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  1. Odds that Desean Hamilton Scores more than 20.1 in PPR?

    Better than the odds he scores -6, which is what I need. So you’ve got that going for you.
  2. Todd Gurley hurt...

    Are we bumping the Rams passing game at all if Gurley can’t go?
  3. Cam Newton's 2018 season is over

    Newton hasn't been able to throw more than 30 yards for a few weeks. Nobody's been respecting this passing game already. I'd keep McCaffrey the same & bump receivers up a bit from where they were (of course they were at the bottom of the barrel before). Heinicke came in in weeks 13 & 14 to throw Cam's hail mary for him. He looked decent in preseason reps with a strong enough arm & good speed to extend plays. Anyone outside of McCaffrey is a gamble, but they already were with Cam.
  4. Isaiah McKenzie

    I don’t need help. I can’t live with myself if he bombs. He’s out on my lineup. Just wanted to hear about others. Nobody’s really talking about him.
  5. Isaiah McKenzie

    Anybody in a return yardage league & a bad enough situation to start this guy? Detroit has one of the lowest touchback percentages and he returns everything he can. With McCoy and Ivory out, he should be in line for the higher end of his 0-4 carries per game. Personally, I had him in my lineup until a few minutes ago but just couldn’t stomach it & put Josh Reynolds in. Curious if anyone else even considered him.
  6. Chiefs Homers - Hill

    There were offsetting penalties on the play. The announcers only talked about the offsides, but there was an illegal formation or shift called as well. Wouldn’t have counted.
  7. Chiefs/Bolts

    Bright side is the Chiefs have something to play for next week.
  8. Chiefs/Bolts

    If they're going for 2, I hope this TD is overturned.
  9. Chiefs/Bolts

    In one league. Started Jackson over him in my main one, though.
  10. Chiefs/Bolts

    CBS Sports app really needs to do a better job differentiating the two Da. Williams playing in this game.
  11. Nick Chubb

    Wouldn’t have been a catch a couple years ago, but nice grab!
  12. Nick Chubb

    Is this a good play or injury? For those that didn’t see it...
  13. What's Going on w/ Weekly Player Rankings?

    Go to In Season & under Weekly Player Rankings, click the link for "Go here if you prefer our old style Weekly Player Rankings." I'm not sure if linking directly here works, but if so, just click this: http://www.thehuddle.com/myHuddle/2018/proj/weekly/12/
  14. Kamara possibly concussed?

    That he isn’t back out yet isn’t a good sign.
  15. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Ty Montgomery not playing at all? Wasn’t listed inactive, but it’s been all Adams.