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  1. keeper advice

    12 team standard. 20 roster spots. Pick 11. Best Keeper options: Zeke 1st Mixon 3rd Golladay 11th Mayfield 16th Note RBs and QBs tend to go a little earlier in this league vs ADP
  2. As I read here before, and didn't take the advice, Fox Sports really does suck. We haven't been able to pick up players on the site in over a week and it still hasn't posted final scores from week 1. Half the time we can't even access the site. This is a laid back league with all our wives playing too. Free live scoring is a must for the ladies, as well as being able to set the schedule manually. Our scoring system is pretty basic and should be OK with any site. (It'd also be helpful if the commish tools allow me to go back and put in week 1) Are there any free sites out there that have these options that anybody recommends? Thanks, Slacker commish who gave Fox too much benefit of the doubt..
  3. J.J. Arrington

    The way things have looked so far I think Arrington is going to disappoint a bit with all the hype he's getting. The O-Line has been awful thus far. Warner has had little time to throw and Arrington no holes. He also doesn't break tackles and heard a thing or 2 of fumbling a bit in practice. A decent #3 back, but I would prefer Caddy myself. I think Arrington will do better once the O-Line can get healthy and put things together. If AZ puts together a winning season, it'll be the defense that carries them.
  4. Will my RBs kill me?

    Your team looks really similar to one of mine, and I love my team. I too have LT with the #1 over all and took Holt/C Johnson in the next turn. Then grabbed Cadillac and Gonzo next turn. I think you went the right way, instead of a likely 3rd tier back by going wr 1. Even if other back and your qb aren't the best, you still have LT and your 2 WR and Gonzo you should have an easy advantage every week. Your QBs aren't pretty but better than mine.. but I like the late round QB strategy.
  5. LJ or Bulger?

    If you haven't picked yet, I'd take Mike Anderson, LJ 2nd choice. My general strategy is to wait on a QB.
  6. Opinions on Kevin Curtis

    I don't think he'll overtake Bruce this year, but he still may post as good #s, given the #3 will be on the field a ton for the Rams anyway. Same sort of mold of Stokely, although I don't see how either of them would post Stokely's #s from last year. Behind the Colts, and maybe Raiders, I would think the Rams #3 will put up nice stats all season, worth a draft pick, but don't take him too high as he'll be there late anyway (unless everybody else in your league is a Rams fan), and don't count on him being a starter for your team. Is it a done deal that Curtis will be on the field as the #3 all the time? Or will he lose some time to McDonald. I know Martz worked both of them in last year.
  7. What do you guys think of Tyrone Calico? Is he worth holding on to? I there's always talk about the upside potential, but its always just talk. I have to cut 1 player before next Thursday and am debating cutting Calico or rookie Courtney Roby. This is a full Dynasty League. We draft only rookies every year and have a 4 man practice squad in which we can't play anybody unless we move them up to the regular roster and cut somebody there. I know Roby doesn't have much potential this year. Starting Lineup: Brooks, Aaron / Leftwich, Byron Davis, Domanick Lewis, Jamal Portis, Clinton Bennett, Drew Horn, Joe Gonzalez, Tony Akers, David Falcons D Backup WRs: Caldwell, Reche Calico, Tyrone Colbert, Keary Houshmandzadeh, T.J. Current Practice Squad: Frye, Charlie Barber, Marion Morency, Vernand Perry, Chris Roby, Courtney If I cut Calico, or somebody else, I'll have to move a player up to the regular roster, and don't know of the 5 if any of them would contribute at all this season. I could also cut Barber, but want to see Julius Jones not get hurt for a year or so first.
  8. Drop Bettis for Mike Anderson?

    Agree with previous.. I would drop McCairns and pick up Anderson.. keeping Bettis.
  9. quick question

    These things depend how your league scoring system and how many guys start at each position. Personally, I would take most of the Tier 2 RBs before a Tier 1 WR. However, in 12 man league where I drafted #1, I went with Holt and C Johnson in rounds 2 and 3 as all the Tier 2 RBs were gone when it got to me, and was happily able to grab Gonzales and Cadillac in the 4th and 5th. As far as your defense goes, unless your D scoring system scores you a ton of points, 5th round is likely way too early. One league I'm in scores only 1 pt for sacks, and turnovers, and the 6pts per TD. With that system, even the best Ds will only score a couple more points per game than the worst. Another league I'm in you get 20 pts for a shutout, around 15 pts for allowing 10 points or less, and start losing points if the D give up over 30. Something like that and taking a D in the 5th round isn't so crazy. Keep in mind however, if you don't expect anybody else to take a D in that early, the top tier of Ds might still be there a round or 3 later. The first Ds taken in that league went in the 6th.
  10. Living in Phoenix, there is no info ever on anybody but Arrington. Shipp is rarely ever talked about. Its a done deal Arrington will get just about every carry if things go well. To me, Arrington might be a decent #3 back, can't imagine taking him in round 2. I haven't seen him break 1 tackle and the O-Line is having some problems (they had to start the 4th string center last night). Green is a pass happy kinda guy. At best I see Arrington getting numbers something like Robert Smith used to do with the Vikes. That's if the Cardinals can open things up like the Vikes were able to do back then. If that happens, Arrington may be a serviceable #2, but I just don't see it.
  11. I have 11th pick (of 12 teams) no serpentine. Need to refill my RB depth through the rookie draft. 1 pt / 10 yrds rushing and 6 for TDs. Who do you like, short term, and long term of these guys that may be around: Only 3 RBs on roster are Priest, SA, Westbrook. Depth for this year would be nice, but really need to look to the future as well. Ryan Moats Vernand Morency Brandon Jacobs Eric Shelton Ciatrick Fason Frank Gore Alvin Pearman Marion Barber Thanks
  12. TO?

    Its the 5th round and nobody has taken TO. Salary tap league and people afraid to spend the high $ Is he gonna play this year at all??
  13. Dallas Homers

    I have him in a full Dynasty league too and thinking of dropping him. I hear nothing good, when I hear anything at all. I'm an anti-Dallas Homer, so may not hear everything and am curious too. I'm a Michigan Homer and want the guy to do well..
  14. WR Rogers or WR Randal El

    Rogers is still a stud and will be a stud.. if he can keep from getting hurt. Randal El will only put up better numbers if Rogers is out. Even if he starts Pitt runs way too much anyway to put up starting WR #s. I'd make that deal.
  15. Manning #1 pick?

    Agreed take the deal. Too many high picks to pass up.