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  1. Seriously, do you people know how much dedication it takes to be a six time champion?

  2. Kansas State fans web site

    here is a nice site for KSU fans.
  3. thanks for the help!
  4. FSU QB Wyatt Sexton loses his friggin mind

    if this were at Tennessee, Sexton would be suspended for the first quarter of next years orange/white spring intrasquad scrimmage. What will Bowden do, especially w/ his daddy on the staff?!?
  5. just trying to get as much outside input as possible. any help would be much appreciated. if it is your own personal cheatsheet that is great too. thanks.
  6. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Suspended Florida State quarterback Wyatt Sexton was taken to a hospital by police after they say observed him behaving strangely, laying in the street, jumping on a car and telling them that he was God. Sexton was hospitalized Monday night and on Tuesday a Florida State official said he was still under medical care at an undisclosed location. He has not been charged with any crime. Florida State Assistant Athletic Director Rob Wilson said Sexton had been suspended from the team two weeks ago because of a previously undisclosed violation of team rules. He declined to elaborate on what rules Sexton broke and said the incident Monday appeared to be unrelated. Sexton, 20, is the son of Florida State's assistant head coach and running backs coach Billy Sexton. Wilson said neither head coach Bobby Bowden nor Sexton's father would comment. Sexton, who will be a junior in the fall, took over the starting quarterback job for the Seminoles at midseason last year, but was expected to compete for the job this year with Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee who were redshirted as freshmen last year. An incident report by Tallahassee police officer Zachary Lyne said he was called to a residential neighborhood about a report of a man doing push ups in the street and acting strangely. Police said they'd also had a call from a different person about a man in the same location laying in the street and yelling at passersby. Lyne said he found Sexton in the middle of the road wearing only a wet pair of shorts. The officer asked Sexton if he was OK and didn't get a response. He asked several times what the man's name was and eventually Sexton replied that he was God. At one point, the man stepped toward Lyne and then ran away from him. When the officer yelled for him to stop, he turned and got on his hands and knees, yelled obscenities at the officer and stared at him. Lyne said in his report that he feared Sexton might charge him so he doused him with pepper spray and radioed for assistance. After other officers arrived, the police handcuffed him and he identified himself as Sexton. Police said they took Sexton to the hospital fearing he was a danger to himself or others. Police said that Sexton "appeared to be under the influence of some unknown narcotic or alcohol," but officials at the hospital said they didn't have any information on Sexton, including whether he had been found to be under the influence. Sexton, who has won honors for his high grade point average, is from Tallahassee. Police said Sexton's roommates told them that Sexton had been at a Dave Matthews Band concert in Tennessee with them earlier Monday. They told police they didn't believe he had been drinking or taking any drugs, but said he had been stressed out over trying to win the starting quarterback job in the fall. Once at the hospital, Sexton continued to say that he was God and that he didn't know why he was in the hospital, Lyne wrote in his report.
  7. Rank the Rookie draft

    Royalwithcheese. Cadillac got hurt in 01 and 02. He didn't get hurt at all in 03 or 04. He made each of Auburn's 26 starts during those years.
  8. OU baseball coach speaks out

    how is someone dumb enough to say this during an interview?
  9. Spurrier stirs the pot

    “I guess at one time somebody accused (Newton) of slapping him or something,” Spurrier said. “But this was not a full-blown fight. If you want to read about some full-blown fights, read about the Tennessee players, not our guys. We’ve not had any knockdown, drag-out fights amongst our players.”
  10. I read this story about coach Orgeron on the Ole Miss Spirit and thought some of you might like it. Apparently, Coach Orgeron called his first team meeting the other day. I was told that in about a 15 minute period, he cussed and yelled more than most men do in their entire lives. He came in to the locker room to his new team and stood there staring at his team. He started to talk in his strong Cajun accent and immediately began yelling at his new team that this 4-7 s**t isn't going to cut it. He talked about how the last game he coached was the national championship and screamed that it was a g*d d**n embarassment to win anything less than 10 games. He went on yelling about how he recruited Leinart and Bush and that that he didn't come to Ole Miss to have a g*d d**n losing seasons or even to go to this bull s**t Cotton Bowl and get g*d d**n thirteenth place. Thirteenth place is bull s**t and he came here to win. He said that his team was going to play defense and hit hard. G*d d****t his team was going to play with g*d d***n passion and they were going to whip some a***s. He then passed a box around the room and said he wanted every g*d d**n earring in the room in the box. He isn't going to have any f*****g p***y girls on his team and wanted every piece of bull s**t earring in that box right now. With the team stunned faced with about as opposite a person as one could have to Cutcliffe, Coach O started to walk towards the door. He looked back at the team as they passed around the box and said, "I'm going to walk out of here right now, and when I come back in here, I'm going to have my shirt off, and I want everyone of you motherf*****s to have your shirts off too." He walked out and everyone, confused, started taking their shirts off. Sure enough, O walked back in, bigger than alot of the guys on the team, without his shirt on. He started yelling and telling the team that they needed to get loud. He said, "When I point to this side of the room, I want you to say 'Ole Miss.' When I point to this side, I want you to say, 'Wild Boys.'" Standing there with no shirt on with every guy in the room shirtless, started pointing to each side of the room. Half the team would yell, "Ole Miss" while the other would yell "Wild Boys." Apparently it got pretty crazy and guys started flipping chairs, yelling, and throwing cooler across the room while chanting Ole Miss... Wild Boys. He then stopped and said, "One more thing. If any of you motherf*****s thinks you can take me, you come up here and get a piece of me right now." He gave everyone an opportunity to come up and fight him and said, "That's what I thought," and walked out of the room. In another story, Lane was out passing with another player, and Coach O apparently ran up to him, tackled him, stripped the ball, and took off running down the field.
  11. FSU vs The Citadel in 2005

    Auburn took all sorts of crap for playing the citadel even though it was because we were bought out by bowling green and had to scramble to find an opponent. Will the Criminoles take a bunch of crap or will a blowout win over the Citadel be a huge statement game for them?
  12. This is not a bet, its simply confidence.

    yeah you punk, i bet you won't come back. why would you w/ all the *** you've given people?
  13. Letter to Auburn

    i love the huskers. ou/texas can peace it out. i'd love to see nebraska back in the bcs.
  14. Letter to Auburn

    World Picks: Letter to Auburn: May we suggest banning Big 12 champ? By Tulsa World Picker 1/6/2005 Dear Auburn: First of all, we'd like to congratulate you on having Les Miles in your conference. LSU hired him because he played OU close! Hoo-boy, talk about an over-reaction. Anyway, this is what's going on around here. Bob Stoops came along a half a dozen or so years ago when the OU football program was on a par with Dartmouth, and fans wanted more than anything to go to the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, home of the Museum of Sleet and a few other borderline tourist attractions. The Sooners won the national championship in 2000. Talk about a run of amazing good fortune: OU won a national title over a Florida State team that couldn't pass the hat, and ever since, the Sooners have been dominating the worst major football conference in the country. This is not the same OU program that existed in 2000, not even close. The three coaches in charge of all that was good about the offense and defense are gone. Now the offense is being run by Chuck "Third and" Long, and the Kingsford secondary, nicknamed by us after the popular brand of charcoal because everybody lights it up, appears to be coaching itself. We pick football games for this newspaper and had USC to win the Orange Bowl by more than it was favored, our point in print being: If Oklahoma State can pass at will on the Kingsford Crew, imagine what a real team could do. The electronic media around here, namely sports babble radio, is heavily staffed by homers, some of whom are even on the OU payroll, how's that for objectivity. Before the Orange Bowl, numerous members of the Sports Animal radio network were saying that many of the greatest players in Sooner history would be on the field in Miami. The lesson to be learned here is that you can not believe what homers say because, well, they're rather like blockheads. If you live in this part of the land, you can believe us, period. There is a reaction in some parts of the football world known as the "Hooterville Factor." What this implies is that anybody who beats you is a genius. So, now many people around here think USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow is the best brain in the land. Please. How smart do you have to be to say: Run straight down the field and look up? We here at the Picks are outraged by the rude and misguided criticism aimed at OU player Mark Bradley, who only fumbled a punt and didn't play quarterback or pass defense. The turning point in this game was not Bradley's fumble but was in fact when all the good assistant coaches left. So, Auburn, we'd like to express our regret that your great season was negated by OU's performance in the O-Bowl, a showing that was almost enough to make a person long for the heart of a John Blake team, and we'd like to suggest the following tweak that could fix the BCS once and for all: ban the Big 12 champ for five years.
  15. Pre season top five

    My top 5 for 2005 1. Auburn 2. USC 3. Louisville 4. Michigan 5. Tennessee