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  1. please help

    actually he might he has no rbs this week due to bye week and suggs and jj arrington injuries what do you think should i? he also has chad johnson he might counter which is a go and which is a no?
  2. please help

    i'm about to offer this, should i? willie p and s. smith for t.o. and suggs? it kinda sounds uneven but i would like to upgrade my wr
  3. please help

    ive been starting edge and willie p, but sjax vs tenn is quite tempting
  4. please help

    my rbs are edge, sjax, and willie p, benson should i duump either sjax or willie p, and where do i need help here's my roster qb- collins, brooks rb- above wr- s smith, branch, lelie, patten te wiggins, stevans k- reed, stover dst- bills, shaguars i feel i need help at te, but is it worth me to trade sjax or willie p for the sorts of gonzalez?
  5. trade help

    kool, thats exactly what i'm trying to do
  6. trade help

    harrison and brees
  7. The Edge Debate

    i have him this year for the first time, i felt lucky about getting him at #8, and laughed at the guy taking duece at 7, but duece got 2 tds, edge got 0!! i'm not sure right yet of what to think, it was baltimore!!
  8. please help! willie p or sjax

    what post?
  9. wp vs hou or sjax vs ari, thanks
  10. Why I Might Start Parker Over Edge

    again, i have almost the same backs you have, i'm wondering if i should start parker over sjax also, i did start edge though, no biggie i won, but would have had 20 more points!! how did sjax look? i'm torn again what r u doing? parker or sjax dexter?
  11. Why I Might Start Parker Over Edge

    holy shyt, i think you have the same problem i was having, and the same backfield, i too have edge, sjax, and parker, but he's my edge (i hope) i'm starting collins tonight, and if i don't think he'll outscore or compare to favre vs detroit then parker gets the gamblers nod on sundaY!!! i do like your comparison, i also checked last year's stats, and i play lots of madden and from madden experience i know it's hard to run against 4-6. It's very easy to pass on 4-6 (madden only).
  12. branch or lelie

    wow thanks guys lelie it is!!
  13. branch or lelie

    branch or lelie?
  14. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 1

    10yds =1 pt 6 pt tds dion branch or lelie? brooks or collins
  15. please rate my team

    i start 2 wr, i'm torn on who to start either lelie or branch, i think lelie week 1 to see how branch will fit, he hasn't played 1 preseason game yet