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  1. Kamara possibly concussed?

    That he isn’t back out yet isn’t a good sign.
  2. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Ty Montgomery not playing at all? Wasn’t listed inactive, but it’s been all Adams.
  3. Milk carton time

    J J Nelson .
  4. Use top waiver on Cohen?

    12 teams. But only 5 bench spots, so I'd need to drop Rivers, Coleman, JStew, Thielen, or Kupp.
  5. Use top waiver on Cohen?

    PPR. 2-RB 2-WR 1-RB/WR Flex Team is: Mariota—Rivers Dalvin Cook—Montgomery—CJ Anderson—Coleman—JStew M. Thomas—A. Cooper—Thielen—Kupp Graham I'm correct to stand pat, right? Seems to me Cohen's not enough of an upgrade over Coleman/JStew to burn top priority.
  6. Player stat database empty?

    I emailed support. They responded that they're working on it.
  7. unable to log into mobile website

    I had this problem in the past and it was because my phone was automatically capitalizing the first letter of my email address. For some reason the website treated email addresses as case sensitive, which it should not. Try logging in with all lowercase letters or exactly as you enter it from a computer.
  8. Player stat database empty?

    Cheat sheets, player stats, player rankings are all showing up empty. Entire draft kit is useless at the minute...
  9. Thank you Bell!

    At halftime, he had 1.5x as many points as Carr, Crabtree, and Ware got me combined on Thursday.
  10. Chiefs - Raiders Thursday Night Game Thread

    It was a botched snap, not a planned fake FG attempt.
  11. Chiefs - Raiders Thursday Night Game Thread

    Started Carr, Crabtree, and Ware. Projected points: 48 Actual points: 17 Three turnovers in KC territory, 2 of them in the red zone, and the Raiders score one TD all game. Unbelievable.
  12. Chiefs - Raiders Thursday Night Game Thread

    Their success was all second half last week. Hoping for the same tonight.
  13. Chiefs - Raiders Thursday Night Game Thread

    Because Reid saw how successful Ware was as a pass catcher early in the season, so he had to kill that value.
  14. Chiefs - Raiders Thursday Night Game Thread

    Ugh, this is going exactly how I was hoping it wouldn't so far.