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  1. Best time to get Stubhub tickets?

    Looking to get 3 tickets to Saints at Panthers on Nov 17th for the Thursday night game. Any suggestions on when to "Stubhub" for the best deals on an NFL game? Thanks! BigMike in NY
  2. Chris Johnson NYJ RB

    They had him down for 2 TD's. They just changed it to zero
  3. Chris Johnson NYJ RB

    Huddle - Is this projection for Sunday real???
  4. Cant log in :(

    Thank you!!!!!
  5. Cant log in :(

    I still need help
  6. Cant log in :(

    Hey Huddle. It says my account cannot be found when I attempt to log in My email is BigMike
  7. You have a NFL Voo-Doo doll....

    You have an NFL Voo-Doo doll. What are you doing with it today?
  8. Leaguesafe

    Anyone have a phone number to leaguesafe?
  9. You might have 2/3 here BigMike : )
  10. BOTH forums?

    Sorry if I missed something but where are the BOTH forums?
  11. I dont have directtv or nfl ticket. Is there any site or app i can pay for to get nfl games live on my phone today? I'll pay a king's ransom
  12. Drafting from your ipad

    Anybody drafted from their ipad in an ESPN or CBS league? Just trying to see if it works. BM
  13. Renew problem

    Thank you!!!
  14. Renew problem

    Dear huddle I signed up again as usual. When I renewed, I accidentally changed my username by one letter. Because of this, nothing is saved under myhuddle when I go to look at my premade cheat sheets. Is there anyway to get those back? It took me hours to create those. BigMike My old username was I created this year and forgot a "z".
  15. The following WILL happen during the 2012 NFL season.... 1. There will be a 2,000 yard rusher 2. Two separate WR will catch 115+ balls 3. THREE teams will be undefeated on November 1st Write those down