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  1. Prove your FF Knowledge

    Yeah it's between Bruce and Coles. It's always a good chance that multiple WRs will have TDs in St Louis, and the matchup is much better. Bruce. It's a tough call though indeed.
  2. Davis v Dillon

    Well it's close. But I side with Dillon. 1. He's who you drafted higher, so you won't kick yourself as much 2. He's not "questionable" or as prone to a mid-game injury 3. Both Ds are solid, so you can't go on matchup 4. NEs offense usually finds a way to make things happen
  3. Please rate this trade offer

    I'd hold on to Vick. If you only can start 2 WRs, then you really have no reason to trade. If you start 3, then maybe. Vick is the type of player than can get hot. And considering your other QBs are not exactly studs, you might at some point find he has the best matchup. I'd be packaging an RB (nice depth) for a top QB.
  4. RB issues

    Didn't CMart just get upgraded to probable? Curtis Martin, RB NYJ News: According to reports, Jets RB Curtis Martin practiced on Thursday in full pads and has been upgraded to probable for his Week 3 game vs. Jacksonville. Analysis: Although the matchup is difficult, Martin should start for your Fantasy team. Do bench him, however, if your backup RB has a really good matchup. Is Shipp on the WW?
  5. Looking for that extra point

    I am gonna say Lelie against the Chiefs. I just feel like he due, and when he goes off, he usually goes off pretty big. And yes Chambers.
  6. What has happened to all the Tight Ends?

    Week 1 had lots of TD scores by TEs. I think they are still very involved in some offenses, it's just hard to predict when and why.
  7. Caddy is hot and all, but Alex is proven reliable stud. I'd be a little weary of Caddy even with is hot start. Porter also had some nice upside running along side Moss.
  8. Arrington - #3 RB?

    He does throw alot though - Boldin and Fitz get plenty of attention it seems - which you would think might open up some running room... would think.... Blah, it's frustrating.
  9. Boys-49ers

    A. Battle will run for a TD, catch a TD, throw a TD, and return a punt for a TD. Mark my words. 678 combined yards and 4 TDs.
  10. Battle

    Oh I hear that. I just think it's interesting. Also, he's been targeted 16 times, which is the most on the team, and more than Andre Johnson, Mike Clayton, Isaac Bruce, and Reggie Wayne. Even on the putrid offense, if the matchup is right, you might get some cool stats. Especially if he still returns kicks, which was the orginal question (that I am having trouble finding an anwer on). Also curious if anyone happens to watch (or is forced to watch 49er games) and sees nice talent in him.
  11. Battle

    Oh good, I was hoping these forums had a spelling Nazi. (farting noise)
  12. Battle

    I don't often catch 49'ers games, so I was wondering if this guy is still a return man. If so, does that mean he passes, catches, rushes, and returns? And he seems to actually get more looks than a similar player, D. Hall. Seems like a guy that might be fun to take a risk on. The times I have seen him play, he sure looks shifty.
  13. Greetings

    Just messin around. Throw enough crap against the wall and some will stick. It's part of the business I guess.
  14. Greetings

    Coming from a "newb" to the Huddle, I'd say it's a great place, but the guys who have been here awhile seem to think newbs are taking over, and make fun of them, or dismiss them as all being stupid and inexperienced, then complain about how they had make fun of them. Oh that's right I went there.
  15. Just when we thought it safe to start

    Exactly what I was thinking/praying - I just traded for him. I figure it's a matter of time, and Foster has had even more time to get back to 100% as Davis takes the bulk of the work. CBSSL does not have Davis listed as questionable yet, they have this. The Charlotte Observer reports Stephen Davis will continue to receive the glut of the Panthers' carries. "It's something that we try to monitor," head coach John Fox said. "But really at the end of the day, you're going to do what it takes on any given Sunday. Stephen has that attitude and so does everybody on that sideline." (Updated 09/21/2005). FANTASY ANALYSIS Davis is a nice flex starter in leagues with 12-plus teams this week at Miami.