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  1. It Is Official...

    favre WAS playing inside. u all should know how that goes
  2. Thats going to leave a mark

    every sooner fan blames peterson's 'injuries' when he has a bad game. last year our running back had fliping turf toe vs. OU and still gained 100 yds, while we held the 'OMG I INJURED MY SHOULDER SO MY LEGS CANT RUN' Peterson under 100 yds (first team to do so). our RB, not nearly as highly touted, has more yds, vs. a better team, w/ a much worse injury to a much more important part of his body for his position vs. ur amazing RB w/ a hurt shoulder and you guys make excuses. your QB's suck right now (didn't expect it personally, but they do). SICK OF THE EXCUSES. atleast neb fans can admit when our players flat out SUCK. (as they have for the most part since TO left) anywho, got off work, heard the GREAT Horned Frog news, and did a dance! SOONER BOOMER!
  3. Cedric Benson does NOT sign w/ the Bears?

    HOOK EM HORNS! and for what its worth, the word doughbag is hilarious.
  4. Green Bay what has happened to you

    i think ahman will have a solid year, maybe head on the downward spiral starting next year. but iam biased of course.
  5. Bulter out for season

    means more time for former husker Dejuan Groce. too bad for Butler though..
  6. Rank these 5 wide recievers.

    Horn prolly has a slight edge based on last year over Andre, but i don't see why Andre can't do just as good if not better than Joe this year. The Texans as a whole should be improved, on offense atleast for sure, especially with David Carr improving every year in almost statistic in each year. Plus Andre has shown the ability to truly be a dominant WR at this level. I watched him a lot last year and had him on my team and it was a great thing to have. If I had the choice of any of those 5, honestly, I'd prolly take the chance of Andre having the best year, because if not, you know the worst he'll do is copy last years numbers. I see a good sized improvement over that though, specially in TD's & catches. after that I'd take Horn, then it'd be a toughy for me between Roy Williams and Reggie Wayne. I think Reggie has proven he can have a good year, BUT I think Roy has the ability and talent to be a lot better than Wayne. For Roy it just comes down to the QB situation in Detroit I think. After that I would take Burleson...for some reason I've never liked any Vikings WR but Moss
  7. Reggie Williams

    if we're going by that Seahawks fan (must be a husky fan as well in wa!) then he'll have 1600yd/16td
  8. A Dumb scoring system (IMO)

    my league = 6 pts for a pass td...but a flex qb?
  9. 2005 Vikings Cheerleaders

  10. Who is gonna be up early with me?

    nice game michael boley
  11. Anybody else tired of hearing this?

    warfield likes booze. prolly learned that from lawrence/terrell farley in the mid 90s, sad to say as a husker myself ;(
  12. Kansas State fans web site

    as i said: just as you brought up the past vs. KANSAS, as long as that happens once every 40 years, im happy difference between k state and neb: kstate "dominance" (can you use that word w/ KSU together?) = 3-5 years. neb dominance = 35+ years exciting to see you be so pumped over 2 wins, 3 wins, or even 4 wins. hell we have over 80 wins vs. ksu and even we don't get as excited about that as you do a couple. ever wonder why that is? cause its expected from us maybe? says a lot about KSU athletics. ;]
  13. Kansas State fans web site

    just as you brought up the past vs. KANSAS, as long as that happens once every 40 years, im happy you remind me a lot of the iowa state fans, who have beat us like 2-3 times in the past few years so they consider that DOMINATION. i guess you guys just don't have the rich history/tradition that we do, so you don't understand what it truly means to have domination (72-14 vs. KSU, 81-15 vs. ISU all time). very funny to see you KittyKat and Cyclone fans get SO worked up over 3-4 wins. but i guess since thats all you all have going for your programs, thats the best you can come up with.
  14. Kansas State fans web site

    kitty kats! nice one