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  1. Ronald Curry

    I figured he tore his achille's again when he went down without anyone touching him. It's a shame, this guy is a true multi-sport athlete that excelled at the collegiate level. Gabriel could end up being a decent 3rd receiver, but Curry had much more potential.
  2. Hear Them Bengals Growling!

    Wont be jumping on the bandwagon anytime soon..but I am a fan of Cinci's offense (Chad, TJ, Carson, and Rudi are all on at least one of my fantasy squads this year ). Behind Moss and Owens, Chad is probably the most entertaining receiver in football.

    He did have a nice 55+ yard run that was called back because of a holding call on the other side of the offensive lines. The Raiders have tons of potential on the offensive side of the ball, and they are beginning to produce if they could only get things together and stop making stupid penalties they could actually win some games
  4. who to start @ Flex,

    Thomas Jones....only because Boller has got to be the worse QB in the league right now (backups dont count) so i dont see Mason having a good game against anyone.

    Go with your 1st round stud...Bmore may be gearing up to stop Peyton anyway
  6. Help With A Week 1 Starter

    I would go with Dunn, he's normally solid, until he gets injured mid-season
  7. Best Week 1 RB Matchup

    Tough choice, i would go with Dom Davis only because he's a proven stud who's just a little bit more durable than Chris Brown. I like Jordan, but I wouldnt start him over D Davis (not at this point in the season).
  8. Rate this trade

    Pretty even trade, although I'd stick with Westbrook...something was wrong with Green's game last year and the slide will probably continue. Brady is a solid play this year, but dont discount McNair. He's healthier than he's been in years, he has a new offensive coordinator that is less conservative than their previous one, and he has a lot of young talented (yet unproven) wideouts that will be hungry for the ball. Wasnt McNair co-mvp just 2 years ago? I say he makes a strong comeback this year.
  9. branch or lelie

    Lelie...New England spreads the ball around quite a bit...Denver doesnt as much
  10. Collins or Harrington?

    Always go with your studs in the first week...nothing worse than second guessing your players and playing the matchups before the season even started You drafted Collins ahead of Harrington, so start him with confidence. If you need more incentive, I got two words for you RANDY MOSS...just like TO brought McNabbs game to the next level last year, Moss will boost Collins numbers this year. It doesnt matter who Moss is up against, he always gets his points...and Collins will get him the ball tommorrow.
  11. Rice To Retire

    Thanks for the memories were the greatest
  12. King Of The Mountain

    Whoever SanFran plays.....ST LOUIS
  13. Benson to start week 1

    That would be pretty sweet if he did...I rolled the dice with Benson and Ronnie Brown as my 3rd and 4th backs (got them in the 5th and 6th)...I figure one of them should win least i hope
  14. NFL final rosters

    Yeh, I hope so...i would hate to see 3rd round pick wasted like that...although he isnt Norv's type of player (he was drafted by Callihan)
  15. Best draft pick you've gotten

    Tonight i got Cedric Benson in the 5th and Ronnie Brown in the 6th....this is a RB heavy league also. Guess no one really believed in the Rookies this year. I figure drafting them as my 3rd and 4th backs, i would have time to wait for one (or both) of them to breakout this year. Could end up using one of them as trade bait towards the end of the season, if they both do well.