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  1. Alex Smith?

    Putzier and Conwell were the names that jumped out at me.
  2. Trade help

    Spit in his face!?! Ever heard of anger management? You need help
  3. BIG QB Quandary

    I've got both Bulger and Palmer in one league and Bulger is my starter this week.
  4. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    I like the uniforms worn by the Panther cheerleaders
  5. Trade help

    Upgrading from Wayne to Moss would help anyones team, but I'm not so sure the Moss owner will bite on this deal. You can try, cross your fingers and hope for the best. Good Luck
  6. Please Help with Trade Advice

    I like it. You've got a stable of RB's you drafted for what purpose? To upgrade perhaps? Great upgrade on QB and TE, and you've still got a mix of RB's for weekly match-ups. You obviously need WR help, so yes, look at the WW and act accordingly, or re-evealute your RB's - look at match-ups through the season - determine the ones you need to retain and try to deal for a WR upgrade with your "odd man out" RB's.
  7. so I just traded for Holt...

    Still gotta go with TT here Good Luck
  8. Manning or Brees?

    Glad we could help you with your decision
  9. Manning or Brees?

    I'm confused here. You ask for input, people give it to you then you argue how Manning is done, Brees has a good match-up and will outperform Manning this season. So I ask you - why are you asking for advice if you have it in your mind Brees is the better option in '05 than Peyton?
  10. Time Sensitive Trade Question

    I'd do that deal. Collins for Culpepper looks iffy after 2 weeks, but its a long season, and I just dont see Daunte continuing to stink up stadiums across the country for the entire season. Getting Parker for Foster is a great deal and Burress is rapidly becoming Eli's #1. I think the whole thing upgrades your team. Good job
  11. All these offers.......

    I agree with you - I dont like the Westbrook deal. Your WR's look shaky I agree, but dont cave to a bad deal because of it. Options this week for you WR wise are thin. Williamson just hasnt been a part of the MIN passing game yet - well, NOBODY has been a part of that passing game yet - so I would sit him, along with Reggie Williams. That leaves Engram and Galloway.
  12. Time Sensitive Trade Question

    Based upon what we've seen defensive wise after 2 weeks, I'd say that Culpepper has an easier passing schedule than Collins, but I'm with everyone else - hard to give input on a partial trade listing.
  13. RB Help

    Parker's first real test come against NE this weekend. NE's "D" might not be the strongest run defense in the NFL, but I'd give them a huge nod over TEN and HOU. I'd go with Holmes myself. And as far as trrhyne's Jacobs/DFoster post - I'd say Foster. SDavis has a neck issue (listed as questionable) and all things being even, I'd play the guy that has the best shot at getting more playing time. At this point, that seems to be Foster without a doubt.
  14. In a bind

    Yeah - MMoore seems like the guy at this point, especially with the Bennett rumors. He could turn into not only a Week 3 Bye filler, but a #1 starter (for MIN - not your fantasy team) if the trade goes through. I just scooped him up off of waivers hoping the trade talk is more than just talk.