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  1. Caddy Hurt?

    Just read it's a sprained left foot
  2. Dallas Clark info....

    I just read the most dreaded letters in Fantasy Football GTD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AKA Game Time Decision. Can't pick anyone up, hopefully this won't kill me in week one.
  3. Bennett OUT for Week 1?

    More ridiculous coach speak from the StraANGest coach in the NFL. I don't know who is worse for Fantasy Fooball, Tice or Shanahan? I like Moore and I think he should be the starter. However with that said I don't think MM can carry a full NFL load for an entire season. Not enough bulk on the little guy. MM is the sexy pick but I see a RBBC situation brewing. Moore getting carries and catches, Bennet getting some carries and don't forget ole Mo Williams and Culp, will be stealing goal line carries. Just a messy situation waiting to happen. I am staying away from the whole thing.
  4. Smith vs Colbert

    anybody with an opinion?
  5. Smith vs Colbert

    Which Panther receiver should be drafted 1st. I am a big Steve Smith fan but that busted wheel still has me somewhat concerned. Like everyone else I watchd the Giants game and Steve Smith caught a bunch of balls for little yards. I didn't see the exploiveness down field, as he ran a lot of short underneath stuff. He never really showed his separation with the 8 balls (69 yards) he caught. He looked kind of like Laverneous Coles from last year. Colbert was downfield, he didn't have as many catches (5) but he did have as many yards (69) as Smith. I know you should't analyze some aspects too deeply because it's pre season but I also believe roles are defined during the pre season. Is Steve Smith going to assume the Muhsin role? Maybe I am reading this wrong. Please let me know what you think. Who is going to have the better season? Smith or Colbert? Thank you