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  1. Broncos vs Jets (TNF)

    Wholeheartedly agree.
  2. Should this trade be allowed?

    Reads like collusion from the voting committee.
  3. Saints fan rant

    I hold no pity for fans of teams that win games.
  4. Who Would You Like Your Team To Draft?

    A new head coach? Can we at least pipe in the well deserved boos for every pick?
  5. Garrett done

    I haven't lived in NY since 1998. I am just a gluton for titty twisters.
  6. Garrett done

    Over the holidays, even my kids asked me why I still root for them.
  7. bump, restricted free agency starts next week! good times to be had.
  8. We need New Orleans and Seattle owners. The League Page is here: and on MFL: Both teams are decent. This is a long standing BOTH league with active owners. Full IDP. Please let me know if you're interested.
  9. Duce Staley

    I would guess Staley would take Hayes carries 10-11 per game. As long as the Steelers keep winning I do not see Cowher changing anything in the backfeild.
  10. Dom Davis or KJones at #7

    Why is no one considering Moss at #7? With the depth at RB, you should be able to J. Jones and maybe SJax in rounds 2 and 3?