, if 12 man its a gamble but i would probably still go manning. In most of the drafts i have seen you can still end up with a decent backfield
  7. Possible trade

    Alright I am thinking about offering a trade in my 10 team league to a huge chargers fan. I would give up LT and A. Brooks for P. Manning and Julius Jones. We have standard scoring with 4 pts for passing tds. I think i would be getting the better end of the deal but nervous about giving up LT. My roster looks like this QB A. Brooks RB LT RB K. Jones RB Westbrook RB Bennet WR C Johnson WR N Burleson WR L Evans WR E Kennison TE L J Smith TE H Miller K J Wilkins DEF Baltimore I have trouble relying on both of the jones' for the season, but manning would be a huge upgrade. What do you think, thanks in advance
  8. Steven Jackson or Mike Anderson

    Jackson in a heart beat
  9. WDIS: Lewis or Anderson

    Go with lewis, at least you know he will get 15 or so carries, who knows how many backs will get action in denver
  10. WDIS?

    1 point per 10 recieving yards, 6 pt TD, 1 PPR. I can start two D. Driver A. Boldin E. Kennison J. Galloway M. Robinson TJ. Houshmandzadeh I am going to start Driver and had planned on Boldin but Cin is playing Cle and last year it turned into a shot out, which TJ would benefit from. I am also thinking about Kennison at home vs. the jets. Any help would be appreciated
  11. NCAA to crack down on Hostile Nicknames

    Except for the fact that CMU doesn't have the pocketbook of Florida State
  12. Texas National Champs 2005 ?

    Beware of Kansas, Mangino might decide to put himself in on the o-line. He could block an entire 4 man rush! by the way i am a hard core KU fan, but mangino is just huge. KU's defense might turn a couple head this year (an no i am not suggesting that they will beat texas, although they came pretty fricking close last year)
  13. My Starting Lineup.......

    i agree with this. Everything is pointing towards smith having a great year and NO D is horrible.
  14. the greatest fantasy game ever played...

    One game that I will always remember was Atlanta and KC. I was at the game and had priest. He scored 4 TDs (not sure on the yards) in the first half! Granted they took him out at halftime, Blaylock finished with 4 as well
  15. who to start coles or gonzo

    no brainer, gonzo