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  1. I am going to puke...

    I am going to puke followed by 3 days of crying. In one of my two big leagues, I had beat my arch rival by one point. I talked trashed and taunted him on it all week long. I repeat, I taunted and made fun of my big rival all week long, I beat him 108-109. I won by INDY returning the INT for a touchdown with 2 min left in the Sunday night game. It was by greatest win ever. Well WAS is past tense. They changed Hasslebacks INT to a fumble, which gave my rival BACK 2 points and gave him the one point victory. If I didn't have bad luck, I wouldnt have any luck at all. I wont be able to live this one down for the rest of my f.f. career. "crying in NY" BigMike
  2. Weekly Blitz

  3. King Of The Mountain

  4. Weekly Blitz

  5. Cant decide.....

    My Flex - should it be? Benson, Barlow, or Willie Parker? I want to flip a coin at this point, I dont see one standing out more than the rest? BigMike
  6. betting league

    Texans Titans Saints Bucs
  7. King Of The Mountain

  8. This ESPN draft on tv.....

    I agree guys.! I posted this message like 5 minutes into the show. HAHA Little did I know that about after the 4th pick, this one one of the worst drafts I have EVER seen. They were doing well at first, but after the first 4 picks, it was horrible. Looks like we'll be ok for another year. = ) Huddle, thanks again for such a grat job here. So glad I spent the few dollars a month ago, I cant picture my drafts with out it!! BIGMike
  9. This ESPN draft on tv.....

    oh, I agree, their picks suck. But what Jackson and the guy next to him keep saying are really strong. Bermans panel is tearing them apart, and saying why. <---- Which I feel is great advice with the things they are mentioning BigMike
  10. This ESPN draft on tv.....

    As corny as everyone is (ala Nick Lache') They are giving out/telling some very good advice. Average Joes across the country are watching this thing and getting some good advice. *sigh* Its becoming too commercial, guys that study study study are not as far ahead as they used to be in the past. Its becoming too commercial. With the pink fantasy football girls and two fantasy football shows on cable tv this year. Now you go to the store and their are 467 different fantasy football mags to pick from. I dont know, am I just paranoid? I dont like fantasy football getting all this spotlight. (Kinda like poker. Averagge players now can go anywhere and everywheer for good advice) BigMike : \
  11. 1 player Keeper league. I landed the 8th spot. This is the most important round for me in this league in the next many years. 12 teams, typical performance scoring, snake. So I get 8th and 16th. Anyway I can get a some serious projections from people for a 1 Player Keeper league? How about the top 16? Just to make sure I have two great first two picks in case the first round guy doesnt look like a "keeper" in the nest few years to come. Thanks for the help, this board is awsome!! BigMike
  12. What's the :coolest" rule in your league?

    Yea, we play Head to Head also.
  13. From this forum (the rule), my main league this year will incorporating a new HIGH SCORE rule. Each week: Low score team gives the High Score team $10. It's not the craziest rule in the world, but I cant imagine anything more fun than calling another team in the league Tuesday morning, and letting them know they owe ya 10 beans!! BigMike
  14. The past few years, I have always been aapart of one or two leagues. This year I find myself in 5 or 6. I do my absolute best at every draft obviously, but will this get out of control during the season? I also feel that being in many leagues will give me a good look at a TON of players around the league. Does the huddle have some sort of "philosophy" on when to cut myself off from doing fantasy? Too many leagues in NY
  15. Come Back player of the year?

    Michael Strahan