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  1. Shurmur to Giants/McDaniels to Colts

    why anyone would hire McDaniels for a head coaching job is beyond me. it amazes me that these teams keep going back to the toilet for head coaches.
  2. We need a Dallas owner. The team is an obvious rebuild with a bunch of picks this year and all of 2019 picks. MFL page
  3. Golden Tate gets robbed in broad daylight...

    droppin knowledge
  4. Need a Seahawks owner Forum is here: League is here:
  5. Thoughts on a 20team?

    Home field advantage is a 32 team BOTH league. Feel free to check out the rules and the roster and scoring. It is very competitive. It is a dynasty league. I would never want to do a redraft league with that many people.
  6. Kaepernick benched

    I will gladly welcome yet another manurety QB.
  7. This a 32 team dynasty league with a long history here at the Huddle. The Dallas team has opened up. It is an obvious rebuild and this year is already paid for. PM me if you're interested. This is a great BOTH league. The league forum is here http://forums.thehud...dynasty-league/ And the league page is here
  8. Taxpayer money well spent.
  9. Cam Newton using the race card

    His other kid is Fig.
  10. HFA

    Only the Saints are left!
  11. HFA

    Lions and Saints are open
  12. Cities that get two NFL Teams

    We hate ourselves. It's ok.
  13. HFA

    We need owners for Cleveland and Denver if any of you guys are interested. The MFL site is here
  14. Trade Controversy Help!

    I would write my congressman.
  15. why the new york jets are amazing

    Every once in a while it is polite to let Raider Nation feel good about themselves.