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  1. Dreaded 4th pick

    I would pick Edge - otherwise with a Priest pick you need to burn a 5th or 6th round pick on LJ. If you want to add to the confusion why not throw Daute into the choices - he went 4th in my 12 team league.
  2. Denver RB's: Tatum Bell or Michael Anderson

    I hear you JJ - but we can always hope for the best.
  3. Caddy/Johnson for Jackson/Horn

    Good to see another Kevin Curtis owner - thought I was the only one. Dude - you have a rock solid team - don't mess with it.
  4. Denver RB's: Tatum Bell or Michael Anderson

    I picked up T Bell - but I am not expecting much (just hoping). Denver has a revolving door of RB's. No one saw the old man taking the #1 RB slot, but it won't last long. IMO it is just a coaching tactic to get T Bell perfoming better and to apprciate the position not take it for granted. To answer your question T Bell will be the #1 RB more times this season than Anderson.
  5. McNabb deal... do this?

    I hate trading before the season even starts - you never know - you might be holding on to a gem (i.e. CuMar last year) and not even know it.
  6. #1 Pick Advice

    Not sure how you can pass up Payton - I know that eveyone says you should go RB RB, but he can carry a team - the only problem I see is that your keeper RB is not the strongest (more becasue his team than his ability). You are probably looking at 250 - 300 pt contribution from the RB's you have to pick from. Payton should land you around 550 - 600. So the math would point you to RB QB (Portis 300 + PM 600 = 900) as opposed to (Portis 300 + RB 300 = 600). Not sure if this makes sence, but it is how I would approach this draft. On your followup round be sure to grap top WR's everyone will be done selecting RB's - you won't have the strongest RB tandem, but you will have a solid team.
  7. 5th pick now

    Well- if you want to live on the wild side then take Willis otherwise Edge is your no-brainer.
  8. NE TEs...Graham or Watson?

    Ditto - giants fan comments.. If you were looking back at then end of this season you are probably only talking about 10 point difference between them.
  9. Larry Johnson for Roy Williams?

    I stole Larry J. from our Priest owner too. So I am torn between what I can get for him and what he will be worth if PH gets hurt. It is a gamble either way: 1) If PH stays healty then you get some point during relief and blowouts - so a WR would be more valuable, but... 2) If PH gets hurt then you have a Tier 1 RB and no WR is worth that...
  10. KJones or SJax?

    I would give the advantage to SJ - he seems to be running downhill and I expect a lot from him this year. And the offense can move the ball so they D can't stack the line. I wish I would have seen this game prior to my draft - I drafted Tiki over SJ and I think that may have been a mistake - hopefull not.
  11. Tiki B.

    Not sure I buy into all the dowside talk about Tiki this year. I am sure he will not get as many carries because of the new guy (name?), but how could a coach not utilize him in the same manner when he produced so much last year. I expect a reduction, but not substantial. Any thoughts?
  12. Critic This Logic

    If Randy Moss is #1 (Tier1) WR then why is K. Collins so low in the qb rating - most drafts have him going in round 6. I see a lot of overlooked value here - what do ya'll think? I am drafting 9th in a 12 team league and think I can pick him up in round 5 or 6 - might be some hidden value there - what if Dante's # were wrapped around Moss - it might transfer to Collins.
  13. #9 Pick - 12 Team League

    I have posted this before and gained valuable knowledge - so I am looking for some more data. Our league gives qb's a point for completions (I won't post the whole socring system) the rest is normal performance. So qb's score a lot of points - top 13 scorers were qb's with the 14th being a RB. Looking for some position drafting advice. I was thinking going RB RB WR TE/WR and then QB. Any of you drafted #9 and have some experience to pass on.
  14. Critic This Logic

    Doc - got it - make a lot of sense - thanks
  15. Critic This Logic

    Doc - I hear you - it has a lot to do with your scoring system - but please expand on your logic of 2 mid tier qb's - I am interested.
  16. Draft Advice.....

    I am in the same slot, but a 12 team league. I have run every senario and come to the conclusion that my gameplan is totally dependant on what the 1st 8 picks are. My league favors passing QB (giving points for completions) but like you said after PM and DC the 3- 10 group are all about the same. Not sure if this helps - but more than liekly the top 2 qbs will be gone by my pick (which is good - should push done so quality rb's). I am going to load up on RB's and then teir 1 TE or top tier 2 WR and hope for some quality during round 5 at qb. Let me know if you think this is crazy.
  17. L. Suggs or M. Moore

    Ditto - on MM - Pretty sure that Bennett is already reporting injuries.
  18. Why Randy won't end up #1 Fantasy WR

    Someone explain how CJ jumped to the top of everyones list? I had him last year and he wasn't reliable and scored pretty good at the end of the year - Just wondering what changed?? Any help?
  19. Why Randy won't end up #1 Fantasy WR

    I was begining to wonder if I was the only one who felt this way. In my league WR's get reception points and 1/10 yards and of course TD points. When you look at the #'s there is only a 32 pt lose from top 3 avg and 4-10 avg. In short picking a good WR is important, but not worth giving up something else. Make sure you cover RB and QB before you spend a pick ona top WR because you are only gaining a few points on the field.
  20. Drafted 6th on Sat- reception pts included

    I would argue that you are pulling my leg - that is a great team for a 12 man league. I see solid starters with decent emergency/bye week backups. Good luck
  21. Anyone watching the SOFA draft?

    This draft is moving like pond water (as my old drill sgt used to say).
  22. Draft Strategy Help

    I have been fortunate in the prior drafts of always picking in the top 4. This year however I am #9 (12 - Team Performance). Our scoring throws a curveball - without going into much detail it gives addition value to QB's (Top 12 scores 2004 were QB's with the 13 being the top RB). Any draft strategy help or point to a usful article on the web would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Draft Strategy Help

    Dr. Love - This is good stuff - thanks for taking the time.
  24. Draft Strategy Help

    Kind of lenghty - Here you go - Thanks for the help Scoring for Offensive Categories FG - Field Goals 3 points Plus 1 point for a FG of 40 to 49 Yds Plus 2 points for a FG of 50+ Yds IKRTD - Individual Kick Return TD 6 points IPRTD - Individual Punt Return TD 6 points Pa2P - Passing Two-point Conversion 2 points PaAtt - Passing Attempt -1 point PaCmp - Passing Completion 2 points PaInt - Passing Interception -2 points PaTD - Passing TD 6 points PaYd - Passing Yards 0+ PaYds = 1 point for every 25 PaYds Plus a 1 point bonus @ 310+ PaYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 320+ PaYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 330+ PaYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 340+ PaYd Plus a 2 point bonus @ 350+ PaYd Re2P - Receiving Two-point Conversion 2 points ReTD - Receiving TD 6 points ReYd - Receiving Yards 0+ ReYds = 1 point for every 10 ReYds Plus a 2 point bonus @ 210+ ReYd Plus a 2 point bonus @ 220+ ReYd Plus a 5 point bonus @ 250+ ReYd Recpt - Reception 1 point Ru2P - Rushing Two-point Conversion 2 points RuTD - Rushing TD 6 points RuYd - Rushing Yards 0+ RuYds = 1 point for every 10 RuYds Plus a 2 point bonus @ 210+ RuYd Plus a 2 point bonus @ 220+ RuYd Plus a 5 point bonus @ 250+ RuYd XP - Extra Points 1 point Scoring for Defensive Categories DFR - Defensive/ST Fumble Recovered (ID/DT/DST) 2 points DTD - Total Defensive and Special Teams TD 10 points Int - Interceptions 2 points PA - Points Against, Total Points Scored 0 - 3 PA = 20 points 4 - 9 PA = 15 points 10 - 14 PA = 10 points 15 - 20 PA = 5 points SACK - Sack 1 point STY - Safety 10 points