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  1. Super Bowl Squares, Goopster Edition

    Just a handful of squares left. LMK if you are interested!
  2. Super Bowl Squares, Goopster Edition

    Thanks! tonorator, I sent you a PM. My email is
  3. Hi, all! Haven't posted here in a while, but I hope everyone is well. Miss this place! Looking for people to add to my squares grid. Several Huddlers are on it already. All the info is below, I have done this here before and know many people on this board. If you like squares, please read on. $25 a square. A WINNER IS PAID EVERY TIME THE SCORE CHANGES! Example NFC 6-0 = that square wins $100 NFC 7-0 = that square wins $100 NFC 7-3 = that square wins $100 …so on and so forth… $100 bonus for halftime score (so you would get final 1st half score change $100 plus another $100) FINAL SCORE wins the remainder of the cash… Also, any scoreless quarter will payout $100 Most common question is what happens if there is a crazy score with many lead changes. Easy answer is once the money runs out, it runs out. For history of this format (the parentheses money does not include halftime payout): 2015 = 10 score changes ($1500 left for final) 2014 = 15 score changes ($1000 left for final) 2013 = 19 score changes ($600 left for final) 2012 = 11 score changes ($1400 for final) 2011 = 17 score changes ($800 left for final) 2010 = 14 score changes ($1100 left for final) 2009 = 15 score changes ($1000 left for final) So if you have interest… tell me how many you want and what location you want in the grid. Once we fill up, I will draw spots. Please forward to anyone who is interested. Would love to see this happen, it's a fun variation on squares. Thanks! RG the first and only
  4. Geno Smith Out

    Hero of the locker room? Lol. Wow.
  5. Kicker scoring, variations?

    Crazy amount of points at times. And I guess I should stress at times. I am not the one championing changing the scoring. Others are. You guys in leagues that don't have the kicker position?
  6. The Legacy of Tom Brady

    Pshhh. Make the popcorn on the stove. Only way to do it, come on now.
  7. Arian Foster (OUT)

    Oh boy. What a bummer.
  8. Kicker scoring, variations?

    Didn't really search so apologize if this has been discussed in the past. My home league has expressed concern about the way kickers are scored and them getting a crazy amount of points at times. Not sure how I feel about that; most of me is in the camp of deal with it. Smaller part is curious if other leagues score kickers differently, devaluing them a bit. Currently, we have this setup. Anybody do anything drastically different? Would love to see some new ideas. Thanks! Field Goals 0-19 Yards 3 Field Goals 20-29 Yards 3 Field Goals 30-39 Yards 3 Field Goals 40-49 Yards 4 Field Goals 50+ Yards 5 Point After Attempt Made 1
  9. NFL voting on changing extra point

    I'd argue a swing of the foot is more consistent than a shooting motion. There are more moving parts when shooting a basketball. Plus, with a basketball, less of space "to miss" compared to the size between field goal posts.
  10. NFL voting on changing extra point

    True, true, it's a move in the right direction. I guess I just don't buy that more teams will try two point conversions. We shall see....
  11. NFL voting on changing extra point

    There is reaction because it's a rule change to something that has become a staple of the game. And there isn't really a change considering it won't change the game that much. Hook, am I missing something? What do you like about the change and how will it affect the game we watch? I highly doubt more teams go for two.
  12. NFL voting on changing extra point

    Yeah, good point. Article says 93%, you figure it'll be higher because they will practice that kick a million frickin' times.
  13. To pay the QB, or to not pay the QB?

    That's the going rate for a QB. Not surprised RT got paid. Still like him and his future. What is their alternative if they don't pay him? Play QB roulette again? No way.
  14. NFL voting on changing extra point

    So it will go from 98% to 90%? Way to go NFL. Another great move for the future of the game.
  15. Report: Tom Brady will be suspended

    The mothership is always right, duh.