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    Need a little of advice and if I'm in the wrong forum, please excuse me. I've looked all over the darn web and can't find a FF Commissioner forum to save my life. SO if you know of one, let me know! Currently my league is paying $129 to run the league at I'm looking for some feedback on other sites that are cheaper. We have a modest 10 owner league and $129 represents an additional 25.9% fee just to have the league where it is. Some of the main features I'm looking for are as follows: 1. Real time player scoring 2. Reliability during the games (don't want it taking a dive when players are looking to see how close they are to winning..) 3. We have a standard scoring setup so this should not be an issue. 4. Commissioner must approve all waivers and trades Let me know what you use and what you like about it. And if you happene to have switched from, I'd like to know your thoughts on the two in comparison.