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  1. Alex Smith?

    Available TE's are below that are somewhat worth mentioning- I need to prepare for LJ.Smith's bye - you pick- Thanks! Smith, Alex TE TB Anderson, Courtney TE OAK Wilcox, Daniel TE BAL Schobel, Matt TE CIN Utecht, Ben TE IND Putzier, Jeb TE DEN Manumaleuna, Brandon TE STL Conwell, Ernie TE NO Graham, Daniel TE NE Miller, Heath TE PIT Peters, Jason TE BUF Kinney, Erron TE TEN Dinkins, Darnell TE BAL
  2. C.Palmer or J. Plummer

    The only time Palmer would sit on my bench is week 10
  3. Here's one for you..

    No doubt I'd go w/ Palmer- This is another time for him to showcase his skills. The Bears will bring preasure but he has a full field of targets waiting for him on Sunday. Palmer
  4. Thinking of grabbing C.Perry from the WW

    i just snagged perry too. i think he could be a nice sleeper.
  5. Cadillac over SJax?

    I like Carnell this weekend
  6. RB Help

    Start Parker!
  7. Snag Culp! He will turn around and Matt will do great this weekend at home against the AZ passing D
  8. Benching Caddy...again

    put the caddilac on cruise control- he will hit the century mark w/ 2 td's this week!
  9. Engram or Fitzgerald?

  10. KC Backs

    Keep LJ w/ next year in mind unless you'd rather start Holmes <consistant 90+/1TD> over your other RB's. hard call- How about trading Portis and a 3WR for Holmes? That's a quick thought that might get blown down by others, but just an idea...
  11. Engram or Fitzgerald?

    W/ Warner not playing very well right now and Hasselback coming off a big win who do I start on Sunday in Seattle? Bobby will see a fair amount of action [70-90 posssible TD] w/ Jackson covered heavily. Matt is throwing well right now but will have decent, at that, coverage against a strong AZ D. Fitzgerald will see more action when the ball is thrown further than a 10 yd dump to get out of trouble w/ the weak coverage on the line. After playing like $#IT on sunday against St. Louis Warner might shape up but is it enough to find Larry on a consistant basis? Larry is my #2 Bobby is my #4 right now, but given the circumstance they are pretty equal I think. Yeah it's a gamble to play a 4th over a #2 of course but would you take that risk? WHO DO I START? Thanks!
  12. Trade offer

    Keep the Caddy!
  13. Which Defense

    I think the Giants will allow points against SD than NE against PIT. Giants
  14. Best RB option this week?

    exactly what he said