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  1. Help me replace Javon Walker

    Michael Jenkins Marty Booker Antwaan Randle El After that they all are in the same group IMO
  2. trade Horn for LJ?

    I was very surpriseed by LJ's performance - if you could answer the question of "will it continue" then there would be scrambling all over the league. I guess we will find out with Oak. they should play a little better Def. Must say that I haven't seen this senario play out before - really interesting.
  3. time to dump Ahman Green?

    Hugh One - all that may be true, but what I am saying is that DD did not produce good numbers and to offer a trade right now - he whould not bring me anything. I like DD, but the Houston O looked pretty bad hopefully they can turn it around this year. Similaries = bad opening performance = bad return for a trade offer
  4. time to dump Ahman Green?

    Similar situation with D Davis.
  5. Start Priest and LJ from now on?

    My two starters are Tiki and DD. Tiki rolled but DD is anchored by a lowsy Off. I have LJ - it is hard to start him over DD, but I guess half of a lot of points is better that 100% of nothing.
  6. Start Priest and LJ from now on?

    Didn't see the game - Did LJ just come in because they were up? Or was LJ running from the first qtr?
  7. Drafting RB backups?

    See my team below Someone dropped D. Davis's backup (Vernard M.). Like it or not DD is one of my core RB's so the question is: Would you spend a roster spot to on his backup? Thanks
  8. M.Anderson or D.Davis

    DD will get the edge in reception points, but the Hou O is strugling so I would lean towards Mikey (ride that horse as long as he will last - which won't be past game 5 - IMO)
  9. Defensive Unit

    Since the only D I have is Cincy - that is who I will start, but if I had your two I would lean towards Cincy - a lot depneds on how you score Def. Philly will put up some #'s
  10. Walker or Driver?

    Its a gamble - last year they traded great numbers - I think Driver gets open more because most teams double Walker. However, keep in mind one rule: Always start your studs - they are there for a reason #2?? Driver wouldn't be a bad pick, but I would lean towards a gamble and start Bouldin (no one knows what to expect this year with a true passer in Arz.)
  11. With Dallas Clark hurt, WDIS at Tight End?

    Is Wiggy on the free agent market? I think he will get more looks this year wihtout Moss crying for catches
  12. WDIS....Little help

    Looks like you are into this too deep. 2 Rules: 1) Never change your answer on a test (translation = start who you first picked) 2) Play your studs - matchup analysis is for B players
  13. What do u think of this team?

    Dadawgs - not sure what you are "jonesing" about - your team is good as any.
  14. So...would you?

    Don't know what you would gain - you are pretty set until the byes start coming around then he might not be fo any value. Long shot gamble IMO
  15. How does this team look?

    RB's are strong and your QB's could be good if you hit the right matchups. As mentioned before - don't expect much from you D, but hope for the best (keep an eye out for early performace from sleeper D's) Other than that it's good
  16. Rate this team

    You are right you could use so QB help - but it looks like you went the right direction and got your RBs and some quality WR's too. Depending on the matchup of your QB's your might have a great team (changing the starting position weekly). I would hold and see how it goes - don't try to make any deals until you see some performance.
  17. Add/Drop Help

    I was reading "the edge" commentary by Kevin Ratterree and was think of making this add/drop: "I avoided drafting Jerry Porter this year, but made it a point to draft Ronald Curry on most of my teams. Bottom line: Curry is a superior talent, and superior talent has a way of rising to the top. Porter's lingering hamstring injury has only reinforced my belief that Curry is a potential super sleeper this season. " Drop Wiggins TE Add Ronald Curry I have Gonzo and was using wiggy for my backup. As you can see (below) I am a littlw weak at WR. What do you think?? Thanks
  18. Settle An Argument...

    On the surface I would give Snake the "better deal" sticker, but like Grits is trying to say - you never know until its over.
  19. Add/Drop Help

    admtahoe - Charles Rogers with Detroit? - Right Thanks guys - great stuff.
  20. Is this enough ........

    I do not see the value you are offering - McNabb is kind of a solid starter with few downsides while what you are offing is all gambles and question marks on performance. Just my opinion.
  21. Check it out !

    This is silly - sac int. are you just trying to get everyone going?
  22. who should i start?

    S. Davis - he will start this weekend and should post the best #'s from your list.
  23. Newbie -- Getting taken?

    Run Forest - (hold what you have)
  24. Larry Johnson ++ for Nate Burleson

    Hold on to LJ - I just have this feeling that he will be worht a lot more in a few games. Who knows Priest may ramble the whole season - but a quality RB like LJ will not sit the whole season. Worst casr is that it turns into a RBBC.
  25. Dreaded 4th pick

    aaronvh Despite your political views - I see we have a lot in common - Larry Johnson THIEFS - It was a fun pick watching the Priest owner throw a fit.