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  1. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    The NHL let veterans play without helmets when they mandated them. Just let the dude play in whatever he wants to trust his brain to. Make him sign a waiver and move on. I feel like the NFL fighting this hard is admitting the previous helmets they approve didn’t protect players.
  2. Mock drafts with Keepers

    Haven't used the site, just the iPhone app. There's a section just for mock drafts on the app.
  3. Mock drafts with Keepers

    Sleeper lets you manually set picks before starting.
  4. QB TDs Worth 6 pts

    6pt TDs bump them a tiny bit, but not much. What you’re looking for is the scoring difference between players, not total points scored. If Mahomes repeats his 50 TD year, and the 2nd QB scores 38, you’re talking about an extra 24pts across 16 games vs a 4pt TD league. And most likely Mahomes won’t repeat. One other small effect it has is it diminishes the benefit of running QBs a bit.
  5. How would you rank...

    I'm in a keep-2 league. We start 2RBs with no flex. My keepers are Culpepper and Tomlinson. I'm looking for a 2nd RB. I'm going to get stuck with a tier 3 back and I was wondering how people would rank the following backs. I'm looking for a consistent back since he'll be a starter. Explanations are highly appreciated. TIA. Jordan Westbrook C. Williams Arrington R. Brown C. Benson
  6. oogabooga

    Is Arrington or Cadillac still around? Probably not if you didn't list them. I'd probably go with Benson of the two, but that's mostly because i hold a number of grudges against Miami for burning me. I'm a little worried about Chicago's offense.
  7. My fourth overall pick

    I think the 7th round is too high risk. I'd pick up LJ 5th or 6th round. Edge may be a better pick here though. I'd be inclined to let Holmes slip to the owner with the 5th pick, then swipe LJ in the 6th round just ahead of Priest's owner. He may get pissed off enough to make a bad trade for him. Worst case scenario, you have Edge and LJ shows up for your playoff run. Good luck.
  8. Who should I Draft First?

    I'd do Holmes, but I'm big on handcuffing him and LJ. If you're willing to sacrifice your 5th round pick to LJ, go Holmes. Otherwise Edge is a very solid pick and leaves you much more open in the middle rounds. Do NOT take Moss or McNabb.
  9. Thoughts on Mike Anderson....

    I highly agree with the captain. I'd be inclined to try to handcuff Priest/LJ. My theory is that Anderson will be huge at the beginning of the season, as will Priest. But later on when Priest goes down, you'll need someone to step up, and Anderson will be riding the pine by then. Moore should be seeing action mid-season, but he's a little fragile and Minnesota is just as bad as Denver with starting RBs. You need to be sure that you'll have a stud RB at playoff time, and the only way to do that is to pick up LJ. Depending on how bad off other owners are at RB, you may want to try to pick up a WR and a player that you know you can trade for LJ. Even if the WR is just a sleeper. I'm worried about your WR corp even though you only start 2. Good luck, and let us know how it works out.
  10. Commish ruling...

    I play in a 12 team, keep-2 league. We declare our 2 keepers a week before the draft (which is this coming sunday). Offseason trades have always been allowed. This year, one owner wanted to shop around some players for draft picks. That is to say, he would be trading players that he wouldn't be keeping for 1st or 2nd round picks. The commish disallowed this. Does that seem right? Should I ask that this be brought to a vote, or is this a common rule in keeper leagues? I feel rather strongly that draft picks should be fair game in trades. Opinions?
  11. Critic This Logic

    I like the idea of two mid-round QBs, but it is imperative that their schedule's match up. It may be tough to grab the second part of your duo unless you are drafting one of them significantly earlier than is warranted. Make sure you think it's worth the trade off.
  12. Draft was yesterday.

    I like Bennett/Moore as well. As far as trading goes, i think Bulger has to be shipped out. He's no use to you, and in a 14 team league there's gotta be someone hurting at QB out there. I'd try to upgrade my receiving corps and ride it out without a real stud RB and hope that Jones assumes that role as the season goes on. One of the benefits of having Manning is that you don't need to have 3 quarterbacks even when you have 19 spots. One bench QB to cover your bye week is more than adequate. Good luck.
  13. 12th draft slot - includes playoffs

    I like RB + Cpepp too in the dark, but how many RBs & WRs does your league start? Culpepper lead me to being 2nd in total points last season by a mere 13. The only possible reason that I could think of for you to not take him is if your league starts a lot of WRs or has a lot of utility positions. But even in those cases it's going to be hard to pass on the only guy who was competitive with Manning and outscored the number 3 player by @100 points last season.
  14. Between a rock and a hard place

    I have to agree with the majority of people here that it is your responsibility to put the matter to a vote, but he is certainly out of line to ask for a keeper league to start with current rosters. It must be established as a keeper league before this years redraft, which is taking place, no questions asked. Also, I don't know the politics of your league or how sensitive people are, but I think that you may need to try to save a little face after what may seem to others as an abuse of power. You could weasel out of it by saying (if you worded your original message properly) that when you said it was not up for discussion, you meant making it a keeper league starting with these rosters, but that you intended to put it to a vote before the draft and allow it to become a keeper league next year. If you can't go that route, or if you're man enough to admit that you let your personal opinions get in the way of your duties, you can do the respectable thing and say that you were wrong and that you will open it up to a vote. But depending on who the people in your league are, the high road is not necessarily the best way to keep your authority unquestioned and I can't blame you for weaseling out of it. Good luck dealing with the mutineer(s).
  15. Predraft Trade?

    Hey folks. My draft isn't for another 3 weeks, but with preseason kicking off I'm just too antsy not to start speculating. My league is a 12 team keep-2. We use 1/10 rushing and receiving yards, 1/20 passing. All TDs are 6 pts, passing included (last season the top 8 players were all QBs). 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1PK, 1Def. The only pertinent players in my stable are Culpepper, LT, & Julius Jones. I pick 11th after a 2nd place finish last season and am contemplating trading up for a higher pick. I fell in love with Jones at the end of last season and am highly interested in having him back on my roster, but i don't think it's feasible with my draft pick. Our protected players aren't declared for another 2 weeks, so below are any even negligibly pertinent players on each team, listed in draft order. Our draft snakes 1-12, 12-1, 1-12, etc. Pick 01: Pennington, Faulk, Barlow, Holt Pick 02: K. Jones, S. Davis, Carr, Bledsoe, Brady Pick 03: Bulger, Dunn, F. Taylor, Horn Pick 04: J. Lewis, T. Green, Burleson, Palmer Pick 05: Brees, D. Davis, TO Pick 06: Manning, Dillon, McGahee, Plummer, Rudi Johnson, Bell Pick 07: McNabb, M. Bennett, Chris Brown, T. Jones Pick 08: Green, Westbrook, Brooks, Vick, Warner, Moss Pick 09: E. James, McAllister, Martin, Favre, Harrison Pick 10: Holmes, Barber, Delhomme Pick 11: (ME) Culpepper, Tomlinson, J. Jones Pick 12: Alexander, Steven Jackson, Portis, Chad Johnson So my question is, what would you do in my situation to improve your lot? Do i carry enough weight to be able to trade a 2nd or 3rd round pick for a 1st rounder by letting go of LT or C-Pep? If so where do you think my best move would be? Should I just stand pat? Am I a jerk for even asking because i have the #1 RB and #2 QB going into the season? I always fare poorly in WRs and would like to get a Tier 1 player this season, but I can't justify taking a WR before filling out my 2 RBs, though the 1.12/2.01 team should have 2 RBs already and will probably snatch up WRs. Because of the scoring (and because of some people making huge mistakes), QBs don't fall as deep in my league and as many as 4 or 5 teams may opt to keep 1 RB and 1 QB. So what do y'all think? Sorry if that's too vague of a situation. Feel free to reply telling me to shut up and at least wait until the protected players have been declared to start posting. But if you have some extra time and enjoy answering questions a little more open ended than "should i trade X for Y, yes or no?", your insights are more than welcome. TIA.