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  1. Westbrook

    Anyone sitting Westbrook this week? After calling off negotiations with the eagles I am not sure what he is going to do. I am thinking of starting JJ in his place what do you think?
  2. Any Minny Homers here?

    Might just be a fluke, I belive he is in Chisago Minnestoa for his rehibilation.
  3. Vikings Offense

    ESPN has reported that Birk is going to play the season on pain killers.
  4. Who will you absolutely not draft this year?

    No current or pass Denver running back, you never know what they are going to do.
  5. too late?

    Next time spend your $20 bucks and bye a couple magazines that were out of date 3 weeks before your draft, then try to comeback and look for pickup help later in the season. Seriously Man I hope you kidding
  6. Troy Williamson

    Moss who??? Have fun Oakland
  7. Huddle Projections

    After i stated thinking about it, i now realize. But it was interesting to see Vicks stock rise up the QB list.
  8. Come Back player of the year?

    What happened to the old one that was much better???
  9. Huddle Projections
  10. Huddle Projections

    How do you figure? Manning 4500/25 = 180 46*4 = 184 20/10 = 2 Grand Total = 366 Do I need to do the rest of them for you? .
  11. Huddle Projections

    All right i am a bit confused, I just went threw and put our leagues scoring system into the the Huddle Projections (sorry)Excel sheet, now our scoring is simple and (I have left out bonus points) Passing Yards 25yrd = 1 Pass TD 4 points Rush/Receiving Yards 10yrd = 1 Rush/Receiving TD 6 points Here is what the top ten looked like Manning,Peyton 366 Culpepper,Daunte 340 Tomlinson,LaDainian 326 Bulger,Marc 303 McNabb,Donovan 286 Vick,Michael 281 James,Edgerrin 280 Brooks,Aaron 278 Alexander,Shaun 275 Green,Trent 273 Does this seem right???
  12. More insight on the Benson holdout...

    Well that ends up perfect fro the Bears, Benson can take the staring job from Jone after the bye week.
  13. More insight on the Benson holdout...

    Bears fans are just like anyother, he will slowly work his way back and by week 4 everyone in Chicago will be remebering the days of Walter Payton.
  14. So what is the vote for comeback player of the year? After a sub par perfomance last year and not to metion jail time, i am going to have to go with J. Lewis. Any thoughts?
  15. RB

    Don't laugh to loud but i am going to go with "The Dom" the dark horse, if Jamel breaks the rushing attemps by 70 he will hands down but that isn't going to happen. Double D has an emerging team behind him with possibly one of the best young wide recievers in the game to keep the defenses honest. Plus everyone likes Double Ds