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  1. They're BACK

    In my local league I have Jamal Lewis, Andre Johnson, and Roy Williams all out cause of the bye. Not like Andrew or Jamal were doing anything; maybe the bye week will clear their head or their teams. I might have to start Chris Perry....
  2. Chad Johnson

    Yea, they just showed him on the local news with it. Too funny. I want to watch it again and like zoom in on the list.
  3. What happends if?

    Easier said then done. I am a huge Benson supporter but it is hard to justify taking Jones out of the lineup. I know the salary issue is huge but Benson hasn't proved anything yet. Once he does though, things will start to get interesting.
  4. One year later....

    Anybody think he is a good start versus the amazing Bears defense?
  5. One year later....

    Chris Perry is the next backup RB to end up being a stud; a la Deuce McAllister and Shaun Alexander. I have to put my Michigan hatred aside and say that this kid is the real deal. I too am scared to go Soldier Field this Sunday and watch this offense just explode. GO BEARS!!!!
  6. Desperate in Detroit...

    Seeing Jeff George or Shaun King in a Lions uniform would be quite interesting. I think they would both do a solid job; anything is better than Harrington. I was at the game Sunday and Harrington was just locking on one receiver and not going through any progression whatsoever. I'd try the rookie Orlovsky. I think people said his main drawback was he didn't have a strong enough arm. That said, I think arm strength is quite overrated and I think he could succeed. Like I said, anything is better than Harrington.
  7. Bettis' days as TD vulture are numbered

    Haven't most of Parker's TD's come on long runs? If so, then I see Bettis still vulturing a good amount of TD's here and there. Besides, Parker has played poor defenses.
  8. Hey Bears fans!

  9. Houston we have a problem

    Why do they suck so badly????!!!!
  10. Pennington looks terrible.

    That's a funny thought but it is sadly probably true.
  11. Hey Bears fans!

    The rush defense is slowly letting up....
  12. Hey Bears fans!

    Yea, that pick was barely his fault.
  13. Hey Bears fans!

    What the hell is happening now? Three false starts in a row. Give me a break!
  14. Hey Bears fans!

    I think Orton is doing great. He is not losing the game for the Bears and is amazingly poised. Mushin is soooo clutch. It's good to see Benson get some hits finally. The defense is letting some big plays happen here and there, but nothing game breaking. GO BEARS!!!!
  15. Benson in!

    Hellz yea, let's go Bears!