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  1. Question about Grits

    ^Someone's on Grit's wang. I don't understand why so many of you have a love affair with this guy.
  2. Question about Grits

    +1 Middle aged men who live with their moms and don't do anything but fantasy football in their own little fantasy world where they think they own the internet rule! Go Grits Go!
  3. ECB draft pictures

    I hope I don't ever turn out over-the-hill, overweight, balding, and geeky like these guys anytime soon.
  4. Another helpful response by Grits and Shins. +1
  5. Oh, and I have another dilemma... should I start Hasselbeck (@ JAX) or Carson Palmer (@ CLE) this week?
  6. I'm in a 10 man league. Rushing yards is 10=1. Receiving yards is 10=1. Rushing and receiving TDs equal 6 points a piece. Who should I start this week? I have to fill a utility slot with one of these guys, and I'm not sure which one to pick. Arrington and Boldin both play the NY Giants. Steve Smith plays the NO Saints. Right now I'm leaning towards Smith, as I think he has a better chance at having a big game, and he's a bit more proven than Arrington and Kurt Warner to Anquan Boldin.

    High five, tough guy. Up top, down low. You own the internet. I didn't make this thread. I commented on how immature and odd Grits' means of whatever he is trying to accomplish is. I've talked to him before about it, and he's just ignored me. I guess he's too busy posting random numbers to deal with me. Good job calling me a "newbie tool", as well, and then telling me not to call people names. You're the greatest. I'm sure the guy knows his stuff... but a lot of people know their stuff, and don't act like him. I just don't understand what makes this guy act this way.

    What in the hell are you talking about? Do you even have a clue what's going on, or are you one of those dude that rides Grit's Wang because he has 14.7 million posts? Where does this guy get all this respect from? I don't mind arguing with someone about a matchup, or which player is better than another... but what does Grits accomplish by going into people's threads and posting random numbers? That isn't talking smack, that's some insecure, over-the-hill man trying to be a smartass over the internet. And people like him (you) approve of it. The man is not giving "free advice"... if he has nothing to say, why say it? Why post random BS and then come back with some tough guy attitude when the posters come back in confusion? I think people like you are actually worse than Grits, because you think it's "cool" to do that. Way to go, internet gangsta.

    I agree with jarhead... the Grits and Shins guy is a joke. He knows what he's talking about? Why does he go into people's "Rate my team" threads, and put down random numbers, and give the people attitude afterwards? Not only that, he posts a team of his own, and expects people to give him respect and a serious answer. The guy is 43, posts 18 times a day, and pretty much lives on the website. I don't mind that. But when he starts acting like the troll under the bridge, and making people pass him before they can do anything is a joke. The guy goes into threads to post, just to "act tough." What I've seen from him isn't that much knowledge... just a lot of BS and tough talk from a middle-aged nerd behind a computer.
  10. Who's the best #2 back?

    Lewis. Jones. Jordan. Jackson. Lewis is the sure thing. He will be a monster this year. If not a monster, he'll still be a top 10 RB. Kevin Jones has a very easy playoff schedule, and has a ton of potential. If he doesn't blow up, he'll be just as good as Lamont Jordan. Lamont Jordan is solid. Not sure how he'll do as a starter, but will be very good. Steven Jackson could blow up or suck. Take the risk if you want.
  11. McGahee or McAllister

    Deuce. Don't hesitate to pick him over McGahee. McGahee will disappoint this year, I'm almost sure of it. Especially if you pick him in the top 9 or 10.
  12. I'd go in this order, especially since it's a keeper... Rudi (young, talented), CMart (declining, but still good), and finally Marvin (CMart and Rudi will put up better numbers most likely, but he's still very solid.) It's all up to you though.
  13. Deuce, for sure. He's gonna be really awesome this year. He's fairly young, and the Saints are building their offense around him. 2004 was a horrible season for him. 2003 was orgasmic. I think he's going to have another 2003 season this year.
  14. I picked Toefield 13th round. He's definitely worth a late pick, I think. Could be very solid.
  15. Edgerrin... Jamal... Domanick. Don't get Peyton, especially when TD's are worth 3 for him. Edge is the good and safe pick.