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  1. Dropping Akers

    Why are you dropping Akers (current Akers owner) have you heard something or do you not want to take a chance??
  2. What are my chances tonight?

    With that scoring it would take some TD's to over take your lead - just hope and have a case of beer on ice.
  3. Tatum Bell

    I am in a 12 team league (is that very large) - the only problem is I do not see any value on the wavier wire. Is there any hope of a second half season pick up?
  4. Tatum Bell

    One of those deals where if you drop him he will produce in the second half of the season and if you don't he will do nothing all year except rob a roster spot - really disappointing On the serious side: Does anyone think he is worht a roster spot anymore?
  5. I. Bruce

    The rumors of Bruce's demise are greatly exaggerated...
  6. Nobody should start anyone on the Vikings

    Maybe you should just play the Def that is plaing against the Vikes. Just kidding - they will pick it up, but I have my doubt too...
  7. Which RB's should I bench? Another WDIS?

    Grits - didn't you say you were going to start LJ in a previous post? Maybe I have you confused with someone else.
  8. Bulger or Lefty

    Not in the same league - Bulger all the way.
  9. L Johnson or W Dunn?

    Vermil doesn't care about records - lj's record is probably behind when trash day is in his mind. I have LJ and I am tempted to play him over DD (I know this is crzy but I said tempted). Go with the bird lovers advice and start Dunn (and just like me watch LJ rack up points for you reserve team)
  10. Horn, Jackson, Branch or Driver.

    Nice group to choose from - I agree with your logic it is just hard to sit Jackson - Only argument I can make is that GB might still be miss firing and Driver might not get the points - but on the other hand you have to expect Favreee to come back blazing after a horrible outing.
  11. K.Curtis or M.Bennett? Thanks Javon!

    Curtis was thrown to 14 times last week - that is pretty good and should repeat. I hate the Denver backfield and can't believe I drafted Bell (I think I was staring at one of those hooter girls and lost focus during the draft) Safe = Curtis Last Second Decision - Risky = Anderson
  12. Davis or Davis?

    Doesn't look like you league gives points for receptions - that would increas DD value - NLT I agree with the group play DD and hope for the best, but expect...
  13. Lamont Jordan or Larry Johnson

    Everyone is tmepted by the LJ numbers (me too). Conventional wisdom would tell you to play your starter, but the gambler in all of us say start LJ. Something has to happen in this backfield - please don't make us go through a whole season of split carries.
  14. WDIS Larry Johnson vs Chris Brown

    There in lies the delima - I do not think we have seen this senario in a few years: Two great RB's on one team and them splitting carries. I have a somewhat similar senario in that I have DD v. Pitt and am considering starting LJ. This one is a toss up, but I will probably go with the starter and wathc my reserve players rack up the points.
  15. What to do with D. Carr? Who cares?

    Penny's is a great backup - like it was said earlier - don't label him from his week one performance - he will improve and the matchup week 9 is favorable for him.
  16. WDIS T Taylor or Meshawn Johnson or Bobby E

    Honestly - you wont find that quality post drat - WR's just don't sneak up and become stars - What you are trying to do is find a good T2 wr From the group I like Keshawn - he has burned me in the past, but I am putting a little more faith in him this year due to a decent QB throwing him the ball. And you know Bledsoe won't run so he will have to throw it to someone.
  17. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    Hugh One, Standard Performance - points for rec. Start 2 rbs Tiki - start Waivering between Dominic and LJ - I know DD is a t1 RB but he is facing a tough team and I was thinking LJ might get more opportunites at the end zone. Not sure - what do you think?
  18. WR huhDIS !

    As a Bruce owner I hate to see this - but I am sure he is going to get a fair # of looks and like mdbw said "He alwasy shows up when you least expect it" Kinda like Driver. I would play Bruce - the Huddle isn't always right.
  19. The Doctor's Office is Open...

    Doc, Standard Performance w/ points for receptions RB Thoughts: WDIS (2RBs) DD - Facing a tough D with a lowsy O Tiki - Good option this week - new guy will steal some points but I think he is a great 2nd this year Bell - will he amount to anything or should I try and trade him before he totally crashes LJ - Everyone know s the Priest injury senario, but does this guy make your starting lineup or was week 1 a fluke
  20. WDIS - RB's - Start 2

    Tiki - @NO DD - PIT LJ - @OAK Tatum - SD DD might have a hard time with the PIT D LJ will he rack up the #'s again with 1/4 carries? Tiki is my only for sure.
  21. Which RB to bench in Week 2

    Only one that stands out that I would sit is Westbrook - the other are very good canidates: JJ - Gotta play your Monday night guys Edge - do you need to say anything here Parker - can he repeat - this is the bigger gamble (relative) of the three
  22. Trade for LJ

    I am still not convienced that LJ is a starter - I hope so, just look at my lineup. If he wouldn't have slapped his girlfriend then he would be hard to get, but there is a lot of uncertainty around him right now. IMO - If you are a gambler - then try and make the deal Risks 1) Legal trouble 2) Sharing caries - will it continue - Increase or decrease?
  23. Wiggins vs. Baker

    I picked up baker - more for a bye week backup - he is a gamble but you have to like the way he started. Not sure I would drop a decent TE for an unknown.
  24. Chris Baker?

    Or is he just a flash in the pan? Considering picking him up as a bye week player and possible trade bait after the bye week. Any inside knowledge?
  25. Need Defense

    Miami looked good - but not sure they are for real - I have to be carfeul and not remember the Miami of old and get them confused with this team.