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  1. Need help quick please. Championship game.
  2. Fournette is my best running back. Would you trade AB and Abdullah for Doug Martin and Mike Evans?
  3. The Electric Tarik Cohen

    Someone in my league bid 94 out of 100 for the year on him after one week. Better him than me..
  4. Josh Gordon hoping for September reinstatement

    Took him with the last pick in my draft. Could be .a home run. If not reinstated I can drop him. The rest of my team is solid so I'm taking a chance.
  5. renewed but cant log in

    Thanks. I did that but am waiting for a reply. My draft is tonight and I took today off to read through as much of the content as I can.
  6. I renewed my subscription today and I can log in to the forums but not into the site itself
  7. Brady or Carr?

  8. Week 5 Milk Carton

    Hopkins and Fuller. Not a catch between them in the 1st half.
  9. Miller or D.Williams in PPR

    I would go with Williams
  10. Ppr Flex rank em

    Hilton, Jones, Floyd, Jennings
  11. Manning. Cowboys D not too good.
  12. Winston or smith

    I say Winston for the same reasons stated by RattlerB
  13. My Dad...too Funny

  14. I switched him into my flex spot and took Deangelo Williams out.