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  1. Troy Williamson?

    Sadly, the way Daunte is playing, I would rank him somewhere below the opponent's DBs.
  2. Weekly Blitz

  3. Sterling really likes what he is seeing

    Atleast you can understand what Sterling is saying. Shannon? That aint even English!
  4. King Of The Mountain

    Dallas Cowboys por favor
  5. Weekly Blitz

  6. Colts-Ravens thoughts

    Glad you mentioned this, Captain. IMO, the Ravens looked like total chumps for calling the timeouts and I absolutely loved Manning's reaction. Threw the ball in the endzone(not close enough to be caught or picked, but close enough to get the point across, IMO). I thought it was a good move on PM's part and a great way to say "f*** off" but still be a class act.
  7. Mike Tice has officially lost me...

    Ditto for me. Really painful to watch that game. Losing Birk looked like it was going to be difficult to overcome and I think yesterday confirmed it emphatically. The O really looked like a group that was 1)missing two of its best players 2)had no gameplan because 3) coaching(or lack thereof) sucked once again. Neither Tice nor Loney belong calling the shots in the NFL. But if they are to remain in place, I beg that they get a new O line coach so Loney can get his ass up in the booth (where all other O coordinators sit) so they can better view the game and make adjustments to what the defense is doing.
  8. Final Draft last night

    That is interesting. Most Packer fans I have encountered will tell you "Dem dere Packers gonna won it dis sunday. Dey got dat Brett and he all dey need!" Just kidding. I got nothing but love for my brothers and sisters from across the St Croix. Had my last draft last night, too. Packers players were taken later than usual but Favre, Ahman, Walker, and Driver will all be starting this week I am sure. On the home front, Daunte went 4th overall, Burleson went 3rd round, and Bennett and Moore both went in the 7th. Taylor went 11th round and MRob went in the 16th.
  9. Vikings

  10. Mike Tice

    And here we thought he only sold his Superbowl tickets!
  11. Hottest NFL PLayer

    TO says Garthia is flaming. Thats hot.
  12. 2 Hours until the draft

    A good way to drive up the price other owners have to pay for a guy you dont want, too. Maybe not the most ethical or sportsman way to gain advantage, but they dont know you dont really want the guy.
  13. Minnesota Homers! WR Question

    and drunk. And dumb as a bag of hammers. And he has bad hands.
  14. 2 Hours until the draft

    That works. And dont let your 'never back down, never surrender' attitude get yourself sucked into a bidding war and pay too much for a guy you dont really want that bad. Know what you want to pay for someone and try to keep the bidding emotion out of it. Although, it is fun to go back and forth with the other clowns in the league, too, and taunt them when they back down!
  15. NHL has new National TV home

    I am. Doesnt really matter to me the commentators(do like the Thorne and Clements crew, so that would be a plus) or how it is presented as I am a hugh fan and have played so much hockey in my life that I can mute the announcers(if they suck) and just appreciate the action. I do hope they keep it simple and dont try any weak-ass gimmicks(ie Fox's glowing puck) to draw fans. Most exciting sport to watch bar none. Extremely happy to have the Coolest Game on Earth back again! Go WILD!