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  1. Connecticut Huddlers

    Having been born in New London and grown up in Mystic, here are a few suggestions for your leisure time: 1) Do not eat at Mystic Pizza. I know the movie says it's a slice of heaven, but Angie's Pizza on Route 1 in Mystic is the place to go. Their grinders are great too. 2) Can't decide which casino to go to? Foxwoods is way better than Mohegan Sun. 3) Visit the Mystic Seaport. It'll take you back a few hundred years, and you can hop aboard some old whaling ships.
  2. bench Lewis?

    As for the first comment, facts are facts. For total yards starting in 1998, he has 1652, 1723, 1712, 1833, 1456, 1570, and 1942 yards. That's pretty consistent, and shows that Curtis gets his figures no matter what the QB situation is. Healthy or not, Curtis gets his FFL points for you. For the second statement, 100 yards and a TD is great. You make it sound like that's a bad day in FFL terms.
  3. LaMont Jordan Owners

    Resident historian? So much research? It took me 3 minutes to go to NFL.com and pull up those stats. And just to let you know, I don't even own LaMont in any league. I was simply stating that your Jets avatar may have had others around here questioning your thoughts on LaMont. I do own CuMart in my most important league and think he will have another fine season. I am not a Jets fan, nor am I a Raiders fan, but when it was my pick and I had the choice between Curtis and LaMont, I went with the proven stud. As far as the Pats D changing over the last 4 years, let's see here. The leading tackler last year was Rodney Harrison, but he's only been on the team for 2 years. The leading tackler from the front line was Ty Warren, and he too has been there 2 years. Of the 2 starting cornerbacks, Asante Samuel has been with them for 2 years, and Randall Gay for just 1 year. The other safety opposite Rodney is Eugene Wilson, who has been there 2 years. This year's nose tackle - 1 year on the Pats. The LB corps is about the only steady thing over the past 4 years, but they are without Tedy this year. And one of their most famous defensive stars of the last 10 years has left to play for your beloved Jets. That's how the Patriots have changed over the last 4 years. OK, I have to admit, that research took me 11 minutes.
  4. LaMont Jordan Owners

    I couldn't pass up the chance to research this. LaMont toted the rock a total of 11 times for 44 yards in his 4 years as a Jet. That hardly qualifies as experience. Plus, those 11 carries are over the last 4 years, and I'm quite sure the Patriots defense has changed quite a bit by then. I think your avatar ruined your case more than actual stats or how LaMont looked on Thursday. People just assume you are mad that LaMont moved on up to a starting gig.
  5. willie parker

    Hook, Can't you just admit that you posted "obvious" news? Everyone already knew about Willie by the time you started the post, so you got heckled for it, and that was to be expected. But instead of giggling along and admitting your post was "old news", you replied to anyone who posted, and with a defensive remark to each of them. Quit while you're behind, and let this post get buried deeper and deeper, instead of defending yourself and keeping this post alive.
  6. LaMont Jordan Owners

    Well, 110 total yards x 16 games = 1760 total yards. Throw in a few big games (like you said above) and he nears 2000 total yards. Let's just add in a low guess of 8 TDs for the season. Are you saying you wouldn't be happy with Lamont as your RB2 with those stats? If so, what kind of stats do you expect your RB2 to have?
  7. Laughing at all the huddlers who...

    How can anyone be so dumb to start Gates this week? I mean, really now, get with the program, fellas. I did my research and was smart enough to cut Gates from my roster and pick up Justin Peelle off waivers. Now I own the starting Chargers TE. I'll be laughing all the way to the championship game.
  8. My Crock Pot is bigger than your Crock Pot

    Have I just entered the "Iron Chef" chat room? I can only prepare 2 main courses, but I've got 3 on my roster. The ribs are a no-brainer, but do I bench hot wings in favor of brats in week 1? Last season my hot wings went down in week 8 with a bad case of diarrhea, so I am leaning towards the brats. And can't decide between potato or macaroni salad for the side dish.
  9. willie parker

    Hook, The reason you got replies like you did is not the info you provided, but when you provided it. I agree, Parker will be a fantastic RB to start this week, and may even outscore a handful of the top studs. Hell, if he runs well on Sunday, Cowher might decide Duce still needs healing time and start Parker vs Houston next week. I think week 3 is where we really will see if Parker is "the man". If he can hold onto the starting role and have a decent game vs a fine New England defense, then Duce may need to start worrying. But until then, Willie is only a RB holding someone's starting position temporarily. Had you posted this before Duce went under the knife, or before Jerome limped off the field, you would've gotten a different response. But to clue everyone in on the fact that a Pittsburgh Steeler starting RB may be a good pickup after the entire FFL community knows it, you had to expect the heckling you got.
  10. Can I get some advice?

    Benson is available, but Parker was drafted? That is a hoot! How many rounds was your draft? Snag him now. He will be the starter by the time KJ has his bye in week 3. Drop Andre Davis for him. And if Benson aint the starter by week 3, Parker may still be.
  11. TE v. WR

    Yes, either one. Smith and Branch are pretty close in rankings, but I'd go with Rod. He's still the go-to-guy in Denver.
  12. Have to drop someone to p/u a kicker

    I think you should consider dropping McNair. Would you start him over McNabb on anything but his bye week? By the time McNabb's bye comes around in week 6, Volek may be the starter anyways.
  13. Did I screw UP?

    Give me a break! What fool would trade 2 stud RB's for a middle-of-the-road QB and a defense? This trade aint even close, and shoulda been vetoed.
  14. Trying to acquire Larry Johnson...

    Please don't tell me you would give up 2 of your 3 starting WR's for a backup RB that you don't have the starter to. Say it isn't so.........
  15. Draft today have 8th and 9th pick

    If you like the WR approach, take Owens/Chad/Holt at 8 & 9. Two of them should be available.