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  1. KC vs Broncos (TNF)

    Any injury updates on the broadcast?
  2. Week 5 injury report

    With no mention of Tyrell Williams, BTW.
  3. Minshew

    This is about the Baby Shark song. If you don't know it, do yourself a favor and don't look it up. It's like 1-877-Kars-4-Kids, it's simple, insidious & gets jammed in your brain once you think about it.
  4. Patriots to trade WR Demaryius Thomas to Jets

    I'd say if the assumption here is that DT is better than Enunwa, Crowder's stock isn't affected because a better #2 that makes plays to extend drives increases offensive plays, even if his target % is a bit lower. If it were a #1 difference maker who was going to be a target hog, then I might care for Crowder. But DT is very much not that. This wasn't an upgrade move. It was a replacement.
  5. Patriots to trade WR Demaryius Thomas to Jets

    I'd say not great for Enunwa. Crowder's role in the slot shouldn't be affected.
  6. 2019 NFL Season Kickoff Thread

    GB punted from their own 5 to short of midfield. Return + 5 yard penalty got CHI deeper into GB territory.
  7. What the hell is wrong with this website tonight?

    Same problem. Multiple browsers & devices tried. It's the site. Finally got my cheat sheet to reload and stupidly tried to get the printable version instead of just printing it.
  8. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    "Lighten up, Francis" was my first thought reading the post that the Ghostbuster reference was replying to.
  9. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    The NHL let veterans play without helmets when they mandated them. Just let the dude play in whatever he wants to trust his brain to. Make him sign a waiver and move on. I feel like the NFL fighting this hard is admitting the previous helmets they approve didn’t protect players.
  10. Mock drafts with Keepers

    Haven't used the site, just the iPhone app. There's a section just for mock drafts on the app.
  11. Mock drafts with Keepers

    Sleeper lets you manually set picks before starting.
  12. QB TDs Worth 6 pts

    6pt TDs bump them a tiny bit, but not much. What you’re looking for is the scoring difference between players, not total points scored. If Mahomes repeats his 50 TD year, and the 2nd QB scores 38, you’re talking about an extra 24pts across 16 games vs a 4pt TD league. And most likely Mahomes won’t repeat. One other small effect it has is it diminishes the benefit of running QBs a bit.
  13. How would you rank...

    I'm in a keep-2 league. We start 2RBs with no flex. My keepers are Culpepper and Tomlinson. I'm looking for a 2nd RB. I'm going to get stuck with a tier 3 back and I was wondering how people would rank the following backs. I'm looking for a consistent back since he'll be a starter. Explanations are highly appreciated. TIA. Jordan Westbrook C. Williams Arrington R. Brown C. Benson
  14. oogabooga

    Is Arrington or Cadillac still around? Probably not if you didn't list them. I'd probably go with Benson of the two, but that's mostly because i hold a number of grudges against Miami for burning me. I'm a little worried about Chicago's offense.
  15. My fourth overall pick

    I think the 7th round is too high risk. I'd pick up LJ 5th or 6th round. Edge may be a better pick here though. I'd be inclined to let Holmes slip to the owner with the 5th pick, then swipe LJ in the 6th round just ahead of Priest's owner. He may get pissed off enough to make a bad trade for him. Worst case scenario, you have Edge and LJ shows up for your playoff run. Good luck.