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  1. PatrickL, where r ya?

    Gus is the absolute man. I know he has a three year contract at AU, but if someone doesn't snatch him up and make him a head coach, they are crazy. He's class all the way and the most amazing offensive coach we've ever had at Auburn so far. You were definitely correct in your preseason analysis of this Auburn team. The improvement in the offense so far beats all i've ever seen. Anyone who saw how horrid the AU offense was last year compared to the early results from this year have to be as floored as I am. I knew he was a good hire, i just had no clue HOW good. Oh, and don't you know he wants to drop a few TDs on his boy Nutt.
  2. The official Auburn thread

    Gus is the man. We would have lost that game to WVU last year 50-7. He is truly a miracle worker. The offense has improved so dramatically it is just unreal. And this man named westvirginia refuses to give AU credit for helping to force all those turnovers. AU gave up two quick scores and 150 yards in the first 5 minutes. After that it was all Auburn 41-16. since we're making excuses I blamed that slow start on the rain delay :p
  3. Deuce sighting

    i noticed deuce in there. please don't tell me Pierre is hurt.
  4. Who's Starting Pierre Thomas

    I definitely am playing Pierre. I had to play him last week in my divisionals after Peyton Hillis got hurt and he carried me to the super bowl. I am leaning toward keeping him for 2009 as well.
  5. I love Pierre Thomas

    Seriously. This guy has saved my season after Peyton Hillis got hurt last week. Heck, he might even be worth a keeper. Super Bowl next week vs Detroit would be awesome! Hope I make it! Pierre has given me a great start.
  6. I Hate Pierre Thomas...

    I love him! He has possibly saved my season filling in for Peyton Hillis, who had previously saved my season.
  7. Pierre Thomas gets his chance

    with Hillis going down for me today, this couldn't come at a better time. Please do it two more weeks Pierre!!!
  8. Hillis done for the season

    oh well that sucks. Never guessed i'd be relying on Pierre Thomas and/or Tatum Bell down the stretch.......
  9. Hillis down

    Shorttynaz: You are not the only one. Anyone got an update???
  10. R.I.P. Richard "Aqualung" Fremer

    prayers sent. I am very sorry for your loss.
  11. In the Superbowl...

    I'd go with Grant and Jackson. Please see mine as well:
  12. superbowl this week

    I actually would go with Jones. He's done well at home. please see mine:
  13. WR: Edwards/Colston RB: Portis/Stecker Please see mine:
  14. I've seen where Plaxico now has a hammy injury and Anthony Gonzalez is on a team that has clinched their playoff position. I still think they will leave Gonzalez in for the needed reps.
  15. McNabb benched?

    same here gilthorp.