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  1. The Greatest of all Time. Always will be The Champ.
  2. Just saw this too. Take care of yourself FBJ. Praying for your recovery.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. What if this was some type of strategic move by Dumervil and his agent to get him to become a FA. If everything was agreed to, submitting the paperwork should be the easiest thing to do. It just seems too "convenient" that now instead of taking what DEN could afford to give him, he is now free to sign anywhere for the max he can get....simply because the paperwork wasn't received on time.
  4. that was excellent. Very emotional song. Job well done. Have you played it for the neighbors? What was the reaction if you did?
  5. I've been reading this debate and it is rather comical in regards to the comparisons. IMO, the NFL is way to concerned about cosmetic BS and glosses over relevant issues that they would just rather ignore and hope it goes away. In regards to analogy, I see it this way in everyday life. Gore: I am docked an hours pay for my tie not being a double-knot windsor. Brady: I am docked 45 minutes pay for taking a swing at a co-worker but not connecting. Basically, is it worse to the company to have an employee walking around with a tie on, but not tied to corporate specs. Or, to have an employee that makes an attempt at injuring another employee. I think most employers would find the latter to be the greater offense.
  6. Rob and Rex Ryan (twins)
  7. Sorry to hear that Junkyard. Prayers are sent to everyone there.
  8. Hey Junkyard, any word from your friend with kids in the school ? Prayers go out to all of the people in the community.
  9. We really don't know what the Royal Family, the hospital, or the royal police said to her privately. In the media, the Royal Family must keep a certain persona but there is no telling what was said to her in private discussions. Even with that though, suicide is too much.
  10. Sad to hear that.
  11. Why on earth is she your ex??????
  12. I have read the many posts by Cowboyz1 and as a lifelong (over 35 yrs) Cowboys fan I have seen many ups and downs. As was mentioned by giantsfan, the biggest issue is Jerry Jones the General Manager. As an owner, he is good. But as a GM, he is HORRID. He has made it evident that any coach that graces the sidelines understand that Jerry the GM will interfere with all personnel decisions. Jerry the GM is still trying to prove that he has he football knowledge demonstrated by Jimmy Johnson when Johnson made personnel decisions. It ain't even close. Three names say it all: Joey Galloway, Roy Williams, and Quincy Carter. As far as the team being talented? Nope, not really. Especially on offense. Defense maybe, but still a lot of holes. Offensively, without the shiftiness of Murray there is zero running game.The OL doesn't block any better when he is in the game. He is just hands down better than the others. He is even better at getting injured. The WRs? Dez IS talented but a typical WR that is a headcase. Miles is talented but he is an injury waiting to happen. Witten is definetly talented by age is going to catch up with him soon. Romo? A good QB that makes bad decisions at the worst time. But also has the ability to play. He just isn't a leader, which is hugh. The O-Line? Next question. Seriously, the only one of any merit is Smith and the jury is still out on him as he takes on a new position. On Defense, there are a few players that stand out. Ware, Carter, Lee and um, uh...yeah...that's about it for me. Ware is getting beat up by double and triple teams. Lee and Carter haven't made it through a full season to show what they can really do. The glasses are off and I am tired of seeing my favorite team wallow around in mediocrity because the owner will not fire the GM. I won't become a free agent, but I know what to expect for the foreseable future. Some wins. More losses. A GM/Owner talking a whole lot of sh*t about what "he expects". But really as long as the stadium is filled and he gets some headlines every now and then nothing will change. Bring in Holmgren. Bring in Chuckie. Hell bring 'em both in. Or better yet, resurrect Landry and Lombardi. As long as Jerry has final say so (and he will) this team is not going to win a championship. Still (and will always be) a fan....
  13. Check out the Lighthouse. It's a restaurant ( a little pricey) but you don't necessarily have to go for the food. It has a great view of the sea and excellent photo opportunities. Baby Beach is nice with some areas of shallow water and some areas for snorkeling where you can see multi-colored fish. there's another spot, a natural pool that is also good for snorkeling. Not sure of the ages of your kids, but the ATV tours are cool. If they are too young for driving an ATV, then you may want to go on a SUV tour. But those are generally 3-4 hours and each stop is about 1/2 hour IIRC. Great vacation. One of the best I've had.
  14. Don't have to be a Colts fan to feel that one. Truly inspiring. Praying for his full recovery.
  15. 10.4 When a trade is made, BOTH owners must notify the commissioner to make the trade official. The trade will be approved or denied at the TUDL site. Owners should have the trade in the system at TUDL prior to posting a thread The rules say that the owners must "notify" the commish. This was done. It does not say the owner must AGREE to the trade in the notifcation. THe owner could very well say" Oh crap, I just accepted a bad trade." That serves as notification. The commish should not be the police for this type of mistake IMO. In this case, Owner A gave Britt for DeSean Jackson. Owner A mistakenly thought he was getting Britt for Jackson.