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  1. Updating some injuries in the 1pm games, Matt Cassel & Rod Streater (OAK) both are reported (Roto) to have broken bones in their feet. Kyle Rudolph also left the MIN game and did not return, he with a groin injury.
  2. Foles Down?

    He's fine. Got blind-sided after what turned out to be a non-pick by 1 of the WAS lineman. After the smoke cleared the WAS lineman was ejected as was Jason Peters from PHI who came to the defense of Foles.
  3. Apparently TY Hilton is also out with an ankle injury, Matt Cassel out (toe), Henne benched, R. Streater hurt and V. Davis inactive for SFO today ... all per Roto. Big John, maybe we can change this thread title to something like 'L. McCoy and other week #3 injuries'?
  4. And now A. Morris on the sidelines with trainers looking at his leg/ankle. Sheesh.
  5. Now running into the locker room ... he wanted to go back in the game, the staff made him leave the field, LOL.
  6. IE 10 and enter button not working

    There were a number of posts on this topic in this forum, I think last summer. Search on "enter" or similar? Sorry but I don't recall if anyone came up with a solution aside from change browser.
  7. AJ Green OUT (Toe Injury)

    Per Roto, officially "turf toe".
  8. Gronk starting week 1...

    One target that I saw - and there may have been a penalty on that play... while I have not been really watching Gronk closely, my guess is that he has been in on ~60% of the NEP plays. Also, MIN has had some fairly reasonable time of possession.
  9. Dropping like Flies today

    Also, AJ Green out with a toe injury per Roto.
  10. Brandon Marshall

    He is back in the game, was targeted a play or 2 ago.
  11. Aaron Dobson?

    RotoWorld ... FWIW: Aaron Dobson is a healthy scratch for Week 1...Dobson is technically a healthy scratch since he was absent from this week's injury report, but we'd imagine he's still having issues with his surgically-repaired foot.
  12. I used the CBS scoreboard for years as well, and dislike the useless extra bells/whistles/graphics added this season. Seems like at the moment the MSNBC website is the most simple and straightforward "a scoreboard is a scoreboard is a scoreboard" plain old option that I've found out there. I still may use CBS at the same time since they do have the play-by-play for every game in progress, and try NBC for pure game-total stats/box scores that are easy to read & don't take forever to load.
  13. Solution (as if one was needed, since this is proposed change just for the sake of change and/or the NFL admen wanting the NFL being a general water-cooler at work discussion topic during the off season) seems pretty easy to me ... teams have 3 options for handling XPs after a TD is scored: - The player that actually scores the TD (QB, WR, TE, RB, DB, LB, OL, DL, whomever) kicks the XP with the ball spotted at the 3 yard line, with a successful kick=1 point. - The designated specialist PK (as defined by the team prior to each game) kicks the XP with the ball spotted at the 40 yard line (or 35, or 30, whatever) with a successful kick=1 point. - The scoring team lines up from the 3 yard line and runs a non-PK formation "real" play, similar to the current 2-point conversion rule, with a successful play=2 points. Or, better yet, just leave it alone. Gawd, stop farking w/stuff that does not need farking with.
  14. If the one point is taken awa

    If the NFL feels compelled to change things: - all TDs worth 7 points - eliminate the 2 point conversion - if the specialist (PK) kicks the XP, it is worth 1 point - if the player that scored the TD kicks it, the XP is worth 3 points ... that way from the FF perspective, we still get some non-FG scoring from PKs and the fun of watching some non-PKs try XPs. Overall, I still think this is further 'progress' down the road where: - pro football = golden egg-laying goose - Goodell/owners = axe E2A: oops, this probably belongs in the other XP thread.
  15. Welp...there goes the neighborhood.

    If (as Goodell states) the league needs to "add excitement with every play" then I'd suggest the first thing to be outlawed should be the victory formation and/or even being allowed to run out the clock in general. Watching QBs take a knee is hardly an "exciting" part of the game.
  16. 10 Question NFL History Quiz

    I am almost certain (w/o looking it up) that W. Welker was the 'snow angel' in #9, and that #6 was in fact the 'missed XP' play ... NOS kicker may have been Carney? Captain Hook has several of the others above correct I think, but I believe #1 was Ricky Watters.
  17. 10 Question NFL History Quiz

    I know some of the other answers w/o Googling, but this one still haunts me as a NYG fan: 8. Herman Edwards was a HC but what play was he famous for in 1978 when he played for the Eagles? ... Larry Csonka / Joe Pisarcik where are you now?
  18. OFFICAL Chargers/Broncos thread

    Denver might want to consider covering that Allen fellow, #13 I think he's wearing.
  19. Official Sea/NO Game Thread!

    Hard for anyone to complain much about how the NOS defense has played today, especially considering they have been put in a poor position several times and hung in throughout. What surprises me if anything today is how pedestrian R. Wilson has looked, miserable passing accuracy even though he's only attempted short throws. Granted, all he's really been required to do is hand off to Lynch & let Hauschka kick short FGs, but SEA had a good chance to sustain drives/score TDs if a pass or two had been near the intended target.
  20. GB/SF

    LOL,the SFO player that had Rogers wrapped up got tackled by the GBP o-lineman ... seriously, I can't tell what the rules of this game are anymore ... the enforcement of them (or not) changes so much from week to week, zebra crew to zebra crew and even from play to play within the same game that the NFL seems to get closer to pro wrestling each week. Edit - so 2 or 3 plays later, the GBP defender gets called for a hold on a play (pass attempt to Crabtree) that the zebras have allowed both teams to get away with all day long on pass defense. Wacky.
  21. GB/SF

    Yikes, Crabtree got mugged by the GBP defender in the EZ on that incomplete pass play.
  22. GB/SF

    Is this the "official" thread? I don't want to spend bandwidth on some unofficial thread.
  23. Someone should have reminded the Bengals that they need to do more than just drive to the stadium to get a win at home. What a miserable effort (or lack of same) today. The defense was ok, no game changing plays but solid. The offense however was putrid. Dalton looking like a young Matt Schaub out there.