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  1. Since you have: w. mcgahee,w.dunn,r.johnson,and l.jordan I'm not sure that adding Westy really helps you when you can only start 2RB ... I might be looking for a QB upgrade instead.
  2. Should I trade Dillon or Fast Willie

    I don't see anyone waiting in the wings for NEP to start taking significant carries away from Dillon, so would probably keep him, despite Willie's obvious upside potential.
  3. Short-term, Jones & Heap might be more productive & help you start to turn your record arond. Long-term (meaning in 3-4 weeks and beyond) chances are that Dunn & Witten will be the players you'd prefer to have, especially if you get PPR. Frankly, I'm not sure that the players involved in this trade will have enough overall impact to push your team to the basement or to the playoffs, whether you make the deal or not. Seems like a potential wash, but it's not a bad deal for you IMO.
  4. Please Help with Trade Advice

    Agree w/the above comments, looks like a decent deal for you.
  5. Please rate this trade offer

    Won't hurt to ask: Try Vick (& Fergie if need be) for TJ or Mushin ... all he can do is say "no", why not find out how much interest he really has in Vick after all?
  6. need trade advice!

    Do you mean you get 1 of those 3? Your choice?
  7. J.Lewis for Davis/Foster

    Won't hurt to try, but I'd pass were I the JLew owner.
  8. Drop Drew Bennett or Chambers

    I'd rather have DB or CC over Glenn.
  9. need trade advice!

    Horn >> AJ Deuce => KJ Green >> Barlow Great deal for you ... the other guy is getting smoked.
  10. Pull the trigger ... worst case is that you start Hass.
  11. Trade offer for Harrison

    Hold out for Westbrook instead of SDavis.
  12. working a trade

    Keep Plax.
  13. No Dilfer or Bledsoe available? If not ... trade Harrington for any warm body while someone else is willing to take him off your hands, even if it costs you Shipp to do so. BTW, BUF plays OAK week7 when TBB is off, so if there ever was a day to play Losman, that's probably it.
  14. Need Advice on a Fill-in RB

    Blaylock if looks like CuMar will not play ... after that, I'd take a chance on Jacobs, if only to avoid adding a MIN RB headache to the mix.
  15. SIMTT?

    I'd rather have Boldin on that team than Brady.