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  1. The full deal would be : parker & redskins for Benson & patriots 2 pts for Sack , INT, FR 10 for Def/ST TD 10 for Def Shutout My other Def in Minn. , I am hurting at that postion and pretty stacked at RB. Thanks Jim
  2. Trade Advice -- What do you think of this?

    Thanks for all the input . Im working on the Mcnabb owner right now. He wants Tiki though.... Screw that Willie going today. Jim
  3. WDIS QB

    Gotta go with Hass at home especially now that Djax is catching the ball , and Joey J. is in the mix................. But, Im still waiting for the Jax and Indy shootout from last week , so you never know....................... Im going with Hass!!
  4. Trade Advice -- What do you think of this?

    These are the only other D's available, Not much......... Free Agent Defense/ 49ers, Titans, Rams, Chargers, Lions, Seahawks, Packers, Texans,
  5. Trade Advice -- What do you think of this?

    I hear ya . I have not been sold on the Pats D this year either. The other deal i was working on is Paker and Hassleback For Andersen and Mcnabb ( i dropped Mike to get Willie 2 weeks ago) Then I just hope the all that Talent on the Vikings start turning up the heat. Thanks Jim
  6. Defense / ST

    Was at Dal (MNF) Min at Cin ?? Thanks Jim
  7. Which D to start? Performance scoring

  8. What do you think? Leftwich has torched the colts in the past, but he is away. Hassleback is at home vs.ATL. ?? Thanks Jim
  9. Which 2 running backs? (week 2)

    Same dilema here: I think I'm gonna bench Tiki for Parker.
  10. Willie Parker

    This guy is still available in my league. Whats up with Duece & Bus? Is this guy a one week wonder. All the stuff I have read loves him. What do you think? Thanks jim
  11. Trade Advice

    Mcnabb and Chris Brown??? I dont like that Tennesee running game, but I really want Mcnabb and the B. Jacobs TD's are gonna kill me. What do you think? Thanks Jim.
  12. Trade Advice

    Thas funny , the same guy also has Henry. I'm sure I could work a him into the deal Thanks
  13. Willie Parker

    Thanks for the input. I pulled the trigger on the pickup. Ive had bad experiences waiting for players to fully heal from rib injuries. I may be sorry , but Mike A. is on Waivers. Thanks Jim
  14. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    Tiki or Willie ? thanks Jim
  15. Hassleback or Leftwich

    Thanks for all the info. I'm going with Hasselback. Week 1 - play your Starters!!!! thanks jim
  16. Gates Fill-in ?

    These are the free Agents or any sleepers you may be thinking of. 9 pts TE TD Putzier, Jeb TE DEN Kinney, Erron TE TEN Heiden, Steve TE CLE Schobel, Matt TE CIN Wiggins, Jermaine TE MIN Johnson, Teyo TE OAK Conwell, Ernie TE NO Mangum, Kris TE CAR Edwards, Eric TE ARI Wrighster, George TE JAC Martin, David TE GB Wilson, Kris TE KC Baker, Chris TE NYJ Fauria, Christian TE NE Kleinsasser, Jimmy TE MIN Dunn, Jason TE KC Lewis, Chad TE PHI Thanks Jim
  17. Gates Fill-in ?

    darn, That was the fastest reply ever. Thanks for the info , Wiggens looks like a good pick. Only problem is Minn. is playing Big BLUE in week 10. I need to draw the line somewhere. Jim
  18. A. Gates Status?

    Has anybody heard anything about Gates being allowed to play in week One? He tried to get there on time , but his flight was delayed!! Thanks Jim
  19. Matt Jones

    Matt Jones is a Free Agent in my league. I start [2] WR's T. Holt, DJax I also have Greg Lewis & Tyrone Calico. I hate making a Add/drop befoore the season starts but......... Matt Jones looked awsome on Thursday night , nobody else seems to be able to hang onto the ball in Jacksonville. Im thinking of droppin Lewis for Jones. Any Opinions?? Thanks Jim
  20. Matt Jones

    I think you guys are right. Lewis got a nice TD tonight Works for me. Thanks for the input. Jim
  21. Matt Jones

    This guys a free agent in my League. He seems to be the only guy on Jax thats not droppin the ball. Im gonna Grab him.
  22. Jacksonville Offense

    I read something about a new Offensive strategy in Jax. Leftwitch is a Free agent in my league. I have Hassleback and Rothlesburger (backup). Has anyone heard of Leftwitch's value going up with this new offense?? Do you think he'll put up much better numbers the Rothelsburger? Thanks Jim
  23. Jacksonville Offense

    Thanks for the info, I'll wait and see what happens on Thursday night. I picked up Fred Taylor as a late round 3rd RB , so that will be interesting to watch.