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  1. Godwin, Chris TBB WR Smith, Tre'Quan NOS WR Nelson, Jordy OAK WR And then who to drop if I do. I'm about to drop Jones... QB - Wilson, Winston RB - Gurly, Howard, Ekeler, Mack WR - Allen, Brown, Jones, Lockett, Sanders
  2. Ekeler, Mack or Howard

    Sorry, I am starting Gurly so only need to start one more.
  3. Got hosed by Howard and not sure if I should trust him. Of course not sure Mack will be healthy enough for much of anything.
  4. J. Howard?

    Going against Goff this week. I did not need this....
  5. Wilson is average this year IMO. Smith has a better matchup IMO. Thoughts?
  6. I was going to pick up Crosby, but then thought maybe I should pick up Ficken who is replacing Zuerlein. Thoughts?
  7. I need to pickup a kicker Zuerlein since is hurt. I don't think I want to drop him. Who below should I drop to pick up Crosby? RB: Gurley, Howard, Ekeler, Mack WR: Agholor, Allen, Allison, Brown, Jones, Sanders K: Zuerlein
  8. Need a kicker since Zuerlein is out. Crosby (GB) McManus (Den) Myers (NYJ) Bullock (Cin)
  9. That is how I was leaning. Thanks guys!
  10. Need a third starter to go with Keenan Allen and Emmanual Sanders. Nelson Agholor vs TBB Marvin Jones vs SF Geronimo Allison vs Vikings
  11. Lesean is active.

    I hate this. Picked up GilL also and now it's a toss up. I don't think the rest of my RB is worth just taking both out. Any thoughts? T. Coleman, A Foster, Gil, McCoy, Spiller I lost Lacy this week too... I have to start 2 of the above. Coleman is a given now I think. ...
  12. Need two of the following to start: Foster vs Mia D (Rush 17th Pass 31st) Tate vs Mia D (Rush 17th Pass 31st) Williams vs NYG D (Rush 7th Pass 17th) Starks vs Car D (Rush 15th Pass 22nd) Blount vs Min D (Rush 9th Pass 27th) I'm leaning toward Starks and Tate. Blount needs to prove himself before I go out on a limb for him again and Williams is against a tougher Rush D. Now Tate vs Foster. Foster is not 100% and they are playing a terrible pass D. So hoping they get out ahead of Mia and use Tate to run out the clock. But I feel the want to put Foster in and I'm sure that is only because he was was the #1 pick by me in our league. Thoughts please!! Will help if I can in return. (WHIICIR)
  13. Just need one for my flex position. Bobby Engram vs Bears (Branch Back) or Derrick Mason vs Browns (31s against the pass) or Dallas Clark vs KC (Marvin probably out)
  14. Yes, both options suck but I have to start one Selvin Young vs Titans (#4 against the run and Henry may play) or Jamal Lewis vs Ravens (#2 against the run)