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  1. Fitz has been pretty darn bad today - lots of poor throws & decisions, but his WRs have done him no favors ... 2 INTs were off passes that his own WR tipped up into the air, and on the last (#4 on the day) B. Marshall never even turned to look for the ball.
  2. Perhaps Pryor should have been in at PK? Still, it is tough to not feel bad for Cody Parker ... signed by the Browns what, yesterday? Today ... missed 3 FGs including the potential (46 yard?) game winner, that is just so Cleveland. Apparently it did not take him long to become a full-fledged Brown.
  3. Other notable injuries this week: - P. Thomas (NOS) foot, questionable - J. Manziel (CLE) hamstring, questionable - P. Harvin (NYJ) ribs, questionable
  4. Per CBS, Johnny Foosball is out of the game with a hammy injury, so that's likely a good start, at least for Gordon owners that are still using him ... what say CLE fans?
  5. Last Play: 1-10-DET 45 (Q2/11:26) J.Bell left tackle to DET 49 for 4 yards (B.Dunn).
  6. When talking about the FF playoff or super bowl game in H2H leagues, the fantasy matchup might also come into play, meaning if (for example) I'm playing some team that is averaging substantially more FF points per game than me, I'd be less inclined to sit a "slumping" name player for the "safe" bet of someone else ... ie, maybe swing for the fences on the slim chance for a 125/2 day from a Josh Gordon (risking him posting 25/0 or some similar debacle) rather than settle for a more likely 65/0 game from say, Brandon LaFell ... since the "sure" 65/0 output probably won't be enough for me to win my FF game anyways.
  7. With a corresponding impact on Josh Gordon ... CLE goes 3 and out, 3 and out, 3 and out ... and so forth. I expected some real short passes to Gordon just to try & have him make something happen with his speed, but if the CLE offense is not on the field, no chances for anybody. Ugly. Also - R. Jennings left the game early with an ankle injury, has not returned since.
  8. The officiating crew in the SEA-PHI game seems to be absent ... I have no FF horse in that game , but the number of missed, bad and/or no calls in this game is pretty amazing. As a fan, I can only hope this crew is at the bottom on the list in grades and thus won't be involved in the NFL playoffs.
  9. Did not see this posted elsewhere, just came up on Roto a short time ago ... B. Cooks (NOS) has a broken thumb, out 2-4 weeks.
  10. Not a surprise for those that saw the injury play, but per Roto, E. Sanders is officially in the NFL concussion protocol process ... in related news, J. Thomas has an ankle sprain but not a "high" sprain, FWIW.
  11. Good grief ... really tired of week in/week out L. McCoy having turned into Leroy Hoard without the TDs. End grievance rant for now.
  12. The zero targets (per Roto) did not help his productivity.
  13. - Greg Jennings (MIN) out with a rib injury (Roto).
  14. Sanders update from the game announcers, he will not return today, but is back on the sidelines.
  15. No news since he went to the locker room.