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  1. WDIS

    I'd probably go with Braylon Edwards.
  2. T.Holt for C-Pep

    MY qb situation sucks. T.Green Griese thoughts? no penalties for int's .
  3. WDIS @ WR week 3

    I can't believe it's a question.
  4. Delhomme just got dropped

    depends on the matchup. Big Ben @ NE or Car against??? I'd probably go Big Ben just b/c I have him on my team. I think it's a flip of the coin though.

    Big Ben is the most talented of that group. Go with him.
  6. Shipp vs. Mewelde

    I'd go with Mewelde. I know everyone else will say Shipp but it's just a hunch on my part.
  7. Travis Taylor or Stallworth

    Stallworth. Vikings are a mess right now and should be avoided at all costs.
  8. Mewelde Moore the man in MIN?

    "the man" in Minnesota = finding $100 bill while stranded on an island.
  9. Santana Moss vs Andre J

    That's what's great about having a team that sucks all around. There are no "woulda coulda shoulda's"
  10. Mewelde Moore the man in MIN?

    Brandon Jacobs should be out there. He's a better option than anyone on the Vikings.
  11. don't give up C-pep in that deal. Stick to your guns and hang tight for a week or two. Maybe consider benching C-pep for a FA qb with a good matchup.
  12. Any trent green owners out there?

    That's what I was thinking too. I just checked and Cle has to play Balt/Pitt 2x each so that's not good. I do like Griese a lot but their D is freakish' so far.
  13. What do you need to happen tonight

    I need washington to shut out dallas, chili concarni to kick 10 field goals and mcallister to run like the wind.