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  1. That is horribly sad. Could not imagine
  2. Looks Like Gordon is suspended for the year

    What made you feel as though this warranted a brand new thread rather than a just post in the existing 10 page thread titled "Josh Gordon suspended for 2014-15?" ?
  3. Andre Ellington's ADP

    3.06 in a 12 team PP2R league I am in. Agree with others who have opined he is being counted on to do what he's not done before and may not be capable of.
  4. What are gas prices where you live?

    $3.25 today
  5. Vote:Best draft position in 10 and 12 team leagues

    And there is already a thread discussing this topic.
  6. Montee Ball and Peyton Manning

    He's a friggin Sconny. All the reason needed to hate him. Just kidding. Would have been happy to own him but I went another direction in the first round and did not get a second chance.
  7. Waiver wire order

    a guy I used to work with was in a league just like that. Could have (at most) 4 RBs yet had to maintain 2 TE, 2DST, and 2 K at all times. I never understood nor agreed with that. When I asked, I was told they kept it that way 1) to prevent anyone from "hoarding" any one position (as though there isn't a natural deterrent to that strategy) and 2) to make sure there is always plenty of talent on the WW. I just shook my head in disbelief but to each their own I guess.
  8. Waiver wire order

  9. Gronk

    In addition to the risk of him being injured yet again, there is also the risk he is not nearly as effective as he was. He's trying to come back < 1 yr off tearing the ACL and MCL in that knee. Some players take a while to make it back from that and some never do get all the way back. Seems like a lot of people are taking it for granted he'll be the same elite player he was and just needs to avoid future injury. That could prove costly.
  10. SNF Broadcasts on NBC

    +1 It's not just you
  11. Sam Bradford

    Oh, so do I. Just like to see the Vikes salvage anything they can from that awful miss. Consider my post wishful thinking aloud.
  12. Sam Bradford

    Vikings would happily send Ponder downriver for a song I am guessing.
  13. Given its TE mandatory, TE can be used in the flex, AND TE gets .5 more per catch, I'd go Jimmy Graham at 9 if he's there. If he's not, then I would say you go with the BPA amongst RB/WR the first 3 rounds for sure and likely beyond. Your lineup requirements (coupled with the number of good QBs) lead me to believe stocking up on as much talent at RB and WR and waiting on QB is your best strategy. Not that that's not the best strategy in most cases...
  14. Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount arrested

    I think the burning question now is if there is precedent Tomlin can reefer to to suspend one but not the other. Or can we just continue to expect the Steelers rushing will be a joint effort this season?
  15. Josh Gordon suspended for 2014-15?

    Interesting read. People should not lose sight of the fact the pending suspension for Josh Gordon is not the only thing hanging over Gordon. Even if he's able to wriggle out of that, he's still got to face the music on the DUI. I believe Gordon was also stopped by the cops on a separate occasion and Josh Gordon was found on his companion. Both of those things happened when Gordon was already in hot water for the failed drug test and this is ALL less than a year after he got a 2 game suspension for testing positive for codeine. And this is ALL after he got in trouble in college for drugs. Even if Gordon wins the appeal (or stalls it out), I suspect Goodell will come down as hard as he can on Gordon for the DUI as it would appear Gordon is just not willing to abide by the rules and definitely does not appear to be learning any lessons from all of this. To me, the question is not IF Gordon will be suspended. It's just WHEN will it start and how many games will it last.