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  1. Help-

    Thanks Moss6. I knew I could count on the good people here at the Huddle!!
  2. Help-

    Where can I find official injury reports for the NFL Week 2? Specifically I am looking for the Wednesday injury report (9/14) for JJ Arrington. I already checked the Huddle's injury report, which only has hs status from this past Sunday. Thanks all.
  3. Fantasy Football

    I just won by 1 pt. thanks to Joe Horn's fumble out of the endzone.
  4. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Just won my local by 1 pt., after Joe Horn was credited with a lost fumble (-2 pts.) He sure blew up, but thank you for the fumble Mr. Horn. Weirdest play I've ever seen.
  5. Horn just lost the ball out of the endzone

    CBS sportline has him scoring 20 pts tonight. I am losing by 1. I need the lost fumble and negative points to win
  6. Anyone see Horn just "fumble"?

    how will that be scored? I am going against Horn and he just blew up.
  7. How is that scored? Is it a lost fumble? I need the points to win
  8. what do you need on MNF?

    After a crappy sunday, I need Joe Horn to score less than 17 points. Go Jints!!
  9. Holmes is looking old!

    I don't think it's just Holmes. The Chief's O-Line looks pretty bad. I don't think they've converted a 3rd down yet. As a L. Johnson owner, i hope that they will give the ball to L. Johnson more.
  10. Holmes down

    Holmes is back in this series
  11. Jamal Lewis

    Given Jamal's earlier statements about rushing for 2000+ yds this year, I am going to start him for the next 14 games - cause he's going to rush for about 1990 yds, right ?
  12. its on in NYC - game is sold out
  13. Willie Parker is for real

    101 yards rushing and counting...... get on the willie train---choo! choo!
  14. Jamal Lewis

    I think it's cause he just sucks.
  15. Willie Parker is for real

    86 yards rushing and 1 TD so far.